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Ahhh Ahava

My skin has been at its absolute driest lately, which calls for mega doses of exfoliation and lotion. The lotion part, I have no problem with. Exfoliation, though, is another story – slathering my body in oily, coarse salt scrubs in the shower is so unappealing. I also usually spill half the container of scrub in the shower, making the floor slippery and downright dangerous. Which is why I fell in love with Ahava’s luscious Butter Salt from their Pure Spa line.

Ahava's Uplifting Butter Salt Ahava’s body scrub is completely different for several reasons. It comes in a hearty tub, and the product is dry – no runny oils and slipper salts. Instead, dig your fingers into the tub and pull out a handful of solid product. Wet it lightly and begin to rub into your skin. The Butter Salt begins to melt and slide over your skin, moisturizing and exfoliating at once. The scent is soothing – Mandarin and Cedarwood – and clings lightly to the skin. By the time your scrubbing is complete, the product has evolved into a lotion consistency, sealing in moisture.

Ahava’s product line is based on the healing and anti-aging benefits of natural ingredients pulled from the Dead Sea. If you’ve never explored this line, check it out an Ulta near you.

L'Occitane Thinks Pink

From one hand cream to the next… this one’s for a good cause though.

L'Occitane's Shea Butter Hand Cream This year L’Occitane is donating $20,000 to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for the cure for breast cancer. You can show your support by picking up their best selling Shea Butter Hand Cream. During the month of October, the Limited Edition Pink Shea Butter Hand Cream has replaced the regular Shea Butter Hand Cream and this is only available this month.

It’s best selling for a reason, it’s a fantastic thick hand cream that smells amazing. It features honey and sweet almond extract and jasmine and ylang-ylang essences. Even though I like a thinner consistency, this scent keeps me coming back to it. It’s what I use when I really need to give my hands a treat.

Shake My Hand

I’m a collector, when I see something in a new line of products, I pick it up even though I have no need for it. Soap and Glory’s Great Shakes Hand Creme is a fine example of this. I saw some at Target one day and couldn’t help myself even though I’m perfectly happy with my hand cream.

Soap and Glory's Great Shakes Hand Cream If you like your hand cream on the thicker side, you’ll like this product. It doesn’t absorb as quickly as I’d like it to, it takes a little bit but once it does, your hands will feel incredibly soft. I marveled at how soft my hands really were. It doesn’t leave a greasy residue on your hands either. As an added bonus, my hands remained moisturized after a little hand washing. Just like the line’s bubble bath, this hand cream shares the same scent. It’s a combination of bergamot, strawberries, manadarin, musk, amber and warm vanilla.

The product actually claims repeated use should bring visible reduction in dehydration related lines and wrinkles but I haven’t been using this consistently enough to attest to the claim. If you have, please let us know though.

We Wish You Wealth

It’s the season of the palette and Tarte has yet another limited edition palette in available only at Sephora.

Tarte's We Wish You Wealth Palette Tarte’s all new We Wish You Wealth palette is packed with products. It includes 16 new eyeshadows, 16 new lipglosses, 4 gel eyeliners, 4 new cheek stains, 3 lip sheers, primer, luminizer and mini brushes to help you use all of these products. You have endless combinations here right in one palette. I think I’m adding this to my wishlist.

And while you’re coveting this palette, set up a reminder to watch Tarte’s Maureen Kelly on QVC this Saturday at 7pm EST. She’s fun to watch!

It's All Good

Redken's All Soft Velvet Whip Treatment I know a lot of blogs are expected to review the hottest new thing on the market, but lets face it, sometimes the best products are those that are tried and true classics.

Case in point – Redken’s All Soft Velvet Whip Thermal Softening Treatment. I have been using this product as a daily conditioner on my fried ends with good results. I recently decided to follow the directions (for once) and apply after towel drying then leave on for 15 minutes. Boy, did I see results. I woke up today with silky soft strands. Styling was a breeze this morning, and my hair feels like it did before I discovered hairspray and blow dryers.

Wash Up

I’ll admit I’m guilty. Time and time again, I don’t remove my makeup before going to bed if I was sleeping at my boyfriend’s house. I promise I won’t do it again since I found these Basis So Refreshing Cleansing Cloths.

Basis Facial Cleansing Cloths I like the idea of pre-moistened cloths that provide a sink, water and soap in one convenient package, however these cloths take it one notch up. They are individually wrapped, which allows you to keep a supply anywhere you should need it. Unlike other packaged wipes, these won’t leak in your purse. They also won’t dry up by the time you get to the second half of your supply (as I’ve had happen in the past). Basis So Fresh Cleansing Cloths actually did a good job of removing my makeup and eye makeup, without irritating my skin. The cloths are sizable and contain beneficial natural ingredients like aloe, chamomile, and green tea. The scent is very fresh and crisp and lingers on your skin in just the slightest way.

Now there’s no more excuses to wash up.

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Ooh La La, Bourjois

There’s just something about French cosmetics that’s alluring and intriguing. Smart French women use products from the Bourjois line. Coincidentally, Bourjois is created in the same factory as Chanel’s makeup line – meaning the products and packaging might be different, but the quality is similar.

Burjois Effet Lumiere Eyeshadow Trio I was drawn to the Bourjois display at my local Ulta (also available at Sephora) because there was row after row of brightly colored, cute little pots of color. I picked through pot after pot of eye shadow, easily knowing what color I was picking up because the outside package is the same color as what’s inside!

I decided to create an evening look and chose Effet Lumiere in Argents #46, a trio of white, silver and gunmetal shadows. My smudgy, sexy look-at-me eyes lasted all night, no smudging or wearing off. The shadows contain a slight amount of shimmer to them which made my eyes glow- and not in that Vegas show girl kind of way. Everything in the product range is well priced- around $15 average – so I feel like I’m getting my money’s worth and then some.

The Royal Gloss Treatment

I have always loved Benefit’s clever products and punchy packaging. “Her Glossiness” the A-List Lip Gloss Set does not disappoint in those categories.

Benefit's Her Glossiness Set The set includes 3 full size wands of lip gloss that are dual-sided, giving you 6 different colors to choose from. The range of colors is pretty broad. From neon pink (“Who Are You Wearing?), to iridescent lilac (“Talk to My Agent”), everyone is sure to find a fave. Although the colors look bright in the tube, once applied a sheer wash of color is achieved. This makes them that much more wearable on everyone, no matter what your skin tone or lip color. My pick? “Next Question Please”, a shimmery brick red. The glosses wear well, and are pretty long-lasting without that sticky, “Did I just eat glue?” feeling. I love the fact that they have two sides. I will be mixing and matching my combinations then planting one in my purse, one at work, one in the car…

Playing with Cat Eyes

Since one of the most popular looks at the Fall fashion shows was the cat eye, I was very excited to try and emulate the look for myself. This is usually created by using a heavy liquid eyeliner, which most of the cosmetic companies out there make. Unfortunately I have found them to be messy, hard to apply and always get a nice glob of it in my eye, so I have tended to stay away from them. But since the fashion shows brought back the look, new formulas popped up on the market and I eagerly bought them up to try:

L'Oreal Mistake Proof Marker L’Oreal Mistake-Proof Marker gives you the choice to design a soft or dramatic liner look for your eyes. It comes with an exclusive slanted applicator. The flow is supposedly controlled and continuous, so you can easily follow the contour of the eye. Unfortunately, I did not find this the case. It was very hard on the eyelid in terms of drawing the actual line and the marker tip itself was not very soft. The line was not easily a continuous one, it came out choppy if you weren’t careful. You have to make sure to pull the eye taut to make a nice line, but this was very difficult to use, and since it is liquid, it was very hard to erase the mistakes that inevitably were all over my eyes. On the upside, if you get the hang of this liner, it is all day wear, water resistant and won’t smudge or fade.

Cover Girl LineExact Liquid Liner Pen The next liner I tried was the Cover Girl LineExact Liquid Liner Pen. After L’oreal didn’t go as well as I thought, I bought this one, determined to get the look down. This is a felt –tip liner in an easy to hold mini tube. Cover Girls’ version is hands down much easier to apply and the applicator is very soft and feels nice on the eyelid. To get a dark look, you might have to go over the line a couple times, as it applies a bit on the lighter side, but better light than too much right? This pen was definitely much more user-friendly than the L’Oreal one.

Bottom line is that I am usually very good about my makeup application. However, this look evades me. You must have steady hands and a good grasp of the application process. For some reason, I cannot get my line straight at all. Just remember, if you are going for this look, please keep the rest of the makeup easy and light, so your eyes are the only thing that stand out.