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Do You Have a Collection?

I was chatting with my lovely co-worker Colleen the other day and I was asking her for ideas for this weblog. She had a fantastic idea, why not ask readers to everyone their collections? And by collection, I mean your beauty products. I’ve done this before in one of the LiveJournal communities I was active […]

Eyes of an Angel

I was going to do a post about mascara since the Great Mascara hunt is going on over at  Blogdorf Goodman’s but then I realized, I’m not into mascara as I am eyeshadow and I recently found a palette I am crazy about. Maybe I will soon though, I had my eye on some Shu […]

I Love LemonAid

To continue with the Benefit love fest, here’s another product that I adore: LemonAid. What is it? It’s like concealer for your eyes but you will not find your shade in this product. Instead, this a yellow cream you can pat on your eyes to give them an instant lift. The coloring in the product […]

New from MAC for Spring

I went to my local MAC counter yesterday to play around for a little bit with the new Sundressing collection. I’ve been avoiding the counter but I’ve had Gold Dusk pigment in my head ever since I read Kristen’s post on it and I just had to try it. I thought it seemed a little […]

Glowing Like a Cowgirl

I don’t know why but every time Benefit comes up with a new product, I just have to try it. If this was like crack, I would be an addict. In the tradition of Hoola , Dandelion (Reese posted about it here) and Georgia, they now introduce Dallas. The website says “This sun-kissed rose glow […]

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