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More Tea? Oh Yes, The Tea Extravaganza Continues

Having recently discovered Terra Nova, I feel that it is my duty to inform everyone about this line of products, it is great. This company has a very interesting background as well. Do you know where The Body Shop got their name from? Yep, this company, so there’s bound to be good stuff to talk […]

Tea For Your Tub?

I have recently been on a tea kick, drinking it too since I’m sick right now. If something is scented with green tea, for instance, I devour it. I’ll go for anything the scent that I can get my hands on (try these some time). I even made a soy based green tea candle recently. […]

No Podcast This Week

Sorry but there will not be a podcast today. Some personal issues got in the way this week, not to mention work but the podcast will be back next week with a new topic! What’s on the agenda for next week’s podcast? Skincare. I already have my picks ready to go… How about you? Do […]

My Stash is Revealed

Awhile ago I asked if readers have a collection or a stash of makeup. I mentioned that I would share mine as well. I finally got around to taking most of it out and I made little video clips of it. Some of it is in different handbags and I didn’t get it for this, […]

Product Girl Podcast #4: The New Stuff Episode

In this podcast’s second episode, I talk about new products I played around with at Sephora and the newest pigments from MAC Cosmetics.

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