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All Good Things Must Come to an End

Our Sex and the City Goodie Bag giveaway is now officially over. Thank you to everyone who entered and we hope to have you all back for our next giveaway. On to the winners…

Product Girl's Sex and the City Goodie Bag Winners

Congratulations again to Jennifer M. and Patricia H. and also congratulations to our new winners, Renee H. and Tricia A.! You will each be receiving the Sex and the City DVD essentials, the Official Sex and the City Movie Soundtrack and the Sex and the City Coffee Table Book.

We’ll be back to business as usual on Monday. 🙂

Last Chance to Win!

Did you go out and see the Sex and the City movie yet? I saw it last night or technically, very early this morning and I loved it. I loved all the visuals this movie gave me, it was fabulous. So that brings me to our giveaway… have you entered yet? This is your last chance!

Sex and the City Goodie Bag Giveaway

Tomorrow I’ll be back to announce the last 2 winners of our Sex and the City Goodie Bag giveaway. Go watch the movie and come back and let us know what you thought of it… without spoilers.

Roses to the Rescue

This past winter was a rough one: cold, dry and, well, cold and dry! My skin suffered like it’s never suffered before. Dry, scaly patches on my face and arms. It felt as though my skin was about 2 sizes too small from December to April. I went through lotion after lotion, trying anything that anyone promised would make my skin feel soft and hydrated. By the time Carla handed me a bottle of DHC Rose Treatment Oil, I wasn’t even reading labels. I slathered first, checked it out later.

DHC Rose Treatment Oil DHC’s skincare line is based upon the moisturizing and cleansing properties of olive oil. Their Rose Treatment Oil combines olive oil with aloe, mulberry and Bulgarian damask rose to revitalize, moisturize and soften skin. This light oil feels like a spa treatment – the , fresh rose scent; the way the oil sinks into the skin and instantly perks it right up. I use it on my face before putting on moisturizer, and occasionally apply it to my feet, elbows, anywhere that needs some extra TLC.

Now that the sun has come out and temperatures are on the rise, I wondered if I would have to retire my Rose Treatment Oil to the back of my beauty shelf. Would the oil suddenly be too much now that my skin is no longer chronically parched? Happily, no. It seems to have adapted to the changes in my skin’s moisture level and is still part of my skincare routine. My face is clear and softer than it’s ever been.

Essie's Summer Collection

Essie has released a new summer collection filled with vibrant shades of red, orange and pink to start your summer off with a bang.

Essie's Summer 2008 Collection

These shades are so much fun. I’ve been wearing Escapades (last one pictured) on my toes and fingers all week and it’s a very cute coral red and I think it looks pretty good with my fair skin. In usual Essie fashion, the shades I’ve tried have applied very well without streaking and it doesn’t become goopy with each coat. This summer collection has something for everyone. Here’s are the shades in this collection:

Risky Business – glam red meets shimmery tangerine
My Place or Yours – a sophisticated pink rose
Guilty Pleasures – pink strawberry bliss
Movers & Shakers – sassy, bold pink
Secret Stash – dramatic, traffic-stopping fuchsia
Escapades – red, red-coral

What shade would you pick? I think my next manicure/pedicure might have to be with Movers and Shakers. I think I have a enough sass in me to pull it off.

The Daria Collection

Brazil inspired products are a new trend we’re seeing in stores for this summer but the Daria collection for Lancome is different, it’s for a great cause. This collection actually benefits Centro Espacial Vik Muniz, a group that supports arts education programs for young adults in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The Daria Collection for Lancome

The Daria Collection came about after Lancome’s spokesperson Daria Werbowy visited one of the Centro Espacial programs as part of a trip to Brazil. She toured the facilities and was treated to a special performance by the young adults who study a variety of specialties there. Moved by what she saw, she approached the Lancome team about creating products that could be sold to benefit Centro Espacial. The team enthusiastically agreed and Daria quickly visited the labs outside of Paris to learn about mixing makeup. The product development and research teams showed her how to blend colors and choose textures and ingredients. A fan of neutral shades, Daria decided upon beautiful nudes that call to mind some of the earth tones she saw in Brazil. You can see a behind-the-scenes video featuring Daria and Vik here.

This limited edition collection is available at Sephora and in Lancome Boutiques. It consists of a neutral beige lipstick in Beige Caracaï, a light neutral beige lipgloss in Nude Prainha and a Carnet de Velours eyeshadow quad. The colors are gorgeous, these are a must have for anyone who loves earth tones and the nude lip colors are fabulous with a smokey eye. I’m not sure which I like more, the gorgeous shades or the Portuguese names each product has. The Portuguese girl in me is picking these up as soon as my Sephora has them in stock. 🙂

Caviar for Everyone

I’m kind of a no-baloney type of girl, which means I approach all beauty claims with a skeptical, “Oh, really?” attitude. Especially the ubiquitous “anti-aging” claim that pops up on packaging for everything from hand lotion to facial cleanser, nail polish to body scrubs. My baloney-barometer went into overdrive when I was given a bottle of Alterna Caviar Anti-aging Polishing Serum. How the heck is a hair serum going to stop my hair from aging? Does my hair age? What does that even mean?

Alterna Anti Aging Caviar Polishing Serum Little did I realize, caviar is an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3’s are essential for (among other things) strong, healthy hair. As we age, our ability to retain omega 3 fatty acids decreases, leaving us with hair that is drier, more brittle and fragile. Alterna combines caviar with “smart silicones” to infuse the hair from the inside out.

My mom and I have been using the serum for a couple of months. My hair is regularly colored and tends toward the wavy/frizzy side. Mom’s is naturally gray and tends toward the coarse side. We both apply one pump of the serum to damp hair – I blow dry and Mom air dries. I’ve been able to forgo straightening lotion in favor of the caviar serum. My hair is soft and swingy. Mom’s air dried hair is touchable and soft. We both love it. And I’m not going to pretend that we don’t get a kick out of putting caviar on our hair. You know, ‘cause we’re all decadent like that.

BalmShelter Tinted Gloss

theBalm BalmShelter SPF Tinted Lip Gloss Carla’s not the only one loving a product from retro-cute line theBalm. I’ve been using BalmShelter Tinted Gloss SPF 17 for a few weeks and it’s quickly become my go-to gloss. When no other color seems right with my outfit or the rest of my makeup, BalmShelter in Girl Scout (a shimmery, sheer light caramel color) ties it all together.

The gloss applies very lightly; you can swipe just a hint of it or goop it on. Either way, you end up with the same delicate, natural look. Because the formula is so sheer, it layers over lipstick like a dream. I’m not a huge fan of the taste – it’s distinctly green apple Jolly Rancher – but that’s not enough to detract from my overall enjoyment of this gloss. And the fact that it coats my lips in color and SPF is tops in my book.

And the Winners Are…

We’ve been a little behind on announcing the winner of last week’s Sex and the City Goodie Bag giveaway so we decided just to announce last week’s winner with this week’s winner. It is our pleasure to announce that Patricia H. and Jennifer M have each won a Sex and the City Goodie Bag! We’ll be contacting you shortly with more information.

Sex and the City Goodie Bag Giveaway

In the meantime, you can still enter our giveaway! It’s not too late. We’ll be announcing the final 2 winners on Saturday, May 31st so good luck and be sure to enter using the giveaway form and not the comment form. Leaving a comment is not enough to enter our giveaway.

True Natural Beauty

When it comes to celebrity endorsed products, I am usually a skeptic. It seems like most of the time celebs just sell their faces and names to a licensing deal, and don’t have much of a say in the actual product.

Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Powder Blush Sally Hansen Natural Beauty by Carmindy is very different. If you’re a fan of TLC’s makeover show What Not to Wear, you know beautiful blonde resident makeup artist, Carmindy. We’ve seen her perform the “5 Minute Face” on countless women in a fashion rut. Now, teaming up with Sally Hansen, Carmindy has her own line of products that reiterate her philosophy of easy and quick, natural looking, youthful makeup. A bonus to this product line is that they are made from natural ingredients that are derived from minerals, soy, bamboo, papaya, mango and are paraben free.

The Sheerest Cream Blush in Sunset is a generous size cream blush that I use a lot to obtain a natural-looking glow. I use 1 finger to “melt” the color and make it more pliable, then tap on my cheeks and blend well. A little goes a long way, but the color is perfectly natural and matte.

Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Truly Translucent Loose Powder If you have ever read the any of Bobbi Brown’s beauty books, she is very adamant about neutralizing red tones of skin using a yellow powder. Lately, after I apply foundation, l have been using Truly Translucent Loose Powder in Neutral. It is almost colorless but has a yellow tint. This loose powder does not disappoint! The packaging is clever, it has a large sponge tip, but please don’t use the tip or it will leave your face with “spots” of powder. The sponge serves a great purpose of eliminating the messiness associated with carrying a loose powder. I use this Mac “skunk” brush to apply a light layer over my face and neutralize red, reduce oiliness, create an airbrushed look.

Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Always Perfect Liquid Eyeliner I was a little disappointed in the Always Perfect Eye Liner. The tube is teeny tiny, with a brush tip, but it is short so application is pretty easy. I tried the liner in Black Onyx and it went on almost sheer, like a watercolor paint. It took a while to dry and even with several applications, the liner had a shiny sheer feel to it, so I ended up reapplying a different liquid liner and the difference in pigment was significant. I also noticed that the color bleeds onto lids, creating a dual black line in the middle of my eyes.

Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Fast Fix Concealer Finally, my favorite piece in this collection was the Fast Fix Collection Concealer. What’s cool about this product is that it comes in an array of skintone-colors but also in Neutral and Brightener. I have been using Brightener, which similar to Benefit’s Eye Bright . It is a sheer, whitish pink and I love that its in a pot, not a crayon. It is very silky, and does not tug on delicate eye skin like a crayon version would. I usually apply with my finger or with a brush for a precise application. If you buy one piece of this collection, make this it.

Copy and Paste

Benefit’s new Erase Paste concealer really made me work for it. I drove to 3 different stores before I found my shade in stock. What did this mean? Is this so popular that stores couldn’t keep it stocked? I really wanted to find out.

Benefit's Erase Paste Benefit’s new Erase Paste is a heavy duty concealer that is meant to brighten and hide imperfections all in one product. I had read that this concealer was really concentrated so I expected something hard to work with. Surprisingly, this concealer is the exact opposite. It has a really creamy texture to it to go along with how concentrated it is so it’s really easy to work with. It covered some of my more serious areas of concern with ease, lasted fairly long and didn’t dry or accentuate the area.

On the negative side, I found this concealer to be a bit much on the eyes. It settled right into the lines in my under eye area time and time again. Also, I’m not a big fan of the product’s packaging. It comes with a little spatula so you can scoop the product out of this little pot. If you lose this, you have to put your fingers in it which is a little cramped and frankly, a little unappealing. I’m starting to get more vigilant about cleanliness in my beauty products and this is a step back from my usual concealer. I’d love to see this change packaging change though.

With all that said, Benefit’s Erase Paste makes a great fuller coverage concealer for those us with areas that require a little more attention. I don’t plan on using this on my eye area but I like the coverage that this gives me everywhere else that I don’t mind having to use another concealer on my eyes. It’s worth looking at but at the very least, give this concealer a once over next time you’re perusing the Benefit display.