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We're Experiencing Technical Difficulties

What do you get when you have me trying to perform a memory upgrade on my own computer? You get a busted computer. I got a little ambitious over the holiday weekend and tried to install some memory in my computer, I guess I was inspired by the deal I got. smile While I was trying to disconnect everything, I somehow messed up the cord to my monitor (the one that doesn’t come out) and my computer seems to be stuck in DOS mode now. Moral of the story, I’m out of commission for a little while but I’ll be back as soon as I can.

In the meantime, let’s pretend you have the chance to ask a world renowned makeup artist any question you would like. What would you ask? Here’s your chance. We’ll give you more details on this when we’re back in full operating mode but for now, leave a comment and ask a question. You may see you’re question answered here soon.

Hotel Luxury at Home

This weekend, my husband and I took a spontaneous trip out of town to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. The hotel was beautiful and I, of course, beelined for the bathroom to check out the toiletries. They were provided by British luxuries line Gilchrist and Soames. Aside from being adorably tiny (what is it about small versions of regular products that makes them so cute?), the products smelled amazing and were very good quality.

Gilchrist and Soames Chamomile Glycerin Soap I especially liked the Chamomile Glycerin Soap. The scent is clean, slightly citrusy and soothing. The cake of soap works up a smooth lather – and lots of it! After rinsing the lather off, the soap leaves a moisturizing film on your body. This might sound a little suspect, but it’s actually really nice. One of the biggest issues I have with most soaps is that I feel dry after washing with them. Gilchrist and Soames’ glycerin soap feels very healing and moisturizing.

I also really liked the Chamomile Aloe Vera Body Lotion. Scent-wise, it’s a really nice compliment to the glycerin soap. The formula is light, almost of a whipped consistency, as opposed to thick like a body butter. It spreads on evenly and blends into the skin almost instantly. I felt soft and hydrated all day long.

I snagged extra samples of my new favorite Gilchrist and Soames products from the house keeping cart of the hotel on our way out. I’ll be heading to their web site in the future to replenish and pick up full size soaps and lotions. Bonus – every time I use them, I’ll remember our fantastic weekend!

Beauty Duty for 11/20

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Ellen loves the new Calvin Klein MAN fragrance on her hubby. Could this might be the perfect gift for your honey this Holiday?

TheMakeupGirl has a guest blogger – Jolie in NYC! Nadine Haobsh dishes on winter skin while Lianne reads her amazing book.

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Lash Blast

So in my unending quest for the better and best mascara(s), I came across Cover Girl’s latest, Lash Blast Mascara. Besides the great ads with Drew Barrymore splayed all over the place, what really drew me (no pun intended) was the big, bright, orange tube.

Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara The mascara comes with an extra-large, rubber bristled brush and is touted as “a patented volumizing formula” that promises to “max out” lashes for the “ultimate big lash look.”

Well it’s a good mascara, but not great. The brush, being so large, is not the easiest to maneuver and my lashes are not anymore “maxed out” than other volumizing mascaras I have used. The good part though, is that it goes on relatively clump free, removes easily with soap and water and has not smeared on me yet.

For a new, affordable mascara, I would recommend this, but don’t expect miracles.

Sephora Girls

The other day I get an email from my little sister asking me for some eyeliner. Normally, this wouldn’t be an odd request but the thing is, this girl is only 11 years old. I’m not quite ready to start sharing my stash with her but I don’t mind giving her some stuff that is a bit more age appropriate.

Sephora Girls Pearly Lipstick The Sephora Girls line is geared towards the “not quite ready for makeup” set, the girls just on the verge of raiding their big sister’s or mom’s makeup bag. I ordered this Pearly Lipstick for her in Strawberry, a light pearly pink. What’s great about this line is that the products are not overly pigmented, they are all designed to be sheer and they have a nice sweet scent to them. There’s just enough to give lips a bit of a glow. To top it off, isn’t the packaging cute? It’s almost like Hello Kitty and Sephora designed a product line together.

Isn’t it adorable? There’s also Glitter Lipgloss and Flavored Lip Balm. You can see the entire Sephora Girls line here. There are some great gifts for the younger gals on your list.

Heavy Metal X

Not only do you have The Stylistics to look forward to on November 21st but the Metal X collection will also be released on that day. It features 9 all new cream shadows and 5 glitter eyeliners.

MAC Cosmetics Metal X I haven’t gotten my hands on this collection yet but I’m hoping that these new cream shadows will be like Paint Pots only with a more intense metallic look, we’ll just have to wait and see though. I’m imagining that they will be what Cream Color Bases should have been; multi-purpose eyeshadows without the sticky finish. These cream eyeshadows feature a new combination of waxes that help them go on smoothly and blend well so they can be used anywhere. Shades include:

  • Virgin Silver: white with silver pearl.
  • Pure Ore: metallic green gold.
  • Goldspice: metallic coppery gold.
  • Fusion Gold: light pinky beige with gold pearl.
  • Pink Ingot: mid-tone blue pink with gold pearl.
  • Metalblu: navy blue with silvery pearl.
  • Cyber: metallic silver with silver pearl.
  • 6th Sin: forest green with silver pearl.
  • Plum Electric: deep purple with red pearl.

MAC Cosmetics Metal X I’m thinking that I may need to add a few of these to my wishlist! As for the glitter eyeliners, the colors remind me of the previous incarnations of glitter liners. Judging by the pictures the shades seem pretty similar to shades like Saucepot, Silverspun or Glamour Gold but we’ll have to wait and see on that as well. Shades include:

  • Blitzed: yellow gold with multicolour glitter.
  • Wonderwhite: silvery white with multicolour glitter.
  • Enbronze: deep brown with multicolour glitter.
  • Pewterpink: blue purple with multicolour glitter.
  • Lime Dandy: mid-tone yellow green with green glitter.

For those of us in the US, isn’t this a great way to ring in the holiday weekend?

Presenting the Stylistics

It sounds like the name of a band but MAC Cosmetics Stylistics collection is a very luxe release. Remember last year’s Couture collection? The Stylistics is this year’s higher end product line with distribution limited to MAC freestanding stores only. I love the vibe this collection has, a very stylish and hip design… if I drank I’d be putting on my party dress on and toasting martinis.

MAC Cosmetics The Stylistics Collection
(click image to enlarge)

This collection includes 4 lipsticks in In Vogue, Soft Pout, Stylistic and The Scene, 4 glosses in Coversational, Witty, Tastemaker and Hyperchic, pressed powder in Solitaire, Warm Ice, Pave and Fashionette, mystery powder in Model Chic, Lighthearted and Dark Secret, 3 special edition brushes (316, 224 and 129), a gorgeous Stylistics clutch and Air of Style scent concentrate.

If last years collection was any indication, this collection is going to be amazing. As a lover of all things highlighting, I’m really looking forward to the Sheerspark Pressed Powders but I’m also very intrigued by the Sheer Mystery Powders and Air of Style. MV1 is my favorite MAC fragrance but with notes of white pepper, dates, tuberose, orange flower, jasmine, precious woods, leather, vetiver, amber crystals, ylang ylang and orris, this will be interesting.

You can find The Stylistics in stores on November 21st or head down to your local store to reserve yours now. Once these are gone, they are gone.

Made of Beauty

As of today, you can also find MAC’s Of Beauty collection now in stores. This collection features new Loose Beauty Powders and comeback of their Studio Lights.

MAC Cosmetics Of Beauty
(click to enlarge)

I am all giddy with excitement with this release. Anytime a product description mentions the word “pearlescent”, I am all over it. That’s exactly what this loose powder has been described as… a “pearlescent loose powder that provides a sheer, lightly reflective, shimmering iridescent finish to the skin.” I’m sold, but it doesn’t take much for me these days. smile You can use this powder on eyes and cheeks and it should have a light feel to it. This powder comes in:

  • Dancing Light: creamy gold with white gold reflect.
  • Drizzlegold: fleshy beige with copper and gold reflect.
  • Natural Flare: peachy champagne with white and gold reflect.
  • Sunspill: coral peach with white and gold reflect.
  • Tenderdusk: soft pink with red and gold reflect.
  • Soft Flame: rich plum with reddish copper reflect.

Studio Lights are not pearlescent but they do have some light reflective properties in them. First introduced with the Catherine Deneuve Icon collection, this limited edition product is not a concealer (although some can get away with using the product that way). It doesn’t have as much pigment as a concealer so it’s more of a sheer highlighter you can use to brighten your eyes and other parts of your face as well as contour. It’s even drawn comparisons to the infamous Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat.