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I Met Jo Malone

Well, not quite. I actually got acquainted with Jo Malone’s fragrances for the first time. One of the other changes to my local Nordstrom’s also includes a new Jo Malone mini-boutique and it’s worth a look.

Jo The downtown Seattle Nordstrom’s Jo Malone boutique is very easy on the eyes. There are rows of products lined across the shelves and then a table where all of the perfumes are lined up for you to take in. With a bowl of test strips in front of us, we started going through event fragrance on the table and I found a favorite, it’s Jo Malone’s French Lime Blossom Cologne. It’s a sweet floral fragrance with notes of lime blossom, bergamot and tarragon weaved together, inspired by a walk along the Champs Élysées in Paris. I’ve been wearing this fragrance since Sunday and it has good lasting power, I’m in love. I guess La J-Lo and I have something in common now, we both love this scent.

If you’re in the Seattle area, go downtown and check out Jo Malone’s boutique. The SA’s are super helpful and won’t mind if you ask them for samples. smile

Sunshine in a Trio

This weekend we were browsing around downtown Seattle’s Nordstrom store and admiring the changes to the store like the new MAC and Chanel mini boutiques. While I was in awe at Chanel, I saw the cutest little gift sets.

Chanel's Trois Les Soleils The Chanel Trois Les Soleils gift set is a treo of three smaller Glossimers in warm and cool shades, all of which are very pretty. The warm set includes Pin-Up, a beige peach; Coral Reef, a pink beige; and Glow, a bronze peach. The cool set includes Magnifique, a sparkly pink; Glaze, white pink; and Satinette, a pearl pink. I’m leaning towards the warm set, it’s colors are a bit more everyday-wear friendly for me but it’s hard to decide. Isn’t it?

Can you tell I’m in a Chanel phase? smile

A Portal for Healthy Skin

From time to time, I’m approached to spread the word about certain websites. Sometimes they aren’t really relevant here but this time I thought I’d pass it along.

The Healthy Skin Portal The Healthy Skin Portal is a website you can use as a resource to research skin conditions or even treatments you may be considering. Let’s say you wanted to research microdermabrasion and perhaps even find a specialist in your area who could a procedure for you. The Healthy Skin Portal can help you do just that. It even includes average costs of treatments, lengths of procedures, recovery time and even insurance information. Any helpful information is good information and this is an organized skin resource right at your fingertips.

A Patridge in a Pear Tree

When Erika mentioned Kiehl’s now had a pear flavored lipbalm, I picked some up right away but that’s not all I got.

Kiehl's Pear Tree Corner Deluxe Set I also picked up their limited edition Liquid Body Cleanser in Pear. It was a hard decision between this and the Hand Milled Soaps but I’m happy with what I have. The pear scent is amazing, it’s smells so much like a real pear that you can almost imagine biting into a big, juicy, crisp pear. So what did Kiehl’s do? They combined the cleanser, body lotion, a candle, lip balm, hand cream and shampoo all in one set you can give as a gift this holiday. Or you’ll think it smells so good that you’ll just keep it for yourself.

Beauty Duty for 11/13

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Beautiful Nails on a Budget

These days I’m on a budget, and D.I.Y. is becoming my best friend. One of my money-saving projects has been skipping my usual manicure/pedicure and doing the deed myself at home. For a perfect French manicure and pedicure, I tried Nailene’s French Tip Pen Set.

Nailene’s French Tip Pen Set The kit comes with either pink or beige base color (your choice) along with sticky nail guides to allow for an even line, and a clear, strengthening top coat. The best thing about this kit is the white, flat felt-tipped pen. Once you pump the top a couple of times, a thin paint is delivered to the tip allowing you to draw the line, rather than paint it. I really had doubts of my capabilities, especially when it comes to painting those teeny tiny toes. However, I found the kit easy to use and on my first attempt I was left with a very professional-looking French manicure and pedicure at a fraction of what it would have cost to have it done at a salon. The French Tip Pen Set by Nailene is available in most drugstores for about $9.

Chanel's Holiday Collection

We talked about fall’s color collection so now we’ll talk about the holiday color collection and it’s a good one.

4 Camelias de Chanel This gorgeous piece is the 4 Camelias de Chanel. It features four cream lipstick in co-ordinating shades of rose, sheer rose, lustrous white and plum. It’s limited edition so if you’re a collector, pick this up while you can. It’s nothing else, it’s just nice to look at it.

Chanel's Natural Finish Loose Powder Also in this collection is a limited shade of Chanel’s Natural Finish Loose Powder in Merveille. This is a translucent gold shade. I think this is my favorite, I’m in a loose powder phase right now and this one is great because it’s reflective particles do not emphasize lines and it helps disguide imperfections… and right now I have a lot of them.

Chanel's Quadra Eyeshadow It wouldn’t be a collection without a new eyeshadow. This time around Chanel’s Quadra Eyeshadow comes in Radiant Gems and Winter Nights. I haven’t swatched these in person yet but I already have a feeling that I’ll be leaning towards the Winter Nights quad. I can’t wait to see it though.

Chanel's Luminous Satin Lip Color Chanel’s also introduces some new limited shades in it’s Luminous Satin Lip Color line. The new limited edition shades are Garnet Fire, Rubis Siam and Flash Quartz pictured here from left to right. These pictures I’ve taken do not do these shades justice though, check them out next time you’re near a Chanel counter.

Chanel's Les Vernis Nail Color in Delice Last but certainly not least is Chanel’s Les Vernis Nail Color in Dazzling and Delice, Delice is pictured here. Dazzling is described as a true red and Delice as a soft sparkling pink but I’d say this is more of a sparkling nude beige than a pink. It’s a sheer formula so you’ll need to apply a few coats but Delice is worth it, it’s a gorgeous shade.

You can find more on Chanel’s holiday collection here.

Fall Garden Party

I know, I’ve been slacking a little bit but things will get back to normal around here soon and you’ll start hearing about products as they come out. 🙂 You know how sometimes you’re just in a funk? That’s been me for awhile now but things are starting to change.

Thanks to the wonderful Elke, founder of the Beauty Blog Network, I was able to try some of Chanel’s fall collection. You’re thinking, it’s almost winter now but I’m mentally filling this in the “better late than never” category. It’s a gorgeous collection and so let’s take a look at some of my favorite pieces that are still available.

Chanel's Garden Party Eyeshadow Quad Hands down, my most beloved pieces in this collection are the eyeshadow quads Garden Party and Sequoia. Both these quads are still available at Nordstroms so snap them up while you can. Sequoia is more of an everyday color palette for me with peach, brown and beige but Garden Party is fun to play with, with it’s pinks and greens. And as expected, these shadows are soft, rich in pigment and blend well.

Chanel's Lotus Rouge Nail Colour I know Tulipe Noir was highly coveted this year, but I was more interested in Lotus Rouge. It’s a gorgeous blue red and it’s still available online. A gorgeous matching Lotus Rouge lipstick is part of this collection as well so you should snap it up. It’s online but you may want to check with your local counter as well. With a base coat, a couple coats of Lotus Rouge and a top coat, I’ve been wearing this shade for weeks at a time without chipping and loving it.

In case you’re wondering, you can still find many of the limited edition items online at Nordstrom’s including Soft Touch Eyeshadow in Jungle, Silky Eyeshadow Duo in Lotus-Catcus and Soft Pressed Powder in Azalea.

Solid Like a Rock

Whenever I think of this set, I think of Time Life infomercials for their classic rock CD sets. The words “solid like a rock” stay in my head. I normally wouldn’t pick this set up on my own but since I got some Sephora gift cards for my birthday recently, why not?

Bare Escentuals Classic Rock Flawless Diamond Collection At first glance, the Bare Escentuals Classic Rock Flawless Diamond Collection seems like an interesting set. It’s got gloss, eyeshadows, blush, all over color, mascara and brushes all in a faux leather bag. While the bag was a disappointment for me (the color was rubbing off right out of the box!), the rest of the set was not.

I love the brushes in this set, especially the Full Flawless Face brush. It’s big and fluffy, a lot softer than I remember Bare Escentuals brushes being. They also have a cute little faux diamond on the handle. I’m glad I bought the set just for those. The gloss is nice as well with it’s texture and is great to top off a lip stain with. I’ve never tried their eyeshadows until now but it looks good so far. The Classic Rock shade reminds me of Laura Mercier’s Mineral Eye Powder in Milky Way. Only it doesn’t seem as intense or metallic. The only item I’m not so sure of is the dual mascara. It seemed that the glitter in it was just a little too thick but this may mean I just need a little more practice with it.

Overall, I definitely think this Bare Escentuals Classic Rock Flawless Diamond Collection is a set Bare Escentuals fans will love.

Holiday Face Palette

Take a look at the makeup palettes sitting in your collection – odds are there are a bunch of colors that you have worn down to the metal and others which have been barely touched in that same collection.

Laura Mercier's Holiday Face Palette That will not be the case with Laura Mercier’s Face Pallette for Holiday 2007. This palette contains everything you will need to create the perfect party face. Three eye shadows range from smokey, shimmery grey to matte ivory, the best combination for creating a soft, bendable smokey eye. A duo of blushes – one a rosy bronze, the other a beautiful highlighter will flatter most skin tones. Finally, the palette has three lip colors, ranging from striking red to neutral beige. The combinations for the colors are endless; this palette could literally take you from day to night. Laura Mercier offers some of the best quality cosmetics on the market – at $50 this is an excellent deal.