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Bobbi Brown Chocolate Palette is Back — on QVC!

Just when I think I can’t love Bobbi Brown anymore, she offers us all a second chance at the beloved Chocolates palette from the 2006 Fall Collection. Can I get a hallelujah?  I missed out on this one and it’s because I missed out on this palette that I vowed to never do it again. Yeah, I said it. I’m addicted to Bobbi Brown’s face and eye palettes.

Not only is this gorgeous palette available exclusively at QVC right now, Bobbi packaged it as part of a seven piece collection called the Best of Bobbi The Chocolates. And it is stacked! Here’s what is included:

  • Chocolate eye palette, inlcudes: Bone, Caramel Toffee,  Frappe, Champagne Truffle, Cacao, Stone,  Chocolate)
  • Lip palette, includes: Sandwash Tulle, Brown, Berry, Raisin Berry, Disco, Ball, Velvet Rope
  • Full size gel liner in dark chocolate brown
  • Pot rouge in brown pink (0.1 oz)
  • Cystal clear lip gloss (0.24 fl oz.)
  • Black Everything mascara (0.1 oz)
  • Mini ultrafine liner brush

It’s up on QVC for an introductory price of $92.67 + s/h and can be broken out into three easy pay payments. Thanks Bobbi for bringing Chocolates back!

New! Garnier Skin Renew Brusher Gel-Cleanser

It’s pretty clear that the success of the Clarisonic is starting to trickle down into the minds of product engineers and marketers as they develop the next generation of cleansers. While there are various tools and exfoliating brushes out there, we’re starting to see an influx of the brush affixed to the cleanser itself. I’m all for this – especially if the products live up!

Garnier’s latest launch, The Brusher Gel Cleanser, combines a non-drying gel cleanser with a flexible soft brush to exfoliate skin and promote cell renewal. It includes Vitamin B5 to moisturize skin and prevent that drying feeling, antioxidant Vitamin E to detoxify skin and Green Leaf Extract to soothe skin. I bought this a few weeks ago and have been using it since. The verdict so far? I’m digging it.

The pros: it isn’t drying in the least and the brush is gentle enough to use every day. Plus, there’s a little twist to the tube so that after you’ve pushed the cleanser onto the brush you can close it so water doesn’t get in there. I use this after removing my makeup with NARS Cleansing Oil and it does a fab job of cleaning off the day. The cons: it’s a little clunky to use because the brush is affixed to the bottle. So I’m cleansing my face and toting around a heavy bottle at the same time. Can be a little cumbersome.

I’m liking this product and recommend giving it a try if this type of product appeals to you. For me, the pros outweigh the cons. I picked it up for about $7 at my local CVS.

Beyoncé to Launch 'Heat' Fragrance in NYC Feb. 2

Anybody in NYC looking for something to do next Tuesday, February 2? Other than watching the premiere of the final season of Lost – which is what I’ll be doing in Chicago…

Beyoncé is launching her first frangrance, Heat, with a big bash in NYC’s Union Square from 6pm-midnight. Heat sounds like it’s going to be a very warm, sweet but sensual fragrance. Open notes are magnolia, neroli and red vanilla orchid balanced with a touch of blush peach. It develops into almond macaroon, honeysuckle nectar and crème de musk and closes with sequoia milkwood, tonka bean and amber linger. I’m all over the amber notes at the end!

To celebrate the debut, Beyoncé will light up the sky with red lights and fog effects. I’ve got to say – there’s definitely something to launching a fragrance called Heat in the dead of winter. Wouldn’t you say?

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Brightening Eye Perfector – Love it or Leave it?

To say I’ve been obsessed lately with moisturizing my skin and brightening my complexion would be a huge understatement. Winter takes a toll on the skin and I find that I’m constantly fighting the dry air and dulling affect it has on my skin. So when I saw Neutrogena’s new Healthy Skin Brightening Eye Perfector, I thought I’d give it a try.

The packaging reminds me of Bobbi Brown’s new Tinted Eye Brightener in that is a click-pen style with a brush affixed.  In fact, I was hoping I would love it as much as I love Bobbi Brown’s version because it’s about $25 less! It’s available in a range of shades, and I picked it up in Fair.

Sadly, I don’t love this product. In fact, I’m not even sure I like it. It certainly has potential, but the formula is incredibly thick. It’s intended to be used as both a concealer and a brightener – so it pulls double duty – but the formula consistency makes it incredibly difficult to blend. I do like that it includes SPF 25, but can’t help but think it somehow impacts the consistency. I worked with this for a few days before I finally gave up. It just sat underneath my eyes and I never felt like I was able to really blend it into my skin. It is better when mixed with an eye cream but that’s a step I don’t think you should have to add with this type of product.

My verdict is to “leave it.” I think there are other products out there that can do a better job.

New! Estee Lauder Love Your Lips Collection

The Estee Lauder Love Your Lips collection comes just in time for Valentine’s Day. This limited-edition collection of contains 12 Estee Lauder Signature Hydra Lustre Lipstick shades and 4 new Kissable Lip Gloss shades. Each lipstick is branded with a “L♥VE” logo on it and the glosses are packaged in vials with the same logo on them. Three lipstick shades make their debut with this collection: Cherry Kiss, Pink Kiss, and Coral Kiss. For the Estee Lauder Kissable Lip Gloss, all 4 shades are making their debut: Sweet Kiss, Cherry Kiss, Pink Kiss, and Coral Kiss.

This collection is just too cute for words, I am smitten with it. You can pucker up with this collection now, it is available online at

Want: Kevyn Aucoin Making Faces Collection Vol. 1

Say hello to the newest item on my wishlist: Kevyn Aucoin’s Making Faces Collection Vol. 1. I have been waiting for a glimpse of this palette for a few months now and it is finally here! I want this palette so bad, you cannot even imagine the depths of my lust for this pretty little thing… it’s major. It could be that I am completely obsessed with all things Kevyn Aucoin (really, how could you not be?). It could be that I want it even more because it is not easily obtainable in Seattle. And of course, it could also be that these colors are oh so Carla… they are calling out to me.

For $45, you get three, eyeshadows, two cheek colors and three lip colors all in co-ordinating shades in a book-style flip palette. It is not seen here but I believe the cover is actually the same or close to the cover of Kevyn’s infamous Making Faces book, an aspect I find completely adorable. There’s also a large mirror and step-by-step instructions to achieve your look.

The unfortunate thing is that is temporarily sold out but I don’t know about you… I will be stalking that page until I can order and break my anti-online shopping rule. A girl can hope she will have this in her possession by New York Fashion Week next month. 🙂

New! NARS 'Love Thrill' Set

Now this is my kind of Valentine’s Day gift, the Love Thrill set from NARS. Now that my husband and I have been together for eight years, we’ve taken a laid back approach to this holiday. No chocolate, no lacy undergarments and no flowers on this specific day. But a trio of some of my favorite NARS products? I’ll take it, that’s the true way to my heart!

Included in this set are Super Orgasm Blush, Sexual Healing Lipstick and Sex Machine Velvet Matte Lip Pencil. It’s available at Nordstrom for $59.

Lush Vanillary Perfume

Sometimes when I am in search of a new perfume, I try different fragrances all at one time, a few on each wrist and a few on my inner elbows. The one that is more dominant usually wins out. That’s how I came to know and love Lush’s Vanillary perfume. At first I forgot that I even had it on but as the day wore on, I would smell it on myself here and there and thought to myself “what is that??” having forgotten all about it. When I realized what fragrance it was, I was back in Lush buying a bottle of Vanillary.

If you’re familiar with Lush’s Vanilla Fountain bath bomb (unfortunately I was not until recently), then you already know and most likely love this scent. If not, Vanillary is a floral vanilla scent with additional notes of jasmine and tonka bean in it, it is labeled as “grown-up gourmand” by Lush. It is much sweeter than most of the vanilla based scents that I’m familiar with. This much sweetness normally has me running for the hills but with Vanillary, I can’t help but feel a little sultry while wearing it. It’s sweet but it also has a bit mystery to it. It’s like a dessert for the grown and sexy… and everyone loves dessert, right?

Benefit Sugarbomb – The Perfect (Sugar Rush) Flush for Cheeks

Meet Benefit Sugarbomb, the newest addition to Benefit’s famed Box o’ Powder lineup. She’s extra special in that she contains four beautiful shades of powder all in one box: peach, soft plum, shimmering pink and rose. When swirled together, the effect is gorgeous. We’re quite smitten with her at Product Girl headquarters. I mean, doesn’t it look good enough to eat?!

On my light skin, Sugarbomb is a beautiful shade of pink with a bit of peach.  I’d say it’s like Benefit Coralista’s younger sister. A little more shimmer, a tad more pink. I’ve used this every which way I can think of in the last few weeks and I’m in love. It looks beautiful on its own or dusted over creme blushes (like MAC Joie de Vivre). It’s not quite as pigmented as Coralista, which in my opinion is the most pigmented of the boxed powder bunch. It’s just right – more reminiscent of other Benefit face powders. Have I also mentioned that it smells amazing? It’s sweet – kind of like sugar!

Have you had a chance to see this or try this? If you like Benefit’s boxed powders, we think you’ll really love this one! Sugarbomb retails for $28 and is available at Benefit boutiques, online and at Sephora.