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A Valentine’s Mani Monday: butter LONDON Come to Bed Red and Essie Sugar Daddy

A tale of two Product Girls on Valentine’s Day, via our mani choices. One single and the other approaching five years of marriage. Both polish lovers. Can’t get enough of cheeky product names, especially when they help tell a story. With that, here’s a very special edition of Mani Monday!

Butter LONDON’s Come to Bed Red is a cherry red that reminds me of cinnamon red hots. It’s a little spicy, and definitely a sexy shade. But what I love about it is that the name reminds me of one of my favorite songs ever, John Mayer’s Come Back to Bed. In my 365/24/7 fantasy, John Mayer is singing this to me. But fantasties? Are just that. I’ll be spending my Valentine’s Day with my adorable husband and Boston Terrier. He happens to be very aware and understanding of above obsession.  

xoxo, Laurie


I’m coming off a long weekend in Florida with my girls and as soon as I touch down in Chicago I am heading to a hair appointment. I can’t think of any better way to spend the day! Girl time, hair appointment, wine – now that’s what I call love. As a single lady on this romantic holiday, I’ve chosen to wear Essie’s Sugar Daddy – a sheer, understated pink that doesn’t scream “I’M IN LOVE!”  And let’s be honest, what girl doesn’t secretly wish she had a sugar daddy every now and then? Sugar Daddy is a nice change-up from the bold reds and bright pinks I’m known to wear, I feel very grown-up and polished.

With love, Emily

What are you guys up to this Valentine’s Day? And what are you doing with your nails? Sexy red or demure pink?

Now in Bloom, Tarte Maracuja Divine Shine Lip Gloss

Tarte Maracuja Divine Shine Gloss, new this spring, is like a fresh bloom in our makeup bag. The bright floral pattern on these adorable and mighty tubes of gloss is irresistible. They resemble a garden of glosses when you see them together. I don’t have a green thumb, but I definitely have a gloss thumb. This type of garden is more my speed!

What’s so divine about these is the hydrating and nourishing formula, infused with maracuja oil, is the plumped-up effect on lips. And the shine. We can’t leave out that part. Gloss girls of all ages will appreciate these glosses. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but coral Blissful and peachy nude Glisten are the ones I’ve been clicking away on lately.

Oh, and about the clicking. It takes a good 50 or so clicks to get the gloss started. So if you try these (and you SHOULD!), just something to keep in mind. It’s kind of like the Tootsie Roll commercial from way back in childhood — Mr. Owl, how many clicks does it take to get to the center of a Tarte Maracuja Divine Shine Gloss?  The world may never know.

Fashion Week: MAC for Jason Wu Fall 2012

Diane Kendal for MAC created the look at Jason Wu’s Fall 2012 runway show. Such a bold and exaggerated eye which looks perfect with the bare lip, courtest of MAC Lip Conditoner. Here’s the breakdown:


  • Prep + Prime Moisture Infusion hydrates and prepares skin
  • Matchmaster Foundation lightly blended over skin to perfect
  • Studio Finish SPF 15 Concealer applied only where needed
  • Pro Sculpt Sculpting Powder contours the cheek
  • Pink Swoon Blush highlights apple of cheek


  • Pro Marine Ultra and Landscape Green Chromographic Pencils blended together and smudged into the upper lashline and upwards into the crease
  • Minted Eye Kohl blended into the crease for a highlighting effect
  • Pro Kelly Green Pigment and Club Eyeshadow blended over the shape to add texture and dimension
  • Blooz Eye Kohl sketched into the lashline to extend the eye
  • Black Crème Liner delicately applied to deepen lashes
  • Haute & Naughty Black Masacara


  • Lip Conditioner SPF 15 hydrates and provides the lip with a natural shine

Fashion Week: TRESemmé for Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2012

It’s Fashion Week, which means in addition to checking out the fashion forecast for Fall 2012, we’re mining for the beauty and hair trends coming our way later this year. TRESemmé Stylist Jeanie Syfu created an undone side bun for Rebecca Minkoff’s Fall 2012 runway show. To complement the mix of leather, fur, sequins and knits on the runway, Jeanie went with a chic, textured yet relaxed low bun to bring femininity to the strong silhouettes in the collection.


1.    Create a deep side part and prep damp hair with TRESemmé 24 Hour Body Root Boosting Spray.  Apply throughout hair from roots to ends

2.    Diffuse hair on high heat

3.    Repeat steps 1 & 2 – apply TRESemmé 24 Hour Body Root Boosting Spray from roots to ends and diffuse hair.  Be sure to layer the product to create a natural, rough texture

4.    Apply a dime size amount of TRESemmé Smooth & Silky Anti-Frizz Secret Crème throughout hair to give definition

5.    Gather hair into a loose pony on one side, fastening elastic midway down the pony, leaving the heavier side of the face-framing part loose and undone

6.    Twist hair into a messy side bun, fastening with hair pins as you go

7.    Loosely gather pieces from the heavier side of the part and pin into bun

8.    To finish, lightly spritz with TRESemmé 24 Hour Body Finishing Spray

What do you think? I think this one will work nicely off the runway!

*Also, it doesn’t feel right not to mention our sadness about the death of Whitney Houston. All of us at Product Girl have our own memories growing up listening to her beautiful voice. RIP Whitney.

What's New in Beauty: Jouer Founder's Beauty Secrets, R29 DIY Nail Art and Kiehl's Giveaway

HONORED. In the current issue of LA Confidential, Jouer founder and creative director Christina Zilber dishes on her beauty secrets and her favorite blogs for makeup inspiration, mentioning Product Girl (and one of the most clever girls we know in the blogosphere, Beauty Blogging Junkie). [LA Confidential]

If you can’t get enough of the Refinery 29 DIY nail features, you’re in luck.  R29 teamed with Color Club to launch “Girl Crush,” a six-piece polish set equipped with a nail brush and instructions to create your own DIY nail designs. [Refinery 29]  

Kiehl’s wants to know “What makes you radiant” and is willing to reward you for it. 100 fans who answer that question on the brand’s Clearly Corrective tab on Facebook will be entered to win a full-size bottle of the new Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution. [Kiehl’s Facebook]

I always love Reese on the red carpet. Somehow, she always makes me want to get bangs. Her makeup at the “This Means’ War” premiere was done by Avon. Love the subtle cat eye courtesy of Avon’s Glimmersticks and True Color Smokey Eyes Quad.

Valentine's Day Beauty to Heart

 In honor of cupid’s big day, we pulled together a list of pink, red and girly all over beauty goodies. Products that exude XOXO. Because if there’s one thing we heart, it’s beauty. Forget the roses and the chocolates, we like these kinds of presents.

Leila Lou Eau de Parfum –  Somehow this scent by Rosie Jane manages to capture the innocence of Valentine’s Days past. So fresh and girly!

EOS Berry Blossom Hand Lotion – We seriously love this pocket-sized, berry-scented lotion with shea butter, oat extract and plenty of vitamin E.

LUSH A Million Kisses – The intense scarlet stain resembles that of lips that have been nonstop smooching for days upon days. The addition of rosehip oil (first ingredient listed!) gives it an appropriate cupid scent.

Beauty Secrets Tweezers –What’s not to love about these at $1.49 each from Sally Beauty? They resemble Tweezerman for a smidge of the price!

What’s on your Valentine’s Day wishlist?

From the Expert: Q&A with Cecilia Wong

Cecilia Wong, founder of her namesake salon and skincare line, is a lifelong wellness enthusiast turned expert. Most teenagers suffer through bouts of acne and pick at blemishes, but Cecilia sought regular facials and took an interest in treating skincare issues beyond just the surface. Her philosophy was simple and straightforward — treating our bodies with pure, organic ingredients would in turn make skin glow.

After studying and mastering her trade in Hong Kong and New York, the Cecilia Wong Skincare Salon was born in December 2009. At her salon, she treats her clients to custom blended skincare designed with organic ingredients. In 2011, Cecilia also launched her own product line to treat all types of skin with the purest oils and organically grown herbs and botanicals. After just one use of her Milk Exfoliating Cleanser, I was hooked and needed to know more about the woman behind the brand.

PG: Your focus is on aromatherapy and healing. Tell us about the ingredients you use in your products, and how do they work?
Each ingredient featured in a Cecilia Wong Skincare product was selected based on the healing traditions of holistic medicine. My formulas radiate healing energy, benefiting one’s physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Each ingredient is known to have powerful healing properties and contains high concentrations of both nutrients and vitamins. These ingredients are synergistically blended and energetically balanced, and work on a cellular level in the skin to restore harmony and vitality while addressing the psychology of the cell, bringing one’s whole being into balance. Some of my star ingredients include: Black Currant Seed, Meadowfoam, Red Clover, Red Raspberry Seed Oil and Blueberry Seed Oil.

PG: Winter poses its share of skincare challenges. How can we keep our skin looking healthy and hydrated this time of year?
Here are my top there my tips for warding off dry skin and retaining your body’s moisture level in the wintertime: 1: drink water regularly, 2: maintain humidity in your dwelling, 3: apply a nutrient rich skin cream daily. By avoiding the over consumption of dehydrating beverages – like coffee and alcohol – it will prevent the onset of dry, flaky skin, which in turn results in fine lines and wrinkles.

PG: Everyone has a favorite. Of your organic line of products, what is the one you are most passionate about?
I love every single product in my line, but the one that I’m most passionate about is my Black Currant Serum. I created it because I wanted a product that would deliver an instant result. I wanted users to see that a product without chemicals can really work! I have heard so many client stories sharing how my serum truly helped to revive their skin, especially for those who have skin rashes, dry patches, eczema, and who are concerned with aging. These stories are usually from clients who have tried everything on the market, with no great results.

PG: We hear you are a master juice. Can you share a recipe?
This is one of my favorite recipes I especially in the winter season to prevent cold and flu.

– Handful of spinach

– 1-2 oranges

– 1 apple

– 3 teaspoon of elderberry syrup (you can find this at any health food store)

– A slice of ginger

– 1/4 red or green pepper

– 2-3 radishes

– 1/4 beetroot

– A splash of lemon

For more from Cecilia, check out her blog! And, if you’re in New York, go see her in person. Her salon is located on Fifth Ave, between 26th & 27th streets.

Have You Joined StyleMint Yet?

Have you heard about StyleMint? It’s a line of exclusive t-shirts designed by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen sold exclusively online. StyleMint operates a little differently than your typical web retailer, When Carla tried JewelMint, my curiosity was instantly peeked. As a t-shirt connoisseur, I love this concept and was so excited to experience StyleMint for myself.

StyleMint starts by asking you a series of questions to get a feel for your personal style and what you like to wear. Based on your responses, StyleMint develops your profile and presents their top picks for you in their showroom. In addition to StyleMint’s picks, you can also choose from other styles in the showroom… which there are plenty of! I picked out the Fillmore in a navy stripe, the Fuller in white and my favorite; the Broadway in a hibiscus stripe to start with.

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Benefit Sun Beam: Spring Break (the sophisticated kind) in a Bottle

Normally during this point of the winter season, I’m desperately seeking sun and booking trips to Florida. This year, though, I don’t know. I’m sure winter will wear me down eventually, but for 8 days into February, I feel damn good.  You could say my barely there case of the winter blues is easily fixed by Benefit Sun Beam, a.k.a. liquid sunshine. They’ve billed it as that, and while it doesn’t warm me up like the sun, it gives my skin warmth that mimics the sun.

Consider Sun Beam your early Spring Break in a bottle, except not the young, messy, sloshy kind. Rather, the sophisticated version. The kind that involves poolside magazine reading, yoga at dusk, daily spa treatments and just the right amount of champagne.

L-R: Benefit Sun Beam, Girl Meets Pearl, Watt's Up

Sun Beam and its light bronzey hue reminded me a little bit of Girl Meets Pearl, so I decided to compare them and see how they fared. There’s no denying the similarities, which explains why I love it so much (GMP is a fave in our camp!), but Sun Beam is a slightly deeper bronze that leans a little more warm and brassy. The consistency is also slightly different, although both blend like dreams. As for Watt’s Up, I wanted you to see how Sun Beam looked next to that lovely rosy gold cream to powder highlighter.  

On my fair-ish skin, Sun Beam is just the right amount of bronzy highlight. It’s one of those work for everyone shades, I think. If you’re seeking an early spring break, you know where to look.

Power Couple: MAC Viva Glam Ricky & Nicki

Ricky Martin reminds me of high school Spanish class. I was in 11th grade when Livin La Vida Loca came out. I tore it up on the dance floor at winter formal to this and She Bangs. (She moves, she moves!) And, wouldn’t you know it, Ricky is just as hot now as he was back then. Maybe even more so, if that’s possible. But in the interest of time, I’ll bring it back to the topic of discussion: Ricky Martin and Nicki Minaj for MAC Viva Glam 2012.

Ricky’s Lip Conditioner is the same great formula we know and love, but with his signature and 100% of the proceeds going to charity. MAC’s vanilla-scented Lip Conditioner ala Ricky makes an idea base for Viva Glam collection partner Nicki Minaj. Nicki’s shade is what you expect, especially as a follow-up to her Pink Friday collab with the brand. It’s very pink and somehow wearable for the average girl on an ordinary Sunday.   

Viva Glam Nicki is not for the shy types, but easier to wear than you’d expect. I applied it lightly, just a single coat followed by a blot, and had several hours of pink lips. I kinda dig it actually. Especially when paired with Ricky’s Lip Conditioner. We declare them the official hot power couple of 2012. Look for it on counters next week!