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Just Another Mani Monday: Urban Decay Woodstock and the Rollergirl Nail Kit

Urban Decay’s Rollergirl Nail Kit is so many things: convenient, fun, sparkly, portable, giftable and summery!  I love that Urban Decay packaged six bite-sized polishes together for summer. Seriously, how often do you actually finish a full bottle of polish? The answer for us is usually never — not that it stops us from acquiring the latest and greatest, anyway… — but the genius concept is not lost on us.

For this week’s mani, I chose the hot pink Woodstock. This polish applied like a dream — and was opaque in one coat (although I did two!). It’s very hard to capture just how bright this color is, but let’s just say there is bright pink, and then there  is electric pink. Woodstock falls in the electric category, for certain. This color looks great on my tips, but I think it’d look even hotter on my toes.

Here’s a glimpse at the other shades in Urban Decay’s Rollergirl Nail Kit — if you’ve got a weakness for the 70s, then you’ll be all over these names! Even I want to bust out some disco moves:)

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Weekend Reads: Beauty Beat 6/12

  • Fab Over Forty was all bronzed up with Lancome’s newest Summer 2011 Collection, Bronze Azure.
  • Gouldylox Reviews learned a lesson about self-tanners that we all should take notice and learn from.
  • BeautyXposé wants us to get our glow on for summer so she’s doing a giveaway of Hawaiian Tropic Shimmer Effect!
  • Best Things In Beauty got her hands on the Lumières Byzantines de Chanel Palette. There’s quite a story to go with the swatches.
  • Here at Product Girl, we show you how to give our eyes a little sparkle and shine with Stila Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eye Liners.
  • Karla Sugar swatches the new glosses by Giorgio Armani Beauty called Gloss d’Armani. How do they compare to the old formula?
  • The Non-Blonde shows us a few shades of the Dior Addict lipsticks and is giving some away! Be sure to sign up.
  • Diva Debbi used the new Brazilian Peel and gave it a glowing review. See how she says it compares to others.
  • Daly Beauty loves the scent of jasmine and shares with us some of her favorite fragrances that contain the beautiful scent.

Beauty VIP of the Week: GO Smile Speed Whitening System

A lot can change in just four days. For example, in Chicago, the temperatures early in the week were in the 90s, approaching triple digits. Then on Thursday, they plummeted nearly 40 degrees. Not a fan of either extreme. Another example: In just four days of this week, I whitened my teeth to about eight times brighter. This, I’m a fan of. GO Smile’s Four-Day Speed Whitening System is by far the most-effective teeth whitening system that I’ve ever used. And it’s unbelievably easy, and pain-free.

I’ve got no patience for the trays they fit you for at the dentist (not to mention they’re hundreds of dollars), and I definitely didn’t have patience for the circa five years ago Whitestrips on the market (as evidenced by the half open box I eventually had to toss out after it had expired). Which, until now, had been the extent of my whitening experiences. So yes, a twice daily treatment over four days is my style – and the results were practically instantaneous. A true Beauty VIP!

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Ten or Less: MAC Cosmetics Sized to Go Collection

I use to take my old bottles of MAC’s Fix + and transfer them it into smaller bottles so I could keep some with me, I love stuff and every version of it since.  Now with the new MAC Sized to Go collection arriving in MAC stores now, I can just pick up bottle of Fix + in a carry-on approved size  just in time for the summer travel season. Half of the collection is priced at $10 so I thought it was perfect for this week’s Ten or Less.

In travel, small has a virtue that goes beyond size. It’s mandatory! And in your M·A·C skincare formula of choice, small universally approved volumes of 30 ml. or less are not only more tote-able, they allow you to carry on all of your favorite regime: Fix +, Cleanse Off Oil, Cleanse Off Oil/Tranquil, Pro Eye Makeup Remover, Demi-Wipes, Studio Moisture Cream, Strobe Cream, Green Gel Cleanser and Oil Control Lotion – everything you need to keep your skin cleansed, refreshed and hydrated. In anything but a round-the-world marathon, small is most likely all you need. These handy sizes also favour local jaunts and can be great for the space-challenged. Exclusively at M·A·C stores.

At $10:

  • Fix +
  • Cleanse Off Oil/Tranquil
  • Cleanse Off Oil
  • Pro Eye Makeup Remover
  • Green Gel Cleanser

At $15:
• Demi-Wipes
• Oil Control Lotion
• Strobe Cream
• Studio Moisture Cream

If you have never tried some of these products, I like that these travel versions give you a way to try a substantial amount of product without the full price. The Strobe Cream, for example, costs $29.50 for 50ml so why not give it a shot?

Ten or Less: Eos Everyday Hand Lotion

I was starting to think that these EOS Everyday Hand Lotions were urban legend because finding them locally was almost impossible. Then one day not too long ago I finally spotted them in the bins by the cash register at my favorite Ulta and I just HAD to have one. I felt like I hit the beauty jackpot.

There’s plenty to like about this EOS Hand Lotion. The formula is lightweight but it absorbs quickly without leaving hands feeling greasy. Don’t you hate that greasy feeling? At first I was a little surprised at the size of the lotion (it fits in the palm of your hand) but when I started using it, I realized that you don’t really need a lot of it at a time. A pea sized amount is enough to do the job. The formula includes shea butter, oat extract and vitamins C and E and it is paraben free and 97% natural.

I also love the packaging in this hand lotion. It was designed to fit in your pocket so it is no wonder it is so sleek and convenient. The price of this hand lotion is also JUST right. At $3.99, they are cheap enough to pick up a few to keep at home, work, in the car or wherever you want to keep hand lotion. It comes in two scents; Nourish and Refresh. If I were you, I would pick up Refresh – the cucumber scent will be refreshing this summer!

What's in Her Makeup Bag with Nordstrom's Kari Larsen

This week we are taking a look at what is inside Kari Larsen’s makeup bag. Kari is based in San Diego, CA and is the Nordstrom Beauty Director for the Arizona, Nevada and Southern California regions. I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Kari but I bet you have seen her at your local trend show if you live in her regions. Judging by the looks of her makeup bag, Kari is a true beauty product junkie with some excellent products in her bag. If this is what her makeup bag looks like, I wouldn’t mind seeing her what vanity looks like, right?

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Get Dirty with Lush's New Unisex Collection

The new Dirty collection from Lush takes the idea of layering and takes it a step further. Instead of having a selection of products all with the same scent and building on the intensity of the fragrance, Lush has each product scented with individual fragrances and once you’ve used all of them together, the unisex “Dirty” fragrance emerges. The one exception here is the body spray, that product contains all the main notes that make up Dirty; notes of spearmint, thyme, tarragon and sea salt.

Here’s what is in this brand new collection:

  • Dirty Spring Wash Shower Gel ($9.95 for 3.3oz, $17.95 for 8.4oz, $26.95 for 16.9oz) – recreate your very own mountain spring and wash with this tingly, softening, minty shower gel that contains spearmint, thyme, and sea salt.
  • Dirty Shaving Cream ($12.95) – shave it all off using our ultra-softening oats and benzoin shaving cream. There’s also lavender and sandalwood in there to soothe any irritations.
  • Dirty Hair Gel ($12.95) – refresh your coif with their conditioning and softening, firm hold styling product.  Made with fair trade coconut oil, linseed gel and balm herb infusion for the perfect just-got-out-of bed style.
  • Dirty Body Spray ($19.95) – if you don’t have the time for a full-on Dirty routine in the morning, take a quickie instead and spritz yourself liberally with this body spray before you head out the door.

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I'm Obsessed! With OCC Lip Tars

I definitely was not an A student in art class growing up. You may think that’s counter-intuitive since as an adult I’m all about mixing colors and creating makeup magic. Somehow, I don’t think my art teachers tapped into my inner creativity. Had they just told me to create the perfect lipstick at age 8, I know I would have been able to make that happen. Screw paper-mache!

Luckily, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is there to indulge my inner art student. Not only are there limitless possibilities, the outcome is always an obsessively long-wearing lip creation. Carla has created some insanely flattering shades before (see her mixing magic here), but I decided to take some recent shades out for a spin. Tone, a slightly greyed mauve/pink from the spring/summer 2011 collection, and Strutter, a deep mahogany red released last fall.

Mixed together, Tone and Strutter created a guava stain that is so flattering. No modesty here, that shade looks good on. Honestly,  I love it that much more because, well, I custom made it! And to boot, Lip Tars are 100% vegan and free of parabens and other harsh preservatives. They also contain peppermint oil and Vitamin E — a built-in breath mint and inherent moisturizing properties.

The real beauty of OCC Lip Tars is the fun you have making these. I think it’d be fun to grab some plastic containers, some lip tars and invite some girlfriends over for some fun! Sounds like I just planned my next girl’s night in, doesn’t it?

Sparkle This Summer with Stila Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eye Liners

Stila has created something pretty magical, as far as makeup goes, with this summer’s Sparkle Waterpoof Liquid Eyeliner. They combine everything I love for summer. Sparkle! Color! More sparkle! And indeed, these are waterproof. In fact, they almost border on permanent. Carla swatched these last month at The Makeup Show  and traces remained on her hands the next day still. It wasn’t a test, but they sure did pass!

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