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What's in Erin's Bag?

Now it’s Erin from Scandalous Beauty’s turn to show us what she’s carrying around in her bag.

What's in Erin's Bag

My bag is my little home away from home. It’s a Jacobs by Marc Jacobs tote that I bought at the Marc Jacobs accessories store in Soho, NYC last month. Everything is a steal in that tiny little store, I don’t remember seeing anything over $50! After you get an amazing cupcake from Magnolia Bakery, you must hit Marc Jacobs!

Take a peek inside:
2008 Planner
Sprint Treo (Which I hate, by the way)
Pen (from MAC Naughty Nauticals Event!)

So, let’s indulge inside the beauty bag. MAC NC50 Select Cover Up Concealer and MAC Studio Fix NW43 are my staples, I can’t seem to live without them! I use the concealer in place of foundation most days. Do you remember MAC Smoke Signals collection last year?? Well, I couldn’t get enough, and still can’t! I keep half of the collection in my bag, including Ablaze Blush and the Gentle Fume Eyeshadow Quad. NARS Taj Mahal Blush is my all time favorite cheek color, it gives the truly sun-kissed glow that we all love!!! Billy B. Beauty Brush #3 is recycled for my powder, brush and emergency buffing of concealer. His brushes are sooo perfect for travel because they are short-handled!! I didn’t realize that I have 3 tubes of mascara, 2 of MAC Zoomlash and Chanel Imitable Mascara! And clearly, there are a slew of lipcolors including MAC Lipcolors in Love Nectar, Style Minx, Hey, Sailor, Viva Glam VI, Swelter and Warm Smile Tendertone. Poor little Becca Lipgloss in Flirtini is all by her lonesome! Wow. I need to clean out my bag! Ciao Bellas!

And that’s it, this is the last “What’s in Her Bag” post we’ll be featuring for now. Thanks for bearing with us! We’ll be back to our normal content tomorrow.

What's in Ellen's Bag?

Today is the last day of our look into the bags of my fellow beauty beauty bloggers. I’ve had a lot of fun looking into their bags and I hope you had fun too. Today we’re wrapping things up with Ellen from Lipstick, Powder and Paint and Erin from Scandalous Beauty. Let’s see what Ellen’s carrying…

What's in Ellen's Bag

I am addicted to handbags and am loving this Cole Haan one. It is pretty much my everyday bag for the summer.

These are some not so exciting items that are in my bag every day:
Sunglasses to protect my baby blue peepers
Cell phone (it’s such an oldie – but it works)
Business card holder – cause you never know you you’ll meet
Listerine Pocket Mist and
My Tylenol Extra Strength – I get migraines all the time.

The fun stuff in my MAC Fafi Makeup Bag:
Chanel Allure Sensuelle fragrance – my absolute favourite in the world!
Guerlain Terracotta Moisturizing Bronzing Powder Long Lasting in Makeup Artist
L’Oreal Paris Infallible Lipgloss in Sangria
Guerlian Gloss in – I have not idea what colour!!
Rimmel Vinyl Stars Mirror Shine Lipgloss in Born to Bling
Lancome Powder Brush
Susan Posnick Colorflo Mineral Foundation with built in brush
Benefit Posie Tint

The “I would be crazy not to bring” stuff:
La Roche-Posay Antherpos – I just recently found out I have sun damage on my lips – yikes!
Travel size Vichy Capital Soleil SPF 60 for my body
Vichy Capital Soleil SPF 30 for my face
My Vichy UV Alarm bracelet that will warn me when harmful UV rays are out to get me!
Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets

Later today we’ll be peaking into Scandalous Beauty’s bag so check back later this afternoon.

What's in Amber's Bag?

What's in Amber's Bag Today we’re looking at what is in Amber’s bag. Amber is the amazing blogger behind Beauty Blogging Junkie. Not only is her blog fantastic but she has the best Lost recaps ever. Being a Lost gal, I look forward to them every week. Here’s what she says…

The bag is a Tory Burch canvas tote gifted to me by L’Oreal when we visited the L’Oreal store in the Beverly Center during the Total Beauty Beauty Tour of LA. I am in LOVE with it. You’ve caught me at a very edited-down state, makeup-wise. First, I was recently on vaca and so this isn’t my typical handbag and second, I am just not feeling makeup in this 95 degree heat we’re undergoing in NYC. Here’s what Tory is containing lately:

What's in Amber's Bag

  • A Jaqua Treasure Bag – this pink and brown and pink confection is perfect for keeping in your purse.
  • Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss in Cocoa – this is a preview shade (it’s not out yet) I got from Clinique that I am lurving.
  • Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Maximum Coverage Concealer – hides dark circles on the go.
  • MAC Tendertone Lip Balm SPF 12 in Hot N’ Saucy saved my life by the pool on my recent sojourn to the Bahamas.
  • Benefit Dr. Feelgood – is the answer to the anti-powder girl’s shine issues.
  • Kiss My Face Organic Cranberry Orange SPF 15 Lip Balm – is an odd combo of flavors, but it tastes surprisingly divine.
  • Beauty Rehab Rose Salve – is the anti-pot-balm gal’s substitution for Smith’s Rose Salve.
  • Nailtiques Cushion Sponge File – I’m lost without this teeny tiny file, which fixes snags in an instant.

Come back tomorrow when we’ll be peaking into the bags from the gals at Lipstick, Powder and Paint and Scandalous Beauty to wrap up our What’s in Her Bag series.

Dreams Are Made of This

Normally I do not write about this kind of thing but I had an interesting shopping experience last week so I wanted share it. Lea and I went to Nordstrom on Monday to look around as we often do. We usually spend the most time in Beauty but I wandered over into the Lingerie section intrigued by the gorgeous bras and before I knew it, I was being fitted. Did you know that 8 out of 10 women wear the wrong bra size?

I was a little apprehensive of having someone in a dressing room with me. Like Miranda, I have a “no visitors” policy in the dressing room so this was a little awkward for me. Danielle, the sales assistant at the Seattle Northgate Mall Nordstrom, was marvelous though… go see her if you’re in the area. I felt like I was on How to Look Good Naked with the lighting and the mirrors but she did the most amazing job of putting me at ease and making me feel comfortable with each fitting. She explained what I should look for in a bra and how the right size band can help get rid of unsightly “back fat”. She was very sweet, I left with a new bra size and feeling that this may have been the best shopping experience I’ve ever had at Nordstrom.

Le Mystere Dream Lace Tisha Bra So what did I buy? Well, in the last week I’ve spent way too much money on bras but there is one that I’m absolutely in love with. It’s the Le Mystere Dream Lace Tisha Bra. A version of this bra was featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things in 2003 but this one is a little more feminine and what’s not to like about lace? Normally I don’t do well with underwire, for a fuller gal like myself it can be a challenge sometimes, but this bra was comfortable and gave me great support. It was nice to find a bra that didn’t dig into my sides and is actually flattering. I went back to an older bra the day after I wore this one all day for the first time and I felt like something was missing.

The downside with this bra is that it’s pretty pricey. They say that you should have a bra for every day of the week and at that rate, I would have to spend the equivalent of 1 month’s rent on bras. It seems ridiculous to even say that but sometimes a well made bra is worth it. Since I developed this new bra obsession, I’ve seen a few sales on a few sites so I’m going to keep an eye on them and slowly but surely stock up. Before I know it, my everyday bras will be replaced and from then on, it’s all gravy lace. πŸ™‚

What's in Jazmin's Bag?

Today we’re looking at what’s in Jazmin’s bag. She’s blogs over at Makeup Moxie and she’s got some great product reviews you should check out. Here’s Jazmin…

What's in Jazmin's Bag?

You’re looking at my well-loved (i.e. regularly abused) Kenneth Cole bag. There are lots of hidden pockets and compartments in it, so there’s undoubtedly something lost in there that I didn’t include in the photos. And, no, I don’t actually keep the Chihuahua in my bag (though he might be able to fit in there). He just likes weaseling his way into pictures.

So here’s what’s in my bag:

My Coach wristlet holds all my most important must-haves (wallet, phone, keys, lipgloss, gum). That way, if I don’t feel like schlepping my whole purse around with me, I can just pull out the wristlet and be on my way. The cute little makeup bag with the hand-embroidered llamas on it is a souvenir that one of my sisters bought for me in Peru. While I don’t want to wear it out by using it everyday, I love it and it makes me happy so I use it anyway.

What's in Jazmin's Bag?

Inside the llama bag, I keep my Global Goddess Foundation/Concealer compact, MAC Tendertone Lip Balm, Cargo Mattifier, Neutrogena blotting papers (yep, I’m seriously into oil-control), and a Shiseido eyelash curler (don’t tell my Shu Uemura curler that I’m cheating on it when I’m away from home). I also always have my trusty Tweezerman folding lash comb.”

Other random stuff in my bag:

  • Netflix DVD’s that I’ve been meaning to return for, like, two weeks. I think the discs in there are the last disc of Rome: Season Two and Glengarry Glen Ross.
  • Rechargeable batteries for my camera (which is also often in my bag)
  • A couple of USB keys with my websites and other files on them
  • A digital security key for my PayPal account
  • Eyedrops (summer in the desert makes my eyes super dry)
  • A couple of cheap pens from the Bellagio and Silverton casinos πŸ™‚

Tomorrow we’ll be showing you what’s in Jennifer’s bag from Beauty in Real Life.

Lavender with a Little Mint

Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree Lavender Mint Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner are the newest products in Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree line. I’ve used Tea Tree products for years and loved it when I discovered this one did not give me that tingly feeling. Some people may like that but it’s not for me. It also has a nice scent to it that is very calming, especially with all the steam in the shower.

Paul Mitchell Lavender Mint Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner The shampoo is appropriately thick for a moisturizing shampoo and it forms a nice lather but its how it rinsed that surprised me a little. My hair didn’t feel very moisturized afterwards, it felt almost stripped which concerned me a little bit given that I’ve recently colored my hair. Even though the shampoo is color safe, it’s not one I will be using on it’s own unless I’m looking for that type of clean. However, what the shampoo lacked the conditioner made up for. It has the same appropriate thickness and detangled my hair immediately. It rinsed out really well without leaving my hair feeling heavy or still saturated with product. This conditioner leaves my hair feeling very soft and manageable. These products did not leave my hair heavily scented either, which I like in this particular shampoo/conditioner combination. I’d like my current favorite perfume to get a chance to “shine” instead of what I used in my hair.

One last thing worth noting is that every purchase of a Paul Mitchell Tea Tree product generates proceeds for America Forests. This a non-profit that ensures trees are planted to offset all carbon emissions from the line’s manufacture and distribution. Not a bad reason to give this a try.

La Mer Celebrates World Ocean Day

La Mer World Ocean Day Wrap You may have missed it but this past Sunday was World Ocean Day. Being proud of their sea heritage and dedication to preserving the beauty of the oceans, La Mer is donating $100,000 to Oceana to help fund global initiatives and support their mission of ocean conservation. As part of this special day, La Mer has released limited edition in-store packaging for Creme de la Mer that will remain at counters until the end of the week.

What's in Cindy's Bag?

This morning we’re looking at what’s in Cindy’s bag. Cindy’s the gal behind Hello Dollface. Not only does she cover beauty but she also has some funny celebrity commentary that’s worth checking out. Let’s check out her bag…

What's in Cindy's Bag

“I almost always carry Orbit gum and blow big bubbles. How ladylike!
Blotting Papers for mid-day shine.
Lipgloss, a must have! As well as NARS and Bourjois lipgloss.
Moisturizer for dry skin
A bobby pin, just in case.
Tweezers, in the car is the best place to tweeze!
Ponnytail holder for a windy day.
Blush brush from Stila
Clinique Pore filler, I love this stuff!
An old pan of Maybelline blush.
Rosebud salve for dry cuticles, lips and hands.
Alison Raffaele concealer.”

“What’s you don’t see is receipts from Target, Starbucks, local bagel store and Trader Joes. Arbonne Hand Cream, Burts Bees lip balm, a variety of pens that don’t work, a few random dollar bills, coins at the bottom of the purse, more receipts, a few pieces of unwrapped gum, a small notebook and a cell phone.”

Check back tomorrow for a look at what Jazmin from Makeup Moxie is packing.

It's All About the Eyes

Until recently, I didn’t really care for eye creams. I would use one if I got it with a gift with purchase but I never went out and got one with the intention of using it regularly. Then I tried a sample of this particular Clinique product and I starting thinking that maybe it would be a good idea to actually use one. πŸ™‚

Clinique All About Eyes Clinique’s All About Eyes is a lightweight cream/gel eye moisturizer that you can use morning and night on the lids and the under eye area. For a gal without any experience in the eye cream area, I think this Clinique product is just right for me, right now. I love this product’s texture, it is indeed very lightweight and the product sinks in quickly leaving my lids feeling very smooth. I’m always astonished on how so very little of this product goes so far, just a tiny dab is enough for my entire eye area. It always helps when the eye products I usually use are going on smoother now than they have before.

I can’t speak to this product’s effectiveness with fine lines and darkness, this is where my inexperience with eye creams comes in. Luckily I’ve inherited my mother’s good genes so I haven’t had to deal with this issue yet but I’ll definitely keep using Clinique’s All About Eyes for as long as I can. It makes a great “first” eye cream, if you will.

What's in Carleen's Bag?

Today we’re looking at what’s in Carleen’s bag. Carleen is the editor Beauty, Fashion and Tech and GirlGloss. Let’s see what she says…

“I love this Nine West bag! It is one of those super sale finds that I got at Macy’s. I think I paid only $24 for it, when it originally was $100. My husband rolled his eyes over me buying yet another bag, but at least this one was pretty cheap!”

What's in Carleen's Bag

“The contents show just how addicted I am to lip products. I hardly ever carry much makeup, but will have a bag full of gloss and balm! Usually it will be just my favorites, but I have so darn many!” Here’s what’s inside:

MAC Fafi: Strawbaby lipstick
3 MAC Fafi lipglasses
Revlon: Just bitten
2 Maybelline shine seduction glosses, one plumping and one not
Benefit, The Gloss
Neutrogena gloss
Caudalie Lip Conditioner
1 regular MAC Lipglass
Shisiedo lipgloss
Lancome Pixel Pink lipstick
2 banana boat lip balms
cocoa butter balm
Smashbox double sided gloss
Stila lipgloss
Rimmel Vinyl Lip plumper
Bagder Cocoa Butter Balm
Cat Cosmetics lip liner
Color Science powder sunscreen
Creme de la Mer sample size
iWhite tooth whitener touch up

Non cosmetic stuff:
Pink Razor phone
ipod nano
Motion sickness tabs
biner key chain
2 pens

“The one non-lip cosmetic item that I can’t live without is the Colorscience sunscreen. That follows me everywhere so that I can reapply sunscreen without messing up my makeup.”

We’ll be back tomorrow with a peak at what Cindy from Hello Dollface is carrying.