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New! Trish McEvoy Capri Collection

Trish McEvoy’s latest Capri Collection quietly made its way to counters and it has a few new items that are perfect for summer. Here’s the details:

24-Hour Eye Shadow and Liner ($32) – These remind me of MAC Grease Paint sticks! It’s an all-purpose shadow, liner or definer.

  • Aquamarine
  • Crystal Gray
  • Topaz

Highlights All Over Face Color ($35; compact sold separately) – Another multi-tasking, cream product that is perfect for summer. London is a beautiful pinky highlighting shade and Capri a warm bronze.

  • London (repromote)
  • Capri

Classic Lip Color ($23) – We don’t talk much about Trish lipsticks, but the formula is superb!

  • Natural
  • Vibrant

Beauty Booster™ SPF 15 Lip Gloss ($25)

  • Pretty Pink

You can check out the Capri collection online or at counters where you’ll also see another summery Trish display, the earlier released Bronze Collection.  Anything catching your eye from Capri? I am very curious about the shadow liners (Topaz!) and maybe the Natural lipstick. I’m a sucker for a nude lip!

New! Bobbi Brown Beach Club Collection

Bobbi Brown invites us all for a stay at the Beach Club with her newest summer collection.  According to Bobbi, “Nothing says summer to me like pretty, glowing skin and shimmering lids.”  We can’t help but agree and this club is definitely one worth joining.

Bobbi Brown’s Beach Club includes:

A new Shimmer Brick ($38)

  • Beach, a mix of warm bronzes

Long-Wearing Metallic Cream Shadow ($22)

  • Moonstone Green – pale, shimmering green
  • Opal Pearl – an opalescent pink
  • Surf – a pale, shimmering blue
  • Pink Oyster – a shimmering pink

Long-Wearing Cream Shadow ($22)

  • Shore – a pale nude

Naturally, the second this hit counters I ran for the Beach Shimmer Brick. As you can see, it’s very bronzey and incredibly shimmery. I absolutely love this and have been wearing it for the past week as a bronzer/blush. I’ve also been using my MAC 165 brush and picking up color from the first two strips as a highlight.

The rest of the collection is equally amazing, and the cream shadows are a summer staple. Carla picked up Shore and it looks like the perfect eye base.

Let us know if you’ve gotten a chance to check this out. Do you think it’s worth the membership dues to join Bobbi’s Beach Club? Interested to hear your thoughts!

New! Fresh Sugar Plum Tinted Lip Treatment

So I’m browsing the new arrivals on Sephora’s website, as I do every time I get one of their emails and am getting ready to place an order. And what did I see? The new Fresh Sugar Plum Tinted Lip Treatment! I am addicted to the original Fresh Sugar (it is my overnight balm right now) and the Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Treatments so I’m happy to see that Fresh has introduced a new shade. Even though I love Rose, I’m looking forward to something with more color to it. You know what I mean? It’s the same super moisturizing, indestructible lip balm we all know and love only with a berry plum tint to it. Are you in? This is going in my shopping cart now

New! MAC Cosmetics To The Beach Collection

I always love MAC’s summer collections. Although I embrace my paleness, the collections always inspire me to step out of my bronzer comfort zone. Plus the packaging is always different and keeps us on our toes. I’m particularly in love with this season’s MAC To The Beach collection packaging, the seashells and seahorses on the lime green and orange packaging make it hard to resist… plus the return of Lustredrops!

Let’s check out what is in this collection… Continue reading

Physicians Formula Shimmer in the City Event

If you’re in New York City, you lucky gals can check out Physicians Formula city-wide bronzing bonanza! To kick off summer and celebrate a one-day shimmer extravaganza, the Physicians Formula street team will hit all of the Manhattan hot stops in glowing style! Freebies, coupons and more to be on hand plus gifts for those keeping up with the team* throughout the day!

Why: Receive complimentary on-the-spot bronzing tips and application from the Shimmer in the City team, special Physicians Formula Duane Reade offers, and chances to win fabulous prizes!

When: Tomorrow! Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Where: Teams will be stationed throughout the day at the following locations:

  • 8 am – 10 am:  Penn Station
  • 11 am – 1:30 pm:  Times Square
  • 2:30 – 3:30 pm:  Union Square
  • 4 – 5 pm:  Herald Square

*Keep up with Shimmer in the City on Twitter (@PFCosmetics) and on Facebook (Physicians Formula), for prizes exclusive to followers! #ShimmerintheCity

Philosophy Going Coconuts Shower Gel Set

Even though we’ve been seeing summer collections for a little while now, I’m only now starting to wrap my head around the idea that summer will be here before I know it. This weekend I found the Philosophy Going Coconuts Shower Gel set and it is actually making me long for summer… which is huge for a gal who loathes the heat.

My favorite summer scent is coconut and this set has 3  shampoo, shower gel and bubble baths in scents that smell absolutely delicious. There is Lime Coconut, Orange Coconut and my personal favorite Pineapple Coconut, which is also sold separately. From the moment I smelled the Pineapple Coconut shower gel, I had visions of tropical outdoor showers floating around in my head. That is when I knew, this set just had to be mine. 🙂

Smashbox Naked Beauty: 'Highlights' Creamy Cheek Color

Smashbox has been making news lately – it was announced this week that the brand has been acquired by Estee Lauder. According to Estee Lauder, “Smashbox fits perfectly within our DNA.” Can’t argue there! We think Smashbox is a fabulous brand, that actually fits perfectly with our DNA too. Especially Smashbox’s ‘Highlights’ Creamy Cheek Color from the new Naked Beauty collection.

It’s really a very simple product that is perfection. Two equal halves – one part creamy highlighter the other creamy blush. The highlighter is a soft pink with minimal shimmer, so impossible to overdo, and the blush is a rosy pink. It’s actually like three products in one because when you blend the two together, you get a softer pink blush. You can also achieve dewy skin using using the highlighter on the high points of your face over a tinted moisturizer. Skip the setting powder and you’ve got a summery glow. I absolutely love this product!

Sneak Peek: Trish McEvoy's Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Exclusives

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is practically a holiday in our books — we look forward to seeing all of the amazing beauty exclusives and deals. Today we’re showing you a preview of Trish McEvoy’s beauty exclusives. Get excited!

Purple! Croc! Petite Planner! Love it – and it is jam-packed with:

  • NEW Warming Brightening Quad
  • NEW Glaze Eye Shadows: Gilded Taupe and Gilded Lily
  • NEW Eye Shadows Lily and Suede
  • Travel-size Classic Eye Pencil Black
  • NEW Irresistible Lip Gloss Nude Shimmer

Carla and I are dying over this set! It includes:

  • NEW Beauty Emergency Card for eyes  (love these!)
  • NEW Dual Ended Eye Brush (Brush 50 Angled Eyelining/Brush 40 Medium Laydown)
  • NEW Instant Eye Lift (so intrigued for this product!)
  • Travel-size Eye Base Essentials Bare
  • Travel-size Lash Enhancer Nightime Conditioning Treatment
  • Travel-size High Volume Mascara

The 2010 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts on Friday, July 16, which also happens to be my birthday. That day will be a perfect storm of beauty indulgence. We’re officially excited!

We Heart Stila: New One Step PrimeColor

First came Stila’s One Step Makeup foundation, now there’s Stila One Step PrimeColor. Stila took the next step and created another multi-tasker; a primer and color for lips, cheeks and eyes in a tube. You have to hand it to the creative minds at Stila, we heart them for thinking outside the box with this one.

Stila’s One Step PrimeColor can be your primer, your lipstick, your blush or your eyeshadow. The product is packed with pigment and comes in a nice range of shades; a few for your eyes and face and more for lips and cheeks. How long it lasts you depends on how you use it. I’ve been using it on my lips and cheeks and Laurie has been using it as a primer and highlighter in the Kitten shade. She’s going through more of the product in one usage than I am, but for me a little goes a long way.

From Left to Right: Kitten, Rosie Posie, Pop of Pink, Capri Coral, Per Suede, Bronze Babe

I tried Rosie Posie and Capri Coral. The shades are matte and semi-opaque on the lips. They dry lighter than what they appear to be in the tube so so you may want to try a darker shade, that’s what I will be doing when I pick another one up (I’m thinking Per Suede). It wears well and when on the lips, doesn’t dry them out. Exfoliated lips are a must though, otherwise this will highlight any rough spots.

Of the colors, Kitten is the only highlighting shade and Laurie tried some different things with this one. This is very pretty as a highlight shade on the cheekbones and works well both under and over foundation. Also, it is very useful on eyelids, but if you have very oily lids (we’re raising our hand to this) you probably need another primer underneath. Might seem counterintuitive given the one-step, but we didn’t mind.

Have you tried a Stila One Step PrimeColor yet? What did you think? Let us know in the comments!

We Heart Stila: Adventures in Kitten

Stila Kitten is probably one of the most iconic beauty products out there today. The classic shimmering pink nude is basically a jack of all trades and has appeared in the product line in many different ways. It’s one of those shades I will never get tired of and I’m always excited to see new iterations appear! You could say I’m a wee bit obsessed….

Kitten is a shimmering gloss, a lip glaze, a primer – basically everything, but I love it most on the eyes. Don’t get me wrong, it’s beautiful on the lips, but most of my kitten adventures are all about the eyes. One of my all-time  faves is the Kitten Palette from the summer of ’08. Yes, it’s shimmery and even a bit frosty, but for all the palettes Kitten appears in this one reigns as top dog. It’s probably cruel to dangle limited edition Stila Kitten, but a blast from the past is sometimes a great thing, right?

I swatched three products to show you not all Kitten is necessarily created equal. Which is why it’s OK to populate your makeup bag with as much Kitten as possible.  From left to right, the Silk Eye Shadow Wash, the Smudge Pot and the (regular) eyeshadow. The Silk Eye Shadow Wash isn’t blended down heavily, but it’s more of a gold kitten whereas the Smudge Pot is a toned-down, less frosty version. It’s one of my favorite eye bases and I use it constantly. Really, what’s not to love about Kitten?

Now it’s your turn to share some Kitten adventures – are you Kitten-obsessed? Let’s chat about it!