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Fight the Frizz Fight

Hair Product Challenge: Frizz Fighters These product reviews reveal which formulas tame fine, thick, wavy and curly hair … and which are a waste of money We painstakingly perused your ratings and reviews of anti-frizz products to find out which ones made your repeat purchase list and which fell short of your expectations. Soak up […]

Weekend Reads for 8/16

Find out how you can WIN $365 bucks worth of Stila products during The Daily Cookie’s anniversary celebration! The Muse is rounding up concealers! Check out a brand new concealer review for the weeks ahead at Musings of a Muse! No brand goes untouched! Lancome, Jelly Pong Pong, MAC, Bobbi Brown, and Drugstore Concealer finds […]

Are You Committing a Felony?

Top 10 Makeup Felonies No one is innocent, not even Paris Hilton. Celebrity makeup artist Fiona Stiles tells which beauty crimes to avoid Before you make up your next face, there are 10 crucial no-nos you need to know. (Chances are you’re guilty of at least one of them.) To ensure that your best efforts […]

Signature Smoldering Eyes

If I had to pin down my signature makeup look, it’d be pink smokey eyes.  The look is very easy to do, extremely wearable, and most importantly, its pretty!  All you need to achieve this look are 3 eye shadow shades that you probably already have in your makeup bag – a chocolatey brown, a […]

Fast Hairstyles You Can Do

17 Hairstyles That Take Less Than 10 Minutes Up ‘dos mere mortals like us can actually replicate at home With a few (and only a few) key products and styling tools, you can quickly give yourself a salon-worthy ‘do. And hey, if you hate it, try a different one — at least you haven’t blown […]

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