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Suki Lip Repair Butter

Since trying Suki’s Exfoliating Lemongrass Cleanser, I’ve been obsessed with trying more of her products. One I recently picked up was Suki’s Lip Repair Butter. At first I was a little dismayed by the price tag. In one local store, it was selling for $14 plus but I ended up going to Whole Foods and picked it up for just under $9. If this was in Nordstrom’s, I wouldn’t think twice but I guess buying this in grocery store made me think twice. I went ahead and did it anyways, I took the hit for my readers. smile

Suki Lip Repair Butter Suki’s Lip Repair Butter is an all natural lip balm that features organic ingredients like jojoba, sunflower and grapeseed oils infused with chamomile and calendula, beeswax, vitamin e and steam distilled essential oils. Based on this, I imagined this to be an amazing lip balm but I was a little disappointed when I tried it on.

While I loved the citrus scent, it wasn’t as emollient as I had expected it to be. The lip balm is thick like I like my lip balms to be but I really had to tug it along my lips to apply it. Even rubbing my lips together was a little tough. Once I warmed it up a little on the back of my hand, I was a bit easier but it still didn’t glide on as I would have liked it to.

With that said, I did find that this lip balm did soothe and soften my lips even though the texture was a bit awkward for me at first. Since then, I learned my lesson and keep try to keep this product in warmer areas of my home or even in my pocket as much as possible.

What it comes down to on this one is preference. While I can appreciate l thick lip balm like this, I know that not everyone else does. This won’t give your lips a sheen, it’s actually on the matte side, but it does have ingredients that make this a more intensive, healing lip balm. And since when have soft, smooth lips ever been a bad thing?

Creating Pixel Pink

Lancome just released a video featuring designer Thakoon Panichgul and the creation of Pixel Pink, the special lipstick created for his Spring 2008 runway presentation. It also features the artwork of painter and experimental filmmaker Jeff Scher. It’s nice to see the ideas behind the lipstick and see them represented in Jeff Scher’s artwork.

Pixel Pink has already sold out in record time online and is also available at Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus counters and the five Lancome boutiques in Manhattan, The Mall at Short Hills, NJ, Northpark Mall in Dallas, TX, Valley Fair Mall in Santa Clara, CA and Brea Mall in Brea, CA.

Naked Skin: Part 2

The other product I’ve been using from Nude Skincare is their Moisture Balance, which is a gel based moisturizer for oily skin. I usually love this type of formula but in this case, I’m a little torn.

Nude Skincare's Moisture Balance At first, this moisturizer seems to have everything that I’m looking for. It’s got a nice, light texture to it, has a nice rose scent and my skin drinks it in quickly. My skin feels a bit tight and dry to the touch at first but as the day goes on, it gets better. I’ve also noticed that my skin stays shine free a little longer with this moisturizer, that’s thanks to the laminaria seaweed in the product. It doesn’t keep me 100% shine free but any little bit helps.

I do think that this moisturizer could be a bit more moisturizing, it’s a little to light for my taste but this could very well be due to the colder, drier weather. I’m going to tuck this away for now and give this another try when it’s more humid out. This might be the right amount of moisture for me then.

25% to 50% off at

I got this in my inbox this morning and thought I’d pass it along, Smashbox is having a sale on their “Curtain Call” products.

Smashbox Sale

You can check out what’s for sale here and keep checking back as they’ll be adding new items daily.

Anything tickle your fancy? I’m thinking about the Artificial Light Luminizing Lotion.

Naked Skin: Part 1

There’s something about sleek, modern packaging that just draws me in and doesn’t let go. That’s how I feel about Nude Skincare. From the color, to the design and even the materials that make up the packaging, everything about this line is very forward thinking. When you consider that Nude Skincare is also an environmentally friendly line, that just makes it even more appealing.

Nude Skincare's Facial Scrub I tried two products in this line and the first one is their Facial Scrub. It features rose quartz beads, oat, manketti and juazeiro extract. The beads are ultra fine so that are not harsh on your skin, it doesn’t leave you feeling like you just scrubbed away layers and layers of skin and the oat helps soothe what skin you do remove. It has a bit of a thicker, creamy consistency but it still rinses off pretty well. It’s one of the more gentler exfoliating products I’ve tried recently and it’s suitable for all skin types. I think even the more sensitive skinned gals would get along well with this scrub. It smells pretty good too. As a girl who flips for anything rose scented, I was pleasantly surprised here.

While I like having this product on hand for the times when I want to take it easier on my skin, I would have some reservation about using this regularly. It’s a little spendy so I don’t want it all gone in a flash. Nude lists this at £28.00, which is roughly $55 US converted. Unfortunately that’s a bit too high for my budget but of course there are those for which that amount is reasonable. One thing to remember is that sometimes the more natural and environmentally friendly products may cost more but may be worth more to you and the earth in the long run.

What about you? Would you splurge for something like this?

Win a Personal Consultation with Dr. Murad!

I’m a little under the weather today but I thought I’d post about a contest I’d kill to win right now.

Total Beauty's Win a Personal Consultation with Dr. Murad Contest The amazing Total Beauty team has something new for us this week. From now until Friday evening, you can win your very own personal consultation with the famous dermatologist Dr. Murad of Murad Skincare. Not only that but he’ll send you all of the products he recommends. That’s a pretty great prize, is it not?

To enter just be the first to review a product on Total Beauty. Two winners will receive the consultation and basket of goodies, five winners will receive products suited to their skin type and ten winners will receive a full size Murad Intensive Wrinkle Reducer worth $150 and a $50 gift certificate to

Good luck! You can find more information on this contest here.

Put a Little Zest Into Your Routine

My friend Lea has opened my eyes to organic products and Suki’s Exfoliating Lemongrass Cleanser is one of those products she raved about so I just had to try it.

Suki Exfoliating Lemongrass Cleanser I’m so glad that I was able to try this product because I’m absolutely loving it. When you open this heavenly little jar, you’re blown away by the scent. This product features all natural ingredients and lemongrass and orange scent in it is completely invigorating, it makes it such a joy to use this product. That’s not the only thing though… it’s great as an exfoliator. If I don’t moisten my hands or face, I can just go to town on my skin and it’s not too harsh. I try to avoid that though because I have some other exfoliating products I’m testing. Instead, I just press it up my wet skin, let it foam up a bit and gently spread it around. When I’m done, my skin feels great. My skin is not tight or dry, just soft to the touch. The only thing I worry about is how to make this jar last longer.

One thing to note about organic products is that your skin may react to it’s new “diet” but I haven’t experienced any side affects so let’s hope it stays that way. Since I started using this product, I’ve been obsessed with trying more of Suki’s products. Lea and I even drove 15 miles to the nearest Whole Foods with the Suki Color line.

So stay tuned, there will definitely be more on Suki’s products in the coming week!

Extending the Olive Branch

I’m a tough sell when it comes to lotion. I don’t like to spend a lot on the stuff because I want to feel free to slather handfuls of it on my Minnesota-dry skin. But it’s got to smell great, work wonders, and look good sitting on the counter in my bathroom. The stars aligned when I found Mediterranean Spa’s Olive Oil Body Butter.

Mediterranean Spa Body Butter The butter is imported from Italy and is full of nourishing emollients – like olive oil. Olive oil pulls double duty as a moisturizer and a skin protectant. The scent is incredibly fresh, clean and natural. This I like because it does not compete with my perfume. The texture is that of butter kept at room temperature. There’s no digging into the tub and then working slightly hard lotion into your skin (a personal pet peeve when it comes to other popular body butters). Instead, you dip your fingers into a perfectly creamy product and slip it onto your skin. You’ll feel the tiniest bit sticky (the tiniest bit) for about 5 minutes after application. It quickly gives way to straight up smooth, happy skin.

If you prefer a different scent, you can take your pick of Lemon and Orange (refreshing citrus) or Avocado Oil (sweet and sensual). I picked up my tub of Mediterranean Spa body butter for less than $20 at my neighborhood beauty emporium. For a huge tub (over 15 oz of product), I think this is a steal. If you’re having a hard time finding Mediterranean Spa near you, buy online at Vickery.

Win a Makeover in NYC!

Total Beauty's Contest Total Beauty is running a great contest right now and it’s so easy to enter. They are giving away an amazing trip to New York City for you and two of your friends. It’s includes airfare and two nights hotel accommodations. In addition, you will all receive makeovers, tour all the great beauty spots NYC has to offer and $1,000 in beauty products. That’s one prize I wouldn’t mind wining myself.

To enter all you need to do is review three beauty products on Total Beauty. Every three reviews gets you another entry in the contest. There are no forms to fill out, your reviews automatically enter you in the contest. One hundred runners up will also receive $50 gift certificates to Sephora.

Get going on those reviews right here and good luck! May the beauty force be with you.

Cloud Cream

Lately I’ve been looking high and low for anything that can calm my skin down. I’ve been battling some redness, dryness and acne that I’m desperate to get rid of. When I was given a sample of Skyn Iceland’s Pure Cloud Cream, I had hopes that this product would be the one I turn to from now on.

Skyn Iceland Pure Cloud Cream The first thing you notice about this cream is how it smells and feels. It’s got a nice citrus scent to it that I really enjoyed and it’s soft to the touch, almost fluffy. The texture of the cream is not heavy thanks to how airy it is. This product features peptides to relieve irritation, aloe to moisturize, oat extract to heal, vitamins A, B and E and other ingredients all aimed at comforting and healing stressed skin. Sounds good so far, right?

When I applied the product, it absorbed fairly quickly and my skin felt hydrated and smooth. This wasn’t what I expected for a healing cream but I still liked the way my skin felt and it did indeed soothe my irritated areas well. As for my skins appearance, I used this product for 4 days and I noticed a slight reduction in the amount of redness I was seeing prior to using the product but it did nothing for the dry, flaky patches I’ve been battling which is what I was really hoping to improve upon.

Even though it certainly calmed my skin down, I still need something more that Skyn Iceland’s Pure Cloud Cream is not doing for me. Howver, if my budget was not an issue and my skin issues were resolved, this is something I’d seriously consider as a regular moisturizer for drier, colder weather.