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Silky, Long Lasting Shadow

I’ve never given much thought to powder eye shadow. I know that some stay on longer than others, some have more pigment or create different effects but I really thought it was all kind of the same. Until now. I was poking around Macy’s, vaguely scanning the makeup counters for something new and different. I found it at Shiseido.

Shiseido's TheMakeup Eyeshadow Quad Among all the beachy, bronzey, summer shimmer looks at every other counter, Shiseido’s collection of sorta wacky, very dramatic colors drew me in. Throwing caution (and my usual selection of brownish nude tones) to the wind, I dove into a compact of The Makeup Silky Eye Shadow Quad called Flora and Fauna. The colors seemed unwearable: dark forest green, pale lime green, buttercup yellow and peachy pink. I grabbed an applicator and dug it right into the palette – kicking up the creamiest powder shadow ever! The formula is so incredibly silky that my usual stroke across the pan pulled up more color than I’d wear in a week.

I tapped off the excess and began to apply the yellow shade over my entire eyelid. I couldn’t stop sweeping the applicator over my eyelid – it felt so good! I slid the dark green into the crease, the peachy pink right above it and used the light green to highlight my brow bone. The effect was not at all dramatic, just very pretty and wearable. And wearable it was! The shadows did not budge. Not even a little. Throughout the day, I would swipe a finger across my eyelids just to marvel at the lasting silkiness.

The Makeup Silky Eye Shadow Quad’s summer and core collections are still in stores, but look for their fall collection to hit shelves any moment.

It's OK to Play in the Dark

Clinique's Play in the Darks Fall Collection Clinique’s new fall collection is titled “Play in the Darks” and it’s rich with color. This collection includes new and limited Colour Surge eyeshadow trios (which we love) in gorgeous colors, an assortment of mascaras for all your lash needs, cream eyeliner and best of all, new limited edition Almost Lipstick shades. You can see the entire collection here.

The eyeshadows are just beautiful. The trios include Black Truffle (Limited Edition), Crème Brulée (Limited Edition), Totally Neutral, Blushing Nude, Ebb and Flow and Come Heather. The Ebb and Flow and Come Heather trios are part of the violet family but all of these other trios are right up my alley.. gorgeous wearable shades that you can wear to work and mix to create a great evening look. You can find them all here.

Clinique's Almost Lipstick I was most excited about the Almost Lipstick part of this collection. It introduced new shades such as Black Raisin, Black Raspberry and Black Plum. I’ve been wearing Black Plum almost non-stop since I got it. Like many people, since this is a iconic beauty product, I love this product in Black Honey and I was very happy to see new shades in this collection. However, they won’t stick around so stock up on this while you can, that’s what I will be doing. smiley face

A Good- for-You Glow

A month ago, I wrote about my discovery of and admiration for the Physician’s Formula brand of makeup. I tried and love their Mineral Wear Matte Finishing Veil. Now, I’ve tried and love their Powder Palette Multi-colored Blush.

Physicians Formula Powder Palette Multi-colored Blush The blush is a mosaic of colors, complementary hues that blend together to create a glowing wash of color with just a hint of shimmer. I tried Blushing Peach and used it as a finishing powder over the rest of my makeup. After swiping my blush brush across the pan of color, I tapped off the excess and then dusted it across my forehead, down the center of my nose, over the cheek bones and across my chin. The effect was subtle, yet slightly ethereal. It looked as though my skin had been air-brushed – how fabulous!

To see what other effect the blush could provide, I had a friend use the same shade to define her cheekbones. It took several passes over the palette and a couple of swipes under the cheekbones to build up enough color to make her cheekbones pop. But she said that despite the amount of blush used, it didn’t feel chalky or heavy on her face. And her skin looked luminous! Must be that fine Italian talc Physician’s Formula packed into the product.

In addition to the blush’s formula, I love the travel-friendly packaging. The slim compact of blush rests on a flip-top compartment that houses a mirror and a brush.

As with all of the Physician’s Formula products, the Powder Palette Multi-colored Blush is hypoallergenic, fragrance free, oil free, and dermatologist approved – perfect for every type of skin.

Introducing Arrojo Haircare

Everytime I watch TLC’s What Not to Wear, I come away with the same thought: I want Nick Arrojo to do my hair. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him do a head of hair that I did not like. Naturally, when the opportunity arose to try his new line of haircare products, it was a no brainer.

Arrojo Moisturizing Shampoo Arrojo’s Moisturizing Shampoo is my new favorite shampoo. It’s texture is a little on the thick side, which can make it a bit tough to distribute evenly. But once you do, it forms a really nice lather. It leaves my hair feeling incredibly soft, I almost felt the need to skip conditioner completely. Another thing I loved about this shampoo is how delicate the fragrance is, it won’t interfere with whatever perfume you decide to wear that day. It does smell really good though, it has a fresh red berry musk scent.

Arrojo Moisturizing Conditioner As for Arrojo’s Moisturizing Conditioner, I really liked this as well. The consistency had me wondering if this product would do the job but my doubts were quickly put to rest when I applied it to my hair. The consistency is almost that of hand creme but it does a terrific job of conditioning hair and complimenting the shampoo with the same soft scent. I loved that my hair wasn’t weighed down at all, it left it feeling soft and looking very polished. This is a conditioner you can use daily or once a week as a treatment.

Both products are safe for color treated hair and are formulated with anti-oxidants and essential minerals that binds moisture to the hair shaft. Best of all, these products are very comparably priced at $12 for the shampoo and $14 for conditioner. You can find these products online, Arrojo studio in SoHO or at Space NK in New York.

Lipstick Rave

This is not exactly a “new” product, but I just have to rave about this new lipstick I recently came across. It is by Smashbox, called Photo Finish Lipstick With Sila-Silk Technology. In layman’s terms, its a great lipstick. One of the few I felt the need to actually write and tell people about.

Smashbox Photo Finish Lipstick This lipstick goes on perfectly and feels incredibly soft. It doesn’t sink into the creases and if your lips are a bit chapped or flaky, it just covers it nicely. Its very luxe and velvety feel along with a slight hint of fragrance that isn’t too over-powering. It has something called Sila-Silk technology in it which is suppossed to impart that “plush feel and full moist finish” to lips. Whatever it is called, it works. Lips feel great, smooth and the color lasts for a while. The color I am currently loving is called Elegant (sheer finish), which is a great nude color that looks good with a smoky eye. They have three finishes – a cream, sheer and shimmer one. It’s $22 and you can find it at

Beam of Light

Rimmel Light Beam Lipgloss Rimmel has come out with a genious new lipgloss, Light Beam Lipgloss as part of their Underground collection. What is great about this lipgloss is that it features a mirror on the side of the vial and a light beam, right in the corner of the cap. No more trying to re-apply light gloss without proper light, this time the light it built right in. Packaging aside though, this lipgloss really has a great texture. It goes on smooth and isn’t tacky. It kept my lips soft the whole time, it felt like more of a lip balm than a gloss. The colors may look a little startling but give the shades a try, they are quite sheer once you put them on.

Healthy Couture

Tarte Natural Beauty Cheek Stain Tarte’s fall collection is named Health Couture because healthy skin is always in fashion. In August, Tarte is releasing an all natural version of their infamous cheek stains, a new collaboration with Borba and a fantastic palette. This stain is named Natural Beauty and it contains an antioxidant blend that includes blackberry, goji, acai, cranberry, pomegranate and currant. It has a natural scent derived from Cassis leaves and it also contains natural waxes and oils moisturize and hydrate skin. It’s preservative free and does not contain artificial coloring so this gives your skin a natural, sheer berry flush.

Tarte Inside Out Lipstick Move over lipgloss, Inside Out Lipstick is here. Just like the lipgloss, this lipstick feature’s Borba’s nutraceuticals so it’s actually good for you. It features Jojoba, shea butter and beeswax to moisturize lips, grape seed extract and vitamin C to accelerate production of natural elastin and a variety of other ingredients to soothes skin, strengthen capillary walls, reduce epidermal irritation and enhance skin’s clarity and radiance.

It comes in three shades: Sweet Dreams (dusty pink-rose), Zen (plum-berry) and Revive (true red). Also, a portion of the proceeds of the sales of Sweet Dreams will go to the Young Survival Coalition.

Tarte Ready to Wear Palette Inspired by New York and Paris Fashion Weeks, this new palette give you everything you need this fall. Wrapped in faux-croc, this palette features products to achieve two distinct looks including eyeshadow, lipstick and blush. It also includes a mini mascara, two mini eye brushes and a nude-pink eyeliner.

I Love New York features muted pink beige and muted peach-beige lipsticks, warm honey-peach blush and soft-shimmery bone, shimmery olive and deep-shimmery moss eyeshadows. Paris, Mon Amour features warm burgundy rose and currant red lipsticks, a rose coral blush and soft-shimmery pink, shimmery grey-purple and shimmery deep plum eyeshadows.

Lips in 3D

One of the newest releases coming to MAC Cosmetic counters everywhere tomorrow is their MAC in 3D collection. This is a collection of 12 highly reflective lipglosses and 9 co-ordinating lip pencils. The lipgloss features a combination of Xirona pearls and extreme glass shine gives lips a three dimensional look. It also contains vitamin A, C and E moisturize lips. The co-ordinating pencils were made specifically MAC lipgloss and helps complete the glossy effect. You can order these now on or buy them in person in stores tomorrow. Here’s a look at the collection:

MAC in 3D
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