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Just Another Mani Monday: Chanel Mimosa Nail Color

I’ve never been into yellows before but if anyone could lure me over to the yellow side, it would be Chanel so I picked up Chanel’s Mimosa even though the reviews were not very kind to this new shade. I liked that the yellow was a little on the warm side with micro glitter in it. I usually go for crèmes but it’s hard for me to turn down a shade like this.

One of the major complaints I heard about this shade was how streaky it was. I tried to apply Mimosa as carefully as I could to avoid dragging the color upwards but it was useless. With three coats on my nails, there are still spots where you can see how uneven it is. A follower on Twitter mentioned using CND’s Sticky as a base coat helps but I couldn’t find my bottle in time to try it out.

Aside from how uneven it applies, I noticed this shade seemed to take much longer to dry. I’ve been using an Out the Door top coat lately to speed things up and even an hour later, my nails incurred some damage. Not to mention the bubbles that started to form later on as the color dried. I always clean my nail beds with remover prior to applying color to make sure that this doesn’t happen but it didn’t matter with Mimosa.

This is the first time I have ever felt like taking back a Chanel nail color and this color will be coming off my nails tonight. If you must indulge in a Chanel nail color for summer, make it Morning Rose. The pink with gold flecks is just beautiful.

Lush Rising Sun Soap

This weekend I was at Lush stocking up on Honey I Shrunk the Kids soap and a Godiva shampoo bar for my trip to New York next month and I came across this Lush Rising Sun soap at the register. Besides being a pretty bar of soap, 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Peace Boat.

Support relief efforts in Japan with our very special soap. Shaped like the Japanese flag and smelling of cherries with spicy cinnamon undertones, 100% of the proceeds from the sale of The Rising Sun will go directly to Peace Boat. The LUSH Japan team saw the amazing work being done by a charity called Peace Boat; since the earthquake they have been organizing teams of volunteers, transporting aid, and providing meals to those affected by the disaster. A Japan-based international non-governmental and non-profit organization, Peace Boat works to promote peace, human rights, equal and sustainable development and respect for the environment. Your purchase of The Rising Sun Hand and Body soap will aid in their continued efforts to support people in need.

Rising Sun is sold out online but check with your local Lush store for availability. Every little bit helps in a situation like this!

Weekend Reads: Beauty Beat 4/24

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Charlestongirl at Best Things in Beauty was one happy Giorgio Armani Beauty fan! She bought two of the new Giorgio Armani Beauty Mediterranean Eye Palettes for summer – officially hoarding it.

Guerlain has introduced its Inca Collection, and Amy had the scoop on the exquisite Terra Inca Bronzer at Café Makeup. Even the packaging is a stunner.

Good books about beauty are rare. Gaia was enthralled with the new one from François Nars. Find out why you need it too at The Non-Blonde.

Debbi found a miraculous hair product, TRESemme’s Climate Protection Mousse. It adds body and shine and de-frizzes for only $3.50 a can! Intrigued? Head over to DivaDebbi.

Jane found an instant hair fix: Batiste Dry Shampoo. She told us at Daly Beauty how she went from flat to feisty.

At Product Girl, we selected Dr. Dennis Gross’ Alpha Beta Glow Pads for our Beauty VIP of the Week. Find out why!

If you want more wow, bang, and glam for your eyelashes, Kelly has a suggestion for you. Head over to Gouldylox Reviews to see Mally Beauty’s Ginormous Mascara in action.

New! Josie Maran Argan Beautiful Lips Collection

This new Josie Maran Argan Beautiful Lips Collection just popped up in my email today just when I needed ideas for Mother’s Day.

This set is available online only and retails for $42. It includes 2 Magic Marker Lip Stains with Argan Color Sticks in Waltz and Quickstep (1 of 3 new shades Josie Maran has introduced to her line), 3 Argan Natural Volume Lip Glosses in Optimism, Precious, Voluptuous and 1 mini vial of Argan Oil.

I don’t know why but I am a sucker for Josie Maran’s sets, I just am. What is curious to me is the packaging for the stains with the color stick, it is exactly the same as Smashbox’s new lip stains. Are these just plain old tinted lip balms or smaller versions of the Argan Color Sticks from Josie’s line that has been doing so well. I hope it’s the Color Sticks.

Beauty VIP of the Week: Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pads

According to my favorite Chicago weather guru Tom Skilling, this April is shaping up to be the least sunny on record. To say I need Vitamin D badly is an understatement. To help ease the pain of sun deprivation is Dr. Dennis Gross’ Alpha Beta Glow Pad, a.k.a. the eighth wonder of the world (or perhaps more realistically, this week’s Beauty VIP).

This is not just a self-tanning towelette, but rather an anti-aging exfoliating self-tanner with active Vitamin D. In just one Glow Pad, the Vitamin D, microencapsulated DHA and soy proteins deliver color deep into your skin and alpha & beta hydroxy acids exfoliate, tighten pores, eliminate blackheads and help even out your skin tone. It’s also completely odorless and streak-free. In short, you want in on these.

I don’t tan my face naturally, and often times it’s because many self-tanners just aren’t right for the face. The Alpha Beta Glow Pads are designed for your face and provides the most natural-looking radiance. I use these and find myself needing less face makeup – which sounds perfect for the summer I’m hoping shows up at some point.

My only complaint is that these aren’t available in body versions. Although, I think our good friends at Dr. Dennis Gross are on it…

You can get 20 applications of your Alpha Beta Glow on for $32. This wonder product is available at Sephora, but I purchased mine from Dr. Dennis Gross website where I also received some good samples at checkout.

The Perfect Flush, Every Time, with Stila's Custom Color Blush

I’m never one to shy away from a brighter than bright pink blush, which is what I’d classify Stila’s Custom Color Blush as — at least on the surface. But the operative word here is “custom.” Stila created a PH-based powder that reacts with your skintone to create the perfect flush — your very own personalized blush. While I totally love what I see in the pan, the end result on my cheeks is more of a pinky-rose.  In addition to its magical color-matching abilities, the powder also melts into your skin flawlessly. I love it when makeup does the work for me!

Shine Reigns in MAC's Sheen Supreme Lipstick

L-R: Full Speed, Tempation, Behave Yourself, Supremely Confident

Perhaps the greatest innovation to hit the beauty industry in the past year or so is the hybrid lipstick/gloss formula. Yes, we all love lipsticks and you know I love my gloss, but a girl needs one product to suit all of her needs, ya know? MAC has hopped on the fusion trend with the release of Sheen Supreme Lipstick, and is staying there. Sheen Supreme, available now in 14 shades, is a welcome addition to the brand’s permanent line-up.

L-R: Supremely Confident, Behave Yourself, Full Speed, Temptation

The formula is lightweight, not sticky in the least and nice and cushy on the lips. I find the Sheen Supremes to have the ideal mix of color and shine. I’m obsessed with Behave Yourself, a very mod pink. Full Speed definitely satisfies my coral curiosity and Temptation is one of the least intimidating reds I’ve encountered.

At $14.50 they are a more budget-friendly option than other variations in the market. And they are Back-2-MAC-able. Save your empties ladies!

Coveting: New Ultraflesh Highlight & Bronze Collections Plus Lipgloss!

Lately I’ve been loving Ultraflesh’s Panthera mascara and playing with their Black Magic Jet Black Eyeliner collection quite a bit (reviews on these goodies coming very soon) so I was browsing Sephora’s website to see what else Ultraflesh had to offer. I think this is a brand that’s on the way up so it’s nice to see new things from them being released, more unique things at that. They now have 3 new products already competing for my affection at Sephora. This would be a good time to indulge, after all the 15% discount ends today!

Here at Product Girl, we LOVE highlighters so the Ultraflesh Shinebox Highlight and Shimmer Collection had my heart racing and will most likely be the item I end up picking up first. This is a highlight and shimmer collection compact that can be used on the eyes, lips, and cheeks. This set has 5 different highlighters in it and if it’s anything like the liner set, there are a few cream based items in it as well as powder. I’m trying to find out and will update you once I have the information.

Next is the Ultraflesh Bronze Metalika Bronze and Glow Collection. I admit, I’m bronzer-phobic but my gal Laurie is embracing the sun right now so this is would be something she’d enjoy. This set retails for $39 and has the 5 different bronzers in the set. I’m assuming it is also like the liner set and has some cream and powder based bronzers in it. Again, more on that when it’s available.

Finally, the new Ultraflesh UltraGloss Luminous High Shine Lip Gloss is peeking my curiosity. This new gloss claims to be moisturizing with a high shine without feeling sticky or tacky. It retails for $18 and comes in 8 shades. Sephora also says it comes in a new “unique airtight applicator that dispenses exactly the correct amount for one use”. That’s something I just have to play with.

Have you tried Ultraflesh’s Panthera mascara or anything else from Ultraflesh? I’m telling you, the mascara may be expensive but it rival’s Armani’s Eyes to Kill Mascara, which I was converted to a few months ago. The clean, defined application I get from it is unreal, but more on that soon.

In the meantime, I want to hear from you. I like the concept of these new Ultraflesh sets, I like the product served a few different ways. What do you think?

Ten or Less: Mark Nailed It Trend Mini Lacquer Duo

The new Mark Nailed It Trend Mini Lacquer duo is a steal and I urge you to order this right away. If fuchsias are not your cup of tea, consider it for the nude shade in the duo alone. At just $7, how can you pass this up?

For Mark’s first ever nail polish release – the first of what I hope is many, many more to come – the brand released this mini duo in Fushia-istic (magenta) and Stay Neutral (nude). Mark fortified this formula with acrylic for strength, protection and brilliance for a polish that give high-gloss color that lasts up to 10 days. I can’t attest to its long wearing prowess, I did not use either of these shades nearly that long, but I did like how they applied. Fushia-istic went on nicely with 2 coats for even color but I chose to use 3 coats for Stay Neutral because it was a bit on the sheer side.

I wore Fushia-istic as the base color for my Crackle mani but I did spend a few days with Stay Nude on my nails. I love this shade so much, I really hope Mark decides to release a full size bottle of this shade. It doesn’t look like much in the bottle but if you take a closer look, there’s a gorgeous pink shimmer in it that sparkles in the sun. If you look closely, you can see it in the picture. Any of you remember a nail polish shade from MAC named Pervette? That shade was released in the 90’s that is reminiscent of this one, I actually wore it on my nails for prom in 1996. Estee Lauder also had a shade that looked a lot like this back then. I figure this is as close as I’m ever going to get to that beloved shade of mine.

What do you think of these shades? Yay or nay? Will you be ordering?