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Solid Like a Rock

Whenever I think of this set, I think of Time Life infomercials for their classic rock CD sets. The words “solid like a rock” stay in my head. I normally wouldn’t pick this set up on my own but since I got some Sephora gift cards for my birthday recently, why not?

Bare Escentuals Classic Rock Flawless Diamond Collection At first glance, the Bare Escentuals Classic Rock Flawless Diamond Collection seems like an interesting set. It’s got gloss, eyeshadows, blush, all over color, mascara and brushes all in a faux leather bag. While the bag was a disappointment for me (the color was rubbing off right out of the box!), the rest of the set was not.

I love the brushes in this set, especially the Full Flawless Face brush. It’s big and fluffy, a lot softer than I remember Bare Escentuals brushes being. They also have a cute little faux diamond on the handle. I’m glad I bought the set just for those. The gloss is nice as well with it’s texture and is great to top off a lip stain with. I’ve never tried their eyeshadows until now but it looks good so far. The Classic Rock shade reminds me of Laura Mercier’s Mineral Eye Powder in Milky Way. Only it doesn’t seem as intense or metallic. The only item I’m not so sure of is the dual mascara. It seemed that the glitter in it was just a little too thick but this may mean I just need a little more practice with it.

Overall, I definitely think this Bare Escentuals Classic Rock Flawless Diamond Collection is a set Bare Escentuals fans will love.

Holiday Face Palette

Take a look at the makeup palettes sitting in your collection – odds are there are a bunch of colors that you have worn down to the metal and others which have been barely touched in that same collection.

Laura Mercier's Holiday Face Palette That will not be the case with Laura Mercier’s Face Pallette for Holiday 2007. This palette contains everything you will need to create the perfect party face. Three eye shadows range from smokey, shimmery grey to matte ivory, the best combination for creating a soft, bendable smokey eye. A duo of blushes – one a rosy bronze, the other a beautiful highlighter will flatter most skin tones. Finally, the palette has three lip colors, ranging from striking red to neutral beige. The combinations for the colors are endless; this palette could literally take you from day to night. Laura Mercier offers some of the best quality cosmetics on the market – at $50 this is an excellent deal.

You Give Me Fever

I have searched high and low for a lipgloss that has saturated color, shine, and has lasting ability without being sticky. You may think this task would be merely impossible but fear not I think I have found the winner.

Lancome's Color Fever Gloss Lancome’s Color Fever Gloss is the Holy Grail of lipglosses for me. I bought “Sunbaked Coral” because I was drawn to the beautiful, lustrous pink color. When applied to lips, it is slightly sheer, leaving a shade thats close to your own natural lip color only much prettier, with a prismatic pink shimmer. Its also great layered over lipstick just to add some extra oomph to your favorite color. This weekend I attended a wedding wearing Sunbaked Coral, and I caught the eye of the bride. She liked my gloss so much, she asked to borrow it for her professional pictures that afternoon! For an extra bit of pizazz, try “On Fire” a beautiful, sheer wash of shimmery cranberry color.

Big Kisses

Too Faced Cosmetics have always introduced adorably-packaged, clever products but I never fell in love with a single item.

Years ago, I searched for the perfect lip plumper and found TF’s Lip Injection to be the best performing on the market at the time. The gloss went back to Sephora the very next day when I discovered how sticky the formula was. I recently decided to give Lip Injection another try, this time trying Lip Injection Extreme.

Too Faced's Lip Injection Extreme This product is touted not as a gloss but as a serum, meant to be used twice a day just like every other product in your skincare routine. The company claims that the product will have permanent results if used regularly. While I cannot attest to the long-term use of this product, I am happy with what I’ve seen so far. At first glance, Lip Injection Extreme appears to be a little opalescent but goes on clear. It has a sponge-tip applicator and the serum smells very fruity like grape bubblegum. Once applied, I endured 30 seconds of tingling then peeked into a mirror. I was astounded at how dramatic the results were. There was a definite increase in plumpness, as well as a darkening of the pink color in my lips. I decided to even out the color using a nude lip liner, then layer a great lip gloss (Smashbox gloss in 35mm) to get the full effect. I have never had such sexy, plump lips – I swear Angelina Jolie herself would have been jealous. This is definately love!

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Sampling Leads to Love

One of my favorite local stores in the Seattle area is Olivine in Ballard. Recently I went in there to take a look at the Mario Badescu line of products. While I didn’t pick up anything at the time, they sent me home armed with samples to play with at home. One of those samples was for Mario Badescu’s Healing Cream.

Mario Bandescu Healing Cream I’ve mentioned before how I’ve been having issues with my skin misbehaving. I’ve been experiencing redness and dryness due to breakouts. It has been tricky to handle but using Mario Badescu’s Healing Cream has helped. This product is oil-free and contains Balsum Peru to soothe and protect skin. I dab a little of this on my problem areas before bed and literally the next morning the dryness is substantially. It’s a little heavy so I don’t use it all over even though it is oil free but it’s great calming my skin down when I have to tend to certain areas. Since using every last drop of my sample, I’ve gone back to buy the actual product.

I love it when great samples lead to a purchase. Mario Badescu’s samples in particular are really generous in comparison to others. Each sample contains quite a few uses, especially the samples with a cream consistency. I was able to use my Healing Cream sample for weeks! Recently I decided to look at what other products I might benefit from in that line. I went to their website and filled out their consulting questionnaire. Ideally, I should have been presented with a list of products suited to my skin type but instead there was an error processing the form. I thought nothing of it at the time but imagine my surprise when I received an email the next day telling me they were sending me samples of the products they recommended. Now that’s what I call customer service. I haven’t received them yet but I’m sure it will be great when I do.

Moral of the story… go to Mario Badescu’s website and fill out their questionnaire to score yourself from free samples!

Eyes, Lips and Face

Every now and then, a great web deal/coupon code comes along that has to be taken advantage of. One in particular came through for a makeup line that entailed getting every product for $.50. This included Brushes/Powder/You name it. The product line is called e.l.f. which stands for Eyes, Lip and Face. Almost everything on this site is $1.00 apiece! They are able to do this by having low overhead, minimal to no advertising (hence the reason I never knew about it) and minimal packaging. Insane I know. I proceeded to order and was pleasantly surprised. I must have ordered about 20 products – from lip gloss, to a slew of brushes to even faux eye lashes.

e.l.f. Night Out Look

They also have these really great-looking subscriber emails that show-case very professional and great makeup looks that I am tempted to buy and re-create. One I recently purchased, was for the “Night-Out” look. I received a face bronzer, lip gloss and eye shadow trio, for yes, $3.00. (Shipping costs more than the product(s) themselves!). For this smoky-eye look, the site tells you what products were used and how to use them. Its that simple. And for $1.00, you really can’t go wrong. The products I received for the look were all user-friendly, went on smoothly and enabled me to have fun without feeling bad.

Its really a great looking, easy to navigate site that has all the basics you need and then some. Obviously you don’t have high hopes for products that cost only $1.00, but I would recommend these for any incidentals you need, any new colors that you want to try and extra travel brushes that you would want to stock up on. After reading up a bit on the products, there is no animal testing and only natural ingredients are used as well.

So, basically, we can all experiment now with makeup without going broke.