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Dial Up the Exfoliation

I love products that get you involved and let you have some control over what you’re doing to your skin. With it’s dial system, Avon’s ANEW Clinical Advanced Dermabrasion System does just that.

Avon's ANEW Clinical Advanced Dermabrasion System This is an at home microdermabrasion product with four levels of exfoliation. The product contains two parts, one part is made up of fine grains and the other contains larger grains. Every two weeks you turn the dial at the base of the product to use more and more of the larger grains.

I’ve been using this product for about 8 weeks now and so far, this is a product I’m going to keep using. I’m almost 30 (still freaks me out to say that) so thankfully, I don’t have a lot going on in the wrinkle department but I do feel that my skin is much smoother and softer due to this product. It even seems to have minimized my pores. It also rinses off clean without any waxy residue, which is important to me… I don’t want to have to follow this up with a cleanser. I don’t think I’ve ever met a microdermabrasion product that I didn’t like and this one is no exception.

I think this would make a great microdermabrasion product for those that are new to it. I have a whole window sill full of these products in my shower just because I like a varying amount of exfoliation… sometimes I need more and sometimes I need less. While I can’t bring myself to ditch everything else, like my beloved Astara Daily Refining Scrub, for those of you without a full window sill, this product is like a whole spectrum of products in one.

For free shipping on this product, check out our friend Alicia’s site for a discount code!

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Long Lasting Summer

Clinique is launching their Summer 2008 collection in April and it has some interesting products in it. The collection is called Long-Last Bronze and the products in it are all meant to meant to help you get as much wear as possible during the day. As they say “from the beach to a BBQ”.

Clinique's Summer 2008 Collection

The stars in this collection are the Shimmering Tones Powder Quad (limited edition) in Golden Bronze, Brush-On Cream Liner in Bronze (also limited edition), the introduction of Quick Eyes Cream Shadow (l-l-l-love them!) and new Long Last Glosswear lipglosses. I received some samples from this collection and so far, I like what I’ve tried. The quad is going to be perfect for summer with it’s low sheen and shades will look great on all all skin tones… there’s something for everyone in this quad for eyes and cheeks. My small 188 brush really comes in handy here, the shades don’t mix. This collection also includes Clinique’s Touch of Bronze Moisturizing Body Lotion for a self-tanning color.

Clinique's Long Last Glosswear What’s interesting about this new Long Last Glosswear is that it claims to provide long-lasting shine, up to 8 hours worth. I can’t attest to that but I can definitely say that this gloss made it through 2 lattes, a smoke break and lunch. After all of that, I still had some color and shine on my lips. I can’t even imagine how it would perform if I didn’t drink or eat anything during the day. If someone ends up putting this lipgloss to the test, I’d love to hear your results. The texture is a teensy bit sticky but I would expect a gloss that tries to hang on for dear life to be that way, even just a little. The shades vary from sheer to fuller coverage in varying intensities from cream to pearl. Shades include:

Nudes: Goldspun, Brandy Twist, Knockout Nude, Sunset
Taupes: Cabana Crush, Juicy Apple, Bonfire, Guavagold
Pinks: Clearly Pink, Fireberry, Bamboo Pink, Air Kiss, Kissyfit
Violets: Mystic, Whisper, Tenderheart, Stellar Plum, Rock Violet

Clinique's Quick Eyes Cream Shadow These have to be my favorite part of this collection. I’m drawn to anything “long lasting” and these shadows have are certainly that. I stopped paying attention after I realized I was about to enter the 14th hour and I still had eyeshadow on. These Quick Eyes Cream Shadows are going to be very good friends with my favorite new base. They have a light texture to them so the color is sheer at first but it’s completely buildable. I have 2 shades so far but I know I’ll be buying some more once the collection hits counters. Shades include Cocoa Shimmer, Sparkling Nude, Sunlit Palm, Lucky Penny, Starlit Pink, Muffin, Rock Violet, Truffle and Sea Shell.

Clinique is also including their Lash Power Mascara as part of this collection. With this, you have everything you need this summer for makeup that stays put.

Best of Both Hair Worlds

I am constantly debating whether I want to keep up my blonde highlights or let them go and aim for healthier hair. Usually I attempt the latter but give in once my roots start to show.

Frederic Fekkai Technician Color Care Mask Frederic Fekkai Technician Color Care Mask has helped me not have to choose between color and healthy hair. I applied the Pez-smelling conditioner in the shower after shampooing and I left in for a few minutes. I was surprised at how rich this conditioner was. My hair was much softer and styling was a breeze – in fact, my style lasted longer as well. This is serious conditioning without the weight, which is really important for fine or thinner hair.

While the product can seem a little out of budget ($35 for 7 oz.), a little goes a long way. If this is the price of maintaining highlights and healthy hair, then it’s worth it!

Get Your Mad Scientist On

We’ve all heard the same skin advice over and over again – drink more water and drop your daily cup o’joe for green tea. Green tea has innumerable medical benefits, some of which promote cell regrowth and fight cancer.

Brandt’s Anti-Oxidant Water Booster Dr. Brandt’s Anti-Oxidant Water Booster disperses a super-concentrated dose of green tea and other antioxidants through a small dropper. The serum contains no calories, sugar or caffeine and comes in several flavors – Original, Blueberry, Green Apple and Pomegranate. Amazingly, one dropper is filled with the same amount of antioxidants that you would get after drinking 15 cups of tea.

The entire bottle contains 60 servings for $35, which is a steal considering how much you’d spend on daily cups of tea to obtain the same effects (my NYC math says $900). I can’t wait to get my “mad scientist” on and start injecting my water with yummy skin-beautifying antioxidants.

Eye Essentials

I’ve always looked at the Trish McEvoy counter and liked what I saw. Her line has these cute little planners that I’d love to carry around instead of everything in my makeup bag. I always look at the price and turn away though. This time, I decided to get my feet wet, so to speak.

Trish McEvoy Base Essentials I started out with Trish McEvoy Base Essential. It’s a cream eyeshadow base that dries to a powder finish. It comes in great base shades but it also comes in a few very shimmery shades. I opted to go with Sand, it makes a great base for me. It doesn’t look ghastly pale, it’s just the right base color for my lids. I kept checking my eyes the first time I wore it and was happy to discover that this performed extremely well. Around the 8-hour mark, my color was still very much in tact and it was only beginning to crease at that point. This stunned me because I didn’t think I’d find anything that worked better on me than Urban Decay’s Primer Potion and it’s giving my beloved Painterly Paint Pot a run for it’s money. I also noticed that the color didn’t look chalky at all. With some products, I’ve found if your eye area is the slightest bit dry, these types of products really accentuate that. This wasn’t the case with this product at all.

I started out only picking up a few things from her line to get acquainted with it but I already know there is definitely going to be more of Trish McEvoy in my future. Have you tried the line? What products do you like?

Prescription for a Smokey Eye

As handy as I am with makeup, I’ve never been able to master a convincing smokey eye. Typically my attempts to create a smoldering, sexy come-hither look end up with some seriously red, irritated eyes thanks to all the poking and pulling with various pencils and brushes. When creating big-night-out makeup, I usually go minimal on the eyes and play up my lips. But the desire to channel Debbie Harry in all her sooty glory has never faded.

Prescriptives Colorscope Creamy Eye Color When Prescriptives’ new Colorscope Creamy Eye Color in Smoking Gun landed in my makeup bag, I was both intrigued and skeptical. The steel gray cream, generously flecked with gold sparkle, looked muddy and dull in the small pot. It still looked dark and unappealing on my finger after I dipped it in the pot. But the eye color transforms into an incredibly wearable sheer wash of color on the eyelid. The glitter is evident, so this is not day-time appropriate. The application is fantastic- it goes on smoothly with a brush but I like the down and dirty ease of smudging the creamy shadow on with my fingers.

Colorscope Creamy Eye Color can be worn alone, and comes in shades ranging from neutral nudes to the darker Smoking Gun. The formula is long wearing and serves as a great base for layering powder shadows over it. I created my perfect smokey eye by adding Bobbi Brown’s Mahogany shadow – a very dark brown- to the crease of my eyelids and then blending like crazy. I was expecting the Creamy Eye Color to pull double duty as a liner with my liner brush, but I found the formula to be too sheer to make it worth my while. No matter – me and my Debbie Harry fantasies are officially grateful to have found this product.

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Prevage Anti-Aging Night Cream

Elizabeth Arden’s color collection has long taken a back seat to its skincare. Skincare was the real Elizabeth Arden’s passion and the company has kept that passion at the forefront of their product development. Their new collaboration with Allergan, a health care company that works on the development of commercial, pharmaceutical based solutions among other things, demonstrates their commitment to adding innovative products to their line. Elizabeth Arden and Allergan have released a new series of anti-aging treatments under the name Prevage.

Prevage Anti-aging Night Cream Prevage Anti-Aging Night Cream has been proven (in a study funded by Allergan) to enhance the skin’s ability to repair itself, restore resiliance and firmness, provide intense hydration, smooth, soften and increase radiance. The cream’s star ingredient is called idebenone, one of a few antioxidants thought to provide dramatic, anti-aging results.

I’ve been battling super dry skin all winter long, even resorting to slathering Vaseline all over my face at night before bed, so I was all over the promise of intense hydration. And while it will take a lot more than just a few weeks of use to determine whether or not my skin truly is more resilient and firm and radiant, I’ve been extremely happy with the hydration factor. The cream, which has a slightly medicinal smell typical of Arden products, feels soothing and cool on my face. It’s thick without feeling like it’s smothering the skin. And the hydration truly lasts – when I wake up in the morning, my face still feels plump and moisturized.

I also appreciate the fact that the cream is housed in a jar with a dispenser – jarred products are easily contaminated and many of the active ingredients rendered unstable when dipped into with fingers. The Prevage cream maintains its stability by keep hands out of the jar. At $125, Prevage anti-aging night cream is a splurge. But if you’re in need of some serious hydration and the added benefit of other anti-aging effects, I definitely recommend it.