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Deborah Lippmann Follows the Yellow Brick Road

If you watched the Grammy Awards this weekend and wondered just what shade of nail polish Lady Gaga was rocking during her “Born This Way” performance, I have the answer for you. The woman who polished Ms. Gaga’s tips for the evening was Deborah Lippmann, she even tweeted about how Ms. Gaga loved her nails.

The nail color is a new addition to Deborah Lippmann’s line and is called Yellow Brick Road. Ms. Lippmann selected the color with the star to complement the canary yellow outfit she donned during her stage performance. My pal Michelle at All Lacquered Up says it’s a jelly!! This has me very excited, I’ve loved all of the line’s jelly polishes.

This shade launches on April 15 and will be available for $16 at Check out the new Glitter in the Air shade for spring while you’re there, Manic Mani coming soon with that one. 🙂 So are you in on a yellow jelly polish like I am?

New! Butter London Spring 2011 Collection

I have been looking forward to seeing this spring Butter London collection since I first heard about it when I met the lovely and charming Nonie Creme, creative director for Butter London. We sat down for a quick chat one September morning at Nordstrom since she was there to debut the line at the store.

Nonie says spring was all about creating a painterly palette and she pushed hard to move away from the grey, taupe and sand shades the team worked with at the 11 shows they did during Fashion Week for this season. Shades in this collection include:

Lady Muck – periwinkle blue with bit of grey and pearl pigment.
Teddy Girl – pale retro bubblegum pink.
Dosh – apple green shot through with gold.
Blagger – striking cobalt blue.
Hen Party – sheer opal.

You can find this collection online and in Nordstrom stores now. I picked up the collection on Saturday night along with Artful Dodger (turquoise) and Scoundrel (lilac) because I couldn’t help myself. I’m going to do my nails tonight but can’t decide if I want to try Lady Muck or Hen Party first… Hen Party reminds me of MAC’s long discontinued Pervette nail polish, a shade I wore to my prom in 1996! Which one would you go with for a mani?

The other new shade from Butter London is No More Waity and it is available on a pre-order basis at B-Glowing. The amazing Nonie Creme created this greige with lilac glitter shade to celebrate the upcoming wedding of Kate Middleton and Price William. Just one look at this swatch and both Laurie and I reached for the plastic to pre-order it. Nonie says No More Waity is her final nod to greige so I would order it if I were you. This shade starts shipping on 3/1 and I cannot wait until it’s in my hands.

And can I just say that I am so happy that this hometown brand is kicking so much New York Fashion Week ass! First the Polish Rings at Vena Cava and the dark nails at Alexander Wang, it has been fun to see what Nonie and the team has been up to this week. Would you try the polish rings?

New! Bobbi Brown Peony & Python Palette

Bobbi Brown’s soon-to-be released Peony & Python collection is a bit punk rock meets princess.  The limited-edition Peony & Python Palette is inspired by the playful yet feminine chic of cult-label Tibi, and was used to create the looks at the Spring 2011 Tibi show.

When you unzip the palette, you’ll find six perfectly paired eyeshadows and two mini-brushes. I absolutely love these colors for spring, and was thrilled to see the lightest shade was not Navajo or Ivory! There is a good mix of metallic and matte, and the neutrals in this palette are so well-done.

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My Make it Work Moment with NARS Calanque Trio Eyeshadow

When we first got word of the NARS Calanque Trio Eyeshadow for spring, we were thrilled. I was sure that this would be a neutral powerhouse. But I think my own expectations for Calanque may have got the best of me, because I was somewhat let down by this trio. The main reason? Well, you can see it in the form of glitter bits above.

The color story is accurate, but I think NARS addicts let out a collective sigh when using the first part of the trio, a gold-infused platinum with silver flecks. I’m always one to give glitter a chance, but the lack of color makes this shade difficult. The texture is also chunky, so it can get messy fast. However, the other two shades almost make up for it because they are better than expected. The satin caramel and antique gold-infused bronze are classic neutrals with a  NARS twist. They’re simple shades, yet unique in my makeup bag.

It’s hard to be mad at a palette that has two stunning neutrals like this, but for $45, I’m not entirely sure of its value. I shared this sentiment to the ladies at the Nordstrom NARS counter and they gave me some advice on making it work. The first shade is more of a layer, and when used that way it does give dimension. I find pressing it over a cream base, like NARS Hollywoodland Soft Touch Shadow Pencil also gives a soft, ethereal effect.

Despite its flaws, this palette does contains gorgeous neutrals. I think my expectations may have gotten the best of me, but I can’t help but wonder what it would have been like if the first shade had the texture of say, Abyssinia or Edie.

Vote for Product Girl in the 2011 Readers Choice Skincare Awards!

I have a really annoying habit of not reading things through. Last week I received an email that I thought was about being nominated for best skincare blog on and I thought… best skincare blog? That’s not quite my focus but ok. Well, once I read it again, turns out I have reason to be excited, you guys have nominated Product Girl as best beauty blog! I can’t thank you enough for that. I’ve always felt a bit invisible when it comes to accolades with Product Girl so this feels really, really good.

So head over to, right now they are holding their 2011 Readers’ Choice Skincare Awards where you can vote on your favorite skincare products from cleansers, moisturizers to sunscreen. In addition, you can also vote on your favorite beauty blog… and I’m hoping you’ll vote my way! I am in good company though. The amazing ladies from 15-Minute Beauty Fanatic, Beauty Blogging Junkie, Bella Sugar and The Beauty Brains were also nominated. These ladies are an inspiration so it’s a pleasure and an honor to be among them as a finalist.

Just Another Mani Monday: OPI Too Hot Pink To Hold 'Em

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m feeling the love with OPI’s Too Hot Pink To Hold ‘Em, from the Texas Collection. I loved the sorbet finish so much that I painted both the fingers and toes with this vibrant pink.

I found this finish easy to work with, and while I had to pile on three coats, they applied like a dream. And combine a bright pink glossy manicure with the 40 degree weather today in Chicago, I’m feeling like a million bucks! Now if only I could get some sunshine. The Vitamin D would send me into a serious state of bliss.

What’s everyone doing for Valentine’s Day? And what’s on your nails this mani Monday?

What's New in Beauty: February 13, 2011

Fashion Week officially kicked off with the Heart Truth Red Dress Collection show. Bobbi Brown did the makeup, and you can check her out in action backstage on her Facebook page.

The New York Times provided a great profile on Francois Nars this week – “Behind the Makeup, a Low-Profile Artist.”

There is a definite 70s revival taking place in fashion.  At the Rebecca Taylor show, the models wore a “disco lip” courtesy of MAC. Also check out the nails: Suzi Loves Cowboys from OPI’s Texas Collection. [via Stylelist]

Yes, I agree, “Oil is the New Face Cream.” [Wall Street Journal]

If you (like me) love the Sephora Professional Platinum Air Brush #55, you may want to add the new Concealer Airbrush #57 to your shopping list.

Before the royal wedding, comes the royal wedding nail polish! We can’t wait until Butter London’s “No More Waity, Katie” is available. You can see a preview and pre-order your bottle now from B~Glowing.

Weekend Reads: Beauty Beat 2/12

Charlestongirl received her Chantecaille Sea Turtle Palette this week and promptly fell in love. See the palette and find out why you should support “the cause” at Best Things in Beauty.

Kari at Fab over Forty was asked by Ladies’ Home Journal to name her favorite beauty products for their annual “Beauty Awards” issue. See what made the cut for the magazine’s March issue.

There is a lot of new makeup to love. Amy showed us Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shine in Boy at CafĂ© Makeup. The demand for it has been amazing.

Edward Bess lovers are almost cult-like in our love for Edward and his extraordinary makeup. Head over to The Non-Blonde to find out why Gaia finds his Luminous Eye Shadow in Nude an essential.

Sabrina is on the prowl for a new foundation. Part one of her three-part series is ready for you at The Beauty Look Book.

Ever wonder if RevitaLash lash growth Serum and Mascara works? Find out what Kelly thinks at Gouldylox Reviews!

Is you skin suffering from winter? Kathryn has offered us some great tips for winter skin care at BeautyXposé.

As winter drags on, it damages our hair too. We listed our favorite winter hair products at Product Girl  this week, but still want to hear from you too!

Debbi wrote a fun feature on her beauty graveyard. Check out DivaDebbi to see the discontinued products that she’s hanging onto – for as long as possible.

What do you know about Soap & Glory? If the answer is “not enough,” you must read Jane’s post at Daly Beauty.

Beauty VIP of the Week: LUSH Turkish Delight Body Polish

I love roses. I think they’re beautiful, and the scent is a favorite of mine – both in nature and in beauty products. This week, I’ve been relying on one of my favorite rosy products: LUSH Turkish Delight Body Polish. This stuff is heaven-scent. It’s intoxicatingly rosy. And incredibly moisturizing. It’s packed with jasmine and Turkish rose, almond oil, cocoa butter and neroli (an essential oil), and conditions skin like nobody’s business.

I’m able to contain dry skin in the winter but I have a bad habit of taking hot baths almost nightly because I’m so cold. Not so great for the skin, I know. So sometimes before the bath, I slather Lush Turkish Delight all over and just soak with it in the tub and when I get out, I have baby-soft skin. It’s great it in the shower too.  If I’m running behind in the morning, I’m able to skip post-shower lotion if I use this.

But back to the scent. It really is strong, but honesty, I find it a little romantic. My entire bathroom takes on the Turkish Delight aroma. I told my husband to skip the real roses for Valentine’s Day, and instead just stock me up on Turkish Delight!

Houston We Have A Purple with the OPI Texas Collection

We have a feeling that OPI’s Texas Collection is going to be a huge hit. We immediately jumped to the bold and the neutral, but we think the sleeper hit will be the “Sorbet Six.” These are a mix of berry, coral and rosy pink shades that all have a sorbet finish. I snapped a pic of my coworker’s freshly-manicured hand over lunch to show you why. She’s wearing “Houston We Have A Purple” and the sorbet finish is giving me vibes of summer. It’s very jelly-like, and so glossy! She’s wearing three coats.

I can’t wait to sport this shade on my tips, but think the sorbet shades will make for a perfect pedicure. You know, when I actually start exposing my feet again.