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Spring Time with Chanel

For me, it’s hard to stray from my go to colors in the winter… more warm, neutral shades. Chanel’s new collection is steering us towards cooler shades for the upcoming spring season with shades of blue, soft pinks and iridescent whites.

Chanel's Spring 2008 Collection

This spring collection has quite a few gems in it. Here’s what it includes:

As always, I do have my favorites in this collection. I always flip out over the nail color in their collections and this one is no different. While Blue Satin may be all the rage right now, I have to say that I really gravitated towards White Satin and Rose Satin more than the other shades, not to say that they aren’t gorgeous though… especially Azur, you could have a lot of fun layering with that shade.

Chanel White Satin Nail Colour I find White Satin and Rose Satin to be a bit more everyday-wear friendly than Blue Satin. White Satin is a great neutral shade if you’re looking for a pale white. Don’t worry, it’s not like using White-Out on your nails, I don’t think Chanel would ever do that to us. Then Rose Satin is just a very pretty, soft pink. It’s really quite beautiful. I was never into wearing light pink on my nails and this shade has inspired me to start stepping away from my beloved reds.

Chanel Enchanteresse Powder BlushI also really like the Powder Blushes in this collection. Enchanteresse is a great combination of blush and bronzer in one for my skin tone and it doesn’t leave me looking too flushed. Then you have Luna, a white powder highlighter. I love it because it leaves behind a very fine shimmer and the pigment in the powder is just right. It’s got just the right amount so you can building an the application if you need to. I tend to be a little heavy handed with highlighters so this is a good thing for me. I can start small and work my way up.

Karen at the Makeup and Beauty Blog has some great swatches posted as well as a gorgeous FOTD using these shades you can check out.

Ready, Set, Glow

Tarte Cosmetics has come out with a new set that includes everything you need to glow this winter. It’s limited edition and you can find it only at Sephora.

Tarte's Ready Set Glow set

This new set includes products to bling you out all over… face, eyes and lips. It includes a Mini Cheek Stain in Tipsy (sheer shimmery peach), a full-size double ended Lipgloss in Elle & Emmett (sparkly pink and lilac), a full-size Rest Assured Brightening Wand, a Mini Glistening Powder in Sugar Daddy (sparkly champagne), and a full-size Powder Bronzer in Park Avenue Princess (light bronze). I love the Rest Assured Brightening Wand, a little of this liner in the inner corners of my eyes and a little of the cream highlighter and my eyes actually look like I managed to get a little bit of sleep the night before. Hurry and snap this up before it’s gone!

Stila My Heart

It seems as though I try a new lipgloss on a weekly basis. Running into Sephora or Ulta is the perfect pick me up, and no matter the state of my checking account the price for a new gloss is always right. Because I’m constantly trying out new brands, formulas and colors, I’ve developed a ‘Yaaawwwn…been there, done that” attitude about most lip products. It takes something to special to get me to sit up and take notice – and that’s exactly what happened after I tried out Stila Lip Glaze in Brown Sugar.

Stila Lip Glaze Stila was one of the first brands to bring out the now-ubiquitous click-turn pen as means of dispensing product. Their version features a lip brush into which the lip gloss is captured (after turning the base of the pen). You’re able to slick on your gloss with the precision of a professional lip brush. Admittedly, it’s a little difficult to figure out how many turns of the pen you need to dispense the right amount of gloss – too few and you’re wiping a dry brush across you lips, too many and you’ve got product oozing out of the pen and all over the place. I learned to click slowly and examine the brush in between turns – once the bristles start to part down the middle, I’ve got enough to start applying.

As for the color and formula, I couldn’t be happier with this find. The gloss is slick, not sticky, and has pretty decent staying power. I’ve usually got a fair amount of color (if just a bit less shine) left over after a cup of coffee. Brown Sugar is a beautiful, nude brown color that suits my fair complexion perfectly. I usually struggle with brown shades of gloss or lipstick because it competes (and loses out to) the red undertones in my skin. Not so with Stila’s Brown Sugar. It’s, quite simply, perfect for me. I’d even go so far as to say that it’s stolen my heart – and a permanent spot in my makeup bag.

Jelly Coated Nails

When I first heard of jelly finish polishes, I didn’t really pay much attention as I’m not really in the sheer look on my nails. It wasn’t until I tried I Want Candy from the Lippman Collection that I started seeing why jelly finishes can be a lot of fun.

Lippmann Collection's Rehab Nail Polish Each coat of a jelly polish goes on sheer but as you build up the color with each coat, it becomes more and more opaque. It took me 4 coats of color and lots of patience to get the kind of color I liked on my nails. I started using this product in I Want Candy but it was when I tried Rehab that I really fell in love with this type of formula. Rehab is a dark blue and it just looks gorgeous on nails as you layer each coat. We even played around and layered this on top of metallic finish polishes and it gives those shades a really nice look. Michelle at All Lacquered Up has some really good shots of these polishes in action.

Don’t they look like fun? You can find more on these two shades here.

New From Benefit

Benefit Cosmetics have introduced a few new products recently, here’s a glimpse into these products.

Benefit Tthrrrob The first is a new face powder called Thrrrob. It is a pink powder meant to simulate the natural flush we feel when our heart races. A little Thrrrob dusted across your cheeks and you’ll look flushed and excited in an instant.

You may be wondering “how is this shade different from Dandelion?” Thrrrob gives your face a deeper flush than Dandelion does, it’s a deeper pink.

Benefit You Rebel Lite The next is You Rebel Lite, a new lighter tint on the original You Rebel tinted moisturizer. This product features SPF 15 protection, antioxidants, aloe vera, and allantoin to soften and protect skin. While the original is best for medium to deeper skintones, You Rebel Lite is meant for those who are a little bit paler than the rest of us. While I liked the product when I tried it, the tint was just a bit too dark for me. I’m looking forward to trying this new version, maybe now the tint will be just right.

Benefit Pink To Please A Woman…Gold To Get The Guy Palette Like palettes? Benefit has a new palette out as well. It’s called Pink To Please A Woman…Gold To Get The Guy Palette. What a name, right? This palette features three powder eyeshadows and three Silky Finish lipsticks in hues of pink and gold, including Sugar Rush and Candy Store.

As you can see, there’s plenty of pink to go around.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil One would think that removing makeup and cleansing their skin with oil would not be a good idea but it can work. This is what I discovered when I tried DHC’s Deep Cleansing Oil.

This product is really easy to use: take 2 pumps of cleansing oil and apply to a dry face, spread it around to remove make and clean your skin, add water to work up a lather and rinse. It does an amazing job of getting rid of makeup, all while doing it gently. It dissolves my mascara quickly without having to rub and tug at my eyes, which I seem to have to do with other makeup removers. Afterwards, your skin does not feel oily at all. It feels soft and ready for the next step, that’s the olive oil and vitamin E in the cleansing oil hard at work.

Since I began using this, I’ve been following this product up with DHC’s Olive Virgin Oil moisturizer at night and my skin has been feeling great in the morning. The best thing is that when comparing this product to other brands, it’s comparable and it will last you forever.

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Keeping it Matte

I have oily skin and after a few hours, I know it’s time to break out the blotting powder because I start getting shiny right along my t-zone. Instead of breaking out the blotting powders, how about doing something about it before applying your makeup?

DHC Matte Cream That’s exactly what I’ve been doing lately with DHC’s Matte Cream. The first time I tried this cream, I applied to half of my face. As the day wore on, I noticed that this cream really did keep my skin matte-looking, while the other half started to shine. It was only towards the end of the work day that I started developing a shine on the other side of my face. That did it for me, I decided to start wearing this cream on my entire face. Also, I really liked how my skin feels while wearing this cream. It feels supple and smooth, it doesn’t dry my skin out as I expected it to.

Touching up once versus touching up every couple hours? It wasn’t a hard decision to make so I took my blotting powder and papers out of my makeup bag.

Let Laura Mercier Seduce You

Friday night I met my friend at Nordstrom’s so we could go check out the new MAC N collection in person. Nice way to spend a Friday night, right? While I was there, I also checked out Laura Mercier’s new Seduction collection. Here are a few of the things that stood out to me.

Laura Mercier Eye Colour Quad in Shy Violet This new collections brings us a few firsts for Laura Mercier, the introduction of nail polish to the line, a new Eau de Toilette inspired by the violet flower and a new liquid eyeliner. As usual, this collection features yet another gorgeous set of eyeshadows. I really love Laura Mercier’s eyeshadows and her quads are always on my wish list. This quad here is Shy Violet and it’s my favorite out of the two quads. It features deep-eggplant, shimmery-maroon, mauve and pale-ivory-pink where Wild Violet features more blue toned shades.

Laura Mercier Brilliant Eye Liner in Violette Now meet Laura Mercier’s Brilliant Eye Liner, her new liquid eyeliner that promises all day wear without caking, crumbling or flaking. This product features pearl for a hint of brilliance in all of the shades of this liquid liner. The shade pictured here is Violette but you an also find Cobalt, Golden and Onyx in this collection. I didn’t pick this up but it’s been on my mind ever since I saw it, you could do some cute cat eyes with these liners.

Laura Mercier Nail Lacquer in Avant Garde And now for my favorite part of this collection, Laura Mercier’s Nail Lacquer. I was immediately drawn by Daring, a very rich burgundy shade. These type of red-based shades seem to be my favorite but it was actually Avant Garde that I enjoyed the most, the shade pictured here to the left. This shade is a rich, metallic deep eggplant color.

This collection also features 2 new Lip Colour shades in Mistress and Passion, both red based shades.

N is for Naked

Is it possible to get MAC’d out? I don’t think so. I could eat, drink and play with MAC and still want more. With that in mind, it’s a good thing that a new collection hit stores today. The new N collection is features color and face products.

MAC Cosmetics N Collection
(click to enlarge image)

Oooohh… and I’ve only seen the product shots so far but I’m just as excited about this collection as I am about the Originals. I’ve been all about the neutral shades lately and this collection has a ton of that, in the lipstick, gloss, shadows and new Paint Pots! The nail polish shades are pretty interesting as well. This might just inspire me to post a FOTD sometime soon.

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