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Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Better

Diorshow Blackout Mascara If you ladies are anything like me, you have spent half of your life savings on mascara. No kidding, I have tried everything from $6.99 mascaras from CVS to the $40.00 mascaras found in Sephora. A couple of weeks back, I was in Sephora checking out the new summer releases and came upon Dior’s Diorshow Black Out Mascara. To my disappointment, they were all sold out. Well, you know that tweaked my curiousity that much more! A mascara that’s so good that its flying off the shelves? I had to try it.

Last weekend while checking out MAC’s Moonbathe collection, I thought I’d stop over to see if the mascara had been restocked and lucky for me, they did. Just when I thought Dior couldn’t get better than the Diorshow.. short of putting on falsies, there is nothing else that has made my lashes look like this. I have the worst of all worlds….short, skimpy and straight lashes. I’m not really sure what the difference between the regular Diorshow and the Blackout really is, but having used both, the Blackout is definitely a darker black that elongates and curls my lashes. For a product which needs to be replaced every 3 months, the price is a bit steep, but just do what I did… 3 months divided by $23.00 = $7.60. I feel better already!

Lorac's Co-Stars

Lorac Co-Stars When you use a product like an 8 hour lip color, sometimes there are a few things you give up in the name of long lasting color… like comfort and wear. With Lorac’s Co-Stars, I was happy to find a product that didn’t completely dry my lips and color that lasted through meals a few lattes.

This product uses a new advanced formula is that claims to be non-drying, smudge-proof and transfer-proof color. It comes in 5 liplock worthy shades such as First Kiss (light pink), French Kiss (mauve plum), Kissing Scene (nude sheen), Liplock (rose) and Makeout (rose plum). These shades are great for creating a soft, everyday lip for different skin tones.

I was a little unsure of the products claims at first but for the most part this product performs well. I was happy to see that the color lasted the 8 hour period I expected it to. There was a small amount of dryness, but that can happen even with some matte lipsticks. The color didn’t flake off my lips as I have experienced with other products and the lipgloss paired with this color is great. The moisture it provides makes the product comfortable to wear and taking care of the slight dryness. It’s a little on the thin side but that’s good in this case… it doesn’t leave your lips stuck together.

Give Your Cheeks a Boost

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Duwop Blushbooster Duwop’s come out with a new product called Blushbooster. As the name suggests, it’s a product that can give your favorite blush a boost or use it on it’s own to give your cheeks a glow. When I first read about this, I wondered why I would even think about using a product like this along with another blush but when you try it, you understand. Blushbooster is aptly named, it’s a great highlighter you can use a matte or cream blush. It just kicks it up a notch.

This product also has ingredients to help your skin, baked right in to it. It contains Jojoba oil to prevent prevent moisture loss, cucumber extract to calm the skin and reduce puffiness, pomegranate extract and Vitamins A and E for their nourishing antioxidant properties. Blushbooster’s four shades give you a great glow all while helping to nourish your skin.

Pink Lemonade

Philosophy's Pink Lemonade Shower Gel What’s pink, tangy and a great way to wake up in the morning? Philosophy’s new Pink Lemonade collection, available now at Nordstrom’s and online at This new scent smells so good, it smells just like the pink lemonade I would drink when I was a kid. I love a little citrus in the shower so this makes it a great scent to wake up to for me. For those of us wanting to layer the scent, there’s also a Pink Lemonade Body Butter, Pink Lemonade Hot Salt Tub and Shower Scrub, Pink Lemonade Moisturizing Hand Cream and a Pink Lemonade Flavored Lip Shine available. I think it’s safe to say this officially now, I am addicted to Philosphy products. This shower gel and seeing the new Pure Grace Soap Duo now in stores made my week.

Becoming Pearlessent

Vincent Longo Pearlessence Gel Stains A few weeks ago I mentioned how frustrated I was that I couldn’t find the new Vincent Longo Pearlessence Gel Stains anywhere. It was only this past Wednesday that I was able to finally get my hands on all of the shades for this new stain and they were mine at long last. From the moment the color touched my lips, it was love at first stain.

This product comes in three great shades: Bellini Love, Dolceacqua and Fresh Water Rose. I’m partial to Bellini Love and Fresh Water Rose, each one a different shimmery tone. The shimmer in this product is lovely on the lips but in a first for me, I liked the product even more when I applied it to my cheeks as a highlighter. Until now, I only used lip stains on my lips but no more.. I’m so glad these came along and made me change my mind. These new shimmering lip stains are a great convenient way to give yourself a long lasting glow this summer.

Comments for a Cure

Beauty Blog Network's Comment for a Cure Some of my fellow Beauty Blog Network members and I, are participating in Comments for a Cure from June 4th to 6th, our effort to raise money for cancer research. For every comment we receive in the next few days, we will donate $1 to the Children’s Cancer Research Fund on your behalf. So support the cause and leave us a comment. You can also support the cause by shopping at our store or bidding on our amazing goodie bag auction from June 10th to 16th. You can find more on the auction here. Go forth and comment! smile