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Beauty VIP of the Week: Three Custom Color Caramel Rose Lip & Cheek Stain

This week Three Custom Color’s Caramel Rose Lip and Cheek Stain and I have been inseparable, actually we’ve been that way for the last few weeks. Since my hair is a darker than usual right now, I look a little paler so  this stain has been giving me a really pretty flush that warms me right up.

Caramel Rose is a gorgeous shade, the inspiration for this shade was the fresh sculpted look Three Custom Color co-founder Chad Hayduk was seeing emerge on the fall runways during New York’s Fashion Week. They wanted to create a multi-tasking shade that would give you an elegant, pulled together natural look and this shade does indeed do that.

Describing the shade is a little tricky. In the image here, it is a little more pink than what it really is in person. Then in my attempts to photograph it, it came out red and bolder than I think it really is. It is a perfect mix of pink and red that would work beautifully on everyone based on the intensity of the application. It can be a neutral or you can build on the application for more drama. It can be a red for the gal who’s a little hesitant of a full on red and it can be that “your lips but better”. Plus it is gorgeous on cheeks, I’ve been using just a tiny bit of it and it blends out really well without any tell-tale marks that you sometimes get with a stain since this is cream based.

I’ve tried Three Custom Color’s stains before and like them a lot but this is the only shade I can see myself really using to the fullest.  I am head over heels in love with Caramel Rose right now… you should get on board and we can explore this love together. 😉

New! Deborah Lippmann Summer 2011 Collection

Right now I am more infatuated with nail color than I have ever been in my entire life, maybe it is because it is just easier than makeup for me right now. Sure, Chanel polishes have a certain appear but I have been living for Deborah Lippmann’s releases each season. She consistently knocks it out of the park for me and her summer collection does it yet again.

Here’s what is in her new collection:

  • Girls Just Want to Have Fun – a smooth, vintage creamy coral.
  • I Know What Boys Like – a blend of blue and purple with a creamy finish.
  • Yellow Brick Road – a sheer mellow yellow with a jelly finish.
  • Lara’s Theme – was created with supermodel Lara Stone is Deborah Lippmann’s newest celebrity collaboration, hot-hot orange.

I’ve seen Girls Just Want to Have Fun and I Know What Boys Like in Nordstrom already and I immediately loved them. The blue is not that same tired blue we see all the time and it is even prettier with Glitter in the Air on top of it. They will be used in a Mani Monday post soon because that coral is gorgeous! I’m dying to see the other shades though, very curious to see how Yellow Brick Road goes on and Lara’s Theme just looks like a fun shade.

What are your thoughts? Are you a Lippmann gal too? Any of these shades going on your nails for summer?

L'Oreal Sublime Mousse Hair Color Not So Sublime

Lately I have been coloring my hair darker than usual. Normally I go lighter in the spring and summer but I’ve been all about rich brown hair lately. I had a box of L’Oreal Sublime Mousse I had sitting around for awhile so I decided to give it a try. I was lured in by promises of home hair coloring that’s as easy as washing your hair.

On the surface, everything appeared to be fine. The formula was did not drip at all and had a really great fresh scent to it. Usually I can count on dye on a wall or counter after coloring my hair. This time the only casualty was my carpet when I whipped my hand back and the excessive force sent a little bit of the foam flying out of my gloved hand. Otherwise, everything seemed perfect. As I was applying the foam, I got towards the bottom of the bottle and was surprised that I didn’t need another one, my hair seemed really saturated with product and I combed it through to make sure if it was distributed evenly.

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Ten or Less: TRESemme Climate Protection Finishing Spray

Don’t call this one a hairspray, because TRESemme’s Climate Protection Finishing Spray is so much more than that. Part of TRESemme’s 4-piece Climate Protection line to keep your tresses looking good despite the usual destructive elements of static, wind and/or humidity, the Finishing Spray is like the grand finale to any hairdo. Up, down, straight, curly — this product will set you on your merry way for the day, especially one with weather woes.

The secret to this spray’s success is TRESemme’s Climate Control Complex, a blend of Kertain and UV blockers, that build a residue-free barrier between your hair and the effects of harmful elements. We’ve been having our share of nasty weather in Chicago this month and I’ve been impressed with how my hair has held up throughout the day when using this. I spray it all over, let it dry before touching and then do a final fluff with my fingers. It dries completely and feels weightless.

And in usual TRESemme fashion, I was able to snag a ginormous can of this from Target for about $3. I’d happily pay the same amount for a tiny version for travel! Because now, I need this product in my daily routine no matter where I am.

What's In Her Makeup Bag with Butter London's Nonie Creme

Today we’re taking a look inside Nonie Creme’s makeup bag, Nonie is the founding creative director for Butter London. If you haven’t noticed, I’m a big Butter London fan and a big fan of Nonie’s in particular. The woman is just amazing, she’s super creative. Remember those nail polish rings from Vena Cava during Fashion Week in February? That was Nonie’s doing. She’s a staple at Fashion Week creating nail designs for Betsey Johnson, Victoria Beckham, Vena Cava and Alexander Wang. I had a chance to meet her last fall when Butter London debuted in Nordstrom and we chatted about the brand’s spring collection. She is really sweet and I love that she engages with Butter London’s followers on Twitter. It is obvious that she loves what she does and that kind of enthusiasm is contagious.

Keep reading to see what is in Nonie’s makeup bag in her own words.

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MAC Prep & Prime Highlighters Do All of the Above

MAC expanded its Prep & Prime line with a few new additions in the Primed for Perfection launch earlier this month. It may be a small launch, but its a powerhouse in my opinion. I’m particularly liking the Prep and Prime Highlighter, a click pen-style highlighter that does just about anything you need it to. I think it veers into new territory and is quite a useful tool for my makeup bag. It’s a mix of primer, concealer, highlighter and can be used for all of the above and everything in between.

Radiant Rose (L), Light Boost (R)

There are three color options, and I’ve found a great match in the pinky Radiant Rose and yellow Light Boost. Both are probably intended for those with light-medium skin tones, but the other option Bright Forecast (not shown here) should have a broader range for dark skin types.

As you can see, these aren’t shimmery or what you’d consider a typical highlighter — which is why I love them. They do brighten the skin and add a touch of radiance, they just do so without the usual suspects of glimmer and shimmer. I like to use them 360 around the eye as a primer and a concealer. The Light Boost evens out any redness in my eyelids and provides a great base even if I’m not planning on layering makeup over it. They are the ultimate in multitasking, and are great for touch-ups.

At $23, these are an affordable alternative to other concealers/highlighters on the market. Bobbi Brown’s and YSL’s both come to mind and are upwards of $15-20 more. And a final piece of great news – these are a permanent addition to MAC’s collection!

It's Official, We're Addicted to the New Dior Addict Lipsticks

The newly-formulated Dior Addict Lipsticks are quite addictive. They’re high on shine, and 25% lower in wax than a classic lipstick. They’re impossibly easy to wear, and give such a juicy plumpness to your lips. This is one sexy lipstick, down to the packaging.

Top-bottom: Singulière 465, Tango 652

There’s nearly 50 shades to choose from, from nude nudes to pink nudes and corals and other bold pops of juicy lip color. The two I’ve been loving are on the bolder side of the spectrum for me normally but don’t feel like it when I’m wearing them. That’s part of the appeal with these I think. They are uber flattering and on the sheer side — but not so sheer that you aren’t getting ample payoff.

From the swatches you can get an idea of the high shine. As for wear, they’re fairly moisturizing but unfortunately, not terribly long-lasting. I can see myself burning through these tubes like, well, an addict. But believe me when I tell you they are worth a splurge, if you feel like splurging. And there’s no denying the similarity to Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shine. I’d be hard pressed to recommend one over the other, because in this case, I’m almost split completely down the middle. I love them both! We’re getting a great crop of lipsticks this season ladies!

New! Yves Saint Laurent Volupte Sheer Candy Collection

I have been having a relationship with YSL’s Rouge Volupte in Opera Rose lately. I picked up this shade during the Sephora sale recently and I’ve been wearing quite a bit of it lately. It’s like a Nicki Minaj pink but YSL style. Having just heard that YSL is coming out with an addition to the Volupte family has me excited.

The newest formula in the Volupte family is Volupte Sheer Candy and it will be hitting counters very soon. It comes in 6 shades and this lipstick is packed with skincare ingredients to take care of your lips. The shades include:

  • N°1 – Lush Coconut – a touch of deliciously golden freshness.
  • N°2 – Dewy Papaya – a discreet orange-pink pleasure.
  • N°3 – Juicy Grapefruit – a candy pink that sparks envy.
  • N°4 – Succulent Pomegranate – a sinful desire for a fruity pink.
  • N°5 – Mouthwatering Berry – a bite of the forbidden fruit.
  • N°6 – Luscious Cherry – a candy delight.

This formula has 35% lip care ingredients and makes some interesting claims for a lipstick, claims I intend to investigate:

  • Moisturizing action:  lips are hydrated immediately and 8 hours after application.
  • Smoothing action: lips are 47% smoother immediately after application and 21% after 4 weeks of use.
  • Plumping action: lips appear 19% fuller immediately after application.
  • Fine Line Reduction: fine lines are reduced immediately.

YSL’s Volupte Sheer Candy will retail for $30 and will be out in May at Sephora and in June everywhere else. Are you on board?

Unleash Your Bronze Goddess This Summer with Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess Collection is back for summer 2011. This is a tradition I am pleased to see continuing, as Estee Lauder  delivers really beautiful makeup to literally bring out the bronze goddess in each of us. This summer, it’s all about the Mediterranean and the hues and luxurious atmosphere on the Riviera. The collection invites you to sit poolside and take in the cool waters, warm sand beaches and sun’s luminous rays. Sounds like a plan to me!

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Beauty Black Book: Julep Manicure Parlor

Around the holiday’s last year, I was invited by Julep Nail Parlor to experience their Peppermint Bark Manicure. I was having a hard time getting into the holiday spirit around that time so I figured a little peppermint bark wouldn’t hurt. I had always wanted to visit one of their locations but never quite found the time.

Julep has a unique approach to their services in comparison to other nail salons. They offer memberships at 3 different levels that entitle you to a specified service once a month with additional discounts on other services. At the Parlor club level for example, you get 3 Parlor pedicures or a facial each month. Normally you’d pay around $74 each time but for the cost of $168 for membership, you’re saving $54. It is something I’ve been debating for awhile now.

I got my manicure at the University Village location, where the interior is a little different from the other salons as you can see here, it seemed very flexible like any chair in the salon could be a nail station and I liked that, it seems less rigid to me that way. The atmosphere feels warm and cozy like you were getting a manicure or pedicure from one of your girlfriends, it feels like home.

My Peppermint Bark manicure is the same as the salon’s Julep manicure, only with a little Peppermint Bark scrub from Sweet Beauty in place of the usual sea salt exfoliation. The Julep manicure costs $48 and is a very pampering manicure. It lasts 40 minutes, includes an extended reflexology-based massage and a hydrating paraffin wrap… in other words, heaven on earth for tired hands.

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