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Butter London Fall/Winter 2011 Collection

Last night I visited Nordstrom since I had dinner with family nearby and caught a glimpse of Butter London’s Fall/Winter 2011 collection. We’re seeing a lot of dark, vampy shades from some of the other brands for fall so I am appreciating some of the lighter, livelier hues in this collection. Here’s each shade’s and […]

Yes to Tomatoes, No to Zits

Food confession time: I don’t eat condiments. The traditional burger ones – like ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise. Especially ketchup. You could say I have a bit of a thing against tomatoes and only eat a few byproducts of the fruit (spaghetti sauce and salsa, namely). I don’t eat BLTs; I eat BLCs (bacon, lettuce and […]

Faux Glowing: The Best Self Tanners at Every Price

Sunless tanning is a way of life. From the maintenance, like regular exfoliation, and of course, proper application. No sugar coating here, a lot can go wrong in the self tanning process. Everything from streaking and patchy spots to orange skin and burnt looking hands. It’s all of these factors that lead me to take great pride in my faux […]

New! Stila Natural Eye Shadow Palette for Fall

The new Stila Natural Eye Shadow Palette is one of my favorites for fall. The first thing that came to mind when I got my hands on it was that this is practically Stila’s answer to Urban Decay’s Naked palette. While it doesn’t have as many shades, it is still a good response and in […]

Johnson’s Baby Powder: A Classic in So Many Ways!

For the next for four weeks, I’m participating in Johnson’s Blog for Beauty Challenge. They have a variety of products with intense moisturizing properties that keep skin feeling smooth and baby soft. I figured that if we trust children’s skin with Johnson’s, why not use it on myself? So that’s what I’m doing. Each week […]

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