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Fresh Pout

Fusion Beauty Full Out Pout Set On a recent trip to Nordstrom’s, I was stopped and asked if I wanted to try Fusion Beauty’s new lip plumping lip color and gloss. Being a Fusion Beauty newbie, I said yes. The sales assistant went on to apply LipFusion Color Shine in Fresh on top of a layer of LipFusion Lip Plumping Pencil in Pout. I was really happy with the results, the color was very soft and neutral but with a megawatt shine. I loved the color but I wasn’t so crazy about the price. At $28 for the lip pencil and $38 for the lipgloss, the price was an instant turn off. It was sad but I walked away from this new love. Imagine my surprise when I’m looking through Sephora and I see the exact shades I tried in a set for a much better price. Sephora now has the Full Out Pout Set for $49. It’s still not a bargain but it’s a much more wallet friendly price.

Love. Angel. Music. Baby.

I’ve been mulling a sample of this perfume over for a weeks now and I can’t come to a decision… I’m torn. I go through moments where I love this perfume then I have moments where I can’t wait for it to fade away.

Gwen Stefani L.A.M.B. Perfume L, a L.A.M.B. fragrance, is Gwen Stefani’s first fragrance. According to Fragrance X, it features top notes of sparkling green freshness, leafy water hyacinth, white freesia, fresh pear and violet leaves; a heart of jasmine petals, rose, lily of the valley, sweet pea and orange blossom, and a drydown of frangipani blossom, peach skin, heliotrope flower and sensual musk. All of that sounds appealing to me, in theory anyhow.

When I seem to be enjoying this scent, I find it to be fresh in a unique way that I really enjoy. It has touches of sweetness and musk, like all of the girliness that I imagine Gwen Stefani to be. Then I have moments were I think this perfume is like an overdose of sweetness. A touch more musk or something else to balance out the sweetness would have made it perfect. Also, it would have been nice if it had some lasting powder. A mere 2 hours into wearing it, I could barely smell it on my skin. Perhaps in the future, this Nordstroms exclusive scent will release some body product to help those who like the scent, layer it to make it last a little longer.

While I’m still undecided, I’m definitely interested to see what scent L.A.M.B. will introduce next.

Mark Your Calendars: Free Stuff Daily

Allure's August Issue Cover Allure Magazine is getting ready to unveil an entire month worth of giveaways. This is a total of 20,787 items that include hang bags, blow dryers, lipstick, skincare and much more. You can head over to and browse the calendar of full of goodies you can win. You can even sign up for daily text message reminders to help you score from freebies. Ladies, mark your calendars… you know I will. 🙂

Natural Luxuries

This week, I wandered into Sabon (literally, “Soap” in Hebrew) in Chelsea, Manhattan. I felt like I was instantly transported across the world. The atmosphere in this natural bath and body shop is exotic, romantic, and comforting. Products are made using a 70 year-old Australian recipe, utilizing the finest natural ingredients derived from the Dead Sea in Israel.

Sabon Lemon Loofah Soap The store sells a variety of products such as skincare, bath products, home fragrance and of course, soap. Although I was tempted to buy the whole store, I left with just one little luxurious treat for myself. The Lemon Loofah soap is made of glycerin and contains actual loofah. The scent is so invigorating, it suds up nicely and I found that it didn’t strip the moisture from my skin. This bar is the perfect solution to my long, drawn out, pre-tan exfoliation process.

Sabon has 50 locations worldwide, checkout their website to locate a store near you.

Krystal Clear Shine

Bare Escentuals Buxom Gloss in Krystal Fans of the Bare Escentuals Buxom Lips lipgloss will be happy to know that the line up is expanding. Bare Escentuals is now adding a new clear plumping lip gloss named Krystal to the Buxom Lips collection. However, it’s only available at Sephora and it’s an exclusive Beauty Insider program product. We tried this product back in February and we liked what we saw. It’s even better now that we can use our own lip color and just add shine with Buxom Lips.

Yet another reason why I love this program so much, sneak peeks and exclusive products that you can’t find anywhere else. You can register to be a Sephora Beauty Insider here.

Cuticle Cure

Cuticles are the one area of my body that I hesitate to mess around with. Aside from all the warnings against cutting your own cuticles that pop up in magazine articles, I’ve just never trusted myself to trim or groom them. Yet, when it’s been over two months since my nails have seen the inside of a nail salon, some thing’s got to be done about those thick, dry cuticles!

Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover did the trick, minus any scissors or scary-looking tools. The bottle’s nozzle dispenses a thin application of the clear liquid which I spread around the bottom of my nail bed. The product smelled vaguely of acetone, but no worse than nail polish. Within 15 seconds, the dry cuticles had broken down. After a quick wipe of the nail, I had smooth, moisturized fingers. It was absolutely magic!

This quick- working formula also breaks down calluses and other dry spots of skin. Be sure to follow the directions and remove the product from skin after no longer than one minute; I left some on for a minute and a half (just to see what would happen) and experienced a slight burning. Nothing too terrible, though, and no redness. For under $4 at the local drugstore, you can bet this will become a permanent part of my manicure kit.

Nourish and Repair Dry Locks

Kiehls Olive Oil Nourishing Shampoo After several months of summer- sun, chlorinated pools, sand, etc – my hair has had it. The color is kaput and the ends are so dry they could start a campfire. My strands need some serious help – a shock of moisture and vitamins to restore and repair the damage I’ve done. Enter the Kiehl’s wonder duo, Olive Fruit Oil Nourishing Shampoo and Olive Fruit Oil Deeply Restorative Hair Pak.

Both the shampoo and Hair Pak are incredibly rich – unscrew the caps of either product and you can tell just by looking at the creamy consistency of the formulas that they’re jam-packed full of good stuff. Kiehl’s special blend of avocado oil, lemon extract and olive fruit oil smells fantastic, very clean and earthy in a Mediterranean sort of way. Neither product builds up or weighs hair down, and they haven’t stripped what little color I have left.

Kiehls Olive Oil Deeply Repairative Hair Pack I use the Olive Fruit Oil Nourishing Shampoo, followed by the Olive Fruit Oil Deeply Restorative Hair Pak daily right now and am on my way to damage-free hair. After three uses, my hair is already smoother and getting its bounce back. Once it’s fully recovered, I plan on keeping the Hair Pak around for weekly maintenance. By the time the bottles are empty, my hair might just be in better condition than before summer started!

Pamper Your Hands

Sometimes hand soaps can be drying, especially if you wash your hands a lot during the day. This is where Terranova steps in to save the day. The have recently introduced new soothing hand washes that are worth looking into.

Terranova Lavender & Chamomile Tea Pure Comfort Hand Wash The first hand wash is the Lavender & Chamomile Tea Pure Comfort Hand Wash. It is a delight to use, the smell of lavender and chamomile tea just take over your senses making it naturally aroma therapeutic. It also features white tea which acts as a anti-oxidant to keep your hands looking young. This was my friend Stephanie’s favorite, being a sucker for lavendar anything.

Terranova Shea Butter Nourishing Hand Wash The other hand wash is Shea Butter Nourishing Hand Wash. This one was my favorite, being a sucker for anything with shea butter in it. It features some of the same ingredients as the previous hand wash such as aloe, lavender, comfrey and calendula, plus it includes white as well. This is also sulfate free, for those of us trying to get away from sulfates.

In our testing, we found that these hand washes lathered nicely, even the sulfate free one. Of course with the ingredients I mentioned, they smell amazing. The Lavender and Chamomile Tea hand wash smells just like the Pre de Provence’s Shea Butter Lavender liquid soap but at a better price. Most of all, we liked that this seemed to leave a soft finish on our skin. It didn’t tighten our skin, it left our hands nice and soft… almost like a primer for whatever comes next.

Smooth, Shiny Hair from Aveda

After loading up on “essentials” (by my definition, anyway) at Sephora the other day, I was unexpectedly lured into the nearby Aveda store. I don’t know if they were secretly pumping their signature scent, found in the Shampure line of hair products, or what but I could not stop myself from walking in.

Aveda Light Elements Smoothing Fluid A sales clerk greeted me with a cup of tea, but I was completely distracted by her hair. It was shiny and bouncy and I could just tell it smelled good…everything I want in my own hair! Sensing my envy, and getting a look at my slightly puffy hair, she steered me toward Light Elements Smoothing Fluid. Within seconds, she pumped some of the clear liquid onto her fingertips, waved them in front of my nose so I could appreciate the delicious lavender scent, and then smoothed the product over my strands. And there I had it! Smooth, shiny, good smelling hair! I was sold.

An added benefit of the Light Elements Smoothing Fluid is that it can be applied to wet or dry hair. It doesn’t build up and weigh hair down, nor does it make your hair feel greasy. With my naturally wavy hair, I get maximum smoothness by applying it right out of the shower and then as a finishing step once my hair is done. Girls with straight or curly hair will love this product.

Fresh from the Bath

Bobbi Brown Bath Fragrance Bobbi Brown’s line of fragrances has expanded with the release of Bath. The makeup maven pays her respects to the fresh,clean scent of stepping straight out of the bath by combining notes of water hyacinth, orange flower, neroli, aromatic sage and sandalwood with just a touch of patchouli.

The overall effect is light and airy, not overpowering. The water hyacinth really comes through and is very refreshing. Every time I smell it on myself, I get a warm, home feeling so I like to splash it on before going to bed. Maybe that explains my sweet dreams, lately… I’ve noticed that the scent does wear off throughout the day, so I carry a bottle around in my bag and spritz as needed.

In addition to a great scent, Bath’s bottle is adorable – it’s a throwback to old fashioned apothecary bottles, like those found at a turn of the century chemist’s. The lines are sleek, the label very simple. The bottle looks like something a cool girl back in 1910 might have kept on her dressing table. So, in addition to paying homage to bath time, Bobbi Brown’s Bath gives a nod to the origins of today’s beauty industry.