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Sinfully Matte Lips

Like many beauty addicts, I’ve been in love with lipstick since I was a little girl and now I feel like I found my lipstick soul mate. I’ve been lusting after Poppy King’s Lipstick Queen line for a long time now and I recently found out a local store that carried her line. I couldn’t get there fast enough.

Lipstick Queen Lipstick I tried one of Lipstick Queen’s Sinner lipsticks, they are known for being richly pigmented. Lipstick Queen loads their lipstick with 90% pigment and as you can imagine, the color is insanely rich. A Sinner lipstick is a matte lover’s dream. It’s long lasting and isn’t too harsh on your lips. There is a touch of dryness involved and it settles into lines on the lip but no more than your standard matte lipstick. It goes on smoothly and I was very impressed with how this lipstick wore on during the day, The first time I tried it I put it on at 7am and after coffee, breakfast and lunch, most of the color was still on my lips at 2pm. I was stunned and I became a believer right then and there.

If I really had to pick at Lipstick Queen’s Sinner lipsticks, the one thing I’d shade as that the shades seem to run a little darker than expected. I swatched quite a few and ended up settling on Nude Sinner. Given the shade’s name, I expected a “your lips but better” look with this lipstick but I found this shade was quite a bit darker. It ventured over on to the brown side a bit more than I wanted for a nude lipstick. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just something to keep in the back of your head when you select a shade.

Now that I’ve become a “sinner”, it’s time for me to try Lipstick Queen’s Saint lipsticks. I’ve already tried Oxymoron so I’m sure I’ll love the Saints.

L'Oreal's Skin Genesis Daily Skincare

Drugstore brands really do not get enough love on Product Girl and I apologize about that, this is something I’m working on improving… really, I promise. Because of this, I was excited to try some of L’Oreals new Skin Genesis products. Every time I think of L’Oreal, I think about how cute Penelope Cruz was in Woman on Top and I want her glow.

Loreal Skin Genesis Daily Treatment Serum Concentrate The first product I tried was L’Oreal’s Skin Genesis Daily Treatment Serum Concentrate. I applied it under moisturizer as suggested and within a week of using this product, I saw noticeable changes in my skin. The serum dries quickly but it does leave skin feeling a little sticky. Seeing as how moisturizer always follows the serum, this wasn’t a big concern for me but it would be nice not to have to have this as an issue in the first place. I began seeing a change in the texture of my skin as well, the dry patches of skin I had been battling started improving. There was one aspect of using this serum that I did not like though, my skin felt oilier than it has in a long time. Within a few hours, my skin started to shine. The improvement in my skin’s dryness certainly came at a cost.

Loreal Skin Genesis Daily Moisturizer Oil-Free Lotion Then I tried L’Oreal’s Skin Genesis Daily Moisturizer Oil-Free Lotion, using this over their serum. I liked the texture to this product, it’s not runny but it’s thin enough to make application easy. This lotion is a little strongly scented though, sensitive noses beware. It has a floral scent to it that is a little overpowering. That didn’t bother me too much though, what really bothered me was how long this product took to absorb with the serum applied underneath. When I used this lotion as directed, it seemed as though it took at least an hour for my skin not to feel greasy. Not only that but as I mentioned, a few hours later, my skin began looking shiny. I tried using this lotion without the serum underneath and I had much better results, it sank in quickly and the shine factor was drastically reduced. I really prefer using this product on it’s own.

While there were things to like and dislike about each product, the one thing I loved in both products was the packaging. I didn’t have to put my fingers into anything and the design is so sleek that I have room on my bedside table for more stuff!

Finger Paints For Everyone

We all fell in love with Josie Maran when we spotted her in just about every Maybelline ad. With big brown eyes and full lips, she personified the image of the sexy girl next door. When she annouced the creation of a namesake line of natural cosmetics, I was interested to try them and see how her line differed from every other celebrity endorsed product.

Josie Maran Finger Paints Unlike many celeb beauty items, it seems like JM has a real vision – it is not a matter of signing licensing deals to loan out her name. Josie Maran Cosmetics boasts “luxury with a conscience.” Packaging is made of recycled papers, they do not test on animals, all displays are made of bio-degradable materials, and the products themselves are made from natural, organic ingredients. I was surprised to see how chic this packaging is – think pink metallic with gold embellishments. Whip out your Josie Maran compact and no one will accuse you of looking like a hippie!

My absolute summer staple has been the Finger Paints – a collection of 4 shades of creamy multi-purpose colors. I love that they are paraben free, fragrance free, flavor free and even texture free (no stickiness!) I use the bronze color as an eye shadow, the bubble gum pink on cheeks or lips, the champagne my cheekbones and the pearly white on brow bones. They are easily layerable, mix well together and are neutral enough to work with all skintones. This chic compact is all you really need (and all you really want to wear) during the steamy summer.

Susan Posnick Colorforever

Susan Posnick ColorForever is a long wearing lip color with lip color on one end and conditioner on the other end. The pigment in this product is interesting, it reminds me of a stain. It has enough pigment to deposit color on the lips but it is also strong enough to build up an intensity, which I really like. The texture of the color is not too thick but if you don’t let it fully dry before applying the conditioner, it gets a little sticky. The conditioner itself is moisturizing and gloss but not tacky. There is a little stickiness with it but I figure that’s par for the course.

Susan Posnick Colorforever When it comes to performance, this product didn’t wear as long as I expected. While I loved the color at first, mere hours into wearing this, the color started to fade. I tried this with my lip balm du jour and with the product’s own conditioner and the results were the same. I loved that the color didn’t flake off my lips but it definitely is not transfer resistant, which I think is to be expected with any lip color claiming to be long wearing. By the end of the day, I was left with stained lips.

Another aspect of this product that was a little unexpected is it’s scent. Both the color and conditioner smell like fruit but not “fresh fruit” as it says. When I went to drink or eat anything, I taste this on my lips and it was a little unpleasant… imagine fruit scented hairspray, that’s the taste I had in my mouth. I hope they decide to do something about this because a gal is not trying to plan her drinks and meals around what lip color she’s wearing.