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You Call That a Beauty Section?

I have routine every month… I buy every magazine that has a decent beauty section. This usually includes Lucky, Shop ETC, InStyle and Allure. Then I flip through the pages and make mental notes of all the things I thought were interesting. This month, I was looking at the cover of Marie Claire and it mentioned it’s beauty special on the cover. A 100 page beauty section? I’m in.

oct_marieclaire.jpg I started flipping through the magazine and then I realized that most of this was fluff. They even highlighted some products that were pretty old, at least one could be pretty hard to find since it may be sold out. About half of the section was advertising. I’m not naive enough to think that advertising wouldn’t be in the picture, but out of the 58 pages of advertising, 27 pages of ads were all in a row… I actually sat there and counted them. I think I remember why I stopped buying that magazine, I think I’m out now.

oct_allure.jpg On the other hand, Allure is pretty good this month. I’ve started to become a little dissapointed with Allure lately, especially after the inaccuracies on their beauty blogs article a few issues back but this month’s issue was very interesting. It’s their Best of Beauty issue so there were tons of products mentioned but it also has some “Beauty 101” tips and an article on perfumers. This issue was more enjoyable for me than some of their recent issues and it was about time.

Do you read Marie Claire? I love Carrie Bradshaw as much as the next person but this was a huge dissapointment. I didn’t even read the rest of the magazine.

I'll Take Three Scoops Please

What can make taking a bath at the end of a long day a fun experience? How about ice cream? ME! Bath can turn an ordinary bath into an ice cream sundae. Who wouldn’t like that?

mebath_icecream.jpg Meet Bath Ice Cream, a bath bomb. These fizzy scoops of bath goodness contain essential oils, salts and minerals to turn your bath into a spa-like experience. There’s a big variety of flavors available like Coconut Cove, Gin Martini, Amber Waves and Vanilla Berry Ambrosia. You might find yourself having a hard time deciding which one to choose. My personal favorite was Strawberry Kiwi, the combination of the two fruits was refreshing and it turned the water red like Koolaid. That and the fizziness made me feel like a kid again. While the water wasn’t as soft as I had expected it to be, these still left my skin moisturized.

mebath_sherbert.jpg There’s also Shower Sherbert body scrub. I really liked this product a lot. While I am all about exfoliation (I really, really am), some scrubs are a bit too harsh to use on a daily basis. I found this scrub to be gentle enough that I could use it every day if I wanted to. This also left my skin feeling really soft, this is where the vitamin E and jojoba oil in the scrub do their thing. I was happy to find that my skin was not greasy and overly moisturized at all. It also left my skin well scented, this scent lasted quite awhile… I didn’t even need to put on perfume that day.

Dessert doesn’t end there, there’s also a rich body cream called Body Icing and Ice Cream Sandwiches… all great ingredients for an Ice Cream Pedicure. It’s great to see a company make products that are as fun and pampering at the same time.

Your Little Blot Book

Until recently, I had very little first hand experience with Tarte products. Now that I have dived into the wonderful world of Tarte, I was happy to discover that practically every product serves more than one purpose. That’s the genius of this product line… it’s practical and it’s cute.

little_blot_book.jpg The Little Blot Book is no exception. It’s a convenient product that combines mattifying powder, brush and blotting papers in one very cute package. You can use a blotting paper and then pick up any remaining shine with a few sweeps of the brush with mattifying powder. The powder appears to be white but you won’t look like a ghost when you brush it on. The powder is translucent so brush away and absorb that pesky shine with no fear. I’ve started carrying this in my makeup bag and I’m not alone. If nothing else, someone’s bound to ask you where you got that cute Little Blot Book.

There’s more Tarte goodness to come in the next few weeks including stains, lipglosses and more.

High Voltage Eyes with Deluxe Eyeshadow

I like to think of Urban Decay as that friend who I admire for her boldness and bravado with her makeup, the one who can pull of hot pink eyeshadow and make it look hot. These new Deluxe Eyeshadows only make me admire her even more.

Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow If the artistic packaging doesn’t catch your eye, then the colors will. This eyeshadow collection features the boldest colors I have seen in a long time. The vivid colors caught my attention and reeled me in… hook, line and sinker. I ended up getting Heat and Honey, a rich orange-red and a rich gold. Packaging aside, the texture of these eyeshadows is soft, they are easy to work with and blend and they are super pigmented as well. I put on a little Eyeshadow Primer Potion as a base and I have on eyeshadow that goes the distance. While these eyeshadows are a bit more expensive than their other eyeshadows, you get quite a bit more product for the price and a completely different formula. I love playing around with Heat, a little bit of this in the crease reminds of me sunset.

Smell Like a Starlet

Starlet perfume I have a thing for perfume oils and when I tried this one, I instantly fell in love with it. Starlet by Lulu Beauty is just one of their fabulous perfume oils. It is a beautifully rich fragrance with notes of white gardenias and musk. It was inspired by the gardenias singer Billie Holiday wore in her hair and until recently, this fragrances was actually named after her. What I like best about this fragrance is the musky note in it, it’s intriguing and sensual at the same time. I also love wearing this fragrance because it lasts quite awhile. They says the fragrance and I couldn’t agree more.

The most exciting part of trying this fragrance was realizing that it is a Seattle based product. When I did a little more research, I found that Lulu Beauty’s headquarters is 10 minutes away from where I live… just a few blocks away from where I grew up. I payed a visit to Olivine Atelier and got a chance to experience their other perfume oils and makeup line.

luluoils.jpg If gardenia is not your cup of tea, Lulu Beauty also has 3 other perfume oils. Marlena features top notes of Italian Bergamot, middle notes of jasmine and Moroccan red rose and a base of musk, French Vanilla and a touch of patchouli. Then there’s Gigi, which features top notes of pear, papaya and bergamot, notes of ylang ylang, gardeniaand and a touch of green tea. Then base notes of green musk, Parvati sandalwood and vanilla. Last but not least there’s Lula Mae. This fragrance features Italian bergamot with middle notes of freesia, African lily and gardenia. The base notes are musk and soft vanilla.

You can find all of these perfume oils and their entire line of beauty products at Olivine Atelier, right in the heart of Ballard or online. There is more to come on Lulu Beauty’s makeup and Olivine Atelier itself later in the week.

Here's Looking At You, Cargo

Cargo Matte Beach Blush I have discovered my new favorite makeup line and it goes by the name of Cargo. While I don’t have many products from this line, the ones I do have deliver in a major way. As you might know blush is my most beloved makeup item and the Matte BeachBlush in Tenerife is totally rocking my world. It is a bronzer and blush combo and the colors harmoniously mix together to bestow a golden glow. The best part, in my opinion, is the lack of shimmer. Lately, bronzer and blush have become synonymous with sparkly. And while I like to have this option, I also prefer to be able choose a matte look for my cheeks and place the glittery looks elsewhere like eyes and lips. This blush is perfect for that.

Cargo Eye LighterAnother awesome item from Cargo is Eye Lighter a highligher for your eyes. (Eyelighter, get it?) This is like four products in one and the ultimate pick-me-up for eyes. It is two-sided where one side holds the shimmer powder for the outer corner of eyes and the other for inner corners. It can also be used to highlight the brow bone and to line eyes. Ringing in at 17 dollars, this is some bang for your buck. Each time you open a side, the perfect amount of product is available on a sponge tip — one rounded, the other angular — which pretty much guarantees idiot-proof application. There is no risk of spilling or wasting any of the product. Too boot? The small size and versatility make this a great addition to any purse or makup bag.

They have great eyeshadows and lipglosses too. So, my friends, go forth and sample, buy and revel in the goodness that is Cargo.

Spend the Holidays with NARS

NARS has released their new holiday collection and I am already smitten. It features a gorgeous new eyeshadow duo, two new cream eyeshadows, two new lipglosses, two new matte lip pencils, a new lipstick and a new blush highlighting powder.

NARS Holiday 2006 Collection I’m very excited about the new eyeshadow, Belly Dance. This new duo features a metalic green and a deep plum, imagine a smokey eye with that shade… oooh. I have already starting thinking of everything I can try with this. Something to remember though, even though these shades come in a duo, it does not mean that they should go to together. Although, some duos certainly do work well together… I personally use Stage Beauty and Star Sailor together all the time.

Their new cream eyeshadows also look very interesting. There’s Lili Marlene in grey and Nomad in dark green with shimmer. These cream eyeshadows make a great base for your eye makeup and can intensify the color you’re working with. Ignore my obsession with smokey eyes lately, but I think Nomad would be a great base for a green-toned smokey eye.

The other new product is their Highlighting Blush Powder in Albatross. I’m a sucker for highlighting products so I am imagining that this one will be amazing. I could be wrong but I believe this is the first of it’s type that NARS is releasing (besides the usual blushes and bronzers) so I’m sure there’s some anticipation behind it. I’m sure it will probably fly off the shelves.

NARS Holiday 2006 Collection Oh the lips… look at those gorgeous glosses, lip pencils and lipstick. As Beauty Addict recently experienced during Fashion Week, the lip is back and these brand new shades let you have some fun.

This time around, the new glosses are Moon Fleet, a beautiful shimmering gold tone and Rose Birman, a sheer cranberry tone. They would be beautiful on top of the new Bettina and Walkyrie Velvet Matte Lip Pencils. Bettina is a natural beige but looks a bit like a mix of orange and brown. Then Walkyrie is a coral red, a little bit on the darker side though. Of course, there’s also a new sheer lipstick in Hindu, a beautiful red based shade with a bit of shimmer.

All of this is available online now at NARS Cosmetics or coming soon to a department store or Sephora near you.


I know it’s been awhile since a new podcast episode has come out but there will be one soon. The technical difficulties I experienced are now resolved and I’m hoping to release a new episode next week, hopefully on Monday. I will be releasing new podcast episodes on Monday now, I don’t know why I thought Friday would be better. smile

Also, I am making some changes with Product Girl this week. I am moving the blog to a different server but before I actually “flip the switch”, I will be mirroring content on both servers so there will not be any downtime. If you experience any difficulty, please keep in mind this blog will be in transition during that time. I will post and update once I actually complete the change. When the blog comes back, I plan on coming back bigger and better than before. I apologize, I’ve been in a funk lately but I’m coming out of it and there’s a lot of stuff I want to talk about. Not to mention the great posts from Colleen and Ashley, more of those are on the way.

Finally, I would love for more people to come aboard and help contribute to Product Girl. If you’re interested in posting or contributing to the podcast, please or leave a comment on this entry. We would love to hear from you.

Shimmer & Gold

Oh Bobbi Brown, how I love you…

Bobbi Brown Bronze Shimmer Brick One of my all time (read: staple) favorite products is the Shimmer Brick Compact by Bobbi Brown. This 5 color item is super versatile because you can use it on your cheeks and eyes so you don’t have to feel too guilty for forking over 38 big ones! I originally fell in love with this when they first released it in this beautiful bronze color. The shimmer can look a bit daunting but when blended in well you will get nothing but a glamorous look that will work for both day and night. The line subsequently came out with drool worthy colors like peony and apricot. I am still mad I don’t own every single one. I promise you, if you try this, you will receive compliments galore.

Bobbi Brown  Diamond Dust Another yummy product is Diamond Dust. This item is so popular that you may have to wait for your cherry, little package of delight. Let me tell you, though, it is so worth it. Normally I don’t wear a lot of gold — makeup or otherwise — because it doesn’t look great with my skin but I love to participate in the new trends and this is a cool and easy way to do so. This richly pigmented powder opened up my eyes and made me look more awake. Right now, Gilded is the only color the line has created but they are debuting 5 new shades later this month. I, for one, cannot wait!