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Don't Avoid the Paparazzi Anymore

After hearing a lot of buzz about Napoleon Perdis, I was excited to try out this line of Australian skincare and makeup. Napoleon Perdis boasts over 13 years in the business and the makeup has been used in many of America’s Next Top Model photo shoots.

Napoleon Perdis Camera Finish My absolute favorite product of this bunch has been the Napoleon Perdis Camera Finish Powder Foundation in Look B2. The range of colors is impressive. I usually have trouble finding a face product that is light enough for my pale skin yet this foundation is available in several tan to dark shades as well. The claim is that it “conceals, covers and sets” and I can’t agree more. I have tried this as a foundation using a sponge applicator that comes in the mirrored compact. It provides lightweight, sheer coverage, evens out skin tone and reduces redness.

The formula easily doubles as a concealer – I simply use my finger to dot a little powder onto blemishes and am able to achieve a great amount of coverage. My preferred use for Camera Finish Powder is applying it over tinted moisturizer or foundation. I swirl my fluffy Bare Escentuals Flawless Face Brush over the powder and onto my face, particularly in the “T Zone” to eliminate shine and create a flawless, airbrushed look. Although this product is sold as a foundation, I cannot stress how lightweight and comfortable it is. Even worn over foundation, it delivers great coverage and pigment but won’t settle in lines or clog pores.

If you act quickly, you can even find some shades on sale at Sephora.

What's in Christine's Bag?

We’re back with more peaks at what’s in the bag of some of our favorite bloggers. This will be our last week for the time being of our What’s in Her Bag series and we’re starting off the week with Christine from 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic.

What's in Christine's Bag Christine’s blog is fantastic but it’s her articles on skincare that I’ve bookmarked for future reference. Here’s what she says:

Here it is, my bag. I recently switched from a giant, super heavy Gucci tote to this much smaller YSL that is “meant” to decrease the amount of stuff I carry around. This really was all in that purse, I carried it around all week like this (including a day at Disney), and I really couldn’t even close it!

What's in Christine's Bag Inside are my 2 pagers (I work at 2 different hospitals), my phone (thinking of getting a new iPhone when the upgrade comes out, in the meantime I’m lucky this thing still accepts calls), an umbrella, and my two little bags. My mom and her best friend made those for me. They are lined and everything! The little one is the perfect size to hold cards from stores (like my ULTA card) and GCs (which I lose).

What's in Christine's Bag The other one I can barely close! Inside are my medicines (Epipen because I anaphylax to mushrooms, a baggie with tylenol & motrin, plus sudafed and my albuterol), blotting sheets, 3M Lint sheets, Burt’s Bees lemon butter cuticle cream, CND Cuticle Eraser, CND Super
Shiney top coat, La mer hand creme, Bobbi Brown touch up palette (it has powder, foundation and concealer in there!), a MAC blotting powder and finally way too many lippies. Those Juicy tubes are 2 of the same color! I have issues! I think that’s all of my junk!

We’ll be back tomorrow to take a look at what’s in Carleen’s bag from Girl Gloss and Beauty and Fashion Tech.

It's an Optical Illusion

I’m all about quick fixes and easy to use products. I’ve already confessed that most of the time my daily makeup wear consists of what I manage to put on at stop lights or while I’m waiting in line at the Starbucks drive-thru on my way to work. I know, that’s bad but I promise that I do it up when it counts.

Redpoint Optic Effects Eye Pencil Redpoint’s Optic Effects Eye Pencil is a great way to easily transform your eyes in hurry. It features different pigments all marbled in one to brighten and define eyes then a blender to help bring it all together. The shades in this pencil vary from a soft white to varying shades of green all with light reflecting particles.

This pencil has certainly made my life easier lately. I’m keeping it in my purse and whipping it out when I need to give my eyes some definition in a hurry. I just take the pencil and gently trace it along my eye’s natural crease. Then I blend a little with my fingers, I prefer this over the built-in blender, and I’m ready to go. I have a look that has some color to it so I can get out of the neutrals but still manages to be somewhat subtle. Even better, I tracked one day’s wear to over 12 hours with much of the color still in tact. There was some creasing but without primer on my kryptonite lids, I’d say that was pretty good.

That’s not to say I’m perfectly happy with Redpoint’s Optic Effects Eye Pencil. There are some things I’d tweak if I could. It would be nice if the product was a little creamier. If forget my eye cream, I have a harder time applying this product but once I warm it up a bit it works better. My other issue is that it’s a little tricky to reproduce the same results each time given that the color is marbled. It would be nice to see some more defined areas in this product, maybe one side to highlight and one to define? Overall, this product will remain in my purse for some time to come.

What’s in Christina's Bag?

We’re coming back with our “What’s in Her Bag” series and today I share what’s in my bag. I carry several bags throughout the week, depending on what I will be doing, whether I need to carry documents, a book, shoes, lunch, etc. I am in love with my latest slouchy bright red bag by Hayden Harnett. It is so lightweight but can fit just about anything!

Here’s what’s inside:

What's in Christina's Bag

The essentials: I wear sunglasses year-round because I am paranoid about developing crow’s feet around my eyes. I actually own a few of these reasonably priced Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses. I also carry my iPod nano, Motorola Krzer phone, some Orbit gum, Kate Spade wallet, and usually a magazine or book. This week, I decided to finally grow up and learn how to pick a wine by its taste instead of how pretty the label is, so I am reading “Wine: A Basic Course” by Tom Forrest.

The makeup: I carry my makeup in this fabulous leopard print cosmetic bag which was actually a Lancome GWP. Dr. Scholl’s Miracle Shield stick prevents blistering and it has been a lifesaver. For makeup touch ups, I carry Clinique’s Line Smoothing Concealer in Light. I have been using this same formula since college and I find it works the best for concealing acne and under eye rings. For a little more coverage, I apply Napoleon Perdis Camera Finish Powder Foundation with my Bare Escentuals Flawless Face brush. I also carry Burt’s Bees Vanishing Facial Tissues to blot any excess oiliness throughout the day. To liven up a matte face, I use DuWop’s DoubleGlow7 under brows and on cheekbones to give a dewy, fresh look. Occasionally, I get dry patches on my face so I’ve been spot-applying Amore Pacific Vitalizing Cream as needed. To keep cuticles neat and moist, I carry Borghese Radiente Brightening Cream. I don’t really want my hands to be brighter but this formula is nice and thick yet not greasy and doesn’t have a strong fragrance, which I really like for every day. In order to keep lips moisturized, I keep about 7 different balms, pots, and sticks at my desk at work but I still carry Korres Guava Lip Butter for a basic touch of moisture. For a fun punch of color, I use a sheer, hot pick colored gloss by Maybelline, called Volume XL Lip Plumper. Its not your typical hot, stingy lip plumper. If you have a keen eye, you’ll notice that I have attached a Bourjois lip gloss charm to my cell phone. Yes, I do feel about 15 years old when someone sees me on my cell phone with a charm hanging from it, but you have no idea how much that gloss has come in handy. Finally, I have been carrying around little sample sized vials of Lavanilla perfumes. I find the different variances of vanilla fragrances to be yummy, clean and refreshing.

We’ll be back tomorrow at with a peek at what’s in another blogger’s bag!

The Superhero of Moisture

Already being a big fan of the Mama Mio line, it is no surprise I absolutely love Wonder-Full Balm.

Mama Mio Wonderfull Balm This little 1 oz. pump of super rich balm goes a long, long way and is quite the little rescue remedy for an assortment of skin issues. The texture is extremely thick and only a very small amount is needed, you have to warm it a little to spread it on the skin but once soaked in it’s the ultimate moisture blast.

So far I have used it as an awesome lip moisturizer, cracked heel cure, dry elbow relief and aid to a nasty sunburn on my neck….oh and a very itchy razor burn. This is definitely a product I would purchase again and again and for the mommies out there it has many other uses such as relief for chapped nipples. My little one also had some very chapped hands from over washing and not thoroughly drying at daycare, more like wind burn and the Wonder-full balm was very helpful in healing this.

My other reasons and very important ones at that for loving the Wonder-Full Balm are all the great ingredients it contains. This moisturizing maniac is a blend of 9 different oils such as carrot seed that is great for elasticity and scar reduction, manuka offering anti-bacterial properties, evening primrose and protective waxes like beeswax. Oh and don’t forget the superfoods for the skin such as omega 3, 6 and 9…I could go on and on but just check it out yourself.

Popularity Contest

As a lover of all things “bling” I am a big fan of Benefit’s Miss Popularity. I am always trying to achieve that runway model makeup perfection and a little bling definitely helps get you there.

Benefit's Miss Popularity I have found Miss Popularity to be a great portable multi use product. You can use a little right under the arch of the brow to pop that brow bone, after applying blush and bronzer a little or allot depending your style applied along the top of the cheek bone will enhance and give definition. Some of the newer uses I have tried are to apply right above the cupids bow in your top lip, this will pop your pucker and with the precision brush this is pretty easy to accomplish, a little down the bridge of your nose (I like to dot it down, then soften with a brush) can give the illusion of a slimmer appearance and my favorite the inner corners of the eyes can brighten and give the feel of a wider eye.

Then there is the one usage I’m afraid to admit …yep, I have a little bit of a butt chin but if you dot, dot down the middle of the crease the light deflecting abilities in Miss Popularity will soften and blow out the always unloved butt chin on any gal.