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Frustation Is…

Vincent Longo Pearlessence Gel Stains … driving to the 4 Sephora stores in the area to find the new Vincent Longo Pearlessence Gel Stains only to be told at the last stop they will arrive in stores in Friday. I was so excited to pick some of these up since these are my absolute favorite lip stains. These new shimmery lip and cheek gel stains were featured in the Sephora “Summer Survival” catalog so I thought it was safe to assume it would be in stores now. Imagine my surprise that the Seattle area stores didn’t think to stock all the items they are promoting in that catalog. I’m too impatient to order them online but even if I wanted to, I couldn’t get all three… some are temporarily out of stock. I will be first in line to get them on Friday though, this time I’m driving to only one store. The things I do for cosmetics. 🙂

Sephora's Sun Safety Kit

I have to say, Sephora has some really great ideas. First it was presenting a fragrance gift certificate in a more enjoyable way. Now they have a kit that let’s you try a variety of travel-safe sun protection products.

Sephora's Sun Safety Kit For $22, you can purchase Sephora’s new Sun Safety Kit packed with trial versions of products from well known brands. This is a great way to get your feet wet in the world of suncreen for a few reasons. First, 100% of the net profits (that’s $18.23 of the $22.00 purchase price) will be given to the Skin Cancer Foundation. Second, this is what it contains:

  • Murad Waterproof Sunblock SPF 30
  • Bliss Sunban Face SPF 30+
  • Clarins Sun Wrinkle Control Eye Contour Care SPF 30
  • Juice Beauty SPF 15 Tinted Lip Moisturizer in Playful
  • Peter Thomas Roth Max Sheer All Day Defense Moisture Lotion SPF 30
  • Korres Natural Products Watermelon Sunscreen Face Cream SPF 30
  • Cosmedicine Global Health Face SPF 30
  • DDF Glossy Lip Therapy SPF 15.

All of this in a cute little, FDA approved bag. To support a great cause and get to play with these products is a great way to spend your money.

Glam Rock Eyes

Lorac's Glam Rocks Being a girl with a love for eyeshadow, playing with Lorac’s new Glam Rocks has been a lot of fun. This product is loose eyeshadow with a very metalic finish. This shadow is ultra pigmented as well so this makes for a very powerful punch of color on the eyes in your choice of three shades; Metallic Pearl, Metallic Copper and Metallic Gold. I was really impressed with the color payoff with this product and my favorite of the bunch, Metallic Gold, is the most amazing yellow gold hued eyeshadow I have ever seen. The shape of the packaging is a little odd in my opinion but I would love to see Lorac put out more shades with this product, these precious metals are not enough.

This is cross posted from Lipstick, Powder & Paint while the lovely Ellen is away. 🙂

Stila's New Summer Eyeshadow Trio

Stila Summer Eyeshadow Trio Every time Stila puts something new out, I am drawn to it… even if it’s in shades I wouldn’t really wear. I’m always impressed with how they present their products and this new Summer Eyeshadow Trio is no exception. This summer’s eyeshadow trios take care of all of your eyeshadow needs to leave you looking like you vacationed on the Mexican Riviera. This includes your base, crease and liner shades. This trio has three variations to choose from; Mazatlan, a light golden tan, bronze and deep bronze. There’s also Vallarta; a shimmering pearl, rose nude shimmer and muted burgundy shimmmer. Finally, there’s Acapulco (pictured) with shimmering light gold, vibrant golden green shimmer and deep bronze shadows. Acapulco is calling my name, I’m a sucker for a pretty green shadow.

No Podcast Episode This Week

This week’s episode will be postponed for next week. I usually record on Sundays and I spent more time with my family for Mother’s Day instead. As mentioned previously, we will be talking about Michael Blomsterberg’s book Hairapy: Deeper than the Roots, Carmindy’s book The 5 Minute Face, the CEW’s 2007 Beauty Awards winning products and a new segment from a new contributor. As always, your feedback is welcome. You can email us or leave a message at 801-335-1219.

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More from Maryam's Soap Nook

I have developed a real fondness for Maryam’s Soap Nook products since I have started using them. They are wonderfully rich and aromatic. What’s not to love?

Maryam's Soap Nook Shea Butter and Dead Sea Salt Glow Scrub I mentioned her soap a few weeks ago but I wanted to mention another one of her products. Maryam also makes an amazing Shea Butter and Dead Sea Salt Glow Scrub. I tried this product in Ocean Spray and it’s a great invigorating scent with fresh citrus, mint, honeysuckle and musk. Sometimes you need more than one strength in a product and in my case, this scrub is fantastic for when I want to use a scrub that does leave my body feeling like an oil slick. When you slather it on, you can really see and feel the goodness in this product. It has a really rich creamy lather to it that I loved. Most of all, I really loved that I could move around my tub without feeling like I was going to slip and fall. This did not leave a slippery mess in my tub.

Meet the Nose Behind Creative Scentualization

sarah_horowitz_thran.jpg For the lucky people living in the Los Angeles area, you have the opportunity to meet the founder of Creative Scentualization, Sarah Horowitz-Thran. She is the creator of one of my favorite perfumes, Perfect Veil. She will be appearing at Barney’s New York in Beverly Hills from 1:00pm to 3:30pm.

Sarah will greet everyone and talk about her “message in a bottle” approach to perfumery, which relates to her belief that perfume helps us remember who we are and what we love. Guests will also receive a complimentary sample set of the entire Perfect Perfumes line with purchase while supplies last.

If you are going to this event, please take a picture and enjoy it for me. I’m wishing I could be there. smile

Summer Chic with Chanel: Lips

We’re wrapping up our feature on Chanel Summer Collection with lips! There is no such thing as too much lipgloss or lipstick… right?

Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Satin Lip Colour Chanel’s Rouge Allure Luminous Satin Lip Colour just won the Beauty Insider’s Choice Award from CEW for best lip product over $15. What can I say about this lipstick that the award doesn’t say for itself? This is a major award. With it’s soft rose scent and creamy formula, lipstick doesn’t get much better than this.

Chanel Llevres Scintillantes Glossimer My favorite out of all the lip products is the lipgloss. The shades in the collection are gorgeous, Sundress is pictured to the right. Chanel’s Llevres Scintillantes Glossimer for this collection comes in Sundress, a soft sparkling rose; Sarong, a mauve; Coral Reef, a melon; Summer Plum, a plum bronze; and Seashell, a transparent opal. If the colors aren’t enough to reel you in, the formula will be. It’s what you have come to expect in a gloss. It’s not sticky, it’s long lasting, the consistency is just right and it’s moisturizing. From time to time, I seem to forget I’m wearing lipgloss and just rub my lips together thinking I have lip balm on. There’s also a limited edition Brillant Lumiere Fluorscent in Mango that was released. This is my absolute favorite out of all of these glosses. While the color may look a little alarming, this gloss is perfect for enhancing your lips natural color.

Chanel Aqualumierre Sheer Colour Lipshine I like to think of Chanel’s Aqualumierre Sheer Colour Lipshine as a swanky tinted lip balm. It’s not a richly pigmented lip product. As the name suggests, it’s a little on the sheer side but it still provides a nice amount of color with just the right consistency. It’s formulated to be protect your lips from the elements with SPF 15 for UVA/UVB protection, vitamin E for comfort and vitamin B for moisture. The summer collection is introducing two new shades: Montego, a rich rose; and Jamaica, a fresh peach.

Summer Chic with Chanel: Cheeks & Nails

Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush
Chanel’s Joues Contraste Powder Blush is featured in two shades for the summer collection, a coral named Horizon and a soft rose named Nude. It’s a well pigmented blush and it lives up to it’s reputation as a soft, silky blush. It also has a wonderful rose scent to it, which makes it a pleasure to use. Can I insist that other companies make their products with this scent? smile A girl can dream I guess. I’ve been using Nude quite a bit recently and I am smitten with the gentle color it gives my otherwise pale cheeks. The soft shimmer is quite nice as well.

Having been a nail bitter at the time Black Satin was all the rage, I was really excited to try a Chanel nail color product because I finally have nails worthy of color.

Chanel Les Vernis Nail Colour My first experience with Chanel’s Les Vernis Nail Colour was Heatwave and Orange Blossom. These are great colors for summer, they are bold and refreshing which is nice to see after a season of dark then pale colors. Heatwave is a limited edition shade, a bright and energetic coral and Orange Blossom is a golden peach. I was a little unsure of Heatwave at first but my self-tanning experiment changed my mind.

What impressed me about this nail polish is how long it’s lasted. I didn’t paint all my nails in the same shade yet, just my index fingers on each hand. I didn’t really give it any thought until now so they have been this way for almost 2 weeks now. I didn’t use a base or top coat, just put 2 coats of the polish on each nail while I was working just to see what the color looked like. Remarkably enough, there is very minimal chipping on my nails. A little bit at the tip and a little along the bottom, otherwise the color has remained in tact. Imagine how long it would last if these steps were taken?

Tomorrow well wrap up our review of the Chanel Summer Collection with lips!