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Splurge vs. Steal: e.l.f.High Definition Powder vs. MUFE HD Microfinish Powder

Make Up For Ever’s HD Microfinish Powder seemed like such a big deal when it was released a few years ago. I recall getting a “lab sample” from Sephora online and being really impressed.  At the time, it was innovative and there’s no doubt it works. But for such a simple concept — mineral silica powder — I definitely balked a bit when I bought the full-size! Sure, I splurge all the time but this just seemed so simple for $30.

Other brands have since developed similar products, but trust me when I say that e.l.f.’s High Definition Powder is your best bet. At $6, it is a worthy steal and a great addition to your makeup bag. It works in the same way and it gives your skin a fresh, soft focus in photos. I really like the product and I love the price. This is a good one ladies!

Disclosure: We received a sample of e.l.f. High Definition Powder

The Product Girl Stash – 5 Years Later

This weekend my baby turned 5 years old… and by my baby, I mean Product Girl. Five years ago I thought it would be a good idea to start blogging about the products I was picking up at Nordstrom and Sephora. I didn’t know that this would take me to Paris, New York and Los Angeles but I’m so thankful that it did and for the amazing people I’ve met along the way. I can’t imagine life without it now.

I thought it would be fun to show you how things have changed for me in terms of my collection. Five years ago I had a 3’ storage cart holding my products and everyone I knew thought it was crazy for having so much makeup. This started before Product Girl was “born” and when I posted FOTD in the LiveJournal MAC community… back when words like “limited edition” didn’t mean as much.

As you can see, now things are completely different. Beauty products occupy space in almost every corner of my apartment and the name of the game now is downsizing! I’m even keeping the products in mind as I furnish my new apartment. Yes, it’s a tad out of control. I’m starting to go through everything and toss out what I don’t use and what’s old but sometimes that’s hard to do. I keep thinking “Oh I’ll use it one day…”

So how about you? How big is your stash?

Just Another Mani Monday: Essie Chinchilly

For this week’s mani, I turned to one of my favorites from Essie’s Fall 2009 collection — Chinchilly. I’ve been loving various shades of greige for the past month, but I was in the mood for an actual grey this week. Chinchilly is a lovely granite grey creme. There’s no purple or beige happening here – just straight up grey. I love that even with three coats, it maintains its light grey color.

I think this is a perfect neutral and a great fall color. It’s dreary and reminds me of a rainy day — in a good way. Hope your week is starting off well. Let us know what’s on your nails this week!

What's New in Beauty: September 19, 2010

File this under need: Stila’s Acai Crush is now available at

Urban Decay’s looking for the next Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss hunk. Submit your man or cast your vote at

Lady Gaga got herself a fragrance deal — coming our way Spring 2012. (StyleList)

Glossy green eyes and matte lips, courtesy of NARS, rule the Marc Jacobs runway (LA Times)

Bobbi Brown is now available at Sephora.

Tarte Cosmetics: A PhD drop-out shakes up the beauty biz – great story! (TIME)

Weekend Reads: Beauty Beat 9/18

[Photo source: The Lancome Blog]

Breaking News: Urban Decay Greed Eyeshadow Primer Potion

I love unexpected good news on a Friday afternoon, don’t you too?  Today’s news bite comes courtest of Urban Decay — a new eyeshadow primer potion has entered the fold, and it goes by the name Greed! Shown above on the far left in the new “Little Sins Eyeshadow Primer Potion” set, Urban Decay’s Greed Primer Potion is a warm, pearly gold. From the swatch below (from Urban Decay’s Facebook page), Greed is the warm, gold cousin to Sin’s cool, icy champagne.

Photo Source: Urban Decay

After the excitement I experienced with Eden, I welcome Greed with open arms! I love a warm gold on the lids and this seems like it would be the perfect base to those smokey browns I’ve been obsessing over lately. What about you guys, are you excited about Greed?

Beauty VIP of the Week: Cargo Magic Brush

My Beauty VIP of the week is Cargo’s new Magic Brush. Ever since I picked it up a few weeks ago, we have been inseparable… inseparable I tell you! This brush has become indispensable to me since I bought it and has been in my makeup bag at all times since then. Let me tell you why…

I like to stipple on my powder foundation (right now that’s Becca Mineral Powder Foundation) so I have fuller coverage in certain areas and lighter coverage in others. This brush is absolutely perfect for this because it is dense enough to pack the powder on the skin without making skin look chalky and it is soft enough to really buff product on at the same time. Plus, the synthetic fibers in the brush act like a magnet to keep the loose or pressed powder, whatever it may be, on the brush and give skin that airbrushed look.

With this brush and the combination of products I’m using right now (more one that later), my skin has just been glowing lately. It’s not just my VIP of the week, it’s a permanent addition to my roster.

New! TheBalm Balmbini Palette

I have a weakness for palettes and this new theBalm Balmbini palette is so cute, but then again I think pretty much everything from theBalm is cute. 🙂 The image here is a little dull in comparison to the real thing, this palette is definitely a vibrant one in terms of packaging and shades.

At $28, I think this palette is a pretty good value and features some of theBalm’s staples. It includes blush in Downboy and Hot Mama (almost a NARS Orgasm dupe), highlighter in Mary-Lou Manizer, ShadyLady eyeshadow in Insane Jane and Jealous Jordana then lip color Read My Lips in Wanted and a special edition Tinted Gloss. If I didn’t have most of these things already, my wallet would be totally exposed and vulnerable.

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Ten or Less Thursday: Batiste Blush Dry Shampoo

Batiste’s Blush Dry Shampoo is a “Ten or Less” must-have! Must-have I tell you! In my torrid history with dry shampoos, I’ve been promised the world but most of the time just ended up with dirtier hair that in many cases was downright disgusting to the touch. To say I was a disenchanted and perhaps straight-out disinterested with dry shampoos would be an accurate statement.

But I made an exception and tried Batiste. After all, I’m not immune to the rave reviews. It warranted an experiment. In Batiste’s favor: variety and price (cheap!). Working against it: my wariness. But even I can be proven wrong.

This zaps up oil but doesn’t leave behind any film or indication that you just aerosol-ed the heck out of your head. I find it can also be used on your actual hair as opposed to just the roots. It helps give a little volume and breathes new life into your hair — whether it’s dirty or clean really. In fact, I might be guilty of overusing this! I also love the smell of the Blush. Honestly, it’s like “old lady” in a good way. If that sounds awful, the original is just as effective.

Disclosure: We received a sample

Bliss Debut on Gilt Groupe

Today Bliss makes its debut on Gilt Groupe. Not only can you pick up some of your Bliss faves on sale but if you’re lucky enough to be near one of the participating spas, you can book a treatment on sale. Spas in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, Scottsdale and South Beach will be participating.

You’ll be able to choose from the popular Triple Oxygen Treatment, a three-step complexion-reviving facial; the Blissage 75, a heavenly full-body rubdown; and the Homme Improvement Facial, a must for any well-groomed guy; to name a few. Or, bring home the spa-quality treatment with Zest to Thrill, a citrus-scented bath set; Peeling Groovy, a gentle exfoliating formula; Hot Salt Scrub, a luxurious DIY skin-soother, and more, all at up to 60% off!

Are you a registered Gilt user? If not, just sign up here.  Also, be sure to check out Gilt’s Facebook page for a live Q&A with one of theirexpert estheticians. The sale starts at 12pm EST… see you there!