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Just Another Mani Monday: Essie Very Structured

Fall is such an inspiring season for me. I love watching the leaves change colors, and even though winter is right around the corner, I find comfort in the shifting of seasons. Remind me of this in January, but for now, I’m going with the feeling. To go with my positive fall mood, I’ve found the most amazing  accessory:  Essie Very Structured, from the Fall “Carry On” polish collection. It is fall in a bottle — a rusty, burnt sienna that makes me think of crunchy, fresh-fallen leaves and pumpkin spice lattes. It’s the most inspiring fall nail color I’ve encountered this season, and I can’t get enough.  What is your “fall in a bottle?”

Beauty VIP of the Week: NARS Silk Road Duo Eyeshadow

The real VIP of the week was my Hunter Wellies, but the Beauty VIP was most definitely NARS Silk Road. This launched as part of NARS Fall 2009 collection, and it remains one of my favorite duos today. I rediscovered it and now I can’t get enough. It’s neutral with a rosy twist. The left side is a neutral icy pink that brightens up the entire eye lid.  The other half is a rose gold with specks of gold glitter. Together, these colors make me feel like a princess. To avoid being too much of a princess, a good tap of the brush before applying the rose gold side minimizes gold glitter fallout!

What beauty product were you obsessed with this week?

Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation Review

I am not immune to the power of a great advertisement. And Chanel’s print campaign for its new foundation Perfection Lumiere caught my eye. I mean, who doesn’t want their skin to look like that? I thought Chanel’s Vitalumiere Aqua was a home run, so I was immediately curious (and a bit hopeful) that Perfection Lumiere would be as well. Long wearing, flawless finish and an impressive color range? Obviously, I want on board.

Chanel Perfection Lumiere in B30

I got a sample of this in B30. I actually got the sample at a Sephora in Madrid. The lightest shade was B30, which is what I wear in Vitalumiere Aqua. However, I think that I could have stood for a lighter shade in this. We are heading into “pale” season, after all. Plus, as you can see below, the shades vary between Chanel foundations. For a detailed breakdown of the shade range, you must visit Cafe Makeup. She has a ton of great info and swatches if this is on your radar!

L-R: Perfection Lumiere B30, Vitalumiere Aqua B30

So back to my thoughts. This is a beautiful foundation, with a wonderful finish. I acheived better results with my fingers as opposed to my brush. It sort of melts into your skin that way, and I prefer that. The coverage is fantastic, in fact, more than I’m used to but it feels light as air on the skin. My only hang-up is that it’s a bit mattifying. I’m so used to wearting lightweight foundations and BB creams that this is a major shift.

As with all Chanel foundations, this one is a bit spendy at $55. However, if you struggle with the oilies and color matching, I think you would be very pleased with Perfection Lumiere. I’m not so sure I’m ready to upgrade to a full bottle just yet, but I will be testing this out in another shade!

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Benefit's Watt's Up Amps Up the Luminosity

Benefit’s Watt’s Up is the newest addition to the brand’s already impressive range of  highlighters. It houses a  champagne-colored cream to powder highlighter on one end and a sponge applicator on the other. The color is just lovely. On my skin, it’s got a touch of rose gold, which I love. True to its namesake, Watt’s Up helps amp up the luminosity in a mega way. In fact, Watt’s Up brought out my brave side.

Watt's Up, unblended (top), blended in (bottom)

Usually, I use a light finger dot application or a brush to apply highlighting products, but with Watt’s Up, I applied straight from the tube on my cheekbones. Depending on the product, this technique can result in over-accentuated pores or streakiness, but not with Watt’s Up. After I swipe, I take a brush and blend it in and the result is a natural, soft highlight. The sponge on the one end is quite useful for blending in along the browbone, down the bridge of the nose and other small areas, but I would have loved to see a brush on the other end of the this product! Worth noting is the staying power. It’s fantastic — all day on my skin!

Watt’s Up is available where Benefit is sold for $30. Which is a bargain compared to the $45 Euros I saw it for in Madrid. Seriously, you poor beauty-lovers of Spain!

A Wardrobe Staple

A woman’s wardrobe wouldn’t be the same without a great range of T-shirts. The sheer variety of different T-shirt types means one can be found for every kind of occasion. Just a leisurely look through the women’s t-shirts at Bank Fashion proves that women are spoiled for choice when it comes to cool T-shirts.

But which T-shirt is best for you? Do you go for the more traditional design? Then a Superdry Vintage T-shirt with its snug fit and eye catching design would be a great choice as an addition to your wardrobe’s casual staples. Alternatively, for something casual with more razzle dazzle, a Red or Dead Sequin Logo T-shirt could be just the thing to add a little sparkle. There are so many classic T-shirts with stunning designs waiting to be snapped up.

Combining sporty comfort with a cool design, a Voi Jeans oversized cowl neck hoody is a great option for chillout wear. Available in many different colours and patterns, you can keep your hoodies coded while giving your wardrobe a more sporty option for when just hanging out is the plan for the day.

However, sometimes sporty casual just won’t do it. The beautiful BANK tribal kaftan has a short sleeved loose fit and a v-neck design featuring a stylish tribal bead trim. Ideal for those smart casual occasions, kaftans incorporating tribal inspired designs are incredibly popular and are sure to draw compliments.

The sheer versatility of the nautical T-shirt means it should find a welcome home in any girl’s wardrobe. The distinct stripe design goes great with jeans or more formal pants, while the wide variety of neck designs, sleeves and decorative features available enable your perfect nautical T-shirt to be found with ease.

Do you want a T-shirt that helps give you a slim and trim look? A draped jersey can achieve wonders. There‘s a wide variety of draped jerseys in different colours and patterns, so getting a collection to go with your jeans and pants will allow numerous combinations to be created. A draped jersey also looks great with suit pants, so they’re also a superb work wear option.

The T-shirt is a formidable fashion item whose sheer versatility makes it one of the most popular pieces of clothing on the market. A woman’s wardrobe isn’t complete without a collection of casual, stylish and formal T-shirts to suit every day in her diary.

Disclosure: This post is in association with BANK.

What's in My October Birchbox

My Birchbox came while I was out of the country, so it was a welcome surprise to come home to a special delivery. I think it caught the attention of my neighbor, who picked up our mail for us. I told him he needs to order it up for his girlfriend! I thought I’d share with you the contents of my October Birchbox. This was an especially awesome month, I thought!

  • Befine Lip Serum. An uber-hydrating, vitamin-rich lip serum to heel crackewd lips and smooth them out. The scent is an interesting combo of Chamomile & Beets, and this is the perfect prep for a deep fall lip color! I woke up to the softest lips imaginable after using this. The sample is a big one too, bet it will last awhile!
  • blinc Mascara. I’ve used this before, and seeing it in my box reminded me how awesome it is. I like tubing mascaras (even though removing it makes me feel like all my lashes are falling out!), and this one is the original.
  • Pangea Organics Japanese Matcha Tea Facial Mask. A purifying mask, loaded with antioxidants. I like this, and I’ll get several uses from this tube!
  • Orofluido Beauty Elixir. Perhaps my favorite item in the box! Hair oils excite me, and the amber/vanilla sent is phenom.
  • Tea Forte Minteas. This was an extra, and the Lime Mojito flavor is delish. Reminds me of the Mojito Mint Orbit gum that I loved so much. A definite purse special:)

What did everyone get in their Birchboxes? Do tell!

Beauty VIP of the Week: Phytokératine Serum

Happy Friday, all! I’m baaack….from a fabulous vacation in France and Spain. The thing about vacations, and traveling in general, is a total break in routine. The kind of routines that keep your skin and hair in check. I managed pretty well with my skin (only one travel-induced blemish!), but I was worrying about the state of my hair. The blow dryers at our hotels were completely foreign, literally. I picked up Phyto’s new wonder product, Phytokératine Serum, at a French pharmacy and it saved me. It was the Beauty VIP of my vacation, and now that I’m stateside I continue to obsessed with this stuff!

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Celebrate Melvita's One Year Anniversary in Seattle with Me!

So what are you up to on October 13th? Me, oh nothing… just hosting my 1st ever beauty event here in Seattle! 🙂

This Thursday I will be hosting Melvita’s 1-Year Anniversary Party at Pacific Place here in Seattle along with the fabulous people from CRAVE Seattle. Join us for organic wine from Snoqualmie, small bites by Gourmondo Catering, live music and amazing discounts. Along with the Melvita team, we’ll help you set up a personal skin care regimen and send you home with an essential skin care product for fall. I have been playing with some of their products for a few weeks now and I’m excited introduce the line to everyone.

There’s still tickets left so RSVP now!

Braun Satin Hair Brush with Active Ion Technology

I love beauty tools when it comes to my skincare and makeup routines, and now there’s a beauty tool for my hair that will help make it healthy looking and beautiful – the Braun Satin Hair Brush with Active Ion Technology. It’s the first product of Braun’s Satin Hair Care line to launch in the US.

This battery powered Braun Satin Hair Brush uses Active Ion Technology to give your hair more shine and smoothness with every stroke. A specifically designed jet sends a stream of Active Ions to the hair to add shine and tame frizz and those dreaded flyaways – those are the bane of my existence! Remember hearing how brushing your hair 100 times would cause breakage? This brush’s Seamless Bristle Technology is designed to help prevent breakage damage with its smooth surface.

Besides having a soft cushion pad for gentle brushing, what I like most about this is that the brush head is removable so you can clean the brush easily. Sometimes cleaning a brush is more of a hassle than it’s worth, but not in this case. Its size is also perfect to keep in your handbag and to travel with. Let’s face it, ladies, those convertible flip brushes just don’t cut it sometimes!

You can find the Braun Satin Hair Brush with Active Ion Technology retailing for around $65. It’s peaked my curiosity – has it peaked yours?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

Get Personalized Jewelry Recommendations with Jewelmint

Recently I was asked to give JewelMint a try, a members-only jewelry club started by fashion icon and actress Kate Bosworth and stylist Cher Coulter. JewelMint chooses top styles for you based on a fashion personality and style quiz you take when you sign up. Based on your answers, JewelMint will show you their pick in the site’s showroom. In the showroom you can mark options as favorites or remove them letting JewelMint know why you dislike the piece. This helps JewelMint refine the pieces that they show you as options. Don’t like the style options you’re seeing? You can re-take the quiz at any time and get a whole new set of options in your showroom. Also, each month new jewelry designs are added.

Had I not been asked to try JewelMint, I don’t think I would have ever signed up for it on my own. I’m glad I was given this opportunity because the jewelry surprised me with its quality. I was also surprised with the presentation with each piece. It comes in a box with a bow around it and when you open it, it is thoughtfully presented with a little background on the specific piece. I loved this because it also makes a piece totally gift-able.

I was sent a variety of pieces to play with ranging from earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets in different styles and you can really see that each piece is handmade. It’s also unique and affordable, I didn’t see the same type of pieces I see at the same price range in different stores. Affordability is key though, how often do you see on trend, handmade pieces retailing for $29.99?

 JewelMint has given me a promo code to share with all of you! To get 50% off your first purchase, just use PGIRL50 during check out. This is valid for new members only and expires 10/31. Are you joining? I saw go for then come back and let’s chat about the pieces you hauled. 😉