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Product Girl Podcast #14: Glowing and Smelling Good

Product Girl Podcast #14 In today’s podcast, I talk about my self-tanning test, perfume families, bath & body products from Maryam’s Soap Nook and some great listener mail. Here are links mentioned in the show:

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Weekend Reads

It’s the weekend! Time to share this week’s posts from my friends and fellow Beauty Blog Network members.

PJ at A Touch of Blusher tells us about the cutest little lipsticks ever. You have to check them out, they are adorable.

Beth at Ageless in Los Angeles tells us all about PureOlogy Serious Colour Hair Products to help fight ovarian cancer.

Over at All Lacquered Up, Michelle tells us about Go Fish – Fish Therapy for Pedicures. As a reformed nail biter, I love that this blog is all about the nails.

Carleen at Beauty and Fashion Tech tells us about a good value in mineral makeup, Jane Be Pure Minerals.

Aparna at Beauty and Personality Grooming shows us how to beat the heat this summer with these therapeutic drinks.

Over at Brain Spam, the Glitterati sheds her winter skin and faces spring with Kose Seikisho Mask.

Henna at Canadian Beauty gives us the scoop on coloured mascaras, including BadGAL Blue! I have certainly been curious about that particular mascara… even got a great blue eyeliner to go with it.

Ellen at Lipstick, Powder n Paint gives us some great suggestions for Mother’s Day gifts.

Over at Mystical Beauty’s Musings, Sarah reviews the Estee Lauder Makeover Experience.

Elke at The Beauty Newsletter reviews the new Nivea Microdermabrasion Kit.

Toya at The Life of a Ladybug gives us some additional Mother’s Day Gift Ideas courtesy of Sephora.

Mineral Makeup Girl at The Mineral Makeup Blog tell us all about Mineral Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals.

Over at eBeautyDaily, Christina has been lusting after the perfect fake tan. Me too! A pale gal like me needs some color.

Maryam's Soap Nook

I may have been the last beauty blogger on earth to try Maryam’s Soap Nook products but I’m really glad that I finally have. I have a soft spot for handmade beauty products like this and now that I have attempted to make my own, I can appreciate this even more.

Maryam's Soap NookThe first product I tried was Maryam’s handmade soap. The scent I tried was inspired by the ultra-hip Hotel Costes in Paris, France. It’s not the type of scent that I would normally try, it was a bit warmer than I would prefer but this didn’t take away from my experience. This soap features notes of lavender, bay-tree, coriander, white pepper, rose, incense, woods and light musk. What shocked me the most about this soap is how long the scent lingered on my body. Several hours after my shower, able to smell this on myself. Not every soap can make that claim. This made me wonder…how long would the scent last if I could layer it? I added that to my to-do list.

With some hand made soaps, I have a hard time using them because they don’t produce enough lather to really feel like I’m doing something. This is not the case here, there was plenty of lather to go around. I also really liked the exfoliating ingredients in the soap, there were some grains that served as a nice exfoliant and this was a nice surprise. It was also really nice to see such colorful soap. Take a look at Maryam’s other soaps. She also has tropical soaps, unisex soaps, cream soaps and spa soaps. Aren’t the colors beautiful? Now I just have to decide which scent I want to try layering with..

There’s more Maryam’s Soap Nook goodness on the way in the coming week.

Flowers in the Summertime

FlowerbyKenzo Perfume KenzoParfumD’Ete is one of my favorite perfumes but for some reason, I had not given any of Kenzo’s other perfumes a try until now. I wish I had a good reason to explain this ignorance on my part, but I do not. FlowerbyKenzo is Kenzo’s best selling perfume and with good reason. Now Kenzo is releasing a special limited edition of this scent in May and it will sell exclusively at Sephora.

This limited edition version of FlowerbyKenzo is alcohol free and features notes of wild hawthorne, Bulgarian rose, Parma violet, cassia, hedione, cyclosal, opoponax, white musk and vanilla. It may be hard to imagine what all of these notes together may smell like but I am reminded of Nivea when wear it. It’s a very fresh, powdery floral scent and it’s perfect for the summertime. When I move and smell the perfume on myself, I can’t help but love how I smell. A good perfume can lift even the dreariest of moods. I know now that it was very foolish of me to not try the other scents in Kenzo’s line. I think KenzoAmour may be next.

Yogurt in the Shower

I spent part of my childhood in Portugal and some of the things I miss from living abroad was the exposure to all the different beauty products… my obsession began early on. smiley face Nivea products are a good example of this, the brand is much more popular and diverse in Europe than in the US.

Cleo Shower Cream Now meet Cleo, a line of bath and body products from Italy now available exclusively at The product line features yogurt, which helps soothe skin, moisturize and improve elasticity. The best part about this product line is it’s price, it’s a treat at a bargain price. For $4, you can have a completely decadent experience in the shower. I started by using the Shower Cream in Chocolate last week and I have been loving it. The shower cream produces a very rich and fluffy lather that smells amazing. If I had a better nose, I’d give you a complete breakdown of the scent but I’ll leave that to someone else. All I can say is that it leaves you feeling soft and smelling like a yummy chocolate dessert. I would be an extremely happy girl if I Cleo releases a body lotion to go with the shower cream.

The Cleo goodness doesn’t stop in the shower. You can find hand soaps, bubble bath, hand soap and body cream. You can find more products in the Cleo store.

Invigorating Exfoliating Flakes

Kenzo may be known for perfume but the skincare line is really interesting as well. This morning I woke up with these huge, swollen eyes. A dab of Ice-Cold Eye Cream brought them down in a hurry but that’s not my favorite product that I have tested so far.

Kenzo Invigorating Exfoliating Flakes I love products that let the consumer decide how it will be used and Kenzo’s Invigorating Exfoliating Flakes does just that. It’s exfoliating flakes that you can use with water to form a paste or with your favorite cleanser. I tried this product both ways and I prefer working it into a paste. The scent of this product, as with the rest of the line, is based on the ginger flower and it has a very calming affect on me. The flakes are in powder form and are very soft and fine to the touch. It’s not until you mix the product with water that you feel how exfoliating the flakes really are. They are strong enough to exfoliate your skin but they are not too harsh or sharp on the skin. What I like most about this product is the key ingredients it uses. White nettle extract is used to tone the skin and kaolin powder, a white clay, is used to soften and mattify the skin. It’s not often that you find an exfoliating product that helps reduce shine.

We’ll have more on other Kenzo products later on this week!

Happy Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day (or Earth Month as they are calling it) with Aveda!

Aveda Hand Relief On Friday I made a stop in at my local Aveda store. I noticed all of the information they had up about “Earth Month” and the ways organic farming helps protect clean water. As a promotion, you could donate to a local fund protecting the Columbia River by purchasing jewelry or other items. For a $5 donation, which went directly to Columbia Riverkeeper, I got a bottle of Ethos water, a cute earth day pin and a small tube of Hand Relief.

Let me just say – Hand Relief is awesome. I am always on the lookout for a hand lotion that will smell good, not feel too greasy and give me super soft hands for for more than just a few seconds. With Hand Relief I’ve found it. Aveda claims the product increases moisture levels and elasticity in skin with continued use and I can feel just that happening already. It not only seems to provide good results but smell great.. clean, crisp and even a touch fruity. It’s good to know that I got it by supporting a great cause.

Palettes for PETA

Palettes for PETA Smashbox has introduced Palettes for PETA, two new eyeshadow trios that are 100% vegan and cruelty free. Smashbox has been proudly cruelty free for some time now but this trio takes it a step further and helps promote “cruelty free, kind living” with the adorable bunny logo branded right into the eyeshadow. This palette is named “Earth Mother” and the shades are even more gorgeous in person. The other trio is named “In the Wild” and it features gold, peach and green shimmery shades. I’m a sucker for makeup with a cause.

Meet Carmindy in NYC

Carmindy's 5 Minute Face If I lived in New York, I would be all over this event. Benefit Cosmetics has partnered with Carmindy, the makeup artist on TLC’s What Not to Wear and author of The 5-Minute Face, to host a special event on May 4th in New York City’s Sephora in Times Square. Carmindy and her team of Benefit Cosmetics experts will meet with you for private lessons on how to achieve your own personal 5 minute face. This is a great way to learn some insider tricks of the trade and try out new products such Carmindy’s favorites, Eye Bright and High Beam. This event is being held from 12-7pm so please call 212-944-6789 to reserve your space. Space is limited.

Golden Lip Twins

My experience with Yves Saint Laurent products is very limited. Prior to this, I had one of their products in my makeup stash, the infamous Touche Eclat. Now I can say I that I’m on my way to trying out more of this line’s products.

Yves Saint Laurent Lip Twins Ever since I saw Yves Saint Laurent’s Lip Twins at a Nordstrom’s trend show last month, I couldn’t stop thinking about how adorable it is. This product features two lip colors, a lip brush and a mirror all in one cleaverly designed package. It’s like finding buried treasure, you rotate the barrel enclosing each shade of lipstick and the product is revealed. I picked this up in #5 Coral Harmony and I couldn’t be happier with the results. These are the perfect shades to mix up to create the perfect neutral lip for my skin tone. The lipstick smells great as well, do all Yves Saint Laurent lipsticks smell like this? I promise to spend some time finding out the answer to that question. While this is not the most affordable product out there, this is a great gift for the girl who’s a connoisseur of all things beauty.