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Now in Syndication

I’m happy to announce that Product Girl is now in syndication in a few different sites! In addition to being a Top 10 Source, Product Girl is also now listed at The Salon at Star Style, Coutorture and Glam. I’m very excited about this and this means that Product Girl is growing and heading the right direction.

p.s. the podcast is a little delayed today but it will be up later Tuesday evening. Sorry!

And the Extravaganza Begins


It only happens once a year and it starts today! If you have a Nordstrom’s in your area, you must go there and check out all of the exclusive items available only through Nordstrom’s sale. I know where I’ll be later this afternoon. 🙂 And you better hurry, these exclusives will sell out fast, way before the sale ends on July 31st.

Product Girl Podcast #6: Makeup Does Expire

In this podcast’s sixth episode, I talk about taking care of your makeup so that it takes care of you and by this I mean, getting rid of makeup that you have had longer than you should… as much as it breaks your heart. I also talk about some of the exclusives that will soon be available at Nordstrom’s for their Anniversary Sale starting this Friday, July 14th.

As always, I’d love to hear from you so please let me know what you think. The first person to leave a voicemail message will get a prize! You can
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Get That Lustre

I am a big fan of any product I can use to add a few highlighting touches to my face. When I was at Sephora during my weekly research trip, I saw this palette and it spoke to me. It said “take me home, Carla!”

Fresh_satin_luster_1 Fresh’s Satin Luster Face Palette features a gorgeous trio of light cream based highlighters. All three shades have a lovely pearl shimmer to it and can be used in a variety of ways. For instance, you could use China Pearl (white) as a highlighter on the top of your cheekbones or even blend it with eyeshadow. Peach Butterfly would make a gorgeous summer blush and Winter Rose would look fantastic on lips. And if you’re looking for a nice bronzing palette, check out Fresh’s Here Comes the Sun Face Palette.

Do You Like Pop Rocks?

Toofaced_frozenlotion_1 Then you’ll love this product. Let’s say you have spent the whole day outside in the sun. How about a way to cool down quickly? Too Faced Frozen Lotion has come up with a really fun product that will get the job done. The outside of the bottle is cute, can’t you picture that drawing on some type of t-shirt?

This lotion has almost a mousse consistency to it and once you put it on, your skin is instantly soothed and cooled down. That’s not the fun part though, spread it around your arms and you’ll get a kick out of the texture. It actually feels like you’re spreading pop rock candy on your arms. Once you’re done, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by sparkle this lotion has left behind.

At $22.00 a bottle, this is a little expensive for my taste but it’s definitely worth a try next time you’re at your favorite makeup counter.

A Little Bit of Eye Candy

Bobbibrownchocolatepalette Speaking of Bobbi Brown, she’s got this fantastic new palette out for fall. It’s called the Chocolate Eye Palette and it’s got some gorgeous colors in it. While I do like my bold colors, I’m also really into this colors. Almost all of the colors are exclusive to this palette, Bone is the only one you can buy on it’s own. There are some shades with a bit of shimmer and some without. There are enough colors in this palette for a really gorgeous neutral look. For Bobbi fans, this palette is a must have.

When you pair this with some of the other products in the Chocolate Collection, watch out. The Chocolate Cherry nail polish is beautiful, it makes me want to stop biting my nails again.

A Long Wearing Cream Eyeshadow Wonder?

I have a obsession and it’s name is Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow. I am in love… completely, hopelessly and utterly in love. I have never been a big Bobbi Brown fan. I’ve found her products to be a little on the safe side and maybe a bit boring (see? I like color) but now I can bow down at the Bobbi Brown alter and give her the respect she has deserved from me all along.

Bobbibrowncreameyeshadow I played with this product over the weekend and I’m happy to say, this product really does live up to it’s name. I put this on my eyes without any sort of base at approximately 2pm. I kept checking my eyes about every two hours and creasing only began at about 8pm. Even then, it was the pigment that I was wearing that was creasing up. Six hours worth of crease-less eyeshadow? What’s not to like? I got this product in Bone and it made for a great base and minimalist look. Everyone should have at least one of these.

And by the way, I hope everyone in the US has a safe and happy 4th of July!

Product Girl Podcast #5: Everyone Loves Skincare

In this podcast’s fifth episode, I talk about my favorite skincare products and I have some listener mail to share from Shannon (aka LotionBarBunny). You can find a list of products I mentioned during the podcast linked below.

As always, I’d love to hear from you so please let me know what you think. You can
or leave a message at 801-335-1219. Feedback is welcome at any time and if you’d like to contribute to the podcast, just let me know… I’d love to have you on!

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