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Hog Wash

I have not used a bar of soap to bathe with in what seems like years. Too messy, not moisturizing enough, etc. So when I received this bar of soap from Howling Pig, I put my boyfriend on the mission to test it out (after all, he is the bar soap king). He smelled so yummy after using it, that I had to take a stab at it.

Howling Pig Smelly Soap in Sandalwood Howling Pig Smelly Soap is made from a 100% natural soap base. It contains no detergents, alcohol or sugar. This concludes me to believe that it isn’t as drying as other soap bars tend to be. After a couple of uses though, my skin still needed to be moisturized with a lotion (which are available on their website too). Although my skin wasn’t as tight and dry feeling, I am not sure I would give up my not so drying body wash and switch to bar soap. What I would do though, is display them in a guest bathroom because they are very cute and smell delish! I tried the sandlewood scent, which gives off a sweet, woodsy, sensual aroma and it stayed on forever. I would also use them as gifts for friends, host/hostess treats and the like.

Easy On The Eyes

Jane Iredale's PureLash Mascara This summer I spent several weekends in the Poconos enduring itchy, watery eyes and countless sneezes. I switched from my usual mascara to Jane Iredale’s PureLash Mascara in Agate Brown. I found that it was the perfect fix for my sensitive eyes. PureLash is very gentle, has no scent and is non-irritating. It wore pretty well throughout the day, never needing to be reapplied. Like the website promises, it didn’t flake or smear and held up during my worst sneezing fits. In addition, I found that it was very easy to remove, unlike other waterproof mascaras. PureLash’s formula is very glossy and quite lengthening as well. This is a must have for a natural lashes look that you can count on.

Piaffe Color

I recently told you about a product range called Piaffe, which is a term used within the equestrian world. I loved the Pure Indulgence Moisturizer and couldn’t wait to try out a few products from the makeup line. Mineral makeup is fairly ubiquitous and Piaffe has it’s own range of mineral products – liquid tint, pressed powder and loose powder.

Piaffe's Mineral Loose Powder Foundation I’m a religious user of one of the top brands of loose mineral makeup and I knew that Piaffe would have to knock my socks off to get me to switch allegiance. I decided to spend a couple of days wearing my everyday mineral makeup on one side of my face and the Piaffe’s Mineral Loose Powder Foundation on the other.

Piaffe’s coverage is a little more sheer than other brands on the market, which is great if you have very few skin imperfections. For those times when you do need more coverage, the brand suggests you swipe the loose powder over cream foundation. (I didn’t try that trick out, so I can’t speak to its effectiveness.) The formula felt very lightweight and didn’t become chalky as the day wore on. And with an SPF of 8, it’s a good layer of protection for your skin.

One downside of Piaffe’s loose mineral powder is that it’s only available in 4 shades, all of which seem to have pink undertones instead of yellow undertones. Yellow-based shades are commonly acknowledged as more universally wearable by a wider range of skin tones. Pink-based shades can look a little ashy or unnatural. However,if you can make a color match for your skin tone, I would definitely reccomend trying Piaffe’s mineral makeup. Next up – Piaffe Super Gloss!

I'm Nuts for this Perfume

Kaponga Creme de Parfum no.9 Need to be reminded of your last vacation in the Bahamas? Make sure you have Kaponga Crème de Parfum Nuts in No. 9 at arms reach. Nuts No. 9 is a solid perfume, housed in an adorable little nut-shaped container made of wood. Unlike most perfumes, this solid is set in sweet almond oil and beeswax, which means that it is very moisturizing unlike alcohol and ethanol which are main ingredients of most fragrances. Notes of fresh melon and coconut are vibrant when first applied, yet the dry down is a clean vanilla scent.

The perfume concentration in this “nut” is high at over 20% (most EDT’s are 8-15%). Therefore, the scent will last you longer without having to reapply. Usually I am turned off by overtly tropical concoctions but Nuts No. 9 is actually very subtle and easy to wear. I love the convenience in the packaging and the fact that one application brings me back to paradise minus the expense of a plane ticket.

Glitter to Go

The only time I usually will wear any type of glitter is when I am in Las Vegas, because as we all know, anything goes there. Otherwise, I am not a huge glitter girl.

NYX Cosmetics Glitter on the Go NYX Cosmetics has a line of Glitter called, Glitter on the Go. It is a small cube of loose glitter that comes in a myriad of pretty colors. I tried out the Fuschia color. I put a bit on my arms and décolletage on a very daring night out in the LA area. The glitter stayed well put and added a cool sheen to my body.

The only gripe I would have is the bottle and the way it is packaged. It is not very user friendly in that the glitter is loose and gets everywhere. But for the miniscule price of $5.00/bottle, you can’t complain too much. You can apply it to your hair, face and body. NYX cosmetics are made for the girl who loves to rule the night life. Contrary to their initials, NYX cosmetics are Los Angeles based and are quality products at affordable prices.

Katherine Heigl Has it Down

Katherine Heigl at the Emmy's Katherine Heigl hasn’t been a fixture at these types of events for long but in this short amount of time, she’s become the one to watch. Her hair, makeup and dresses have all of us talking. Last night she looked exquisite and was my favorite star of the evening. So what was she wearing? Katherine chose a fishtail Zac Posen gown, a Mary Norton clutch and classic red lip look for her makeup.

So what shades did she wear? Chanel makeup artist Monika Blunder set out to create a look inspired by “Old Hollywood Glamour with a modern twist.” She used:

I know my fellow beauty bloggers are already talking about Katherine and how gorgeous she looked so I might as well do it too.

Photo Credit: Mathew Imaging/FilmMagic as seen on

Make Your Lips Shine with 24K Gold

Benefit's24K Sexy Gold Lipgloss At first, it was really easy to overlook Benefit’s 24K Sexy Gold lipgloss. I wasn’t sure how this lipgloss would fit into my everyday usage… until I actually took a moment to read the product’s description:

“This glistening-gold gloss brushes on a sheer veil of treasured color – wear it alone or over lipstick for a subtle sexy sheen.”

Hmm, I hadn’t thought of that… In the name of research, I bought it and tucked it away in my purse. Last week, I finally gave it a try. It was my first day at my new job and I was in a hurry so I pulled this out. I instantly loved the results. I put it over Bourjois Lip Stain pen in Praline Dis-moi Oui 4 and I had pinkish brown lips with just a touch of golden shimmer. It’s the same formula as the Her Glossiness lipglosses, which I enjoy so no complaints there. The gold in this lipgloss was not overpowering and I’ve had a lot of fun teaming this product up with some of my favorite matte lipcolors, it’s a great way to jazz up those matte shades.

A Delightful Fragrance

Estee Lauder Pleasures Delight Estee’ Lauder has long been a pioneer in women’s fragrance. Since the inception of the original Estee’ trademark, Youth Dew, the company has focused on creating signature scents for every woman. One of the most popular has been Pleasures, a fresh clean fragrance that evokes images of clean laundry hanging outside on a spring day. It’s gained something of a cult following and Estee Lauder has launched three additional perfumes based on the original Pleasures, among them Pleasures Delight.

Pleasures Delight
is a very womanly scent: sensual floral notes of freesia, heliotrope, white peony and lily blended with warm, musky base notes of caramel, vanilla and patchouli. I would recommend a few spritzes of Pleasures Delight for an evening out- to the theater, a late dinner, or drinks in a dark corner of a pub. It’s got that kind of mysterious, sexy feel to it.

Perfect Lip Color

Piaffe Perfect Lip Color
As I am on the lip color kick, a new lipstick warrants a review. Piaffe Perfect Lip Color, is a new lipstick that I was sent. I am not familiar with Piaffe’s products, but was pleasantly surprised upon trying this product. Nothing too complicated going on here, just a luxurious feeling lipstick that had exceptionally good staying power.

The lipstick comes in this simple, dark chrome tube that looks great when pulled out to reapply in any situation. The color goes on creamy and is extremely moisturizing, making my lips feel like cashmere. The lipstick has a slight odor that is familiar to a lot of drugstore brands out there, but goes away and is unnoticeable after some time. You can visit for more information.

Love Gloss

There are numerous types of lip glosses out on the market. For the most part, I have been loyal to MAC. But lo and behold, Jane Iredale PureGloss for Lips might make me a convert. Jane Irredale is known for their mineral based line of makeup. I am a huge fan of mineral based foundations, so was very excited to use this product.

Jane Iredale PureGloss First off, this gloss comes in the cutest and easiest to apply tube. My favorite part is the great applicator that it comes with. It is a sponge tipped one that makes the gloss glide on perfectly and evenly. The gloss goes on creamy and does not feel sticky or tacky when worn. It has nice staying power as well, lasting a good couple of hours, even through a meal. PureGloss also has a slight tingly minty flavor that is not over powering and annoying like some of the mint flavored glosses tend to be.

The color I used was Cotton Candy, which, by just looking at the tube doesn’t appear so great, but when applied is a beautiful color. It is a soft coral/pink color with a hint of shimmer that makes the lips look shiny and full. All in all, this is a great new addition to my ever growing lipgloss collection.