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New! MAC Cosmetics In the Studio Collection


Do you remember the first MAC product you picked up? I definitely remember, I remember being in awe of all of the color at the MAC counter. I ended up trying out MAC’s Studio Fix powder for the first time and it became a the staple in my makeup bag from that point on.


Later this month, MAC is releasing their In the Studio collection. It features a new Studio Fix Lash mascara in Black Fix or Studio Brown with a new thermoplastic synth-rubber molded brush, designed to kill clumps as it separates lashes. Complimenting this new mascara is my MAC staple product Studio Fix Powder. You can find this new mascara on counters on December 26th.

Lipstick Queen Big Bang Illusion Gloss


Our weekend with Lipstick Queen is coming to an end and we’re wrapping it up with Lipstick Queen Big Bang Illusion Lip Gloss, a lip gloss packed with shimmer unlike it’s Fifteen Minutes of Fame counterpart. With this one, it’s all about the shimmer… all about creating the illusion of fuller lips.

Once again, I love the formula with this lip gloss. It is the same non-sticky and moisturizing goodness I have gotten to know and love with the Fifteen Minutes of Fame glosses. The only differences here are the addition of shimmer, a doe foot applicator and the color range. For the gals who like richer hues, this little collection is for you. Where we had fun, bolder color with Fifteen Minutes of Fame now we much lovely deeper color with a few light shades thrown in for good measure.

Big Bang Illusion does what it sets out to do. It is almost like a lip plumper but works its magic without making you feel uncomfortable. It does it’s thing by simply giving your lips shimmer and shine, it makes the light do all the work.

Have you tried Lipstick Queen’s Big Bang Illusion Lip Gloss? What did you think? I received one as a sample and I liked it so much I got more. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Disclosure: a product sample was received for this review.

Lipstick Queen Fifteen Minutes of Fame


You have to give it to Lipstick Queen. Every time the line comes out with something new, it is cleverly named, catchy and her inspiration is always interesting. These Fifteen Minutes of Fame Lip Glosses are just what we’ve come to expect from Lipstick Queen. Inspired by Andy Warhol, these 15 lip gloss shades are all pop-art and shimmer free.

I have to admit I’m a little anti click pen lip glosses but I can put my dislike aside when it comes to these lip glosses. I love the formula; it’s not the least bit sticky and has a nice consistency to it that moisturizes my lips. It’s not very thick and wears for hours so I don’t have to re-apply often. I also like how pigmented these glosses are. There is enough color in them that if you applied a thick layer of gloss, the color would be opaque or apply a light layer for a little color and shine on the lips.

The color range in this collection is nice as well, there’s a little something for everyone. It starts out light with a pale pink named 1 Minute and ends with a deep wine named 15 Minutes. I think 4, 5 and 6 Minutes will be great for spring if the corals we’re seeing in the new spring beauty collections are any indication.

Have you tried a Lipstick Queen Fifteen Minutes of Fame Lip Gloss? What did you think? Are you anti click pen or not? Let us know in the comments.

Disclosure: a product sample was received for this review.

Lipstick Queen Fired Up Power Gloss


They say that wearing red lipstick makes you feel more confident so Poppy at Lipstick Queen designed a sheer red lipgloss to help boost your confidence and empower women at the same time. Lipstick Queen Fired Up Power Gloss is a sheer fire engine red gloss and it is available exclusively at So how does this lipgloss empower women? Lipstick Queen is donating 100% of the profits from the sale to Count Me In, an organization that provides financial assistance and business consulting services to woman-owned businesses.

Have you tried this Lipstick Queen Fired Up gloss? I’m adding it to my shopping list. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Lipstick Queen Chinatown Glossy Pencils

This weekend we’re going to be spending some time with Lipstick Queen, one of my favorite brands and the brains behind Medieval Tinted Treatment and the Saints and Sinners Lipsticks.


We’re starting off with Lipstick Queen Chinatown Glossy Pencils. These jumbo sized lip pencils are so much fun, they are actually sheer lip glosses that feel like a lip balm on your lips. The shades are all inspired by Lipstick Queen’s favorite movie Chinatown. They may seem a little bold but do not be afraid, be brave and try it on! You’ll be surprised at how good these look on.

My personal favorite is Thriller, since I have never met a red that I didn’t like. It may look like a deep red but it does indeed go on really sheer and practically stains my lips. Imagine building a few layers Benefit’s Benetint on your lips only you have added shine and moisture without additional products. Good, right? I was given a samples of these pencils but now I’m making it my mission to own them all! Yep, I’m that greedy when it comes to my makeup. 🙂

Disclosure: a product sample was received for this review.

Lisa Hoffman Spa Packettes

One thing I learned about travel is to bring something to pamper myself with after a day of traveling. Whether it is a short flight or a long one, dealing with people and airports just drains me! The next time I take a trip (New York Fashion Week here I come!), my plan is to pick up a few things from Lisa Hoffman to treat myself to a facial and a nice bath.


I received some samples from Lisa Hoffman’s line and that included her Spa Facial and Spa Shower packettes. I have to say, I became very smitten with Lisa Hoffman when I tried her Madagascar Orchid Variations perfume and these packettes only added to my smitteness. It’s a very smart idea and I’m all for products that make my life easier.

Each packette features single-use versions of the line’s skincare and bath products. Depending on the set, you have everything you need for a spa facial, bath or shower. These are extremely travel friendly as each ampoule is air tight so there’s no need to worry about products getting all over your bag. Plus, this is better than your average hotel toiletries, hands down.

Thanks to these packettes, I now have a full on crush on Lisa Hoffman’s Cleansing Gel and Hand and Foot Butter. I would not have tried either product otherwise. I love that this exposes you to Lisa’s other fabulous products and pampers you at the same time.  This is a great way to get your feet wet with the line as well.

Have you tried a Lisa Hoffman product? Tell us what you tried in the comments.

Estee Lauder's Lavish Plum Quad

EstĂ©e Lauder’s Ultimate Red holiday collection features a complimentary palette of gold shimmer, rich reds and cool plum tones. It’s a very festive collection and there are two prominent looks from Ultimate Red centered around the two eye palettes: Gold Opulence and Lavish Plum. While both are stunning, Lavish Plum’s cool plummy tones are right up my alley. Let’s have a chat about Lavish Plum!


I really like this quad because the colors work really well together and they are shades that I tend to gravitate towards. But this quad has a secret weapon and it’s the top right shade. Looks rather unassuming in the picture, but it’s actually a beautiful, shimmery, light plummy taupe. I tried to capture it for you!


This shade just does it for me. As I said, this quad just works really well but I’ve hardly been using the other shades:)

DISCLOSURE: This product was sent to Product Girl by the manufacturer for consideration.

Jessica Social Lights Nail Polish Set


Last night I was flipping through my new copy of Nylon (I love their beauty coverage) and I saw the cutest thing ever, this Jessica Social Lights Nail Polish Set. Isn’t this adorable? I think I need this in my recently formed nail polish collection. Sadly, it is sold out online but I am now suddenly obsessed enough to spend some time this weekend trying to track this set down. How can I resist DĂ©butante (midnight blue), Celebutante (ruby red) and Starlet (sheer glitter) nail polishes in cute little light bulb bottles? Wish me luck!

Shu Uemura Wishes Upon a Star this Holiday Season

Shu Uemura is doing something pretty cool right now. Each week, through December 27, Shu will be fulfilling one lucky person’s wish list. When you log-on (or register) to your account on their Web site you’ll be invited to select your favorite Shu products to your wish list (up to five or a $250 value) and each week they’ll draw one person at random to win.

Sounds good to us! Even if we don’t win, it’s an easy one to enter. I added my favorite lipstick in the world (I’m never going to stop raving about this!), a painting liner, cleansing oil and a few items from the Shu’s holiday collection, Wish Upon a Star. Has anyone checked out this collection yet – it’s really cute. I’m not totally into cats, but if you are…oh my gosh, this is for you! This holiday, Shu teamed with world-renowned Japanese fashion designer Tsumori Chisato.


The collection is solid with face palettes, highlighting powder, a lip gloss trio, brush set, lipstick  and other accessories – all limited edition and adorned with Tsumori Chisato’s designs! My favorite is the Radiant Ribbon Couture palette (added to my Shu wish list!). The palettes seem to be the best bang for your buck at $65, each features three pressed eye shadows, a cream liner, a cream highlighter, a blush and two dual-ended applicators.

You can see the rest of the collection online. Did anyone grab any of this during Shu’s recent Friends & Family sale? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Winter Beauty Survival

Winter is here. There’s just no getting around it anymore. Chicago is getting hit with its first real storm of the season. Temperatures will sink to single digits and I think during my morning commute it’s going to feel like -20 degrees. This is the cold that makes you feel like your face is going to fall off. And I take the bus into work, so I spend about 15 minutes of morning commute (and the same in the evening) walking to/from the bus. Days like this require a special beauty routine.

Here’s how I attempt to keep my skin protected and my face pretty.


Moisturizer: Days like these are just not the time to be skimping on the face moisturizer. Give your skin a healthy layer of lotion and really let it sink into your skin before doing your makeup. I also use a face primer after I apply my moisturizer because I like to give my skin a little extra protection. I take the words “wind” and “advisory” very seriously when I hear them used together. I’ve really been liking NARS Primer with SPF for winter days. Which brings me to my next point…

Sunscreen: It’s a myth that you need visible, yellow sun to get sun damage. I got one of the worst sunburns on my nose ever from snow! In fact, a combo of sunny sun and bright white snow is horrible. I don’t skimp on this either.


Pick Your Battles: You can’t have it all on these days. What looks great when you leave your house will soon be demolished by the torrential wind. My eyes water a lot and the wind just gets the tears flowing. So I do eyeliner only on the upper lid (if I do it at all) – and I choose wisely. A MAC fluidline or Bobbi Brown gel liner does the trick for me. And waterproof mascara. I don’t use this often because it’s so hard to get off, but it’s a must. I’ve been LOVING the NARS Larger than Life Volumizing mascara lately.


Rosy Cheeks: Duh, your going to have them anyway. May as well play up your natural beauty. Cream blushes are my winter savior. I like them all year long, but they are doubly amazing this time of year. I like Stila’s Convertible Color and I LOVE Bobbi Brown Pot Rouges – Velvet Plum is my favorite for a rosy flush.

Lips – I stash Rosebud Salve, Kiehl’s #1 Lip Balm, Carmex Moisture Plus – basically all of these and more into every purse, coat pocket and office drawer so that I’m never without.

So that is what works for me. What works for you? And isn’t so difficult to adjust to winter at first? I’ll be good in 2-3 weeks, but right now I’m not ready!

DISCLOSURE: All of the products mentioned in this article were purchased by me recently or during previous winters of my life.