Monthly Archives: October 2006

Playing Up the Eyes

Pout Eyesheers Pout Eyesheers are one of my favorite new products, they’re convenient enough to apply on the go. They are sheer cream based eyeshadows that dry to a powder finish. The applicator is just like a lipgloss, that sponge based tip, but it works with this product. I’ve found it easy to apply and it works pretty well when I blend the color with my fingers. This is why I keep this in my makeup bag now.

I was happy to find that this product has lasting power as well. I put this eyeshadow to the test before lunch and it was still on well into the evening. The color is sheer but it’s buildable color and the intensity is up to you. It also has a nice light shimmer to it that is not over powering. There are only two shades right now, Calypso and Atlanta but I’m really looking forward to seeing more. I’ve found Calypso to be a great everyday duo due to it’s beige based colors and Atlanta has a gorgeous copper shade that can make a great smokey eye.

Endangered Beauty

hopefoundation_logo.jpg La Creme Beauty has launched a new exclusive fragrance and it’s for a good cause. This new perfume is called Mis en Danger, which means Endangered and was created to promote awareness for protecting wildlife and their habitat. A percentage of the profits will go to The Hope Foundation Nature’s Guardian. Here’s a bit more on this new fragrance:

Mis en Danger Perfume Let Mis en Danger drift you away on an illusory carpet of creamy musks, it will guide you to the earths end to be enchanted by soft whispering gardenia’ you sojourn allow yourself to be gently seduced by bewitching Night Queen and Egyptian Tuberose but only a small hushed kiss, so to not be overwhelmed. You’ll later verge upon Narcissus, many believe that the Narcissus flower was created to entice and ensnare. but watch yourself as you almost slip away into everlasting sweet dreams of vanilla and lifted back to your senses by Pink Pepper’s bright, spicy and exuberance just in time to feel yourself enraptured by a warmth and comfort you now realize has been your companion all along this is the endearment found only in Oriental Khus.

More from Lulu Beaty

In addition to their perfume oils, Lulu Beauty also has a collection of makeup featuring eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick, lipgloss and blush in a variety of gorgeous shades. The first time I went to Olivine, I saw an eyeshadow that I fell in love with instantly. It’s a beautiful lavendar eyeshadow and I could not stop thinking about it.

Lulu Beauty Eyeshadow When I went back this past Wednesday, I fell in love with even more of their eyeshadows. These eyeshadows are very soft to the touch. They’re very well pigmented and blended well. I tested this with a bit of Urban Decay Primer Potion and at the end of an 8 hour day, I was happily without creasing. There are not a lot of shades in comparison to other lines but the color choices that are available are good. Now I’m lusting after a different shadow, Bungalow. It reminds me of a pressed version of MAC’s Naked pigment, I might have to go back for that.

Lulu Beauty Lip Lustre Just like the eyeshadows, the Lip Lustres are equally rich in color. I was surprised to find that this gloss is unscented, so many glosses these days have some sort of scent to them so this was refreshing. I can actually smell more of my perfume now. 🙂 It also is flavorless. It has a rich texture and the color lasts a long time. This gloss lasted through a few cups of coffee and up until lunch. I tried this product in Sidecar, nice plum-brown color that will be great for fall.

Do It For the Girls

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month and we all have a chance to do something to support the cause, especially if you’re too shy to flaunt the girls. This is the time to open your wallet and I have a few suggestions for you.

esteelauder_breastcancer.jpg Estee Lauder is releasing their Pink Ribbon collection. It features lipstick and lipglosses in beautiful shades of pink. There’s also a gorgeous compact with the signature pink ribbon on it. You can find this at Macy’s and all of the proceeds from these products go towards the cause.

stila_breastcancer.jpg Speaking of lip gloss, has released their Breast Cancer Awareness It Gloss trio. It features full-size glosses in Enticing (a soft pink), Courageous (a gold pink), and Inspiring (a fuchsia pink). You can find this at Sephora and a portion of the proceeds from this trio go towards the cause.

lorac_breastcancer.jpg Looking for a nice pink blush? Lorac has released their contribution, their Perfectly Pink blush. This is a great color that is universally flattering. You can find this at Sephora and all of the proceeds from this product go towards the cause.

philosophy_breastcancer.jpg Philosophy is back with their Shower for the Cure Shower Gel. It features a light tangerine scent and this is an all-in-one formula you can use as shampoo, bath, or body wash. You can find this at Sephora and all of the proceeds from this product go towards the cause.

fracas_breastcancer.jpg My last suggestion is Robert Piguet’s Fracas. This is a classic perfume and a personal favorite of mine. This fragrance features notes of Tuberose, Jasmine, Jonquil, Gardenia, Lily of the Valley, White Iris, Orange, Sandalwood and Vetiver. You can also purchase the Silkening Body Lotion or Silkening Body Creme to support the cause. You can find this at Sephora and a portion of the proceeds from these products go towards the cause.

Finally, this is only a handful of suggestions for products you can purchase to support this cause. There are many more out there so stay tuned to Beautiful Makeup Search. She’ll be featuing a new product each day.