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Do Us a Favor! Please Take Our Survey

Do you have a few minutes to spare? If so, then Product Girl would really appreciate your help. We’re working on making a few changes around here in terms of content and design and we wanted to get your input on a few things. We have created a survey with a few questions that we’d […]

We Heart Nars: Smokey Eye Shadow Duos

We Heart Nars week continues here at Product Girl with a spotlight on smokey eyes using Nars Eye Shadow duos. I think that Nars creates some of the most unique eye shadow combinations and pairs colors together that are out of the ordinary. Among the many Nars eye shadow duos are some amazing smokey eye combos. […]

We Heart Nars: Our Favorite Nars Multiples

Nars multiples are a forever favorite of ours. They’re so easy to use and we especially love to use them for highlighting! The new Nars Multiple Tints we showed you this morning are a refreshing burst of sheer color for summer – but we thought we’d share our favorite multiples from the permanent lineup. Nars Multiples […]

Nudite Intense Perfume

Say hello to Nudite Intense perfume oil, it is my new fragrance obsession. It all began with a little brown bottle of perfume oil on my dresser. I cherish that bottle, I bought it in Paris during a trip with other lovely beauty bloggers. Before this weekend, I used it very, very sparingly because I […]

We Heart Nars: New Limited Edition Multiple Tint Collection

During Fashion Week in February, I saw something that made my heart skip a beat… it combined my love of multi-tasking, vivid hues and cream products. What more could a gal want? The combination of those things is my future summer beauty staple, the new limited edition Nars Multiple Tint collection. Nars cranks up the […]

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