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Sephora Girls

Heavy Metal X

Not only do you have The Stylistics to look forward to on November 21st but the Metal X collection will also be released on that day. It features 9 all new cream shadows and 5 glitter eyeliners. I haven’t gotten my hands on this collection yet but I’m hoping that these new cream shadows will […]

Presenting the Stylistics

It sounds like the name of a band but MAC Cosmetics Stylistics collection is a very luxe release. Remember last year’s Couture collection? The Stylistics is this year’s higher end product line with distribution limited to MAC freestanding stores only. I love the vibe this collection has, a very stylish and hip design… if I […]

Made of Beauty

As of today, you can also find MAC’s Of Beauty collection now in stores. This collection features new Loose Beauty Powders and comeback of their Studio Lights. (click to enlarge) I am all giddy with excitement with this release. Anytime a product description mentions the word “pearlescent”, I am all over it. That’s exactly what […]

MAC for the Holidays

Every year around this time, I’m always super excited about the MAC Cosmetics holiday releases. This year they have unleashed a wonderful antique themed collections of color, palettes, brushes and gift sets. From the colors to the packaging, I was left in awe as I loved everything I put my hands on. Let’s get into […]

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