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Mon Amour

I have yet to smell a Kenzo fragrance that I don’t like. KenzoParfumD’Ete? Adore it, it brings back fond memories. FlowerByKenzo? Love it… it’s a scent I started wearing a lot going into spring and now summer. It’s not surprising to me that I would like KenzoAmour as well. I think anyone that is a fan of Kenzo’s scents will like this as well.

KenzoAmour I like to think of this as a “come hither” fragrance, the kind that is alluring and sexy. I’ve received a few compliments when wearing this scent on a night out. It’s a woody oriental scent with notes of frangipani, cherry blossoms, wood, incense, vanilla and white tea. I find that it’s a little overpowering at first but as it dries, it begins to fade and settle down into a vanilla and white tea mix (thank you Aromascope for that hint) that will remain lingering on the skin for hours.

This is also an award winning fragrance. It won 2 awards from the Fragrance Foundation. One for Women’s Nouveay Niche Fragrance of the Year and Best Packaging Women’s Prestige. These are well deserved awards in my opinion. The bottles are simply gorgeous and it doesn’t hurt that this adds from real style to my vanity.

Johnny on the Spot

You know those bins next to the cash registers at Sephora? I go through those bins every time I’m there and one time I noticed Murad’s Acne Spot Treatment. I bought it on a whim, being happy with my previous experiences with Murad, so I figured I’d tuck this away for the future.

Murad Acne Spot Treatment Well, that time has come and this product has proven to be quite helpful. I have been struggling with some skin issues lately so I’ve been using a combination of Murad’s clarifying products to help resolve the problem with some encouraging results. Since I was using the other products, I figured I’d whip this out as well.

The way to use this product is to dab a small amount on a problem blemish as a thin layer and let it dry. You can apply this product as many times as needed but I’ve been putting this on once before bed and leaving it on overnight. The product contains salicylic acid, which exfoliates to speed up healing and sulfur to help clean out pores. When you apply this product, you feel a slight sting but as the product dries and tightens on your skin, you can feel it absorb the impurities in your skin. Every time I’ve used this product, it’s worked well for me and reduced the size of most of my blemishes right away. I’ve had to reply this a few times for those more difficult blemishes but overall, this is a product I’ve started on depending on to help clear those unsightly spots.

Stardom in Her Eyes

Awake’s Stardom Eye Tints is a liquid eye color that is rather unique. It has a very thin, fluid texture to it, it’s not thick or goopy and it comes with a brush for you to apply the product with. You would apply this on your eyes as if you were taking nail polish to your eyelids. It’s not the greatest visual ever but it gets my point across.

Awake Stardom Eye Tints When I first applied this product in Champagne, I did it without any prep and it left a dewy sheer shimmer on my lids that I fell in love with instantly. I’ve never been a fan of the the glossy eye look but with this application, I began to understand it a little. This eye color is also long lasting. My eyelids like to do battle with any type of color applied on them so I consider it a good thing when a product lasts more than 4 hours without using a primer. When I tried it again armed with my genie in a bottle, I was pleased to see that it lasted well into the night. It wasn’t dewy this time around but the color still looked good.

The right shade can also make a great highlighter and Champagne definitely falls under the “right shade” category. I used this on my cheek bones, a little on my temples and even some on my collar bone and it all blended really well. All this made me very eager to play around with the other shades this product comes in. This is a good product to use for that golden summer look.

Free Shipping from Benefit

Benefit's Free US Shipping Offer Benefit Cosmetics is offering free US shipping with any purchase on their site from June 27th to June 30th. This is a good way to ring in the 4th of July, with a new beauty product haul. Just enter in the word FIREWORK at check out to take advantage of the offer.

While you’re over there, check out their new products like California Kissing (freshens breath and makes your teeth look whiter!), D’Finer D’Liner or Gee… That Was Quick. Don’t you love these product names? My personal favorites are LemonAid and High Beams.

Shielding Your Skin with Skin MD

While I’m partial to body butters, I can also appreciate different moisturizers for their different features. Sometimes your skin calls for a lot of moisture and sometimes just a little. To me, different consistencies and even the residue a product can leave behind, can all be appreciated for different reasons and at different times. I have their I think every person should have different types of moisturizers in their “arsenal” and Skin MD Natural is a great one to have on hand.

Skin MD Natural This product is unlike most of the lotions I have tried, this one is a skin shielding lotion. The goal of this product is to restore your skin’s own ability to retain moisture by repair your skin’s natural protective barrier. I can see how this product would be great for people who are dealing with more complex skin issues.

What I have come to appreciate about this product is how quickly my skin absorbs it, it just drinks it all in as if it was dying of thirst. It doesn’t leave a residue behind either. That’s why I’ve come to love this lotion especially when I’m working, a left over residue on my hands just drives me crazy. This product is also has a subtle almond scent. You notice it when you first use the product but it quickly fades afterwards. This makes it great for those of us who prefer a lightly scented product. While the bottle is a little on the small side, the product inside makes up for it. I found that a small pea sized dollop is more than enough for my hands and face, so you can imagine how long it will last using that much at a time. I mentioned using it on my face, that’s another great thing about Skin MD. You can use the product on your entire body.

Body Butter Fiend

I can admit it, I am a body butter fiend. Like lip stains, I like to try this type of product in other lines as well but to date, I have yet to find a richer, more aromatic product than Maryam’s Soap Nook’s Whipped Shea Monoi Body Butter.

Maryam's Soap Nook Whipped Body Butter The first thing you notice about this product when you open it is how dense it is. Maryam blends natural ingredients like shea butter, monoi de tahiti oil, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, sunflower oil, goat milk, vitamin E, and silk fibers to produce this intense moisturizer for your skin. It may appear to be a little on the gritty side but it’s not, those are just little moisturizing bits. Once you use the product, you see that these little bits really go the distance. That’s what makes this body butter last so long, it’s so rich that you only need a little bit at a time to moisturize and protect your skin.

Also, the scent is undeniable. Like all of Maryam’s products, this body butter is no exception. The first time I tried the product, I put it on right before I went to bed. I tried this product in Gardenia Peach and the scent was everywhere. When I woke up the next morning, I was shocked when my skin still smelled like I had just put it on minutes ago. The scent lingered on my sheets for awhile as well, which was a nice added bonus. For some, the scent may be a little overwhelming but I’d suggest that you pick a scent that you can live with. While Gardenia Peach may not have been idea for me, I would happily surround myself with some of Maryam’s other scents.

Missing in Action

You may have noticed that there’s been a lack of activity on Product Girl recently, that we have been missing in action for a little while. Well, there’s good reason for that. There has been a lot happening in my life recently, like planning a move and getting a new job… both things that I’m very excited about. There’s also things happening behind the scenes here, like a blog makeover and new guest authors in the works. We’ll be back next week and ready for action. Here are a few things you may have missed, that we would have talked about:

Eve from the Tambourine videoIn the meantime, here’s one thing you’ll want to add to your calendar. MAC Cosmetics will be hosting a special chat with Viva Glam spokesperson Eve and her makeup artist JJ on June 27th. Doesn’t this look from her Tambourine video look hot? It uses the colors from the new C-Shock collection. This just reinforces that there are plenty of ways to use even the loudest, bold colors.

Be there on Wednesday at 5:00pm – 6:00pm EST / 2:00pm – 3:00pm PST. See you there, off to think of some good questions to ask JJ.

Stop, Lock and Roll

Tarte Lock and Roll As part of their new summer collection, Tarte introduced Lock and Roll. This product is a long lasting cream eyeshadow duo that comes in golden bronze shimmer and pale sage green shimmer shades. The green almost seems grey. This duo has a cream eyeshadow side and powder side. You start by applying the cream shadow and letting it dry for 10 seconds. Then you roll matching loose shadow on top. It’s the powder that sets the previously applied color and helps it last.

Normally I go into testing products like this just waiting for it to crease on my eyelids, checking the clock and a mirror obsessively. Usually, crease resistant usually does not mean much to me but this duo is a welcome exception. Not only did the product not crease on my lids for 9+ hours but the shadow’s intensity was practically still in tact. How often does that happen? One thing I thought was a little odd was the rollerball used to apply the powder. This tugged on my lids a little so I took the top off and just poured a little loose powder onto a brush, putting the rollerback back on afterwards. I think a sponge tip here would be better, gentler on the eyes at least. I have to say though, I would be hooked on this product if there were more shades.

Tarte, if you’re listening, we want more shades. smile