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Rosie Jane Leila Lou Perfume


Rosie Jane is introducing her first fragrance this month. Inspired by the birth of her daughter Leila, she wanted something to instantly make her feel fresh and clean so she created Leila Lou.

Leila Lou features notes of nectarine, pear, jasmine, vanilla, cotton and musk. From the moment I put on Leila Lou, all I could think about was the pear note I smelled in the opening. If you love pears, you would love how this perfume opens. It’s sweet and mouth watering like biting into a juicy ripe pear. Perhaps a little too sweet at first but that doesn’t last long. Soon you’re into the middle of the fragrance and you’re left with a fruity floral with the nectarine and pear mingling together. Then finally towards the end of the wear, all you smell is clean… just as Rosie Jane intended. The cotton note carries it through to the end of the wear with a hint of vanilla and musk.

Rosie Jane’s  Leila Lou also appeals to the frugalista in us all with a “Give Back” program. If you return 3 empty bottles, you will get your next bottle free!

If you’re a fruity floral gal, this perfume is for you. My only wish was that I had heard about it sooner. 🙂 When I was searching for a summer fragrance a few months ago, this would have been perfect. At least when the weather is getting to me, I can put this on and pretend it’s summer.

Diesel Fuel For Life


Pay attention, product “boys” – this one’s for you!

All this talk about fragrance, we thought we’d give you some insight on a cologne that you should know about. Diesel Fuel For Life is an amazing fragrance. If I were a man, I would wear this. But instead, my husband gets to wear it. He loves it too.

Fuel For Life has notes of star anise, grapefruit, raspberry, lavender, heliotrope and dry woods. Men , don’t be put off by the fruit and lavender – I promise this is a manly smell. Plus, the raspberry is what gives it that unique twist. According to Diesel, it’s an energetic, modern potion that maintains a classic and sophisticated masculinity. My brother also loves this cologne, which is what prompted me to get it for my husband.

Now time for the product boys to pipe in. Would you try this, or have you already? And for the female readers, what are the men in your life wearing?

Feeling Glamourous with Chanel Coco Mademoiselle


I wear perfume every day – it’s pretty much habit in my getting ready routine at this point. But I like to switch it up. I wouldn’t say I have a “signature” fragrance, but I definitely have different scents that I wear based on my mood, or rather, what I want to feel like.

When I want glamour, I go Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. It doesn’t matter if I’m wearing yoga pants and a sweatshirt, Coco Mademoiselle has a way of making me feel fabulous. And today is one of those days! It’s rainy and dreary in Chicago and this fragrance is helping me fight the rainy day blues.

This scent was actually created in 2001 for the “younger” Chanel fan – and if you compare it with the iconic No. 5, you can tell that it’s a lot lighter. Something any age can pull off. Chanel describes it as a modern oriental fragrance. It is the cleanest scent, which is why I love it. Of all of the perfumes I’ve ever owned, Coco Mademoiselle is the easiest to wear. It never overpowers a room or comes on too strong – it’s just glamorous. Or, g-l-a-m-o-r-o-u-s?  Fergie forever changed that word for me…

What’s your go-to glamour scent? Please share!

Pink! Estee Lauder Lip Design Collection


Each year, Estée Lauder puts out some of the best Breast Cancer Awareness month product sets. It’s a cause very close to their hearts and I always look forward to seeing what they’re going to do.

This year we have two limited-edition sets to admire – of which Estée Lauder will donate $500,000 in sales to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Isn’t that incredible?

Now onto the lippies. First up: the Evelyn Lauder Lip Set. Handpicked by Evelyn herself, this includes Pure Color Lipstick in Bois de Rose, High Gloss in Blush and Artist’s Lip Pencil in Spice Writer.

Next we have the Elizabeth Hurley Lip Set, handpicked by the actress herself, which includes Pure Color Lipstick in Elizabeth Pink, High Gloss in Pink Lady and Artist’s Lip Pencil in Pink Writer. Both sets are packaged in a pink fabric, mirrored lipstick case and available at all Estée Lauder counters and online at


These are a fantastic deal at $22 each! Seriously, I die for High Gloss.  And invoking Rachel Zoe’s catchphrases…

I think both of these sets are gorgeous, but I love my pinky-pinks, so I’d opt for the Elizabeth Hurley set. What about you? What’s your pink preference?

Pink! Bobbi Brown Pink Ribbon Collection


Bobbi Brown is also getting in the Pink spirit this month with her Pink Ribbon Collection. This year’s limited edition lip set has an all-new exclusive shade of the line’s Creamy Lip Color in Blush Pink and a limited-edition Pink Crystal Glitter Lip Balm with a pink ribbon logo on the Glitter Lip Balm compact. Bobbi Brown will be donating  $35,000 in connection with the North American sales of Pink Ribbon Collection to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Marc Jacobs Lola Perfume


Let’s talk Lola. She is super gorgeous, smells like a dream and I just love her. Marc Jacobs hit a home run with his latest fragrance, Lola. Seriously. And I’m not just saying that because I like to stare at the bottle (even though I do, it’s my kind of décor!) It’s because Lola is my kind of fragrance. It’s a flirty, playful perfume and is so dynamic.

When you first spritz it on, you get hints of pink peppercorn, pear and grapefruit. Then the floral notes start to kick in – peony, geranium and rose – and then layers of vanilla, tonka bean and creamy musk appear.  And while I’m not always the best judge of notes and technical fragrance speak – I think this is very accurate. It’s not too floral, too fruity or musky. I think it’s a perfect balance of all of the scents I like to wear.

On my last trip to Nordstrom, they were promoting this fragrance and handed out a braided bracelet that had been soaked in the fragrance. I wore it around all day and couldn’t stop smelling my wrist and asking others to smell it too! Even though this was a month ago, I still have that braided bracelet and it still smells like Lola.

I’ve added this to my Christmas list! I’m pretty sure I need a bottle of this on my dresser. Right now, Sephora has some great sets available – and from now until November 2, they are 20% off with code FF2009. My personal favorite – this solid perfume ring


Have you had a chance to try Lola? Let us know if you have – and if you like it as much as I do!

Pink! Prescriptives Pink Ribbon Palette


Prescriptives introduced a beautiful Pink Ribbon Palette for Cheeks and Eyes in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month.  It features four eye colors and two cheek colors all bundled in an adorable pink compact.

We think the Pink Ribbon Palette would make a great gift – or present for yourself!  It’s so girly! And this one’s bittersweet, given that Prescriptives will cease production next year.

Prescriptives will donate $20,000 from sales of this product to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. You can find it online or at Prescriptives counters for $48.

Hilary Duff With Love Gift Set Giveaway


Since we are focusing on perfume this week here at Product Girl HQ,  it would only make sense to giveaway some perfume to a lucky reader!

We’re giving away a With Love…Hilary Duff gift set. This Hilary Duff With Love Gift Set includes a 1fl. oz. Eau de Parfum Spray, a 1.7fl. oz Moisturizing Body Lotion and a 1.7fl. oz. Shower Gel. Usually celebrity scents give me a little bit of pause but Hilary Duff’s perfume is one I’ve actually heard good things about. By the way, did you see Hilary on Gossip Girl last night?

Entering our Hilary Duff With Love Giveaway is easy! Just leave a comment here in this post to enter to win from now until October 28th at midnight. Please only submit 1 comment per person and per email address, no cheating here. Also, this giveaway is restricted to US residents only. Sorry, my international gals. One winner will be drawn at random and will be contacted privately.

Do me a favor and tell your friends about this giveaway and good luck!

Ineke Field Notes from Paris Perfume


My first encounter with Ineke perfume was when my friend Lea gave me a bottle of After My Own Heart, a beautiful lilac scent with basenotes of sandalwood, heliotrope and musk. Lilac scents can be a little overwhelming but this one is refreshing different. Now Ineke has released Field Notes From Paris, a woody oriental inspired by perfumer Ineke Ruhland’s early days studying perfume in Paris.

Field Notes from Paris has made me re-think my stance on woody oriental fragrances. Normally, I am not a fan of them. I would grab a musk or floral scent before I’d ever reach for something like this but this perfume, Ineke’s perfumes, are different. In what I have smelled from Ineke, her perfumes are unique. They are not in the same realm as other mass market fragrances.

This one in particular has top notes of coriander seed, orange flower and bergamot. In the opening, the coriander is dominant with a hint of sweetness from the orange flower and bergamot. It doesn’t take long for the top notes to settle and give way to the tobacco leaf, patchouli and cedar middle notes. When the tobacco leaf note opens up with a hint of cedar and patchouli in the background, it’s my favorite moment with this perfume. Maybe that’s because I quit smoking in January and I miss the smell of opening a pack of cigarettes? Not sure… From there, you become more aware of the base of tonka bean, leather, beeswax and vanilla as the fragrance becomes a little bit sweeter… but not too much.

While I don’t think this is Ineke’s intention, I can definitely see this as a unisex scent. I can imagine a man wearing this perfume and thinking he had excellent taste. Either way, this would make a great fragrance for a woman or man looking for something richer for the colder months ahead.