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Mr. Bones and Me…Kiehl's and its Long History with Skeletons

Mr. Bones at Kiehl's Magnificent Mile store, Chicago

Have you ever wondered why there is a skeleton in every Kiehl’s store? Did you know his name is Mr. Bones? When you’ve been around for 160+ years, as Kiehl’s has, you have a pretty strong legacy. Mr. Bones represents that pharmacy heritage, when founding Kiehl’s family member Aaron Morse would use it during consultations to educate patrons on ailments and how their remedies would address them.

If only Aaron Morse and the Kiehl’s crew from the nineteenth century could see what is happening with Mr. Bones this June. Mr. B is getting pimped out by celebs in NYC stores and coming to Facebook in a cool design your own Mr. Bones interactive contest! (sidenote: do people still say “pimp out” — cause I guess I just did!?)

Special edition Mr. Bones, L-R: Alicia Keys, Tats Cru, Kenny Scharf (photo credit: Benjamin Lozovsky/

Kiehl’s teamed with 13 notable celebs and creative folks, including Top Chef’s Padma, Alicia Keys, Terry Richardson and Zach Galifianakis, and gave them free reign to build his/her own Mr. Bones. These will be on display at the seven Kiehl’s stores in NYC starting June 2 through July 14. Kiehl’s will be giving away prizes in-store to those who opt for skin consults and/or complementary facials and via Twitter. For the rest of us non-New Yorkers, there’s a pretty cool online component also starting June 2 on Kiehl’s Facebook, which allows you to personalize your own Mr. Bones and share with friends who may also wonder why you’re sharing images of skeletons.

We can’t help but think of Mr. Bones and sing along to the tune of “Mr. Jones.” It just fits, ya know? Pass me a bottle, Mr. Bones….  Specifically, a bottle of the new next month Activated Sun Protector. More on that soon. It looks promising, right?

Product Girl Favs Snag Prevention Magazine Beauty Seal Honors

And the accolades are just getting started for what is one of THE BEST beauty products evah, the amaze Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pad for Body. We’ve raved about them here, and Prevention mag has named it one of six winners in the “Best Body” category of its “Celebrate Your Beauty” awards featured in the July issue (with the ageless Janet Jackson on the cover!)

Other awards were given to Product Girl favs, including AVEENO® Positively Ageless Skin Strengthening Body Cream and Schick Hydro Silk Razor. Here’s what the Prevention testing panel had to say about these and the other recipients of the coveted “Celebrate Your Beauty” seal…

Best Body Wash: SheaMoisture Olive & Green Tea Body Wash ($10, Walgreens)

This all-natural cleanser impressed judges because of its lack of skin-irritating fragrances and sulfates, and readers raved about the rich, creamy lather and fresh honeysuckle scent. Green tea extract helps protect skin from damage, and avocado oil is rich in vitamins and minerals that help moisturize and regenerate skin cells.

Best Body-Hair Removal: Schick Hydro Silk Razor ($10, drugstores)

This slick-looking razor improves the condition of skin thanks to the water-activated moisturizing serum surrounding the razor’s blades. As you shave, the serum delivers proteins, vitamins, and shea butter to rejuvenate skin. Testers also loved the easy-to-grip handle and maneuverable head, which made shaving tricky areas like knees and ankles a breeze.

Best Self-Tanner: Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pad for Body with Active Vitamin D ($45,

In addition to delivering a beautiful bronze glow, this unique self-tanner also speeds cell renewal and kick-starts collagen production.

Best Sunscreen: L’Oréal Paris Sublime Sun Hydra Lotion Spray SPF 50+ ($11, drugstores)

In addition to blocking UVA and UVB rays with a blend of photostabilized sunscreens, this product has vitamin E and white grapeseed extract, which work together to protect against free radicals and keep skin looking healthy

Best Body Lotion: AVEENO® Positively Ageless® Skin Strengthening Body Cream ($10, drugstores)

Extracts of algae, mushroom, and flowering southernwood deliver antioxidants that can help protect skin from damage and dehydration, and before-and-after photographs clearly showed that this lotion delivered improvements to the texture and elasticity of skin.

Best Hand Cream: philosophy hands of hope hand and cuticle cream ($18,

This rich cream wowed both testers and judges by delivering noticeable enhancements in roughness, scaling, and brown spots in just six weeks. Testers also loved that this cream hydrated without making hands slippery or smelly.

Congrats to all of the winners!

New! Sephora by OPI Scentsational Six Fruit-Scented Nail Lacquers

Sephora by OPI Scentsational Six Fruit-Scented Nail Lacquers

Just as I was thinking Sephora needed to feature more scented nail polish, I find this: Sephora by OPI’s Scentsational Six set! Like I said not too long ago, I loves me a scented nail polish. I will make all kinds of exceptions for the color if I love the smell that goes along with it. In this case, I’m happy to see we have a good mix of shades. Could that be a scented flakie? I hope so…

For $24.50 you get six mini nail polishes in:

  • Mango
  • Tutti Fruitti
  • Cherry
  • Citrus
  • Blueberry
  • Watermelon

Only one thing could make this better, full sizes! I just spent a week organizing and swatching all my nail polish and I have to say, those tiny bottles were getting in the way of my Sephora by OPI’s drawer uniform look. 😉

This set is making its way into stores now. Are you scooping them up? What’s your take on scented nail polish? Love it or leave it? Tell us in the comments.

Summer Hope

With another spring well and truly underway, and the blossoms being blown from the trees, it’s with a sense of anticipation that we await the coming summer. Will it be long and fair, warm and breezy? Or disappointingly cloudy and damp, with umbrellas and mackintoshes making as much of an appearance as T-shirts and sunglasses? We don’t know yet, but one thing’s for sure – we’d all like a prolonged warm, sunny spell.

Frolicking under a bright blue sky

Regardless of where you live – city, town or country – most of us seem to want one of two things beneath our feet when the sun is shining – grass or sand. Perhaps a pleasant lunchtime sandwich taken out of the office to the local park – a relaxing hour-long break away from the phones and computer screens, and a chance for bare feet to caress the newly mown grass whilst eyes stare up at humorously shaped clouds. Or maybe you’d prefer a weekend afternoon spent down at the coast? Buckets and spades at the ready, sand wedging itself between toes, a blanket spread out on the beach, and a picnic basket open to reveal an assortment of chilled tasty morsels.

Whichever way we hope to enjoy the coming sunshine – fingers crossed, of course – we know from experience that it’s best to make the most of such times. Cloudless days and long warm evenings are gone again all too quickly.

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Good Enough to Eat? DIRT Purify + Glow Scrub

We’ve been known to say a product is “good enough to eat” and in many cases, that statement could be true. But rarely do I actually eat my products. Hmm. First time for everything right? More like a lick, but yeah, I went there. Twice.  And I liked it, too. The product that had me feeling like dinner? None other than DIRT Purify + Glow Salt Scrub. Try it, and I dare you to resist indulging in a tiny taste yourself.  In my defense, I am a total Na- fiend, known for drinking margaritas JUST so I can have a salt fix.

Unlike a sugar scrub, which I’m often partial to, this delicious (um…literally) salt-based exfoliant has a fine gritty texture that seems to melt dead skin cells off of skin in a second. Using this scrub gives me so much enjoyment. It’s luxe to the core and feels like total therapy for the body. A medley of French sea salts, shea butter, vitamin E, grapeseed, jojoba and avocado oils blended with scents of cucumber, pear and fig. Can it get any better than that?

I love this so much that I don’t even wince at the price — $45 for a 12 oz. tub. (My husband just choked while reading.)  Even holding this tub into my hands feels special. It weighs a ton, and is so fancy I’ve designated it for bath time only. I keep it on the side of my tub on display and use it about 1-2 a week. After rinsing away the salt, skin is hydrated in a rich oil with a smell so unique. The pear hits you, but the cucumber and fig give it a special edge that is not at all fruity.

DIRT is luxury, inside and out. And it has a special place in my heart for being born in Chicago. The team behind DIRT believes products should inspire health and wholeness within, and developed DIRT to be more than skin deep. Everything is Mother Nature-inspired and nutrient-rich! All of DIRT’s body exfoliants are as divine as Purfiy + Glow. But after seeing the range, I can confirm that it is the one you need. Other highlights in the line inclue a detox formula (Purge + Thrive) with kiwi seeds and a lavender mint aroma, an energizing variety (Peace + Power) that uses corn cob grit to exfoliate and a relaxation sugar scrub (Sweet + Spicy) that smells of vanilla and sandalwood. With mission statements like those, it’s hard not to love every single one.

Neutrals Rule the Eyes in Bobbi Brown Miami Collection

One of my favorite Bobbi Brown collections ever was Beach Club from summer 2010. The reason? Long Wear Cream Shadow in Shore. It’s a very basic pale nude cream shadow but one of the best eye bases ever made. It’s the simple things in life that stick with me. And now Shore’s slightly more shimmery twin, Nude Beach, has emerged in Bobbi’s Miami Collection! Bobbi released four more new shades of LWCS, including the cool brown Bronze Sugar, bronzy Copper and pale gold Candlelight. These are a dream for neutral lovers and sure to be staples for any woman.

Swatches L-R: Nude Beach, Bronze Sugar

Nude Beach is one of those shades that I love. It’s a “swipe and go” but last all day, which is the perfect kind of makeup. I find myself wearing this with everything — on its own and especially under other eyeshadows. The cool shimmer in Bronze Sugar is made for blue eyed girls. It’s got a twinge of taupe-iness that is really exciting, and it is the kind of color I wear all over the lids with a coat of mascara and that’s it. Summer beauty is all about ease and simplicity, and I can’t think of anything more easy (and long lasting!) than Bobbi’s Long Wear Cream Shadows.

What past Bobbi collection is your favorite? Any other Beach Club fanatics?

Five Bronzers to Use All Summer

Happy Memorial Day! Hope you’ve all had a fabulous weekend. We’re taking a break from our holiday to report on one of the most important summer beauty topics, bronzer. We firmly believe that every woman needs a bronzer wardrobe for summer. No other beauty product gets as much mileage for me from now until Labor Day. Largely because the actual sun does not actually darken my skin — no, no, not going to let that happen. And I like options. Here are the five that are ruling my makeup bag this summer.
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Save your Strands with Living Proof Restore

Just because its beach weather, doesn’t mean your hair has to suffer. Sun, heat, salt and chlorine all are cuticle killers. Just examine your strands after a day at the beach or pool and you will see the stress in your hair. Especially if you try to work a brush or comb through it in the moment (I’ve learned my lesson doing that – DON’T!) Adding to the summer stressors, I’ve also been giving my hair a lot of heat lately with various curling wands and my newest obsession, the Beachwaver.  Great waves, but my ends are thirsty. Luckily, there is a secret weapon in my arsenal that women everywhere NEED on standby. From none other than Living Proof, of course. They’ve taken their nourishing Restore line, previously Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask Treatment, and added three products to save your hair from stress and bring it back to health.

Restore Revitalizing Spray with Heat and UV Defense ($26) – Perfect for dry + damaged hair, defends against heat and UV damage. Just spray on wet or dry hair to protect your strands from the sun.

Restore Targeted Repair Cream ($28) Fights breakage and helps seal split ends while restructuring and reinforcing weakened hair strands. Think of this as a protein shake for your strands.

Restore Recovery Regimen ($38) This is for intensive hair repair — strengthening the most damaged hair (a.k.a. over-processed). Living Proof claims this regimen will make your hair 20x stronger.

The science behind Restore is Living Proof’s “miracle molecule” which creates a weightless shield around each strand of hair to protect compromised cuticles and regulate moisture levels. The 20x stronger comes in after just 14 days. They promise it will do the trick, and even launched a fun 14-day “Restore the Love” challenge on Facebook. Check it out, maybe win a Canyon Ranch Vacation, and of course, make your plan to save your strands this summer!

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!

Orange Eyeshadow Rules Summer with NARS Ramatuelle Trio Eyeshadow

Yes, you can wear orange eyeshadow. Technically, it’s more of an apricot, but regardless, NARS Ramatuelle Trio Eyeshadow proves that orange is not only wearable, but flattering, too. In fact, the apricot strip in NARS Ramatuelle almost comes across as a warm brown on the eyes. But more interesting than your typical neutral. That’s actually how we’d describe Ramatuelle overall — a step up from your typical neutral eyeshadows, but still soft and accessible. And bonus points to me…I found a scarf to match this trio perfectly (Zara).

The icy blue, champagne shimmer and apricot don’t seem to go together at first glance. But wearing all three shades together is magical, and simple. Champange on the lid (or all over), apricot in the crease and the icy blue on the inner corner. I actually like to take my favorite brush for detail work and drag the icy blue under the low lash line a bit. Paired with a swipe of black eyeliner on the waterline (NARS Larger than Life Via Venota, for example), eyes pop like out of your head!

I find NARS duos and trios a fun challenge. How can I go outside of the usual a bit and wear the colors of the season? This is by far the most wearable trio from NARS. The shadows are smooth and pigmented. And it’s even mama-approved. For Mother’s Day, I did my mom’s makeup and she was hesitant when I flashed Ramatuelle at her. But she looked gorgeous and glowy thanks to that icy blue on the inner corners!

What do you think? Are you feeling Ramatuelle? Hesitant to wear orange eyeshadow? I’m actually wearing it in this picture…betcha thought it was brown!