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We'll Be Back Soon!

I’m so sorry for the lack of updates around here lately! I sort of left you hanging with our We Love Nars week, didn’t I? Well, we’ll be back to pick that up very soon. Sorry about that gals!

Up until today, I’ve been laying down almost all day since last Thursday with vertigo and haven’t really felt up using a computer for more than a few minutes until today… it’s kind of difficult to do right now with the spins, ya know. So the moral of this story is, we’ll be back on Monday and pick up right where we left off.

In the meantime, I want say thank you to my gal Laurie for all her help. She’s an amazing Product Girl contributor. Didn’t you love her Nars posts from last week? She’s helped Product Girl grow since she came on board and I can’t thank her enough for it.

And if you have a few minutes to spare, we’d love your feedback in our survey. Each person who completes the survey will have the chance to win a $50 Sephora gift card from me!

We Heart Nars: Five Must-Haves

We’ve spent most of this week showing you some of our favorite Nars products. And today we’re sharing our top five must-have Nars products. It’s both fun and challenging to generate a top five list when you’re beauty obsessed, so you know that these products must be all that and more!

Nars Abyssinia Eye Shadow is my all-time favorite highlighter shade from any brand. It’s a very simple creamy vanilla color with a pearly shimmer. I use it constantly as a highlighter, on the lid or to blend out a smokey eye. This eye shadow is perfection and I can’t be without it.

Like so many other women, I’m completey enamored with Nars Orgasm Blush because it is so flattering on my skin tone. I could wear this every day and never tire of it – it always looks good. And Nars Albatross Highlighter frames the face so beautifully and is an all-star highlighter. Seriously, if you love highlighteres this needs to be on your list. And the best part of it is, Orgasm & Albatross are sold as a duo.

Using the right brushes are essential and Nars Smudge Brush #15 far surpasses any other smudge brush I’ve used. It’s really the key to mastering a smokey eye for me. It is perfect for smudging liner or applying shadow to the lower lash line – even for defining the outer v area. It’s a worthy investment at $26.

Nars Sheer Glow foundation continues to rock my world in a big way. I love this formula! To each their own with foundation, but I can only rave about how this performs on my skin.

I mentioned how essential Nars Hydrating Freshening Lotion is to my daily routine and that is an understatement. Love this, gotta have it!

Now it’s your turn to share your must-haves. The floor is yours!

Earth Day 2010 Roundup

It’s the 40th anniversary of Earth Day today, a day recognized around the world to help raise awareness for the issues facing our environment today. Everyday should be Earth Day, don’t you think? There’s lots going on today in the world of beauty in honor of this day and while I can’t cover everything, I wanted to give you a little round up.

  • Butter London is bringing out your inner green goddess! Get a free full sized bottle of Thames (the lovely green seen here to the right) with any purchase, just enter EARTHDAY10 as your coupon code during checkout from now until April 25th.
  • Burt’s Bees wants you to Find Your Burt! If you’re New York, Burt’s Bees will be offering free samples and fruit smoothies powered by bike blenders. Look for them in Times Square, Broadway between 42nd and 43rd from 11:30am-3pm. If not, check out their website and Burtify yourself and discover your earth friendly potential.
  • Tinte Cosmetics is giving you 30% off of all their products today until tomorrow at midnight! Just enter code EARTH at checkout.
  • Jurlique will be taking 25% off all orders placed on and will donate a portion of sales to help support botanical gardens in NY, LA and San Francisco.
  • Fresh will donate 10% of all in-store and online purchases to Nischans Wholesome Wave Foundation, a non-profit organization whose mission is to make healthy, affordable locally grown foods more accessible.
  • is celebrating Earth Day with Eco Chic Beauty, plus take an additional 15% off their already low prices with coupon code EARTHDAY15.
  • Bring any empty cosmetic tube, bottle or jar (any brand) to any Origins counter or freestanding store today and receive a free full-sized cleanser in either Checks & Balances or A Perfect World. And with any $30 Origins online purchase, you can receive a full-sized cleanser as well.
  • This month Aveda is raising $3.5 million to protect clean water. Part of that effort includes donating 100% of the proceeds from the purchase of each Light the Way Candle. The candle is available online, salons and Aveda stores.
  • Gilt Groupe will be celebrating Earth Day by donating a portion of proceeds to the National Audubon Society and The Nature Conservancy. Today’s beauty sale is Dr. Hauschka, a great eco-friendly line with skincare, makeup and bath and body products. Check out the Sigg sale too!
  • Kiehl’s Limited Edition Label Art series is back with their Açaí Damage-Protecting Toning Mist. Julianne Moore, Pharrell Williams, Jeff Koons and Malia Jones all contributed to this series. With the sale of this product, 100% of net profits up to $200,000 will benefit the Rainforest Alliance.
  • Korres is offering a free Jasmine Shower gel plus free shipping on all orders over $25 with the code “GREEN” at checkout.
  • Tarte Cosmetics is giving us 30% off today until the 25th, just use code EARTHDAY at checkout. Plus, spend over $60 and get a free Be Good To Your Mother (Earth) 24/7 and Tote set.

Happy Earth Day and don’t forgot to do something nice for Mother Earth today!

We Heart Nars: New Pure Sheer SPF Lip Treatment

From Left to Right: Lara, Bianca and Greta

How do you keep love alive? By switching things up and keeping it fresh! NARS is switching things up and coming out with a few new things for summer in addition to its gorgeous summer collection. They still have a few tricks up their sleeves and one of them are these new Nars Pure Sheer SPF 15 Lip Treatments.

I was lucky enough to try these out back in February and think these new lip treatments is just what Nars was missing from its lineup, I’ve been wearing these under my fave new lipstain all week. These new Pure Sheer Lip Treatments have a great texture, they are right in the middle, not too thick or heavy and not so thing that your lips don’t feel protected. With SPF and mango butter, lips are protected and moisturized. They are available in 6 shades: Lara, Bianca, Greta, Angelique, Aurore and Paloma. Their subtle tones of mauve, cantaloupe, strawberry, pearl and pink are perfect for those days when you don’t want a lot of color on your lips… we all have those days, right?

Tomorrow we’ll keep the love of Nars alive and let you know what other tricks they have up their sleeves…

We Heart Nars: Lip (Gloss) Service

The perfect complement to a smokey eye is a soft, muted lip! And Nars Lip Glosses include some of the most iconic nude colors. The type of glosses that are always buried in my purse so I have them at all times. Nars lip glosses come in a variety of finishes, unofficially: creamy, sheer and serious shine! Probably the most famous is Nars Turkish Delight, a favorite of Kim Kardashian’s!

L-R: Chihuahua, Greek Holiday, Turkish Delight

I go through tubes and tubes of Chihuahua – it is an exact match to my lip color and therefore very natural. It gives a nice plump to my lips and goes with everything. It’s on me at all times!

Another must-have is Greek Holiday. It’s a sheer gloss with gold shimmer and glitter and is so sophisticated on. Described by Nars as a “sparkling pink sand,” this is perfect layered over lipstick and on its own. I get a lot of mileage from this gloss!

And of course, you know Turkish Delight has to make our list of must-haves. It’s a very creamy pale pink and isn’t always the easiest to wear for everyone. But I absolutely adore it and find it is my go-to “sexy” gloss. I like to layer this as well over lipsticks – it wears longer that way and helps it look more natural. You know, as natural as a pale pink gloss can be!

Any faves you want to call out?

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Do you have a few minutes to spare? If so, then Product Girl would really appreciate your help. We’re working on making a few changes around here in terms of content and design and we wanted to get your input on a few things. We have created a survey with a few questions that we’d like you to fill out. Your feedback would be very helpful to us.

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Easy enough… right? I hope so! Good luck!

We Heart Nars: Smokey Eye Shadow Duos

We Heart Nars week continues here at Product Girl with a spotlight on smokey eyes using Nars Eye Shadow duos. I think that Nars creates some of the most unique eye shadow combinations and pairs colors together that are out of the ordinary. Among the many Nars eye shadow duos are some amazing smokey eye combos. The duos I most love are “smokey” with a twist – a departure from the traditional black and charcoal. For this reason, I absolutely heart Cordura, Brumes and Eurydice eye shadow duos.

Cordura is stunning with a shimmer chocolate brown and a deeper sooty brown. It’s the ultimate brown smokey eye. I usually pack the sooty color on the lid and use the chocolate color in the crease to blend and along the lower lash line. Load it up with black liner and it’s so dramatic, yet softer because brown is the dominant color. I have blue eyes and this duo makes them pop insanely!

I wasn’t sold on Eurydice, recently released this past holiday, until I tested it at the counter. The charcoal side of it is so dynamic – it has multi-colored shimmer particles and is incredibly pigmented. That alone made an instant must. Often times, I use that color on its own but when paired with the purple side it’s a total rock star duo. The purple is best patted on with a flat brush because it does sheer out some. But just look at it! It’s a very sapphire purple. Gorgeous, right?!

And then we have Brumes. It looks slightly dull when swatched but I promise you it’s anything but. The matte grey side is like butter – it’s the softest matte shadow I’ve ever used. And it pulls a little brown, so if you have blue eyes this duo will also make them appear brighter. The other side is a navy blue shimmer and it’s the perfect pairing to the matte. A navy smokey eye is very modern and appears to be on trend for fall.

Another great feature with Nars duos is they play well with other products. If you picked up any of the MAC Greaspaints from the Art Supplies collection, they are a great complement to these duos.

What are your favorite Nars eye shadow duos? Let us know your must-haves in the comments.

We Heart Nars: Our Favorite Nars Multiples

Nars multiples are a forever favorite of ours. They’re so easy to use and we especially love to use them for highlighting! The new Nars Multiple Tints we showed you this morning are a refreshing burst of sheer color for summer – but we thought we’d share our favorite multiples from the permanent lineup.

Nars Multiples are a cream product that dries to a powder finish and can literally be used for anything. The most conventional being a traditional highlighter or a blush. We find we get a lot of mileage when we layer them under our makeup, even on a bare face before moisturizer.

We can’t get enough of Orgasm, Luxor and Copacabana. As you can see, all three are very shimmery. But you won’t find any glitter in these – just glow and shimmer. If shimmer’s not your thing, try layering under your foundation or powder. You’ll get an incredible lit-from-within glow and no obvious shimmer. I hate to rank, but I’m completely obsessed with Luxor at the moment!

Are you a fan of Nars Mulitples? Share your faves with us and any multi-tasking tricks you have!

Nudite Intense Perfume

Say hello to Nudite Intense perfume oil, it is my new fragrance obsession. It all began with a little brown bottle of perfume oil on my dresser. I cherish that bottle, I bought it in Paris during a trip with other lovely beauty bloggers. Before this weekend, I used it very, very sparingly because I knew I wouldn’t get another bottle for a very, very long time.

Imagine my surprise when I’m in the Nordstrom fragrance department this weekend and I pick up the bottle seen above. It smelled just like my beloved Colette Black Musk perfume oil, beautifully clean skin with just a hint of a floral note. Imagine Philosophy’s Amazing Grace without most of the floral notes in it and that’s what Nudite is like, only more intense. It lingers on the skin all day long but if that is not enough, this perfume comes in a rollerball (big improvement over Colette’s little brown bottle) that you can carry with you anywhere. That’s exactly what I’m doing now.

We Heart Nars: New Limited Edition Multiple Tint Collection

During Fashion Week in February, I saw something that made my heart skip a beat… it combined my love of multi-tasking, vivid hues and cream products. What more could a gal want? The combination of those things is my future summer beauty staple, the new limited edition Nars Multiple Tint collection.

Nars cranks up the volume for summer with this new Multiple Tint collection but fear not, the beautiful vibrant color you see here is not what you get upon application. As the name suggests, it’s merely a tint. Each shade is very sheer and anyone can wear them for pop of color on the lips and/or cheeks. What shades do they come in? The limited edition collection features:

  • Cadaques – fuchsia
  • Beverly Hills – bright red
  • Turks & Caicos – orange

I’ve you have held off trying a Nars Multiple because of the shimmer or opacity of color, these new Tints will be right up your alley. I’m excited to finally get these Nars Multiple Tints home, I’ll be collecting all three… how about you? What shade will you try? The new limited edition Nars Multiple Tints will available on May 1st.