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Emanuel Ungaro for MAC Cosmetics

When I recently visited my local MAC counter, I was a little overwhelmed with everything I saw. There are so many collections out right now worth checking out and so little time or money to get them all! This weekend we’re going to be looking at all of current releases and sharing our picks for must haves from each release.

First up is the Emanuel Ungaro collection. MAC has teamed up with Emanuel Ungaro’s Esteban Cortazar to create a special limited edition collection, much like MAC’s special collections in years past like Alexander McQueen and Zandra Rhodes. This collection has soft hues and is very dreamy and romantic… much like the City of Lights the line hails from. Here’s what’s in the collection:

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Halloween Faces with MAC Cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics Midnight Bloom Halloween For this beauty addict, it’s just not Halloween without MAC’s Halloween creations. Of course, this year is no exception and the amazing artists at MAC have given us some new looks to play with. This particular look here is named Midnight Bloom.

There is a variety of looks and there’s something for everyone. We lean a little to the floral side here at Product Girl so this is the look we’re drawn too but there’s something for everyone… futuristic, colorful, spooky. Check out each look for a list of products used so you can recreate these looks on your own.

Don’t be afraid to try this out!  We tried this out last year and it was easier than we thought it would be.

Duty Free Beauty: Chanel's Fly High Travel Makeup Palette

Last but not least is the Chanel Fly High Travel Makeup Palette. It’s not quite the everyday workhorse that the Lancome Naturelle Seduction palette is but it’s still gorgeous. It was also a case of love at first sight with this one. I spotted it in the duty free catalog on board the flight from Houston to Paris but it wasn’t until my return trip home that I picked it up in the Paris airport duty free shop.

Chanel Fly High Travel Makeup Palette

For $47 Euros (roughly $60 US at the time), this palette seems to have the most product out of the three. It has 4 eyeshadows, 1 blush, 2 glosses and 2 lipstick shades. This palette has 2 different tones it allowing you to create a few different looks. The right side of the palette features pink-based shades while the left side features more neutral shades. The 1 blush in the middle has just the right amount of pink in to so that it works with either look you create.

The eyeshadows, what I really go for in palettes, are what you what would expect from Chanel. They are soft to the touch and blend beautifully. No chunky shimmer particles or disappointment here. The other nice thing about the Chanel Fly High Travel Makeup Palette that outdoes all of the other palettes is that it gives you somewhat sturdier tools to work with if you didn’t have a brush handy. The applicators are longer and easier to work with in comparison to your average compact applicators. The cover for the palette even includes little pockets for the applicators. How cute is that?

Duty Free Beauty: Lancome Naturelle Seduction Palette

Another palette I picked up in the Paris airport duty free shop was this Lancome Naturelle Seduction Palette. I spotted it for the first time in the Los Angeles airport duty and it called out to me but I resisted the urge to buy it. When I saw it again when we left Paris, it called out to me even louder that time and I gave in. This was the least expensive out of the 3 palettes I picked up at $31 Euros (roughly $40 US at the time) so I said “why not”. Isn’t it pretty? 🙂

Lancome Naturelle Seduction Palette

I like to think of this as my little workhorse palette, it’s a fantastic everyday palette. My photography skills here are a little deceiving but the shades in it are right up a neutral gal’s alley. It has a lovely rosy blush, a pinkish-mauve lipstick and coordinating shadows in tones of ivory, taupe, light peach and golden yellow. The shades would look great on a variety of skin tones since they are so neutral but there’s also a little shimmer in the peach and yellow shades to jazz up the run of the mill neutral face. The Lancome Naturelle Seduction Palette is a tad bit longer than the Guerlain palette but it is thinner so it won’t be so bulky in a makeup bag.

Next time you’re wandering the gates of an airport terminal, check out the duty free shop. If you’re a fan of neutral shades like I am, I don’t think you’ll be dissapointed in this palette.

Duty Free Beauty: Guerlain's Make Up Palette

When I saw the Guerlain Travel Makeup Palette in the Paris airport duty free shop, I picked it up without giving it much thought. At $48 Euros (roughly $61 US Dollars), this was my most expensive purchase. With the 5 eyeshadows, 2 lipsticks, 1 blush, 1 face powder and 1 mascara it has, I thought I had everything I needed for a full face on the go.

Well, sort of. I love the design of the palette, it’s pretty small and has a ton of stuff in it. It’s a little longer than a credit card and about 1/2″ thick. When you open it up, the top portion slides out to reveal the powder, blush and mascara below. You have to appreciate that this palette is definitely convenient. If you were traveling, you wouldn’t need much more to complete your look.

Guerlain's Travel Makeup Palette

That’s not to say this palette is all roses though. Luckily the face powder works with my skin tone, the blush is a shade I can wear and the lip colors are versatile. What is disappointing about this palette though is the eyeshadows they included. At first glance these eyeshadows seem pretty, the shades lean towards the pink side more than the neutral side and I was fine with that when I picked this up. When I actually went to use them, I found that only 2 of the 5 shades seemed usable… that would be the 3rd and 4th from the left.

The remaining shades are a bit of a mess for me. Ordinarily these would be beautifully shimmery shades with the last one featuring more chucky sparkles than the rest but unfortunately they just didn’t blend well during usage. They do not seem to be milled as finely as they should be so they appear somewhat chunky on the skin. That’s a look I’m not really that fond of. The bottom line is you can say I’m suffering from a little buyer’s remorse with Guerlain’s Travel Makeup Palette.

Shop Pink: Ojon Revitalizing Mist

Who else is getting in on the pink? Ojon. They will be donating up to $35,000 from the sales of their Ojon Revitalizing Mist in North America during the month of October.

ojon-revitalizing-mist This product is a pre-styling leave-in conditioner that leaves hair soft and manageable while treating it with very own Ojon oil.

I’ve been using this for the past few weeks and I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to try an Ojon product. It is a little pricey at $26 but it is performing much better than the leave in conditioner I was using prior to this one. It smells great and does a good job of refreshing my hair when needed. I’m definitely going to try other Ojon products after this.

You can find Ojon’s Revitalizing Mist at Nordstrom, Ulta, Sephora and online at Ojon. Right now Ojon is offering free shipping on any order containing this product.

Have you tried this product? What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments.

Shop Pink: Jo Malone Red Roses Cologne and Bath Oil

Does the smell of roses make you go weak in the knees? The scent definitely does that to me. I even reach for my rose scented products more often than the other products I use on a regular basis. This makes Jo Malone’s Red Roses Cologne and Bath Oil a no-brainer for me. I’ve been wearing this scent to bed every night since I got it.

The company is donating $15,000 to Breast Cancer Research Foundation in connection with the purchases of these two products. The Red Roses Cologne is available in 1 fl. oz. and 3.4 fl. oz. sizes for $55 and $100. Then the Red Roses Bath Oil is available in  8.5 fl. oz. size for $60.

You can find these products at select Nordstrom, select Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Jo Malone boutiques and of course online.

Easy False Eyelashes in 5 Minutes

One of the most intimidating and life-changing beauty tools has to be false lashes. They seem scary, hard to apply, and cause a plethora of worries yet they can really make the difference for a special occasion or fun night out.

With Halloween approaching, I decided this would be a great time to share my easy 5 minute method for applying false eyelashes. I actually prefer “strip” lashes to individuals for the quickest application so I used them in this tutorial. I used my friend Vicky and her gorgeous green eyes to demonstrate my method.

Here are the tools needed:


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Stila's New Step Out and Shine Color Collection and Clutch

While I was out doing a little post-birthday shopping, I found myself at the Stila display in Sephora. I was admiring the new Step Out and Shine Color Collection and Clutch when I realized something; it features a new lip and cheek stain. You all know I’m obsessed with stains, right?

The Stila Step Out and Shine Color Collection and Clutch features a more than generous trial size of the upcoming Pomegranate Crush Lip and Cheek Stain, the Montmartre Eye Shadow Quad Palette, a Convertible Color in Orchid, a mini All Over Shimmer Luminizer and a sample of their mascara.

I compared swatches of the Cherry Crush Lip and Cheek Stain with the new Pomegranate stain and I’m not sure that I will pick it up even though the stain obsession may nag at me to. The new shade has more blue undertones to it and I tend to go for red or mauve-ish stains. This one is almost like magenta. Will you be picking this up?

Shop Pink: Bobbi Brown Pink Ribbon Collection

Bobbi Brown Pink Ribbon Collection Bobbi Brown has created a gorgeous limited edition lip set for October and you’re still in time to get it!

Bobbi Brown’s Pink Ribbon Collection features her top selling Tulle Lip Color (a personal favorite of mine) and Pink Glitter Lip Gloss to give your lips the right amount of pink sparkle. The company will be donating $35,000 from the sale of this set to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

You can pick this set up for $40 and it’s available at all Bobbi Brown counters and online. Also, you can great free shipping with the purchase of this set if you order online from the 29th to the 31st. Just enter in PINK08 during checkout.