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Cuticle Cure

Cuticles are the one area of my body that I hesitate to mess around with. Aside from all the warnings against cutting your own cuticles that pop up in magazine articles, I’ve just never trusted myself to trim or groom them. Yet, when it’s been over two months since my nails have seen the inside […]

Nourish and Repair Dry Locks

After several months of summer- sun, chlorinated pools, sand, etc – my hair has had it. The color is kaput and the ends are so dry they could start a campfire. My strands need some serious help – a shock of moisture and vitamins to restore and repair the damage I’ve done. Enter the Kiehl’s […]

Pamper Your Hands

Sometimes hand soaps can be drying, especially if you wash your hands a lot during the day. This is where Terranova steps in to save the day. The have recently introduced new soothing hand washes that are worth looking into. The first hand wash is the Lavender & Chamomile Tea Pure Comfort Hand Wash. It […]

Smooth, Shiny Hair from Aveda

After loading up on “essentials” (by my definition, anyway) at Sephora the other day, I was unexpectedly lured into the nearby Aveda store. I don’t know if they were secretly pumping their signature scent, found in the Shampure line of hair products, or what but I could not stop myself from walking in. A sales […]

Fresh from the Bath

Bobbi Brown’s line of fragrances has expanded with the release of Bath. The makeup maven pays her respects to the fresh,clean scent of stepping straight out of the bath by combining notes of water hyacinth, orange flower, neroli, aromatic sage and sandalwood with just a touch of patchouli. The overall effect is light and airy, […]

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