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Dylan's Candy Bar Stackable Candy Lip Saver

The Dylan’s Candy Bar bath and body line is reasonably new to Sephora and is part of the Dylan’s Candy Bar store in New York. With the packaging being so colorful, cute and kitschy, I couldn’t resist picking it up while I was in Sephora last week. That and my aforementioned lip balm addiction made me do this.

dylans-candy-bar-stackable-candy-lip-saver The Dylan’s Candy Bar Stackable Candy Lip Saver has 4 stackable lip balms in Coconut Bon Bon, Birthday Cake Batter Lip Saver, Strawberry Licorice and my personal favorite; Chocolate Cupcake. Don’t be fooled by the colors on the packaging, that’s just eye candy… no grape or cherry lip balms here. The lip balms smell so good you’ll swear someone put some cake batter or a chocolate cupcake right under your nose.

For a lip balm addict, it’s all about the consistency and I’m loving the consistency in these lip balms. You can pat out enough for a thin layer of moisture or really warm it up and apply a thich layer of product on the lips. It’s not sticky or tacky, it’s just a nice emollient lip balm.

The best thing about Dylan’s Candy Bar Stackable Candy Lip Saver set is that you have 4 lip balms to do with as you will… you can leave one in the car, leave one by the nightstand, leave one in your desk at work and leave one in your purse. That just about covers all the areas I’ll need to stash some of this in. 🙂

New! Tarte's Spring 2009 Collection

Tarte’s new spring collection is now available online and in stores. The new spring 2009 limited edition collection features this new Spring Greening Reuseable Straw Palette and more. The palette includes 6 eyeshadows with a bamboo eyeshadow brush (did you know that bamboo is the fastest growing wood plant in the world?) and three lipglosses in a straw case. Once you’re done with the palette, you can remove the tray and use it to store whatever you would like.


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New! Kiehl's Scented Lip Balms & Portable Essence Oils

Speaking of Kiehl’s, they recently released some new scents for their lip balms and more recently, relaunched their classic essence oils in a new portable format with a rollerball applicator.


These new Portable Essence Oils are available in Musk 1921, Coriander 1946, Vanilla 1968 and Grapefruit 1976, with each date corresponds to the year the scent was formulated. You can mix these oils together or wear them individually. The good news is 6 more scents will be introduced in the coming months. Each oil is $25 and they are available in stores and online now.


If you’re a lip balm connoisseur, you already know Kiehl’s makes an amazing lip balm. If not, now you do! 🙂 Kiehl’s Scented Lip Balm #1 now has new scents. The new scents of Coconut, Mango and Vanilla join the existing scents of Cranberry Mint and Pear. As a gal that can never have enough lip balms, I think this one is a classic. I buy the cheap ones, I buy the mid-range ones and I buy the expensive ones but in the end, I always come back to this one. Pear is my personal favorite. You can also find this available in stores and online now.

As Seen on TV: Bumpits – Hair Volumizing Inserts

Have you seen the commercial on TV for Bumpits? I usually have enough will power to hold out on things I see on TV but I have to admit, I want them bad… besides the PedEgg turned out to be pretty good. Right? 🙂

big-happie-hair-bumpits The idea is simple, you place one of the Bumpits at the scalp below a part and then cover it up (you can find more elaborate instructions here). I guess this is something I can do on my own but I absolutely hate teasing my hair with a passion. Wouldn’t something like this just make it so much easier? YES. I keep going back and forth on actually ordering these, simply because I’m so impatient but if I see them in person, it’s on! I really like wearing my hair with my bangs pinned back into a little bump and I love that there’s a smaller version of the Bumpits just for this purpose.

What do you think? Have you tried this product? I’d love to hear what you think about it. Better yet, I’d love to see how you’ve used it!

New! Kiehl's Highly Efficient Skin-Tone Corrector

Kiehl’s has recently introduced their new Highly Efficient Skin-Tone Corrector. This new product is meant to correct sun and age spots with the help of the emblica fruit extract.


Kiehl’s Highly Efficient Skin-Tone Corrector is a lightweight gel so you can use it as a daily treatment to also help correct uneven skin-tone and fade post-acne scarring. I’m adding this to my shopping list, I have some acne-scarring from all my hormonal acne issues and at this point, I’m willing to give anything a try.

Have you used this product? What do you think?

Red Carpet Beauty: January Jones at the Golden Globes

January Jones at the Golden Globes

Makeup artist Rachel Goodwin created January Jones’ look for the Golden Globes.  Here’s what she says inspired the look:

“My inspiration for January’s Golden Globes make up was really just a very quintessential 1940’s glamour girl look. When I first saw the color of her dress, it had this beautiful old Hollywood feel to it, I wanted the make up to have the same feeling.”

Rachel kept January’s skin very fair, almost translucent looking with a sheer foundation applied with a wet sponge all over on her face and body. She used the Chanel Poudre Cristalline Ultra-Fine Translucent Powder over it to give her skin a soft matte texture. Rachel used Chanel Automatic Liquid Eye Liner in Brun along the upper lid extending out to the edge of her brow, which she also extended with Chanel Brow Definer in Soft Brown.

The sexy, glamorous lip was Chanel Rouge Allure in Dazzling, a true tangerine red with a semi matte texture which was a fun pop of unexpected color that perfectly complemented the sky blue color of January’s eyes and of the dress. The focal point of January’s make up was the lip, but Rachel added just the slightest hint of soft bronze along the brow bone and the cheek bones with Chanel 4 Facettes Bronzing Powder (launching in April 2009, given to Rachel in advance for the Golden Globes) to give a soft definition to her look.

Red Carpet Beauty: Penelope Cruz at the Golden Globes

Penelope Cruz at the Golden Globes

Makeup artist Jeanine Lobell created Penelope Cruz’s look for the Golden Globes.  Here’s what she says inspired the look:

“Penelope is just such a classic beauty and so sexy. I just wanted to play up her eyes as the focus, working with the nude of the dress. It was important to work in neutral tones playing off the gown and using darkness rather than color for intensity.”

Penelope’s look on the red carpet was soft and sultry, with a defined, smoky eye. Jeanine used a tinted moisturizer for her foundation, and set it with Chanel Poudre Cristalline Ultra-Fine Translucent Powder for a bright soft finish.

On her eyes, she went for a classic smoky look, using the Chanel Silky Eyeshadow Duo in Brun-Express. She used the matte brown and smoked out the lid, blended into the crease, and then created a smoky line under the eye. Jeanine rimmed the lash line and in the inner lid with Chanel Intense Eye Pencil in Noir. Adding the black on the top lashes smudgy gave her a sexy blended eye. She then used Chanel Inimitable Mascara in Noir-Black on the lashes on top. For a soft, romantic look, Jeanine used Chanel Powder Blush in Rose Petale on the cheeks. Finally, Penelope’s lips were her own nude lip liner with a clear gloss to keep the focus on the eyes.

Red Carpet Beauty: Hayden Panettiere at the Golden Globes

Hayden Panettiere at the Golden Globes Celebrity makeup artist Amy Oresman created Hayden Panetierre’s Golden Globe look – now she teaches you her secrets to this flawless face:

Eyes: “With eyes like Hayden’s green sparklers, who needs a load of jewelry? We amped up the brilliance of Hayden’s green eyes with Neutrogena’s newest Nourishing Eye Quad in Vintage Wine. It includes a dazzlingly deep burgundy in a powder powerful enough to act as an eyeliner, which is perfect for creating the smoky look that Hayden adores. I layered on the Vintage Wine at the lash line and doubled it in the outer corners for an extra flash of drama.”

Face: “I love to build on Hayden’s golden look with Neutrogena Radiance Bronzer in Sunkissed. I swept it through the crease of her eye and all around her cheekbones and neck. It’s so soft and light you just cannot put too much on … so go crazy with it!”

“After bronzing, I mixed two delectable Neutrogena Soft Color Blushes — Sunny Spice and Divine Wine and applied them with a round brush in a circular motion to the apples of Hayden’s cheeks. I love layering this blush — it’s so sheer you can dust a little color in the crease of the eye to tie your look together.”

Lips: “This year lipstick is back and Neutrogena’s are brighter and better. My favorite is Neutrogena’s Moisture LipColor in Whisper Pink for painting on the perfect pout. It goes on with just a hint of shine so it leaves your lips looking healthy and moist.”

Red Carpet Beauty: Blake Lively at the Golden Globes

Blake Lively at the Golden Globes We’re wrapping up our Golden Globes coverage with Blake Lively, Hayden Panettiere, Penelope Cruz and January Jones.

Makeup artist Angela Levin created Blake Lively’s look for the Golden Globes. Here’s what she says inspired the look:

Today my inspiration was more of a feeling or emotion than a character. It was such a sunny, beautiful day in LA, and when I saw Blake, she was just glowing with her light, happy, uplifting personality. I knew we were going to go for a bright, summery, carefree look…. with just a drop of sexy!

To achieve Blake’s fresh, young look, Angela blended all four shades from the Chanel Quadra Eyeshadow in Mystic Eyes in Mystic Eye on her lid. To make her gorgeous eyes pop, she added several layers of Chanel Exceptionnel de Chanel Mascara in Smoky Noir to her lashes. On Blake’s cheeks Angela used Les Tissages de Chanel in Tweed Rose, and to add a bit of shimmer, she added a touch of Chanel Sheer Brilliance in Sunkissed. Finally, for a natural but sexy lip, Angela completed the look with Chanel Glossimer in Beige Guitare.

Hourglass Cosmetics Color Link Palettes

The bad news is that Hourglass Cosmetics Color Link palettes are no longer available for sale at Sephora online. The good thing is that you can still pick this up in stores  if you’re lucky enough to find them in stock, word is that these are being discontinued. You can also still get these palettes directly from Hourglass.


Each Hourglass Cosmetics Color Link palette features 2 blushes and 6 eyeshadows with a generous amount of product in each pan. The palette shown here is called Landscape and the shades are fairly neutral to work on just about anyone but there are also other options choose from. I initially wanted the Island palette but as my luck would have it, it was out of stock. Now as for the product in these beautiful little palettes, they are fabulous. I’m in love with these eyeshadows, they are so soft and the color payoff is great. These feel almost creamy to the touch. You could even use these eyeshadows as highlighters if you wanted, they blend effortlessly on the skin.

The palette itself pops out of it’s case, which confused me a little. I’m not exactly sure what you can do with the case because I didn’t see any products you could use in place of the palette. Maybe this is something to look forward to since their eyeliner and lipliner are refillable. I supose it’s good to know there may be a purpose for the case in the future. 😉