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Lipgloss Each Day Keeps the Doctor Away

It was bound to happen, someone would somehow sneak something good for you into your lipgloss. Whle we’re not at the point where we can put on lipgloss instead of taking our vitamins, I’m happy that a company like Tarte has created a product that is one step closer to this. In February, Tarte will […]

Cleared for Take Off

The last time I flew somewhere, I didn’t have to worry about carry on restrictions. Now that there are new restrictions in place since my last trip, Skyn Iceland’s Detox Kit is a great way to take care of your skin while traveling. This travel friendly kit contains everything you need to refresh your skin […]

A Surge of Colour for the Eyes

Given my last experience with Clinique’s eyeshadow, I wouldn’t normally be interested in their eyeshadow but I saw the words “Colour Surge” and remembered how much I like this lipstick. Clinique’s Colour Surge Eye Shadow Quads come in 6 gorgeous palettes. The one pictured here is Spicy, which is the one I picked up. The […]

Bringing Sexy Back

What could better than a nice burst of citrus to wake you up when you’re showering? Lush has created the perfect soap for citrus lovers everywhere, their new Sexy Peel soap. I have only been using this soap for a week but I’m already addicted to it. The smell in my bathroom while I’m showering […]

Laura Mercier’s Evolution of Colour for Eyes

I was at a Laura Mercier counter yesterday, doing what I like to explain to friends and family as “research”. I was hoping I would re-evaluate my position on the line’s foundation but instead I came away with a deep love for the line’s Evolution of Color collection. I would ordinarily shy away from a […]

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