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KP Duty

No one likes to admit that they have some unheard-of skin condition. That’s why I never really made much of the red bumps that have flecked my upper arms for years. I just assumed I was weird and that there was nothing to be done. End of story. Until I bumped into the DERMADoctor display at Sephora a few months ago.

DermaDoctor's KP Duty DERMADoctor’s creator, Dr. Audrey Kunin, has been handing out non-prescription skincare remedies for years. She combines dermatological treatments with a non-threatening, cosmetics approach. Her best selling treatment? KP Duty, a dry-skin remedy that effectively treats keratosis pilaris, a.k.a. chicken skin, a.k.a weird red bumps on your upper arms. Go figure – I’m not a freak, but just one of many women who suffer from KP.

I’ll be honest and admit that I didn’t have very high hopes for KP Duty. Which is why I was blown away when, 4 days after applying the lotion to my upper arms for the first time, I noticed a significant reduction in redness. Within 2 weeks, my arms were smooth, with an even skintone I haven’t enjoyed since 1994. I’ve got the product’s high level of glycollic acid and urea (a humectant for moisturization) to thank for that. I’ve stopped using it daily, and just rub it onto my arms a couple times a week. For maintenance, I’ll be stocking up with Sephora’s KP “Double Duty” – 2 bottles of lotion for $67 (a $72 value).

Pixel Pink Makes It's Debut

Lancome's Pixel Pink Lipstick The fourth and final lipstick in Lancome’s coveted Pout-à-Porter designer lipstick series will make it’s debut tomorrow. The models at Thakoon’s Fall 2008 show may have been the first to try but now so can the rest of us. Along with the L.U.C.I. collection, this is Gucci Westman’s final product as creative director of Lancome. Beginning tomorrow, Pixel Pink will be available in limited quantities on and on March 1st it will debut exclusively at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman and Lancome’s five U.S. boutiques.

Lancome's Pixel Pink Lipstick on model Pixel Pink is described as a beautiful sheer raspberry shade. Designer Thakoon, who collaborated with Ms. Westman on this shade, had a very specific muse in mind. He envisioned a young, modern Japanese woman who leaves her life behind and escapes to Hawaii. Once there, she loses herself in the surf and sun. “Her makeup is very minimalist,” says Gucci. “I could see her dabbing this color on her lips to go with the tan and flushed cheeks she has from surfing all day.” As you can see on the model pictured here, this shade would look great on anyone. Let’s hope this sticks around long enough for me to snap it up.

Be the Best Dressed

Lorac's Best Dressed Face Palette Lorac always comes out with great palettes and now there’s a new one called Best Dressed. It’s a limited edition palette and it’s exclusive to Sephora and their Beauty Insider members. I love it when Sephora has treasures like this for us.

This new Best Dressed palette includes six neutral eyeshadows in Enlighten, Celebrity, Vintage, Star Quality, Designer, and Stylist, one blush in Superstar, and a double-ended eyeshadow brush all for $37.00.

These colors look gorgeous and suit my everyday wear. I’m going to snap this up as soon as pay day comes around. smile

Hearth and Home

Manuel Canovas Bois de Lune Candle Manuel Canovas Bois de Lune candle is described as “a rich velvety, woody note with red cedar, rosewood, Chinese tea, and wild berries”. The wood notes are certainly prominent in this candle, that’s for sure. If the smell of a wood fire burning is something you like, you’ll enjoy burning this candle. The smell also has a touch of sweetness to it thanks to the wild berries, my friend actually thought she detected some plum notes in the candle.

While this isn’t a scent I’d pick for myself, I definitely enjoy how homey it makes my apartment feel. It was like having a fireplace but without the firewood. Not only that, but the candle has burned beautifully. Jokingly, I call myself a “candle technician” because I’m always messing with wicks and hugging candles to have them burn smoothly. This candle gave me no fuss at all and burned evenly all the way down. This candle also filled up my entire apartment with it’s scent. With a scent this strong, I’m looking forward to experimenting with other Manuel Canovas candles.

Vino Beauty

Caudalie Paris is an innovative skincare company, one that has pioneered and cultivated the use of vine-based ingredients to promote natural and effective skin care. The brand was developed by a couple who feel passionate about cosmetics and skincare, and a scientist who recognized the benefits to be found in the grape seeds thrown out after harvest by the couple’s family-owned vineyard.

Grape seeds contain polyphenols, which research has shown to be one of the most powerful traps of free radicals. Free radicals affect skin’s radiance and overall sense of aging – women of all ages can benefit from products that address free radicals. I’ve recently started using a few products from their skincare line and will have more to say about them in a few weeks.

Caudalie's VinoGo Body Set Until then, I’ve been giving everyone on my gift-list this VinGo Body Kit. It’s a great way to sample several of their best products, including Vine Peach Shower Gel, Gentle Conditioning Shampoo (which made my hair feel so soft and silky, I didn’t need to add a second conditioner – such a time-saver!), Hand and Nail Cream, and my favorite Nourishing Body Lotion. Each product feels effective, smells terrific, and is luxurious. So, more to come on their skincare line. But in the meantime, check out this set if you’d like to get your hands on some Caudalie for a great introductory price (only $15).

To Give is To Receive

Philosophy has released some new gift sets that are perfect to give for any occasion. In my family, we’ve given gift sets to each other and others for a few years now so I always love hearing about new gift sets they release.

Philosophy's Congratulations Bubbly Shower Gel A little Bubbly is a great way to say “Congratulations” to someone. For $20 you get a huge 24 oz. bottle of this bubble bath and shower gel scent. It’s somewhat new, it hasn’t been around too long. The scent smells great though, it’s like sipping on a Mimosa at brunch. There’s champagne and a little citrus scent add to this shower gel as well. For me, this makes it a great morning scent… something I can wake up to.

Philosophy's Just Because Gift Set Ever give a gift for no reason at all? If so, you may want to take a look at the new Just Because gift set. For $30.00 you get 6 oz. bottles of bubble bath and shower gel in Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate and Dark Chocolate. While the White Chocolate smells a bit more like hazelnut, the Milk and Dark Chocolate ones do not disappoint. They are creamy and give you a nice lather. For those gals who stick to the Philosophy staples like Amazing and Pure Grace, this would be a good set to try out. I was one of those gals until recently. smiley

Philosophy's Thank You Gift Set Then of course there is the gift set containing Philosophy’s best selling and staple bubble bath and shower gels, Amazing Grace and Pure Grace. The Thank You gift set includes 8 oz. bottles in each set for $25. If you’re not familiar with these scents, Amazing Grace is a very soft floral and Pure Grace is a very soft, clean, soapy scent. Also, Pure Grace is a shower cream so it’s going to moisturize your skin a bit more and you wouldn’t want to use this on your hair. This gift set is a great way to convert your friends and family into Philosophy girls as well. For Christmas, I gave my boss an Amazing Grace soap duo, I think this year I’ll go for these shower gels.

Cuticle Cure

Ouch. That’s pretty much all my cuticles have to say these days. They are dry, dry, dry – which leads to flaking, snags and general hand shame. You know what I’m talking about – you know your manicure looks terrible so you curl your fingers into your palms, hoping no one will notice. I’ve been slathering hand lotion on like crazy, but it’s just not doing the trick.

Bliss Manicure's Best Friend Bliss Manicure’s Best Friend is my new best friend. Bliss is renowned not only for their tongue-in-cheek approach to spa treatments but also for the serious thought and quality that goes into each and every one of their products.

Bliss Manicure’s Best Friend comes in a slim, portable tube – perfect for tucking into pants pockets, purses – anywhere you and your hands are going to be. To make the most of the ultra-hydrating properties of the product, I wash my hands with lukewarm water, dry lightly and then pipe a line of cream around each of my nail beds. I let it soak in for a moment and then rub the rest into my cuticles. They wind up feeling soft, smooth, and hydrated. The formula has a slight lemony scent to it – although certainly not overpowering. It’s light and fresh – which is exactly how your hands will end up feeling.