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Check Out Lancome's New Blog!

Looking for a new blog to read? Check out the new blog from Lancome!


The blog is written by Lancome’s own Kerry Diamond, their VP of Public Relations, and she’s former beauty editor herself so you know it will be interesting. 🙂 Check out their blog for news about their spokespeople, their makeup artists and of course, lots of great giveaways!

2009's CEW's Insider's Choice Beauty Award Finalists

cew-2009-beauty-insiders-choice Every year, the members of  CEW (which stands for Cosmetics Executive Women) vote of their favorite beauty products of the year. Product demonstrations were held back in February during Fashion Week in New York and the list of finalists was announced not too long ago.

I love these awards because these are products chosen by the professionals and experts in the beauty industry and who doesn’t love getting shopping tips from a professional? The nominee list makes a great shopping list! 🙂 You can find a complete nominee list below.

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Jurlique's Biodynamic Beauty Serum: Genie in a Bottle

Somehow in my mind the word “serum’ registers as intense treatment…worth more money… more active than a lotion or cream. I’m not totally sure that this is true but it has me always on the hunt for a new miracle in a bottle.

jurlique-biodynamic-beauty-serum A few months back I started using Jurlique’s Biodynamic Beauty Serum and I have to say it’s been true love ever since. I can’t remember the last time I was faithful enough to one product to actually empty the bottle!  I usually find I’m on to something else about half way through (glad I’m not like this with men or it would have been tough keeping married). Well not only have I stayed faithful and emptied my bottle but another one is in my cart right now on

I’ve mentioned in my writing that I have rosacea so many products don’t work for me at all due to inflaming my skin etc. I’ve been using the serum pre-moisturizer, it sinks in really quick with no greasy feeling, doesn’t clog my pores and has no dimethicone which gives that smooth slip like a primer, I personally don’t like that…I want my skin to breathe. What I do like is that my skin feels really hydrated and calm like it just got a big drink of water. I’ve also noticed that my skintone and texture seem smoother and more consistent. I still need a moisturizer on top of the serum but it’s like the two things are working synergistically together, giving me a great base to apply my makeup too or even the option to wear none since my skin isn’t beet red from irritation.

So far I have only used Jurlique’s serum but I am dying to try other products in the line especially the Herbal Recovery Gel and some of there moisturizers. I tend to like the thought of using more natural or organic skincare since I think those with rosacea are more sensitive to chemicals but of course am searching for products that still perform. Well take a look at Jurlique because the ingredients are cleaner than most and my first impression is that this could be my dream line.

New! Sephora Pure Wanderlust Edition Palette

Sephora will be introducing a new PURE line, a plush collection of “green” makeup and skincare essentials.  The first product to debut from this collection is the new Sephora Wanderlust Edition palette.


As the first “pure-fect” piece to debut from the collection, this palette features 3 trendy eyeshadow shades, 3 basic brown shades and 1 blush all in a compact made of sustainable bamboo and recyclable metal for just $36. This Sephora Wanderlust Edition palette and the other products in the PURE line contain at least 95% natural ingredients and at least 10% organic ingredients. The rest of Sephora’s PURE collection will debut in the fall.

It’s great to see a beauty giant like Sephora step up to teh plate and release a collection that is green. Don’t you think?

Clean and Easy's Facial Waxer

I have a bit of a weakness for waxing kits. Like my obsession with lip stains, I tend to try out new waxing kits whenever I see them. When I saw Clean & Easy’s Facial Waxer, it seemed like a really easy way to take care of my needs… and just maybe I could stop buying those stupid wooden popsicle sticks.


At first, the Clean & Easy’s Facial Waxer looks like a great system… for about $15 you get 2 vials of wax, strips, an after waxing treatment and a wax warmer that plugs into any outlet and heats your wax up in 15 minutes. This would even be easy to travel with but what appealed to me was the roll-on cap you add to the vial of wax. Wouldn’t it be nice if waxing was as easy as rolling on some wax? That doesn’t happen with this product.

When put to use, unfortunately this product turned out to be more of an inconvenience that I thought it would be. I was expecting to be able to use the wax in just 15 minutes but really, it took twice as long for the wax to warm up to a consistency that would spread well. As soon as I started trying to apply the wax, I knew I was in trouble. The wax would jamb up the wheel in the roll-on tip or it would get stuck on an area I had already applied wax to. It was only a matter of minutes before I got frustrated and gave up. Then came removing the wax, the strips included with the Clean & Easy’s Facial Waxer barely stuck to the wax.

For all I know, the wax may have been great but the frustration with everything else is hard to overlook. Bottom line? It looks like I’m back to wooden popsicle sticks and my beloved Poetic Waxing kit.

Three Custom Color Specialists L Word Collection

Did you watch the series finale of The L Word last night? I was a little disappointed in how they ended the show, I could have done without 1/2 of the finale (like the interviews even though their makeup close up looked great) but at least they didn’t leaving me hanging like the Sopranos. For the most part, everything ended as it should. I will miss Alice’s hair though, I have a bit of a hair crush on her.


Even though the ladies are gone, they Alice, Bette, Kit and Shane can live on in your makeup bag with the L Word Sheer Lipstick collection. These four shades were created in Three Custom Color’s award-winning sheer lipstick formula so they are moisturizing and it’s sheer coverage is buildable.


I think Bette is calling me…

New from Kate Somerville: ExfoliKate Gentle & ExfoliKate Body

Have you seen the new products from Kate Somerville? I am dying to try them out. Her line’s skincare products have become a part of my daily routine and I was excited to see these new editions to the line, additions that I secretly hoped for!


Kate Somerville’s ExfoliKate is one of my favorite exfoliators and I’m thrilled to see the new ExfoliKate Gentle. Sometimes I have to tone down my usage of the original because it is a little harsher than I would like it to be at times so I can’t wait to try the new gentler version. For a gal who use to say the harsher the better when it came to exfoliation, this is a big change! 🙂 There’s also the new ExfoliKate Body. If this product can leave your face glowing, I’m interested in seeing what it can do to the rest of my body.

Have you tried or will you be trying these new products? Let us know in the comments.