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A Mini Break

In case you didn’t notice, we’re taking a little mini break from Product Girl this week. This past Memorial Day has left us a little tired so we’re taking some much needed rest and relaxation. We’ll be back to kick off the week on Sunday with new products from Tarte, Duwop, Jelly Pong Pong, Vincent Longo and more.

In the meantime, we’re still looking for new contributors to participate in our blog. If you have contacted us about this before, please do try again as some technical issues have prevented me from replying. They are all resolved now so it’s full steam ahead. If you’re a beauty product addict, Product Girl is the perfect outlet to channel that addiction. smile Feel free to leave a comment or email me.

MAC Rushmetal

MAC Cosmetics Rushmetal Collection To end our week of upcoming MAC Cosmetics collections, meet Rushmetal, the next wave of metallic glam. To be released along with Flashtronic on August 6th, this collection includes eight limited edition pigments and four lipsticks finished to reflect each gold tinged pigment. The shades include:

  • Rushmetal: a rich copper sparkle.
  • Revved-up: an icy rose with reflects.
  • Gold Mode: a tan gold.
  • Mauvement: a cool taupe with gold pearl.
  • Off The Radar: a warm orange with gold sparkle.
  • Copperized: an olive green with gold pearl.
  • Quick Frost: a creamy white with soft green pearl.
  • Cocomotion: a dirty gold with olive undertone and gold sparkle.
  • Thrills: a rosy copper with gold pearl.
  • Frenzy: a soft muted pinky-peach beige with golden shimmer.
  • Soft Lust: a tan with white pearl.
  • Fast Lane: a mauve with silver pearl.

MAC Flashtronic

MAC Cosmetics Flashtronic Collection From the bold, energetic color of C Shock, we come to the slow baked, illuminating color of the next MAC Cosmetics collection: Flashtronic. This arrives in stores on August 6th. While C Shock appeals to the color lover in me, this collection appeals to the Mineralize Skinfinish addict in me. This collection includes six limited edition Mineralize eyeshadows, three limited edition Mineralize Skinfinishes and four lip glosses as the cherry on top. Shades include:

  • Perfectly Pink: a creamy mid-tone pink (cream).
  • Flashtronic: a caramel bronze with subtle gold pearl (cream).
  • Young Spark: a neutral pink with subtle gold pearl (cream).
  • Electro-Lush: a creamy blue pink (cream).
Mineralize Eye Shadow
  • By Jupiter: a light taupe with beige and deep brown veining (frost).
  • Tectonic: a yellow gold with lime green, warm brown and black veining (frost).
  • Ether: a deep aqua with silver, black and gold veining (frost).
  • Mercurial: a yellow gold with lilac and chestnut veining (frost).
  • Lovestone: a raspberry with wine and copper veining (frost).
  • Quarry Sky: a blue with olive, coral and beige veining (frost).
Mineralize Skinfinish
  • Northern Light: a mid-tone pink with rust and grey brown veining.
  • Gold Spill: a pink peach with warm brown and cream pearl.
  • Global Glow: a mid-tone brown with gold pearl.

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Check back with us the rest of the week for more peeks at upcoming MAC collections.

MAC C Shock

MAC Cosmetics C Shock Collection After a wonderfully rich, warm summer collection like Moonbathe, I couldn’t think of anything better than the bold, lustrous color in the next MAC Cosmetics collection, C Shock. Coming to stores just a few days after Moonbathe on June 14th, this is a collection for the girl who loves color. Personally, I can’t wait to play with all of the shades… this coming from a girl who’s favorite shades are Chrome Yellow and Bitter. Here’s what you’re in store for:

  • Blast O’ Blue: a sheer mid-tone blue (lustre).
  • Overrich: a creamy silver pink with white pearl (glaze).
  • Out To Shock: a soft metallic coral with silver pearl (frost).
  • Vivacious: a sheer mid-tone pink with silver pearl (lustre).
  • Pomposity: a bright raspberry with silver and pink pearl (frost).
  • She-Boom!: a creamy magenta.
  • Lil’ Sizzler: a metallic peach with pink and white pearl (frost).
  • Mega: a soft metallic lavender with silversparkle (frost).
  • Sugar Shock: a sheer red berry (cream).
Eye Shadow
  • Going Bananas: a soft lemon yellow (frost).
  • Eyepopping: a soft lime green with gold and yellow pearl (satin).
  • Wondergrass: an intense kiwi green (frost).
  • Big T: an intense aqua with green pearl (frost).
  • Fab & Flashy: a mid-tone orange with gold pearl (frost).
  • Bang On Blue: a royal blue with pink pearl (frost).
  • Romping Rich: a magenta with pink pearl (frost).
  • Passionate: a bright clean red (matte).

I don’t have product images to share yet but I will definitely post them as soon as I can. In the meantime, this can hold you over until then.

MAC Cosmetics C Shock Collection
(click image to enlarge)

Check back with us throughout the week for more peeks at upcoming MAC collections.

MAC Moonbathe

MAC Cosmetics Moonbathe Collection June 11th brings us yet another MAC Cosmetics collection, this one packed with gorgeous colors for summer.

This collection features 4 new limited edition lipsticks, 4 new limited edition lipglosses, 5 limited edition eyeshadows, 2 sheer shimmer blushes, 2 Glimmershimmers, 1 new limited liquid liner, 2 new nail polishes and sexy red set of lashes:

  • Sunmetal Lipstick: a warm bronze with silver pearl.
  • Honey Moon Lipstick: a warm pink bronze with gold pearl.
  • Solar Plum Lipstick: a berry with red and gold pearl.
  • Eclipse Lipstick: a deep rust with gold pearl.
  • Crescent Lipglass: a soft maple with gold pearl.
  • Moonbathe Lipglass: a sheer tangerine with white and gold pearl.
  • Dark Flower Lipglass: a warm plum pink and gold pearl.
  • Elaborate Lipglass: a soft low karat gold with pearl.
  • Cosmic Eyeshadow: a warm yellow gold with gold pearl.
  • Saturnal Eyeshadow: a deep olive with gold pearl.
  • Firespot Eyeshadow: an intense orange with gold pearl.
  • Cranberry Eyeshadow: a reddish plum with pink shimmer.
  • Claire de Lune Eyeshadow: a soft cream with pink pearl.
  • Molten Sol Liquidlast Liner: a rich gold with intense metallic pearl.
  • Sunsational Lashes: a red metallic colour.
  • Afterdusk Sheertone Shimmer Blush: a sheer neutral pink with gold pearl.
  • Other Wordly Sheertone Shimmer Blush: a warm yellow gold with gold pearl.
  • Astral Rays Glimmershimmer: a sheer gold with white pearl.
  • Ritzy Glimmershimmer: a peachy bronze with gold pearl.
  • Fireball Nail Lacquer: an iIntense tangerine with gold and orange pearl.
  • Golded Nail Lacquer: a soft peach with gold lay down.

MAC Cosmetics Moonbathe Collection
(click image to enlarge)

Check back with us throughout the week for more peeks at upcoming MAC collections.

MAC Sunstrip

MAC Cosmetics Sunstrip Collection In addition to Tendertones, MAC Cosmetics is also introducing their Sunstrip collection on May 31st.

This collection introduces a new product to the MAC lineup, Charged Waters. This product is a hydrating mist with natural minerals in three formulas. The collection also includes 2 new Studio Mist foundations and Bronzing Powders:

  • Charged Water in Reviltalizing Energy: features diamond powder from Brazil and caffeine to infuse skin with energy that revitalizes skin’s radiance and vitality.
  • Charged Water in Renewal Defense: features Rhodochrosite from Argentina and salicylic acid combine to protect skin from the environment and renew it to a healthy, more hydrated condition.
  • Charged Water in Youth Aura: featues Malachite from Zambia and amino acids combine to rejuvenate skin and regenerate new vital skin.
  • Studio Mist Foundation in Summer Rich: a caramel bronze.
  • Studio Mist Foundation in Sun Rays: a peachy bronze with golden nuances.
  • Bronzing Powder in Bronze: a muted bronzed-brown with golden shimmer.
  • Bronzing Powder in Refined Golden:: a muted golden tan-beige with golden shimmer.

MAC Cosmetics Sunstrip Collection
(click image to enlarge)

Check back with us throughout the week for more peeks at upcoming MAC collections.

MAC Tendertones

MAC Cosmetics Tendertones Collection The next MAC Cosmetics release is Tendertones, a limited edition collection of sheer, nourishing lipcolor that protects with SPF 12. The product features a strawberry kiwi flavor and has the comfort of a lip balm but the shine of a lip gloss. Look for the following shades in stores on May 31st:

  • Deep Sigh:: a sheer bronze with red pearl.
  • Softnote: a sheer lilac with blue/purple pearl.
  • Hush, Hush: a sheer peach with gold pearl.
  • Warm Smile: a sheer pinkish brown.
  • Purring: a sheer tangerine with pearl.
  • Tender Baby: a sheer watermelon pink.
  • Shush!: a sheer lime green with multicolour pearl.
  • Take A Hint: a sheer, intense mid-tone pink.
  • Pucker: a sheer raspberry pink

MAC Cosmetics Tendertones Collection Products

Check back with us throughout the week for more peeks at upcoming MAC collections.

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Here’s another installment of weekend reads from our friends in the Beauty Blog Network. Also, make sure to check in with us next week as we will be talking about upcoming MAC collections all week long! MAC week starts tomorrow.

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A Tale of Two Glosses: Estee Lauder Pure Color

Yesterday I mentioned needing a sheer, slick gloss from time to time. Then there are times when you want something rich with pigment and fabulously glossy.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Gloss Estee Lauder has recently revamped their Pure Color gloss formulas and their packaging as well. This gloss is now in a sleek little vial. This formula is quite a bit thicker than the gloss I mentioned yesterday but in a good way… thicker means longer staying power. It also moisturizes your lips and with continued use, lips will be smoother and more supple than before. You can choose from Pure Color Gloss shades for some extra rich color on your lips or Pure Color Crystal Gloss shades for sheerer color with special crystal effects. The gloss also features that great Estee Lauder vanilla and fig signature scent, the one I fell in love with when I tried High Gloss. My favorite of the bunch is Cranberry, it’s a rich blue-red you can wear without lipstick.

A Tale of Two Glosses: Duwop Elixr Stix

Sometimes you need a gloss that’s sheer and slick on your lips, something to just top off the color you already have on your lips…not add more color on top of it.

Duwop Elixrstix Duwop’s Elixr Stix are perfect for this purpose. They are not sticky at all and the product just glides over your lips, it’s so slick. The color is super sheer as well. I was wearing this over my lip twins yesterday and I got a few compliments on my lip color. Next, I’m going to start pairing it up with my beloved lip stains. What is also interesting about this product is that each shade has a specific purpose. Like Tarte’s recent Inside Out glosses, these glosses feature tonics from Elixr Tonic & Teas. The Clarity shade features the Mind Over Muddle tonic, Energy features the Power Plant tonic, Harmony features the Virtual Buddha tonic and finally, Serenity features the Liquid Yoga tonic. I picked up Clarity, which is fitting for me. Anything that helps me enhances focus, concentration, and mental clarity with Ginko Biloba, Gotu Kola, and green tea leaf is good in my book.