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Just Another Mani Monday: Betsey Johnson Too Too Scented Lacquer

I’ve spent the last few months biting my nails and envious of anyone with fabulous manicure because my stubs were not manicure ready. I spent Fashion Week trying to hide my nails so no one would see how awful my nails truly were. They are still not the dream nails I’d like them to be […]

A Healthy Lifestyle is KLUTCH. Join the Club.

  We love our beauty delivery each month from Birchbox, but how about a special box dedicated to health and wellness? We have the best of intentions to be healthy and active, but life and personal struggles can definitely throw a wrench in things.  Enter Klutch Club. Because seriously, how many cardboard-tasting health bars do […]

Our “Guess That Lotion” is Revealed!

Remember reading about the new lotion we were testing a little while ago? That lotion is finally revealed and it is Vaseline’s new and improved Total Moisture! This lotion comes in a range of formulas that can give you just the right amount of moisture your skin needs. If you’re like Goldilocks looking for a […]

Beauty VIP of the Week: BECCA Dusty Rose Anniversary Palette

  This week was cra-zay with a caps C. A trip to LA for work, late nights and lots of go-go-go. I needed something to be easy or I might completely have gone a little nuts. Really, I needed simplicity in my beauty routine. No brushes, no mess or fuss. Oh, and I needed it […]

April TRIA Laser Hair Removal Update

My first post-TRIA warm weather (a.k.a. bathing suit) vacation is coming up next week. I haven’t been in a bathing suit since pre-TRIA, and I’m kinda jazzed. Both for a vacation where I can lounge poolside and the part where I have less underarm hair. That’s officially a less, not a none.  My DIY at-home laser […]

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