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Now in Syndication

I’m happy to announce that Product Girl is now in syndication in a few different sites! In addition to being a Top 10 Source, Product Girl is also now listed at The Salon at Star Style, Coutorture and Glam. I’m very excited about this and this means that Product Girl is growing and heading the […]

And the Extravaganza Begins

It only happens once a year and it starts today! If you have a Nordstrom’s in your area, you must go there and check out all of the exclusive items available only through Nordstrom’s sale. I know where I’ll be later this afternoon. And you better hurry, these exclusives will sell out fast, way before […]

Product Girl Podcast #6: Makeup Does Expire

In this podcast’s sixth episode, I talk about taking care of your makeup so that it takes care of you and by this I mean, getting rid of makeup that you have had longer than you should… as much as it breaks your heart. I also talk about some of the exclusives that will soon be available at Nordstrom’s for their Anniversary Sale starting this Friday, July 14th.

As always, I’d love to hear from you so please let me know what you think. The first person to leave a voicemail message will get a prize! You can email me at or leave a message at 801-335-1219. Feedback is welcome at any time and i or leave a message at 801-335-1219. Also, if you’d like to contribute to the podcast, just let me know… I’d love to have you on!

Get That Lustre

I am a big fan of any product I can use to add a few highlighting touches to my face. When I was at Sephora during my weekly research trip, I saw this palette and it spoke to me. It said “take me home, Carla!” Fresh’s Satin Luster Face Palette features a gorgeous trio of […]

Do You Like Pop Rocks?

Then you’ll love this product. Let’s say you have spent the whole day outside in the sun. How about a way to cool down quickly? Too Faced Frozen Lotion has come up with a really fun product that will get the job done. The outside of the bottle is cute, can’t you picture that drawing […]

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