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All About Eyes

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t do a lot of online shopping, you can add shopping from TV to the list of things I don’t usually do. I did make an exception recently though, I ordered a few things from QVC on their EasyPay anniversary. One of the things I got was Mally’s Beauty All About Eyes set. I was prepared to be disappointed with what I received but luckily, I was not.

Mally Beauty's All About Eyes set This set includes an eyeshadow palette with 3 shadows and a base, a double ended mascara, a double ended eyeliner with 2 shades, 3 brushes and a double ended eye brightening powder and pencil. I expected to receive a very flimsy set of products but I was very surprised at the quality of everything I received. The brushes impressed me the most, the bristles are very soft and and the body is very sturdy. I have to admit that I now have a crush on Mally’s crease brush.

As for the lasting power of these products, this has been good as well. It’s been warm and humid lately and I’ve come home at the end of an 8 hour day to see the color’s still there. The color in the crease did fade but I blame that on my super duper crease inducing lids. A little bit of prep with a different product would probably do the trick. The lightening wand has been quite handy. The other side is a liner that works really well as a nude liner to correct little things here and there. The wider end of the mascara has been fun to use as well. Mally call’s this the lash finder because it finds even the tiniest lashes.

I’ve been having a lot of fun with this set lately and this has made me think twice about shopping on TV. These tweezers might be next. Mally Beauty products are sold exclusively on QVC.

Friction is Good

We all know that Tarte has the multi-tasking thing down. Here’s another product for your beauty product arsenal.

Tarte FRXtion Tarte’s FRXtion is a lip balm and exfoliator in one with a little mirror to boot. On one side, you have a lip balm with jojoba and vitamin E to help condition lips. This lip balm is great, I only wish there was more of it so I could use it all the time… I tend to use it only when I’m exfoliating my lips so I use the product up evenly. The other side exfoliates with brown sugar to give you smooth lips. If you apply the lip balm on first, exfoliating your lips with the brown sugar side is more effective. As for the mirror, it’s conveniently built in to the lid so that it flips up when the lid is off.

This product also earned Tarte two awards. This year the product won a CEW Beauty Insider’s Award for lip treatments under $14 and a ICMAD CITY award for the Color Cosmetic Package Design Innovation. Need I say more?

Petite Simply Chic

Trish McEvoy Petite Simply Chic Palette I haven’t spent a lot of time playing with Trish McEvoy’s line but this cute little palette caught my eye, it’s her Petite Simply Chic palette. It features 4 lip colors on top and a mineral powder, a blush and two eyeshadows on the bottom. The colors are gorgeous. This could be a great palette to take with you to work and it’s designed to fit in Trish McEvoy’s Portable Beauty Brush set. You can pre-order this palette now. Note to self, explore this line a little more. 🙂

Long Lush Lashes

I am a mascara addict. I try every new one that comes out in the market – therefore, I have yet to remain loyal to one because there is always a new one coming out! So, during one of my favorite trips to the Target makeup section, I came across a new Rimmel Mascara, called Lycra Lash Extender. Being a fan of Rimmel’s Eye Magnifier Eye Opening Mascara, I was excited and ready to try this one.

Rimmel Lycra Lash Mascara Lycra Lash Extender promises 60% more length and 50% more curve. This mascara contains lycra (hence the name) – yes the same lycra that makes our jeans fit so great. This mascara definitely delivers. I have very sparse, short lashes and this one gives the illusion of fake, long lashes. I like to put on multiple coats, but even after just 2 coats, you will see the difference. My lashes remained soft, not hard and flaky throughout the night – but most importantly Longer and Thicker. The brush is called a “stretching” brush, but looks like a normal mascara brush to me, yet is very comfortable to hold. This mascara comes in black and brown. I always pick a black shade and this one was not overpowering at all. All in all a good new mascara to add to the collection.

Philosophy Deluxe

Philosophy's Nordstrom Exclusives Sometimes it seems that I cannot get enough of Philosophy’s Amazing Grace so it’s a good thing Nordstrom’s has these 32oz. shower gels and body emulsion as part of their anniversary… I’d rather pick them up instead of ordering them through QVC, being the non-internet shopper that I am. smile I certainly plan on stocking up once this hits stores. You can also get a deluxe 32oz. Purity Made Simple and a 4oz. Hope in a Jar moisturizer. You can pre-order all of this now.

Femme and Chic

Lancome Color Design Palettes Lancome is releasing two all new palettes for Nordstrom’s as well. One is an assortment of cool shadows named Femme Feline and the other is an assortment of warm shadows named Cheetah Chic. The Color Design eyeshadow really have a great texture and pigmentation to them and these palettes feature some interesting shades. You can pre-order Cheetah Chic and Femme Feline now.

The Doctor is In

The Physicians Formula brand of cosmetics has long confused me. I just didn’t get it – the name, the un-glamourous packaging, the cheeky advertisements featuring vacant-eyed Donna Reed/Barbie models, the weird-looking mosaic powders. I couldn’t help noticing, though, how the section of Physicians Formula at Target and Ulta has steadily grown over the years, commanding more and more space amongst the other beauty brands. Obviously, someone is getting it!

Physician's Formula Mineral Wear Matte Finishing Veil I decided to stop avoiding Physicians Formula and dive in to the products, which I reasoned would tell me everything I need to know about the brand. I picked up the Talc-Free Mineral Wear Matte Finishing Veil, Talc-Free Mineral Wear Mineral Foundation and Powder Palette Multi-colored Blush.

The Mineral Wear Matte Finishing Veil is absolutely ingenious, especially compared with what other brands are doing around this same concept. I’ve always struggled with the messy nature of mineral makeup, but Physicians has packaged theirs in a portable tube of powder attached to a brush. The powder flows into the brush when tipped upside down and applies like a dream. The brush is topped with a cap featuring a mirror – so smart! The mineral veil doesn’t alter the rest of my makeup; it provides a sheer, silky finishing touch. My skin looks flawless (which it isn’t) and polished.

Reviews to come on Physicians Formula Talc-Free Mineral Wear Mineral Foundation and Powder Palette Multi-colored Blush. In the meantime, I’ll be obsessively dusting on Matte Finishing Veil.

Beauty on the Go

Bare Escentuals Beauty on the Go I’ve started using Bare Escentuals more often now and one thing I’ve come to realize is that I’d love a more portable solution for this product so I can touch up as needed. While it doesn’t have the portability of Sheer Cover, this Beauty on the Go Deluxe Nordstrom’s Exclusive set peaked my interest. It includes an extra large mineral veil and a refillable mirror compact with a cute little bag. I pre-ordered this item, who knows… maybe I’ll like having the mirror more than having the product already in a brush. You can pre-order this item now.

Highlight and Blush

NARS Highlighting Blush Duo NARS is also releasing an exclusive product for the Nordstrom’s anniversary sale. This product is a new product that combines Albatross highlighting blush and the infamous Orgasm blush all in one duo compact. I happen to think that this will be a great, handy duo to have in your makeup bag, Orgasm is well known as a universally flattering blush and Albatross is a fantastic highlighter. You can pre-order this product now.

A Novel Idea

Also a part of the Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale extravaganza is MAC’s Novel Twist collection. It may not come across as well in pictures but the design for the bags and compacts is adorable. The bags features what seems to be some sort of knit and the compacts feature fabric that resembling denim, both using string to create an abstract design.

MAC's Novel Twist Collection
(click on image to enlarge)

There are 4 lip palettes, 2 eye palettes, 2 brush sets, 2 Pearlizer sets, 2 beauty powders (not pictured), 2 blushes (not pictured) and 1 lip gloss (not pictured). All are either repromoted shades or limited edition. The collector will love these cute palettes and bags. If I were to suggest one thing, I’d say pick up the basics brush set. It includes my favorite brush, the 224. It’s rarely seen in brush sets. You can order pre-order products from this collection now.