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Just Another Mani Monday: Betsey Johnson Too Too Scented Lacquer

I’ve spent the last few months biting my nails and envious of anyone with fabulous manicure because my stubs were not manicure ready. I spent Fashion Week trying to hide my nails so no one would see how awful my nails truly were. They are still not the dream nails I’d like them to be (I got the bad nails in the family) but they are finally long enough to rock a teensy amount of color. The color I chose this week was is Betsey Johnson’s Too Too Scented Lacquer from Sephora by OPI.

I think this shade would be easy to dupe with many brands but one thing drew me to this nail polish, the Betsey Johnson fragrance. I am a sucker for scented nail polishes, I scoop them up every time I learn of a new one. I think if Rescue Beauty Lounge ever put out a scented collection, I’d be done for.

With that said, there are some nail polishes that you practically OD on the fragrance (once I used a purple that smelled like Swisher Sweets and it invaded my nostrils!) and others were you can barely smell it all. This nail polish’s scent is right in the middle. It is not cloying, you’ll only smell if if your nails are near your nose and even then the scent is not out of place… my nails just smell clean.

You can find Betsey Johnson’s Too Too Scented Lacquer at Sephora for $9.50. What’s your take on scented nail polish? Yay or nay?

A Healthy Lifestyle is KLUTCH. Join the Club.


We love our beauty delivery each month from Birchbox, but how about a special box dedicated to health and wellness? We have the best of intentions to be healthy and active, but life and personal struggles can definitely throw a wrench in things.  Enter Klutch Club. Because seriously, how many cardboard-tasting health bars do you have to eat before you find one that actually tastes good and is good for you? And bonus: Klutch Club was born in Chicago!

 We got a glimpse of the April box, and are totally digging it. Here’s what was inside: 

  • Yoga workout from MTV Power Yoga star Kristin McGee
  • HYDRIVE Energy Drink Mix
  • ZICO Pure Premium Coconut Water
  • Tea Forte skin smart teas (obsessed with the Cucumber Mint!)
  • Kind Bar
  • Plentil Chips
  • Trail Mix
  • Shea Terra Organics Face Wash sample
  • Flax Seed Oil (flavored – I got Blackberry!)
  • Discount code for organic yoga clothing company

 Yes, all of that was in one box. And the cost to subscribers is about $18. I got seriously giddy with the bottle of Blackberry Flax Seed Oil. Yes…the things that get me excited. Flax Seed Oil and Lip Gloss. But really, how much more amazing are my summer smoothies going to be now? I bought that same bottle (no flavor version) and paid an arm and a leg for it at Whole Foods. Happy for the flavor upgrade, and all of the other goodies, too!

Klutch Club is offering monthly, three-months at a time or annual subscriptions online. Also pretty cool? Any orders that use code BRIGHTPINK will see 10% of the order total donated to the breast cancer education non-profit of the same name.

 What do you think? Are you into it?

Our "Guess That Lotion" is Revealed!

Remember reading about the new lotion we were testing a little while ago? That lotion is finally revealed and it is Vaseline’s new and improved Total Moisture! This lotion comes in a range of formulas that can give you just the right amount of moisture your skin needs. If you’re like Goldilocks looking for a body lotion that was just right, Vaseline would have you covered.

If I had to guess, I think I tested the light formula and for me it was just right… the formula I tested was not revealed to me. I admitted that I’ve never been one to slather myself in body lotion, my skin has just never needed it in the past and I cannot deal with the feeling of it all over me as it dries. Although lately I have noticed that my skin’s level of hydration has slowly been decreasing and that a little lotion is not such a bad thing. I’m turning 34 this year so it must have someone to do with aging! 😉

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Beauty VIP of the Week: BECCA Dusty Rose Anniversary Palette


This week was cra-zay with a caps C. A trip to LA for work, late nights and lots of go-go-go. I needed something to be easy or I might completely have gone a little nuts. Really, I needed simplicity in my beauty routine. No brushes, no mess or fuss. Oh, and I needed it to make me look alive. The thing about travel and non-stop movement is that it strips the life out of my skin. Like, buh-bye well-rested and hydrated glow.

The product that did all of the above (and more)? BECCA Dusty Rose Anniversary Palette. A multi-tasking miracle that gives the covetable alive look that I so desperately needed. It’s one of two limited edition Anniversary Palettes released to commemorate 10 years of BECCA beauty (yay, congrats!) Dusty Rose has everything you need for cheeks, lips and eyes. Truly. 

L-R: Cassini, Turkish Rose, Tuberose, Narcissus

Aren’t these colors just awesome?

  • Cassini, Lip Gloss, is a brightening peachy pink.
  • Turkish Rose, Crème Blush, a barely there rosy nude
  • Tuberose, Lip & Cheek Crème, coral pink
  • Crème Highlighter, Narcissus, a shimmery opal peach

Using this is easy as can be — like finger painting for adults. The highlighter is gorgeous on the brow bone, and even doubles as a great eyelid color. Oh and it’s super gorgeous on cheekbones. I even used it on my coworker who was traveling with me and I thought she looked like a supermodel. Turkish Rose looks deep and rosy in the pan but is super sheer. The dew it gives skin is unbeatable. That coupled with Narcissus is radiance at its best. The combinations are endless and effortless. It almost seems too easy, and that’s why this product is our Beauty VIP of the week.

Available where BECCA is sold and online for $36. Think of it as investment in your sanity.

April TRIA Laser Hair Removal Update

My first post-TRIA warm weather (a.k.a. bathing suit) vacation is coming up next week. I haven’t been in a bathing suit since pre-TRIA, and I’m kinda jazzed. Both for a vacation where I can lounge poolside and the part where I have less underarm hair. That’s officially a less, not a none.  My DIY at-home laser hair removal journey continues, but I remain hopeful that soon I will be hair free.

In March, I said I felt like I was in a holding pattern. I would describe the past four weeks that way as well. I notice hair follicles are a little patchy, but the work is not done. It’s been nearly 6 months of bi-weekly (and 6 weeks of weekly) treatments. My hairs are stubborn!

When I first signed on to chronicle my experience with TRIA, I agreed to post over the course of six months. Today is kind of like “graduation day” except I still have a few credits to earn before I get that diploma. But ladies, I am determined to graduate. I’ll be checking in again to let you know officially when my hairs are GONE!

Hair removal lasers are one of the only options to remove hair permanently. If you’re not up for messing with dr. appointments (and more pain, I believe), check out the TRIA. Here’s where I stand on the device after using it since November.

  • TRIA is made for women with lives. It takes about 4 minutes total (2 min. per underarm), so there’s always time to fit it in.
  • It travels well. Just make sure to charge up the battery.
  • Along those lines….charge the battery. You never want it to stop on you mid-treatment.
  • No pain. It really doesn’t hurt at all. There are five settings so if you are sensitive you can adjust based on your preferences. I’m comfortable at “4.”
  •  Be patient. Hair doesn’t disappear overnight.

If you’re just joining us, check out my previous TRIA updates to track my progress from the beginning.

*Disclosure: TRIA provided us the system free-of-charge. I’m documenting my experience over the course of six months. All opinions and experiences are my own.

DIY Tan that Does it All: Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pad for Body

Last week I got a fancy (read: expensive) spray tan. And while the woman was airbrushing my skin, she recited a laundry list of things I couldn’t do in order to preserve my tan. Don’t use anything with Vitamin C. Don’t shower in hot water. Lukewarm water might even be “too hot.” Don’t exfoliate. Don’t shower for eight hours. Don’t put on your shoes. Wear loose clothing the rest of the day. Sleep in loose clothing. While some of these are perfectly acceptable rules to follow, overall, I felt that I was sacrificing skin care for this tan. Because as the week went on, I felt like the tan was just sitting on top of my skin and I was stopping my normal routine because of it. Not to mention, seven hours after I got the tan, I went to sleep (in loose clothing) and woke up to a stained pillowcase and sheets. And no, it didn’t come out in the wash.

But here’s the thing. You don’t have to sacrifice skin care for a tan. The Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pad for Body is PROOF. In fact, it IS skin care. The face versions totally rocked our worlds last year, and now we are devotees of the body version. These DO everything.  Give a beautiful tan (the obvious part), exfoliate, firm and help smooth bumps (a.k.a. the unfortunate “chicken” skin). There’s no nervous nelly list of things not to do when you use these, and that’s what I love. Plus, for $45 you get eight pads. Sure beats that same price for one unfortunate spray.

Because we want you to understand just how revolutionary these are, here’s a closer look at how these ingredients work to make your body look beautiful (and tan!)

  • Glycolic Acid:  anti-aging warrior
  • Lactic Acid: speeds up skin cell renewal
  • Willow Bark Extract: a natural alternative to salicylic acid that clears pores
  • Soy Protein: kick-starts collagen production and ensures a natural tan
  • Encapsulated DHA: time released color
  • Caffeine: helps firm and slim (did you know most cellulite fighters have caffeine in it?)
  • Capslow: minimizes hair growth and texture
  • Vitamins A, C, E: potent antioxidants to prevent collagen breakdown
  • Vitamin B: reduce appearance of pores and heal wounds
  • Vitamin D: A little bit of sun in here — this makes the other vitamins work better!
  • Phospholipids: Draws moisture in from the air and seals it into the skin.

Wow, right?

These are now a part of my Sunday night pampering routine. I find that layering some body lotion on after helps prevent any streaking or uneven application. There’s just the slightest self-tanning smell that develops a few hours later and there will be no transfer to clothing. Not a bit.

They’re available now at all places Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare is sold. And we’re stockpiling.

Coming Soon! Make Up For Ever Eye Prime

Calling all Make Up For Ever fans, primer aficiandos and women who suffer from eye makeup fading and creasing: Make Up For Ever Eye Prime is coming your way this June! You might be thinking, as I was at first glance, doesn’t Make Up For Ever already have an eye primer? No, wait, it’ s that you hardly need one when you use their eye makeup because it’s budgeproof already. True, you hardly need a primer with the Aqua Creams and the Aqua Eyes liners because they are top notch in  the “stay all day” category. But, any makeup artist will tell you that a primer is a crucial step in makeup prep. Heck, we will tell you that as well.

MUFE Eye Prime is formulated with a mix of waxes and polymers and, in addition to making shadows budgeproof, also helps intensify their colors. The primer itself is a nude pink color that blends in clear and with a special brightening effect. The doe foot wand packaging is useful and reminiscent of another eye primer we like very much, NARS Smudgeproof. At $22, Make Up For Ever Eye Prime is a few bucks cheaper than the NARS. While still a pretty penny to shell out, we consider eye primer to be like the preventative medicine of makeup. If you’re diligent, there are less problems (smudging) down the road (at the end of the day).

Also, you may notice another new (but available now at Sephora!) product in our photo: Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadow! More thoughts to come on those. But early testing is indicating another home run for MUFE and its family of Aqua products.


MAC Cremesheen Glass in Star Quality + Conquering the Fishtail Braid

The MAC Reel Sexy collection has some amazing lip colors. The namesake lipstick to start and now the Cremesheen Glass in Star Quality. It’s a punchy pink. How can I resist? The Cremesheen Glasses have a stellar formula — moisturizing and not the least bit sticky. I usually associate the Cremesheens with netural, sheer colors so Star Quality is an awesome surprise. It’s bright and springy. And, it was the perfect sidekick to my fishtail braid. I finally learned how! It’s actually really easy (although bring your patience). I learned on Pinterest.

L-R: Private Screening, Cinestyle, Star Quality, Colour Saturation
Star Quality is one of four Cremesheens available in the Reel Sexy Collection, joining the pinky nude Private Screening, pale lavender Cinestyle and grape Colour Saturation. Available now, $19.50 each.

Just Another Mani Monday: MAC Vivid Effect

While I was painting my nails with MAC Vivid Effect from the Reel Sexy collection, two deep thoughts popped into my head. One, this color reminds me of one of my Essie favs from last summer: Too, Too Hot; two, I could go for a big bowl of strawberries. Obviously, summer is on the brain. Too bad the weather isn’t there just yet. I think the Vivid Effect polish vividly paints a picture of summer. Some reds are deep and moody. Not Vivid Effect. It’s a red that screams summer — days at the beach, fresh strawberries, bike rides and sweating our butts off. Because, really, that’s what really happens in the summertime. Can that just get here already?! We’re ready for it. At least our nails are.

Product Girl + Olay in ELLE Magazine

Product Girl makes an appearance in the May 2012 issue of ELLE magazine! We are THRILLED to be included in this special Mother’s Day Olay advertorial. Page 266, if you have your issue handy! We’re in great company with other gorgeous ladies, including Teri from Beautiful Makeup Search, talking about their mamas!

Olay asks: What beauty advice did you learn from your Mom that makes her your BEAUTY BY EXAMPLE?

Speaking of ELLE, did you see this new line that just launched at Kohl’s?

Cute, right? Look for 28 shades of nail color, 24 different eyeshadows,  3 types of mascara and a bronzer that looks just right for getting a sunkissed glow.