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We'll Miss You Gucci Westman

Gucci Westman with Thakoon Sadly, Gucci Westman is stepping down as Lancome’s International Artistic Director but is she leaving us with some parting gifts. She’s leaving us with the final lipstick in the Pout-a-Porter series (a collaboration with Thakoon) and the forthcoming L.U.C.I. collection. In her four years with Lancome, she’s created eight color collections and has been an inspiration to many, including myself. I can’t wait to hear about what Miss Westman will be up to next but for now, we’ll have to console ourselves with thoughts of the Thakoon lipstick and the L.U.C.I. collection.

Lancome's L.U.C.I. collection

So what does L.U.C.I. stand for? It stands for Luminous Colorless Color Intelligence. Gucci Westman was inspired by the beauty of sand, the iridescence of shells and the play of light on water on the beach so she turned her idea into reality. I’m so excited to see this collection, I’m all about highlighting and shimmer now so this is going to be really fun to play with. This collection includes:

L.U.C.I Eyes – Light Color in Motion Eye Shadow Duo: a shell-shaped eye shadow compact holds two shadows, a bronze and a photonic shade.

Photonic – Illuminating Powder Brush Face: a translucent photonic loose powder that can be used to sculpt the face or add a sheer veil of radiance.

Ombre Glacée – Cooling Gel Illuminator Eyes: a creamy, cooling eye shadow that can be used alone or blended over another color to highlight and brighten the eye area.

Color Fever Gloss: a photonic gloss that can be used as a topcoat over lipstick or one of the two new shades of Color Fever Gloss to transform shades.

Color Fever Shine: two new lipsticks in Luminous (a photonic shade) and Desert Pink. The photonic shade can be used by itself for a reflective lilac effect or place over the deep rasberry shade for a luminous result.

Traceur Design – Illuminating Long-Lasting Eyeliner Soft Brush: an eye liner with photonic lilac reflections to line the eyes.

Now doesn’t that sound like something you’d want to try?

Diamonds Are Forever

If you know someone who likes to shimmer, sparkle and shine, this gift set would make the perfect gift.

Makeup Forever's Diamonds are Forever Gift Set The Makeup Forever Diamonds are Forever limited edition gift set can only be found at Sephora and includes Diamond Powder in Champagne, Diamond Shadow 301, Waterproof Lengthening Mascara in Black, Aqua Eyes shadow/liner in Black and a clear Fascinating Lip Gloss all for $50.

This gift set is a lot of fun to play with. The eyeshadow is intensely pigment and can be used a number of different ways. Also, the Diamond Powder in Champagne has a great mixture of fine, shimmery powder and bigger specks of glitter in it. This makes it great to use all over for a little sparkle during the holidays!

For the Procrastinators

Every year I tell myself that I’ll start shopping early for my holiday gifts but every year the same thing happens, I wait until the last minute. I’m really good at procrastinating I guess. 😉 If you’re like me, you still have time to give some really great gifts. Take these gift sets from Product Body for example, a product line with great products.

Product Body's Mini Me Gift Set

The Mini Me Set is a great way to try some of Product Body’s most popular products for a great price. For $29, you can try specially sized versions of Joanna’s Cream and Crush On You and receive a full sized jar of her Whipped Shea Butter. I loved this stuff when I tried it and I put it all over… feet, body, face. It’s available in scrumptious scents: Tangerine Slice and Pecan Praline.


Need something a little more substantial? Try the Softy Galore set. It includes full sized versions of Ski Bomb, Cream and Crush On You for $62. This also comes in the same Tangerine Slice and Pecan Praline scents. What you might not know is that Ski Bomb is a new product, it’s Product Body’s all natural winter skin balm made with shea, cocoa, macadamia and sal butters, beeswax and vitamin E. With all of that packed in one product, imagine how moisturized your skin would feel.

Both sets come in a box perfect for gifting so Product Body is got you covered, all you need to do is order.

Introducing Total Beauty

A new beauty website is launching today and it’s called Total Beauty. You may have heard a little bit about it already, it’s been mentioned in this month’s Allure and now WWD but you have to go check it out. It’s a great site and I’m happy that I’ll be apart of it.

Total Beauty

What sets Total Beauty apart from other beauty sites you’ve been to is that it’s all about you. One of my favorite features is the Beauty Scout. After answering a series of questions about yourself, the Beauty Scout then recommends a new product to you every time you visit the site. So far, it seems like the Beauty Scout has me figured out. smile

There is more to Total Beauty though. Besides being extremely easy on the eyes (I love the site’s design), it also features a ton of product reviews for a new site and it’s only going to get better. It also has a video section with great tips. This morning I watched a clip on how to flip my hair out at the ends and it was helpful! You’re also rewarded for participation with coupons and samples. Not a lot of sites do that.

Rosebud's New Lip Balm

Some people swear by Rosebud’s lip balms, they use it on their lips and anywhere else that needs a little softening. I’m not one of those people but that’s not to say that I don’t enjoy their lip balms. I actually really do enjoy them, so much that when I see a new one is introduced, I obsess over it until I have it.

Rosebud's Brambleberry Rose Lip Balm Now I can stop obsessing, I got my hands on Rosebud’s Brambleberry Rose Lip Balm, which is sold exclusively at Sephora for the time being. It’s got the same great texture that soothes lips… not too thick and not too thin. I love using this product over a lipstain because it’s great at moisturizing my lips but it also leaves them looking glossy. My Rosebud lip balms and neutral lip liners have become good friends. This time around, this version of the lip balm seems to have more a tint to it. It’s not a very pronounced tint, just a hint of berry to remind you that it’s there.

This product also has a story, it was designed to honor “Miss Vivian,” the President of Rosebud Perfume Co., that’s her picture on the tin and it was taken in 1945. Not a bad product to be honored by, just the smell alone made this worth picking up for me. It’s like a berry pie in a tin and that’s not a bad thing at all.

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Ask Billy B a Question

Billy B We’re up and running again and we have good news, we’ll be interviewing world renowned (check out his amazing portfolio!) makeup artist Billy B.

Billy B has worked with celebrity clients such as Katherine Heigl, Jennifer Lopez and Julia Roberts and now he’s introducing his very own line of makeup brushes. We’ll have the scoop on those as well as talk to Billy B about the latest makeup trends, application tips and ask him your beauty questions. Have you ever wanted to pick a makeup artist’s brain? I know I have so here’s your chance to do just that.

From now until Friday, we’ll be taking your questions and will include them in our interview with Billy B. To ask a question, just submit your question in the comments section. Stay tuned! You may see your questions posted here. smile

Mark's Little Block Box

There are approximately one million gorgeous makeup palettes popping off the shelves at Sephora, all jam packed full of blush and gloss, eye shadow and mascara. But there’s something fabulous about taking an empty palette and jam-packing it full of products of your own choosing. Especially when each of those products are perfect for your skintone and provide the perfect amount of shimmer and gleam for the holidays. Let me introduce you to my new friend, the Little Block Box.

Mark's Little Black Box The concept is simple- take one empty, palm-sized palette with a generous mirror and fill it with a selection of shimmer cubes or shimmer bars. Choose from 12 shades of blendable, buildable color to create a customized glow for the season. My favorite combinations of colors are the Twinkle and Moonlight Shimmer Cubes + Glow Shimmer Bar. I swirl all three of them together with a little kabuki brush that came with my purchase and then dust all over my chest and arms. The effect is ethereal, not show-girl. I also layer the Twinkle Shimmer Cube over my daytime makeup to give it a little extra oomph for a night out.

The texture of the shimmer cubes and bars is silky, thanks to the finely milled baked Italian powder. When applying the colors, they start out very sheer on the skin and can be layered to create more intensity. The price point on the Little Block Box is terrific – the box is $6 as are the Shimmer Bars. Shimmer Cubes are $5. Hit up Mark’s web site to check out the selection, and for tips and ideas on color combinations that will create specific effects. Mark products can be ordered online or through a Mark representative.