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Stila Kajals

Kajals_1 A few months ago when I heard that Stila was planning to release new Kajal liners, I was intrigued to say the least. The anticipation of wanting to try them was killing me for a few weeks! After all of this build up and anxiety I just assumed they wouldn’t live up to the hype I had built up in my head. Oh boy, was I ever wrong! These happen to be one of the few products that have lived up to all of my expectations! All of the liners are named after semi-precious stones, or metals. I started out with Tigers Eye, which is a deep slightly warm chocolate brown, the color is gorgeous but the most impressing part for me is the texture. These Kajals are extremely soft, and glide right onto the waterline, no tugging! no pulling! Just perfect application. They are smudgable apon first application but then dry down and stay in place. I have worn these with no (additional) smudging for about 10 hours. Pictured, is the holiday set featuring three brand new, limited edition metallic colors, Silver, Bronze, and Gold.

The set is only available at sephora. I absolutely love this set, the colors are all true to their namesake, and it’s a great way to try the product (only $30 for 3 full sized Kajals vs.  $13 a piece for the regular line). I would like to caution to take care while sharpening though, they are so soft that they tend to break off if sharpened hastily.

Ink for Your Lips


When I heard Sephora had it’s own line of  Lip Markers cheaper than the one I love by Stila, I raced to the website and checked them out. In addition to these, I also found Urban Decay’s Ink. Once I saw them in person, I found really didn’t like Sephora’s color choices. They were all too bold for my taste. With this one on the other hand, people come to expect bold color from Urban Decay. I tested a color called Naked and loved it, it would give me that just bitten look I’ve been looking for. Another good thing about this product, even better than Stila’s, is the applicator. It’s not dainty and it does a good job of applying a fair amount of this product. I couldn’t ask for anything more… this one is permanently in my purse from now on.

Badda Bing Badda Boom

Lush Shower Jellies

That’s what this product is actually named, Badda Bing Badda Boom and it’s one of Lush’s new shower jellies (which now include Holiday themed jellies). The idea of showering with soap that is in a jello consistency is a little strange at first but just like the tons of other Lush users now in love with this product, change is good. These jellies lather up really well and come in a bunch of different scents like Strawberry Twin Tub (name speaks for itself) and Whoosh which is a great wake up soap with all it’s citrus.

Smell Like Raspberry Hot Chocolate


As a birthday treat to myself, I went a little crazy at Sephora this past weekend. Stocked up on Primer Potion, got some new perfume and got some new lip products, which you’ll be hearing about one of them soon.

One of the things I tried was this Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Hair & Body Wash. It truly is an indulgence. I didn’t use it for my hair but I did love using this as body wash. It lathers up really well and leaves you feeling like you’re ready to be served up as dessert.

You can get a smaller 4 oz. bottle for $8 to try it out, which is what I did, or you can get a large 10 oz. bottle for $16, which I plan on doing now. I’m not usually a fan of chocolate inspired products but this was so good I wanted to lick myself.

Glides on Like Velvet

Narsvelvetmattelippencil I’ve already went on enough about how I am in love with long lasting lip color but I also love easy to use and convenient lip color. That’s exactly how I see this product, Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil. The added bonus is that these colors do last a long time as well since they are matte. Shown here in Sex Machine and Forbidden Red, they also can be used together to create new colors. I wore Sex Machine and Damned the other day and really liked how it turned out. I’m wearing another great Nars product in that picture,  Mata Hari blush.

I get a kick out of imagining older women buying this and maybe some of their other products Orgasm and Deep Throat blush. I can’t imagine my mother doing anything but pointing at the products.

Lip Stains are Lovely

Narslipstaingloss I’m all about lip stains, all about long lasting lip color, that is me… all about not having to touch up my lips whenever possible. So of course I had to mention Nars Lip Stain Gloss. Unlike Stila’s Lip Rouge, this goes on with the ease of a gloss and does not uncomfortably dry out your lips. It actually takes a little while to dry, which I think is a good thing. It gives you a little time to correct a mistake, if needed, unlike MAC’s Pro Longwear Lipcolours. If I were complain about anything, it would be the lack of color selection, which seems to be the case with most long wearing lip color. I ended up going with Rage (Daredevil is the one pictured) which looks a little better on the website’s swatch than it does in person. It’s still a great color though, it’s just the lightest of them all. Overall, this is good stuff, a tad expensive though.

Benefit's Dandelion lights up my life (and face!)

Detail_dandelioncew For three years now, I’ve been a loyal Benefit user, and no product makes me happier than their Dandelion cheek color.

What I love about this stuff is how unpretentious it is. Just sweep and go. No fussing, no color overload, no mistakes. For a fair-skinned gal like me, these features are vital, as normal blush usually creates a Joan-Crawford-eque look.

Dark-skinned girls might find Dandelion too faint for their skin, however, it works great as an all-over “brightener” so if you are darker, consider using it on your forehead, nose and chin for a nice glow. Best of all? Dandelion lasts FOREVER. I’ve had mine for two years and counting.

Sugar Lips

Sugarlipbalm I’m attracted to products based on their packaging and the word sugar just screamed out to me… that and the fact that I kept seeing this product everywhere. It’s not cheap at $22 but in the name of being a true product girl, I had to try it. This is Sugar Lip Treatment Balm. It claims that it has lip plumping fatty acids. I don’t really notice my lips particularly plumper but I still really like this lip balm, or excuse me, lip treatment. The blackcurrant oil in this product really gives you a soothing effect. Also, this company has an interesting Memoirs of a Geisha collection out based on the upcoming movie.

Genie in a Bottle

Udprimerpotion_1 If you have a problem with eye shadow creasing, this product is for you. Urban Decay’s Eye Primer Potion is awesome stuff. I use this everytime I put on eyeshadow, it’s a must. It acts as a base but also keeps your eyeshadow from creasing all day long. It goes on in a creamy nude color but dissapears once it dries. Not only does it help prevent creasing but it also helps colors appear more vibrant.

The only thing I’d change on this product is the packaging, it’s hard to tell when you’re running out and that’s a bit of a drawback… but one we’ll live with. 🙂